A personal note for all friends, fans and supporters re: changes at WNST


SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, DURING THE SUMMER of 1998, I had an amazing opportunity to create and develop Baltimore’s first all sports radio station – a dream come true for a Dundalk guy who was a fanatic and devotee of journalism, learning and all things local sports. WNST-AM 1570 – affectionately dubbed “The Station With Balls” – was to be “all day, all night, all sports.” There were only a handful of radio stations in America that had such a format.

Roch Kubatko, now an employee of Peter Angelos and MASN, inked a mostly skeptical and mostly accurate front-page sports story in The Baltimore Sun three months after we launched. It even allowed then market-leading WBAL general manager Jeff Beauchamp and others in the marketplace to scoff at me, pile on and go on the record as giving “Nasty Nestor” very little chance to succeed. (WKDB was the original call sign for our AM signal.) You can read it here.









As we quietly celebrated our 16th anniversary at WNST on August 3rd, and now in our seventh year of partnership with Super Bowl winning head coach Brian Billick and offering 5% of all of our company’s operating profits to The Living Classroom Foundation to benefit Baltimore youth initiatives, I can’t help but stand tall and proud of all that we’ve accomplished over the past two decades. We’ve given many aspiring journalists and sportscasters a chance to follow a dream, sit in front of their first microphone and start a career. That was my goal and dream all along – to create something great and to give others a chance that folks like me weren’t given on my way into the business.

Sure, I fought the power. If I hadn’t, nothing good would’ve ever come from my life. And I certainly wouldn’t now have the power that you’ve given me to help other people and pay forward all of those deeds and endorsements from the many who have supported me during my darkest hours.

And now, entering 2015, via the power of new media and no longer encumbered by a 5,000-watt AM radio signal with 1948 FCC rules and regulations – I’ve been given the chance to chronicle every moment of Baltimore sports moving forward in real time.

Beginning with my first broadcast in December 1991 with Kenny Albert at WITH-AM 1230, I’ve seen modern day media morph into something much larger and more useful than just “local radio.” I remember back in the 1980s when the only way the public could know what I was thinking was if my editor at The Baltimore Sun would send me on an assignment. And my byline would be in the newspaper the next day with a few paragraphs of information in black and white words. Now, every tweet, status, video and thought is instantaneous and in high definition, like something I could only then imagine on an episode of The Jetsons.

And through all of the accomplishments of my employees, our reputation for excellence and accuracy and my own personal achievements over 30 years in doing Baltimore sports media beginning at The News American in January 1984, I’m proudest of what WNST has done in the community over the years. With your help and love and support, we’ve raised nearly $1 million in goods, services, coats, food, donations, checks, goodwill, promotion, publicity and power for too many local causes to list. I’d also like to believe that we’ve helped create many magical memories for tens of thousands of Baltimore sports fans over the years. Somehow, someway, you’ve been affected by what we do at WNST and I’m very grateful to have shared that experience and to have your trust and loyalty after all of these years.

Maybe it was at Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa in 2001 or on the Natchez or during the Super Bowl march in New Orleans in 2013? Maybe you were in the upper deck at “Free The Birds” doing the right thing in 2006? Or maybe you just called in one time or met us on a road trip ­­–­ we’ve now taken over 10,000 people on trips with the Ravens, Orioles, Terps, Caps and others – or at one of our hundreds of live Ravens players shows since The Barn in 1996 that began, appropriately, with Ray Lewis.

And if we’ve made you smile, you probably have the pictures and same incredible memories that I do of all that we’ve accomplished, celebrated, discussed, grieved and protested over the years since I took the microphone on Dec. 13, 1991.

If you’re here reading this – in some way – WNST has had some positive effect on you to keep you here through all of the years. Please let me begin this note with a gigantic THANK YOU for all that you’ve done to support me – and my family – over the past three decades.

As you might have heard, I’m going through some changes in my life these days.

Today, I announced the departure of several veteran folks – Drew Forrester, Glenn Clark, Ryan Chell and my office staff of general manager Paul Kopelke and Ashley Bishoff – in effort to create a basic change in the way we’re doing content and our radio format at WNST.net & AM 1570. They came to work every day and they gave everything they had to WNST. They’re good, hard-working, honest people and I wish them absolutely nothing but the best in their future.

I also want to thank everyone who has worked at WNST over the past 16 years. Many staffers and interns have come through our doors and learned the sports media and radio business from me, and several have gone on to further careers in the business, here in Baltimore and in other markets. All of them helped in some way to build WNST and make it great.

As most of you probably know by now, my wife was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia on March 20 and this sent my life into a place I’ve never encountered and could never recommend. She’s been fighting for her life every day over the past 160 days and it’s been an honor to serve her and watch her battle cancer. Every facet of my life – and my life together with my wife – has been put on hold through her remarkable journey except for the comeback of my daily radio show, The Happy Hours, from 3-6 p.m. on WNST.net & AM 1570, which was something we planned together for many months.

Since returning to the radio on April 1 as host of The Happy Hours, WNST.net has retained 17 new sponsors directly related to me coming back on the radio on a daily basis. All of these companies stepped up to help


  1. I wish you nothing but the best! May you have greater success as you go on. I KNOW with you being #JennStrong you will do nothing but be successful!

  2. Unreal you have let so many of the top notch tape tape talent slip through your fingers through the years. Drew was the last straw he was the only one left worth listening too. You have lost a loyal listener that has followed 1570 even though I’ve left the state. Good luck your gonna need it.

  3. Nestor, I have been listening to your station for years. I have shopped the sponsors and ate at the restaurants your company has advertised. As a young man growing up in Baltimore, I am so proud or your Dundalk/Colgate take no prisoners attitude. You have a can do attitude and your enthusiasm shows in the quality work you produce. I can’t say that we have ever met or we probably ever will. I have followed your wife’s status on FB and I can say as a married man myself that has raised his own kids as you have with your son is not only commendable but admired. Your station has graduated countless producers and radio heads that have moved on to other stations and that’s ok. Still, I listen to you because you give us the raw emotion that comes with being a fan of the Ravens, Orioles, Terps and fish tacos. You will succeed at any format or change coming because you have as Buck would say, the “want to”. I love that you love your family, your mom and memorializing your dad during his every birthday makes me want to be a better son to my Dad. You are a beautiful person and a true professional in your field. Best wishes in the future and whatever happens as long as Jen is there with you, it will be as good as anyone could ever hope.

  4. How you could do this to Drew, who has been loyal and faithful, worked his ass off, and defended all your pathetic and narcissistic ranting and irrational behavior is mind-boggling….Angelos said it and it rings true….you are truly delusional…Drew, you will land on your feet soon.

  5. This is one person who came to this site to read Drew’s daily work, always a joy. Some of us listen to Drew everyday for several hours: driving to work; sitting at work; having breakfast with family. Drew was the ONLY reason to listen to your otherwise sorry product. And he was certainly the only reason to listen to your sorry station since you fired Bob a few years ago.

    Drew was informed but not arrogant (unlike yourself). He was funny but not condescending (unlike yourself). He listened to his callers in a friendly, polite way (unlike yourself).

    Thanks a hell of a lot. You’re a piece of work. And the explanation you’ve written here is pathetic.

    It’s funny how you’ve attacked Angelos non-stop over the years, but you are as bad if not worse than him. You are a shameless self-promoter and a circus clown. Everyone in town knows it. But, like Angelos, you probably surround yourselves with sycophants who tell you how great you are but really just want something from you: a job; tickets to an away Ravens game; a local semi-famous friend. But when it’s all said and done they know the truth.

    The piece you’ve written here says it all. It’s no different than when Cal broke The Streak and Angelos stood on the field injecting himself. At least Angelos has decided to be less public.

    You fire a valuable and loyal employee whose work many listeners deeply appreciate and then you make it all about you. “I, me, myself.” You are an absolute self-consumed narcissist. Are you able to write or speak a sentence without using a first person pronoun?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it a thousand effing times. “I’m from Dundalk.” “I started in high school working at the News American…”. “I started this station…”. But to inject yourself TODAY is pathetic. You need help.

    And you’re a pathetic name dropper unnecessarily mentioning Billick in the piece you’ve written. Nobody cares. We care about Drew.

    And to inject your wife’s health into this completely unrelated matter is truly sick. It’s a shameless attempt to garner support. You are sad. We all hope your wife gets well but we’ve all also had loved ones get cancer or leukemia. Many have succumbed. It’s a non sequitur.

    So long. You’ve lost a loyal listener and reader of Drew’s work. But you will be fine. We’ve become a sad nation of shameless self-promoters and you do that as well as anyone. An empty-suit man with little or no experience was able to shamelessly self-promote himself to the White House. But unlike you, Drew was a man of substance.

    Drew, if you’re reading this (although the thin-skinned owner of the station probably won’t print it) thanks for all your great work. I’m hoping to find out that you picked up with another station shortly.

  6. Congrats Nestor. You just lost another listener. I supported your station. I donated money to your causes. I’m oficially done with you and NST. Drew and Glenn were the only good things left about your station. Frankly, you’re lousy on air. You talk over your listeners. You are as arrogant as they come. Time to trash the app.

  7. You are so self absorbed it’s nauseating!
    Your really not that good!
    Drew will flourish at 105.7 just like Bob, Jeremy, Rob, and Terry.

  8. Drew and Glenn were the heart and soul of your station. You mentioned how much money was raised for charitable causes and coat drives, food drives, etc.; these 2 were the main men in those drives. I think you are trying to re
    move the older listeners from your station. You have succeeded ! By running prerecorded bits for a week you are hoping that people will forget about what was done. These people have families and young kids that depend on their parents job. How can you sleep at night? An all new WNST in September; count me out!

  9. I’m sad to read that Drew n Glenn are gone. Sorry to say, you’ve lost a female listener (whom Drew would acknowledge daily).

  10. Great article Nestor. As is always the case, you mostly hear from the haters..it’s just the way the ball bounces. You’re an icon and an inspiration in many ways. Congratulations.

  11. Nestor, I’m not going to bash you here as others have because I have met you and have enjoyed our exchanges. However, the changes coming to WNST will do so without Paul from Towson. Drew and Glenn were the best WNST had. For years they were like family and I tuned in daily just for them. Without them, I’m done with WNST. As a loyal listener since 2002, I have to admit I feel slightly betrayed. Maybe that’s a bit over dramatic, but that’s how it feels.

    This is truly a sad day for Baltimore sports radio. I’m not a twitter or Facebook guy because of my job. So the connection I had with WNST was forged largely because of the talents of the on air staff. And they were solid. I felt like they, you included, spoke for me, a true blue Baltimore born sports fan who is old enough to remember the Colts and the 1983 Orioles. Letting go of Drew and Glenn severed that tie.

    I wish you and your lovely wife the best, and hope that every change you make works out perfectly. But you’ve lost a loyal listener.


    Paul from Towson

  12. Since I spend little of my time on social media, I was completely unaware of the significant changes just made at WNST, until I read this blog post.

    I first started listening to WNST when Spiro & Swami were on air & I needed a break from Howard Stern, sometimes staying tuned in for Haynie’s show. I stuck around when Drew & Terry started, even when Haynie was let loose. At the present moment, I’m unsure where I’ll tune in next month, because I’m somewhat saddened & numbed by this news, but the sky is a little more gray today in Hampstead.

    Although not stated, I suspect the following quote from the Bard of Baltimore may be in play:

    “Whenever someone says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.”

  13. No Drew. No me. Thanks for making me listen to Norris and Davis in the morning now. I hope Drew gets another show, assuming he wants it, very very soon. I will listen to him at 105.7 if he ends up there or anywhere. I don’t know the whole story but on the service that decision seems extremely short sighted and ill advised.

  14. I was already half way out the door after you canned your good friend Bob Haynie years ago. Then when you came back on the air I tuned in more and more infrequently but still enjoyed the morning show. Now with the latest purge, adios forever.

  15. Drew, We had our differences over the years but your firing is the last straw with me & WNST.net, it’s over !!! Nestor has always been a big blow-hart & now a stupid owner. Good Luck in your next job !!! Steve from Sandpoint, signing off for good !!!

  16. I will listen to see if Barry Kamen gets a larger on air role. I like his voice and content (full disclosure I know him personally as well).

    I will see what the new WNST offers in terms of style and content but I am disappointed at the removal of Drew and Glenn. I did not always agree with Drew but there is no mistaking his support and attendance of local college basketball. Glenn sometimes got a little sophomoric but he would alert his listeners and he had a realistic view of self.

    Note to Nestor. I applaud you bringing all the resources to bear to have a hand in saving your wife’s life and that of others. This may be a harsh statement but I listen to the station for sports. I have listened to you recently and while I applaud your fight for your wife’s life I have turned off your station when: 1) you go into a long reference your family’s ordeal 2)talk to one of the many content providers and insert a story about you and your experience with the subject 3) I think you unnecessarily name drop. Basically I have stopped listening to you.

    I will sample the content of WNST but without Drew and Glenn, I suspect WNST will no longer be a preset on my radio.

    Congratulations to you and your wife and best wishes for her complete recovery.

  17. After hearing Rob Long say live on the radio that people on AM Radio are Hacks! I no longer listen to The Fan. Rob Long has forgotten who helped him get into this business. He started as a call in fan on your station .You gave soooo many people a start in this business and can’t believe how you’re disrespected. I’m with you 100%!!! I will be at all your shows and the New Orleans road trip.

  18. Good luck Nestor.

    It is amazing how everyone gets so worked up over the realities of how the world works.

    Thanks for all that you have done over the years

  19. Not sure which direction WNST is heading, but Drew & Glenn are class acts who will no doubt move on to bigger & better things if they so choose. On a personal note, I enjoyed bantering with them at times and hope to do so again if & when the opportunity presents itself. As for WNST….good luck!

  20. The “just a kid from Dundalk” act is wearing thin. I’ve always liked Luke’s work, but in a couple of years, if you are still solvent, he will get the ax as well, I’m sure. I won’t be around for it though. This is me signing off for good.

  21. As I have had time to digest all of this, I am starting to get the felling that what is going to happen is one of a few things: 1) WNST will end up using national programming for all shows except Nestor. Cuts expenses and no one to pay except him 2) Nestor is selling a large stake of the station. Getting rid of so many people cuts expenses. 3) NST exists in only a web site form and Nestor broadcasts his show via the internet. I think the key move was the GM getting canned.

    Why would Nestor can two established on air personalities unless something drastic is going to happen? The only thing that could have happened is that they were not pulling their weight with sponsors.

  22. Every day I tuned in, listened to Drew till exactly 10am – and then turned the dial for the rest of my day.

    Easily one of the top radio talents in the Baltimore-Washington market.

  23. I’ll tune in and see what WNST has to offer on Monday and Sept. 2 . I hope It’s not more Dan Patrik and Fox Sports or replays of old shows . This has the look and sound of a salery dump for whatever reason and makes no sense to me the way it was done . Of course I know nothing about how a radio Station is run or how they produce income . I hope everyone does well moving forward , I know Drew will .

  24. Will be listening to 105.7 more now as I would expect Drew to wind up there like Rob and Haney. No need to TRY to listen to NST anymore.

    Fuuny out of that 1 Mil you couldn’t pony up $500 to Support your old stomping grounds , Dundalk, to sponsor the Legion Post 38 and their reconstructed baseball program and field. You would have got advertising for the outfield fence and helped a worthy cause. I guess your signal doesn’t reach Dundalk?

  25. Argucably Nestor Aparicio remains the most influential sports media figure in this community. Yes he has offended his detractors who are legion. No doubt he has made some tough and painful business decisions hurting several talented and longtime loyalists. However,without the courage and fortitude of Aparicio a huge number of talented sports talk show hosts particularly in this area would never have had an opportunity to develop their skills. Nestor was never afraid to challenge the corporatists who nearly monopolize the media in this town. He has the balls to do what others only pontificate. I have found him and his small station to be a giant amongst pygmies.Thank you,Nestor.A true risk taker and entrepreneur.

  26. People on this thread have clearly never owned a business and never had to fire anybody. If you have owned a business, you would know that having to fire a person is by far the worst part of being a business owner. NESTOR acknowledged that those he had to let go were good hardworking people. This isn’t something he wanted to do but something he felt he had to do. Clearly not a happy day for him either. So before you start personally attacking somebody’s character of whom you’ve never met, try looking at all sides of the story. Ironically, I bet most of you are the same people begging Bisciotti to fire members of the coaching staff. So I guess it’s ok if those coaches with families get fired, but not ok for a radio talent to get fired? Smh. It’s the harsh reality of the business world. People get fired. It stinks. But if you don’t like it, start up your own business and make a vow to never fire anybody. Sounds like a realistic scenario.

  27. One other notable observation, how ironic is it that the syndicated show of the “pathetic ex-employee” that tried to sue and defame Nestor, and WNST, in 2011, is now heard over the airwaves generated by WNST?

  28. Very dissappointing drive in to work this AM. Drew and Luke were great. Eric Kasilias ?!? At least it wasn’t the Bulldog. WNST lost a listener.

  29. I’ll see what the “new” WNST becomes before passing judgement. Honestly, Glenn and Ryan, to my ears won’t be missed on-air. Drew grew on me over time, but tuning in to the morning show to hear one “schtick” (intentional or not) call after another often just got me to turn off the station.

    Frankly, the hey-day of WNST “on-air” was when the shows featured Spiro and The Swami, Mark Mussina, and Bob Haynie. Terry Ford and Jeremy (before being muzzled by 105.7) were enjoyable as well. The more recent line-ups haven’t been as strong… in my opinion.

    If the on-air LOCAL content improves… I’m all in. If it turns out to be more nationally syndicated shows and more “website content”, count me out. We get enough national coverage already, and the website has never been as appealing to me as the ownership group sells it to be.

  30. I just heard about this change. I stopped listening to NST a couple of years ago after I had words with Drew regarding his sometimes crude on-air language, especially in the early morning hours when I was preparing for work and had my kids listening. Drew told me that he was well within the FCC guidelines, so my thought was, you’re doing whatever it is you can get away with, but it’s not necessary. He had his opinion, and I had mine, which was fine. The same with Glenn as I couldn’t tolerate his screaming rants, which brought absolutely nothing to the show. With that being said, I am sorry to see them lose their jobs, but I also realize that business is business.

    For those of you who are saying they will wind-up on another local show; well, I don’t see that happening, especially considering how they insulted all of the other on-air personalities on an almost daily basis.

    Wouldn’t it be funny to hear “welcome to the Jerry (Coleman) and Drew show.”

  31. I agree with John. I can’t believe someone actually posted that Drew did everything Nestor didn’t, in terms of people skills. Drew was just as condescending to people, cut them off, talked down to them, belittled them, and propped himself up like a self-absorbed narcissist. What an over-bearing a$$. Good riddance, I might actually listen in the morning again depending on the programming. I don’t wish anyone to lose their job like this though, even Drew, so I sure hope you handled it right in terms of compensation, notice, etc.

    However, Glenn Clark was the best you had. Even though he does not have the seasoning in term of age as most others, he is the most professional and knowledgeable person you had. Too bad he tied himself to Drew too much and got the axe now because of it. Stand on your own Glen, you are better then most of them anyway! You will land on your feet for sure.

  32. Aparicio is a relentless narcissist. His on-air appearances are unlistenable because he never stops talking about himself. Without Drew and Glenn, I’m done with his station. He should have kept them and fired himself – that would have been a major improvement.

  33. I could deal with ESPN radio and Mike and Mike and then Brett and Barry. I just have this sinking feeling that Nestor will turn this into some sort of publicity stunt, such as an open competition for new on air talent like he does with the Baltimore Sports Media competition. I have no idea what happened behind the scenes-were Drew and Glenn not bringing in sponsors? This whole concept seems strange since why would radio hosts be responsible for sales . Was there friction over Nestor’s stance of Angelos?. It is a business and an owner can make any decision they want if they think it will help their business. I guess what I don’t understand is why fire a successful morning show host for someone less proven. Drew and Glenn are talented and will land on their feet. The whole thing is just strange.

  34. 1. I agree with John Daily and BK— I could only take Drew in small doses for many years. Just my personal opinion. Obviously, there are many differing opinions on these matters- and that is what makes the world go around… I will continue to listen IF the station continues to keep its focus on local sports, and does not become a series of nationally syndicated shows. Too many of those already.

    2. Like Robert, I thought that Spiro and the Swami were awesome- looked forward to it every day. Bob Haynie also did a great job. Nasty had the afternoon. That old line up would keep me tuned in from drive time to drive time, as I spend my days ‘on the road.’ Personally, I think that line up was the high water mark for the station to date.

    3. As Jeff said, I see no reason why folks feel the need to disparage and personally attack Nestor for his business decisions. Does anyone think that such sweeping changes would be made on a whim, without forethought or reasons? Owners do not make such changes without cause- at least in his or her own judgment- it’s that simple. “Yep, things here are going great! Let’s screw it up! Tired of counting all this money!” Bottom line— if you don’t like the station or programming— listen to something else. That is your right…To simply decide not to listen to a station because it parts ways with your favorite personalities or staff, without even giving the new personalities and/or the format(s) a chance… not very reasonable…. And those new employees/additions want to work, too. Give THEM a chance. Why punish them without giving them a chance- just like when other format changes occurred throughout the years, that brought Drew, Glenn and company to the station. But again, that is your right…

    4. I can understand curiosity about the sweeping changes, but I also understand that sometimes one cannot make public the reasons for such changes… possible legal ramifications. I don’t think Nestor’s pockets are as deep as Peter Angelos for potential legal defense. Ultimately, does it really make any difference- what is done is done. The reasons would not change the outcome. Time will tell if the business decisions were sound.

    5. I do wish all those departing the station all the very best of luck and future success, and thank them for work on and off the air. Let’s face it- broadcasting is tough work. As one can see from reading the many posts, the station’s listening audience is diverse, passionate and opinionated. Imagine if it was YOUR job to try and please such a group on a daily basis? Good luck…

  35. Well, I guess I can change the presets on my radio now. Listening to glenn every afternoon while fighting rush hour on the beltway made my commute much less painful. Trying to listen to your self agrandizing narcissistic show sure doesn’t make for a “happy hour” to me. Now you fire the only entertaining radio personalities you had? Good luck with new format. I for one will not be tuning in to listen to 4 hours of you using your radio station to talk about yourself and your life, sandwiched between annoying farm store ads and syndicated programs. Please tell us some more about how many sponsors came running back to you begging to be promoted once you were back on the air. Just make sure you keep us updated as to how that is going for you in the next few months.

  36. Well, I guess I can change the presets on my radio now. Listening to glenn every afternoon while fighting rush hour on the beltway made my commute much less painful. Trying to listen to your self agrandizing narcissistic show sure doesn’t make for a “happy hour” to me. Now you fire the only entertaining radio personalities you had? Good luck with new format. I for one will not be tuning in to listen to 4 hours of you using your radio station to talk about yourself and your life, sandwiched between annoying ads and syndicated programs. Please tell us some more about how many sponsors came running back to you begging to be promoted once you were back on the air. Just make sure you keep us updated as to how that is going for you in the next few months.

  37. Nestor may as well just put himself on the radio 24 hours a day. If it wasn’t clear that everything is all about Nestor, this article should remove all doubt. Honestly, I couldn’t make it past page 2. If we were playing a drinking game and you had to drink for each “I”, “me”, or “my” in this article, you’d be blitzed before ever getting close to finishing it. This isn’t the first time he’s cleaned house or shaken things up or fired a popular and well-liked on-air personality, and likely won’t be the last. I’m tired of seeing good people leave, so I’m done. There’s an old saying about fixing something that isn’t broken that seems to apply here.

  38. Note to Gil from Perry Hall:

    I believe you’re thinking of Jen Royale, who sued WNST for defamation a few years ago. The girl on the airwaves now is Anita Marks. Of course, the morning guys and Nestor slammed her as well, but she didn’t sue.

  39. I must say out of all the talent that left (got fired) NST I can’t figure how Drew survived as long as he did. The daily line-up of that station in the early 2000’s was all I listened to, except for on my way to work in the mornings. I would listen to WBAL. Then at 10am I would turn on Haynie,and leave it there the rest of the afternoon. In those days if you told me someone was getting fired I would have bet a Chinese Lunch it would have been Drew Forrester

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