And the jackpots grow…

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John Martin of The Maryland Lottery tells Nestor about the jackpots growing and winners winning all summer long during the 50th Anniversary celebration.


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Nestor Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive always remind you to set a dial if you’re out on your radio, your coons for the radio but Dennis has been fighting to keep am radios and cars. Make sure you set us on the dial and keep following along. I tell you what we’re doing the Maryland crabcake tour having a crab cake in a couple of weeks. It was a famous couple of weeks ago my friends from wise markets but I’m back on the west side this week we can eat spirits West a new crab cake I’m excited about that gonna be giving these away Maryland lottery scratch offs it is a throwback to the first ever scratch off 50 years they’ve been doing it given a lot of money away and our friends in winter nation 8669 D nation you buy two you get two free and there’s two years 0% financing and I’m digging my windows here I got a window to all the startups guys got windows and your windows overlook spirits West over there and beautiful Montgomery parks but a little while John Martin has been in and out this spring but he’s back with us here just in time for my wife to drag me down to the royal farms and start buying tickets because we got jackpot fever out that window John Martin

John Martin  01:04

there’s lots of things going on here Nestor First off, jump out new windows you can see right here I have new blinds in my luxurious headquarters office here

Nestor Aparicio  01:16

on the west side there’s a sunset and in the app Yeah, absolutely

John Martin  01:19

they That’s brutal in the afternoon but but I’m still playing games with my with my blinds buy new stuff. This is also over here. This is a new table

Nestor Aparicio  01:28

this looks to me and i i I’ve been around I’ve been lucky I’ve been I’ve been on a lot of executive directors of things in my lifetime. Almost every executive director of anything that I’ve met usually as a thing that looks just like that like an office I know that it’s not my wife doesn’t have an office anymore a lot of people work from home and all this you know hybrid work, but you still have like you run the joint and you have like an office and it looks like a fully functional office John.

John Martin  01:55

Well, okay, you caught me I’m gonna come clean. This is my home

Nestor Aparicio  02:00

you’re like Joe Gibbs you have a car to the

John Martin  02:05

bathroom here. All right, down the hall. Yes, this is all this is it i i would

Nestor Aparicio  02:11

room rate you except I know it’s a real. But honestly, if you just wanted to look like the executive director lottery without you could just take that picture and your would look like you’re in your office even if you’re not in your office. Yeah, absolutely.

John Martin  02:23

Hey, you know what today is or this time of year is depending on which is the beginning of summer nester.

Nestor Aparicio  02:29

And that means that you guys go out and give things away. I bet.

John Martin  02:33

Well, we tried to give things away every day of the year but summer it’s a lot more fun during the summer months, events every week between now and who knows when certainly through through the Labor Day weekend, we’ll be out and about in the marketplace. Each and every weekend, go to MD and find out if we’re going to be in a venue near you. Because

Nestor Aparicio  02:55

venues that have gold watermelon, that’s really important to me this time of year and peach cake, you bring a steak I don’t even need to win the lottery. Every time I eat peach cake. I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

John Martin  03:06

Alright, so now we’re gonna go on a tangent because you’re taking advantage of the non local here. What are gold, watermelon and peach cakes.

Nestor Aparicio  03:13

Oh, John. Alright, so here’s what I’m gonna do. All right, I you’ve just opened the door because you’re bringing a nasty Nester out in the 90s you’re doing like whacking radio with me. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m doing the 25th and I know it’s hard to believe that this is people have supported this thing for 25 years but they have all their bills are paid. We’re still here 25 years later on August the third we’re going to be overcast it’s not Pappas, even though we’re on the pasture, they’re all friends. They also crabs are all great. They’re all beautiful people. But I’m going to be in Costas and Dundalk on August the third and the fourth at drugs city. So we’re going to be there broadcasting celebrating 25 years. What I’m going to do because it’s the middle of peach cake season, is I’m going to turn it into some sort of peach cake celebration cuz it’s my favorite thing. And it’s in the midst smack dab in the middle of peach cake season. It’s gonna be the freshest most tastiest gold watermelon a peach gay. So I’m gonna get silver Queen corn because it’s one of my other favorite things heirloom tomatoes. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn it into a celebration of my favorite summer foods at cost us on the third. And if you come peach cake for you, I’m going to make it happen. Wow. Wow, I don’t want to get it from all three of my favorite places. So you can try it from all so I got an email that two weeks ago, dear friend of mine. He wrote to me secure the peach cake guy. Come clean. Tell me the really good peach cake places and I’m like, it’s like crab cakes. I have three great peach cake places. You may prefer Fenwick. You may prefer Simon’s you may prefer Woodley. They’re all delicious. I have my own personal favorite in some sort of way. But I love them all equally. So I would just say I’m going to bring peach cake to you and I’ve just given you like really insider Baltimore information I just dropped three names on you Simon’s Cockeysville right next to Pappas St. plaze. You can get crabcakes and peach cake in the same place. All right, Woodley is Donald Bellaire road and then Fenwick bakery on Harford road. These are you cannot go wrong, John. You’ll feel like you’ve won $400 million in Powerball if you if you eat this

John Martin  05:23

nice segue because I’m going to drop two names on you Powerball and Mega Millions and you are correct Powerball this week. $400 million. Mega Millions $320 million. And we have a lot of fun when we get into dueling jackpots here. Because again, jackpot drawers five nights of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for Powerball Tuesday and Friday for for Mega Millions. And check out MD And see those jackpots grow as the summer grows, I’m gonna have a little rain. Teach me about this

Nestor Aparicio  05:57

though. I like for my wife. Because right now I’m looking and by the time you know, it’s Wednesday, we’re taping the orals be playing the mariners this week and look at the ballpark. It’ll be a bigger number. But right now it’s 400 million. A Powerball 320 Omega minis and they’ll grow unless they’re both hit this week. And that can happen to Oh, don’t say that. Don’t say that. No, no, no, no. So what I do want to say is they’re kind of grow quickly now. Right? Like once it gets here, it goes from four to five, and for five to six and six to eight quicker, like so if nobody hits it the next week or two or three, it’s really gonna get crazy. How does that happen? It doesn’t happen literally. I’m just I’m being the village idiot here. Because it doesn’t happen just because my wife gets activated, and more people are activated that just it’s literally just more more cash in the pot. Well, absolutely.

John Martin  06:47

I mean, you educated me on peach cake and cold watermelon. So let me return the favor here. And, and that’s exactly what happens. And, you know, several years ago, 300 and $400 million, that people would be stopping cars in the streets and, and running and get their tickets and, and you know, it’d be a media event and it’s, you know, every time we get a billion dollar jackpot, it it takes a little takes a little edge off. And so you know, the the jackpots take longer to get to significant numbers, they grow a little bit slower to get there. But you’re right there will be very soon and we may not be there yet, but we can see it from here, you know, probably around the $500 million mark for when when people start to take notice of it. The media picks up on a little bit more

Nestor Aparicio  07:31


to say you hear about it on the news, you’ll pass that big billboard by Jones, John Bel Air and you’re the new Pappas, right. Yep, exactly. And all of a sudden, those

John Martin  07:39

numbers look look big to you. And they are and you think you know what, I’m gonna do that and, and the infusion of of people who are new newbies into the marketplace, the jackpot grows faster with with more people buying tickets. That’s, that’s third grade math. That’s not a that’s not my wife’s

Nestor Aparicio  07:55

gonna have 20 in each one at the rofo by the end of the day, I promise you because she knows she told me she knows you come on on Wednesday. And she you know, she’s like she said, Hey, jackpots are up, make sure you talk to John about them. Thanks. You say I have an executive producer, you just don’t realize it?

John Martin  08:10

Well, as long as people play responsibly playing within their means having some fun with it. Office pools, if you’re still going into an office, it still could be virtual office, we get a little more excitement when more people get together and they all throw in a buck or two. And and someone’s designated as the ticket purchaser. And then they go and they buy a bulk number of tickets so that many people can share, hopefully, in some winning experiences and we caution people there if you are going to participate in an office pool, please make sure it’s not a credit that you are paying with the money that you have. And if you’re in get a copy of the ticket that has been purchased so that you know exactly what numbers you’re rooting for come comes to election night. Well, you my wife

Nestor Aparicio  08:53

did that. Historically, she’s from New Hampshire and air office pools. She It was a fun fun part of her office to do that. And I know when that happens and there’s a winner that makes it more fun for you because I mean, at the end of the day you guys give money away part of this is are the people and the stories one of the reasons you’d like to do this or to tell the stories of retired longshoreman pick up 50 grand on a pick five right i mean that that that’s what makes this fun is the people and when a bunch of people get in they know that’s um that that that’s part of the plane for the fun

John Martin  09:27

you know we have no windows in a long time but people go to MD and check out the winners stories but yeah, it is great when you know when 510 People come in and all the same time and they’re all have a portion of that winning number that’s a nice team photo to get get a number of smiling faces behind a big oversized check to talk about their experiences. But more often than not the winners come in onesies and twosies and they get paid just the same. And you know I love the story of the the Baltimore bus driver who becomes a millionaire or after getting a lucky scratch off when

Nestor Aparicio  10:02

sounds like the honeymooners Hold on a million bucks. Maybe Ocean City Alice, you know? No, no.

John Martin  10:16

We just went off the rails one of the

Nestor Aparicio  10:18

million dollar bus driver all wrapped branded. That’s all I see. Yeah,

John Martin  10:22

yeah. $20 Hot 777 scratch off and those hot tickets are hot this summer. So please check those out. But yeah, that’s that’s that’s kind of exciting, right? Driving your route to your auto

Nestor Aparicio  10:36

set center me an email every week. And I don’t always get names, but I get the names of so my partners at Royal farms sold a $1 million hot seven seven ticket on a chopper road and Parkville that is the ROFO that’s the one I drive by every day going to yoga. It’s a one over where the bond was I passed it a million times. Somebody went in there and bought a ticket in the last two weeks and what a million dollars.

John Martin  11:05

That’s what somebody that’s somebody that’s rough cramped, and that’s the same story.

Nestor Aparicio  11:08

Same story. Alright. See, I also see here when another one of my sponsors hits wise market. Nottingham, I know that she had their hot seven 750 $1,000 scratch off. So I’m going to have to tell my wife when she’s buying tickets, we’re going to go to these lucky places now she’s gonna go to Lucky royal farms, Lucky wise, and she’s going to she’s going to buy her quarter million dollar winning ticket be 500 by the time we win.

John Martin  11:33

Well, and you know, that’s another good story too at Weis markets where the the the young lady thought she had a $500 winning ticket. And when she went in to claim that at Weis markets, because she could certainly do that. The machine popped up and said go to a lottery. Now. It most will say go see John Martin, I you know what? Can we work on that? Can

Nestor Aparicio  11:57

I give him Ross’s number dog? Yeah, I mean,

John Martin  12:01

I I’d love to have someone come in. And she when she upon further review actually looked at the ticket or we had someone look at the ticket here. That’s a $50,000 prize. She was off by a couple of decimal points. Oh, God was 500 Want

Nestor Aparicio  12:16

to play this out? All right. I’m a wise markets and I’m over and 4126 East Joppa road, and I got a ticket. And I’m like, Oh, look, I want 500 bucks. Wow, what, five OtterBox? You go up? And they’re like, no, no, it says go to. So what then do you do? Like the woman’s got the ticket? She’s like, I think I want I don’t know, like, and then she goes to the wise markets. And he’s like, Well, you just go to lottery. What does that person do at that moment? Well, in

John Martin  12:42

this case, because there’s two stories here. This is where it kind of diverts? So let me answer this one first about the actual winner, then we’re talking about others in the generic sense. So some, some tickets are not as obvious as scratch a number. And there it is, there’s a winner. Some of them we, we play a few games with people, and we put multiple prizes. So she scratched one of her winning numbers on the ticket and it was a $500 prize. But then after it said go to lottery, she said wait a minute, and she scratched off the rest of the ticket. And lo and behold, there was another $500 over the $1,000 there was this. So there’s that. So she had a ticket with multiple prizes on one ticket. So the total value of the ticket was $50,000. So she did actually kind of self disclose what she had going on there. But there are other instances, as we briefly alluded to there, where someone thinks they won one amount. And they come here and they found out that when we look at the true ticket, behind the behind the scratch up behind the schmutz, as we say here, which is the technical term behind the schmutz. You find out that there are in fact, either other prices, or maybe they didn’t scratch off all the way and it was actually a much larger number. So they

Nestor Aparicio  13:54

sent me an email do they call what are they show up?

John Martin  13:58

They show up? Where’s this go to lottery they’re knocking on my door, I mean, so. And what triggers that is Ms. Most retailers can only cash up to $600. So if the price larger than that, they go to one of our expanded cashing retailers of which we have about 435. But 10% of our retailer network can cash up to $5,000 for

Nestor Aparicio  14:22

$100 winner on one of these down at fakies on opening day and couldn’t cash there because they don’t. But I literally took my car went around the corner and the guy said, Hey, I just cashed my ticket, I got my 100 bucks. And I’m like, you can do that with 100 bucks. But 600 is where the cutoff is right

John Martin  14:38

600 With a cut off and then 5000 is the next cut off for a very subset of our retailer community about 10% of our retailers. And if it’s greater than 5000, but less than 25,000. You can go to any of the six casinos in the state of Maryland and they will gladly cash your winning ticket up to $25,000 any ticket greater than $25,000 You have to see this smiling face and take a picture take it Oh, I’d love to take a picture my wall my wall is barren is

Nestor Aparicio  15:08

room for that you have like a party room over there when you win that I’ve had the Rockstar guitar and the bow on and the I won sign over me. John Martin is here. He’s executive director of all things matter the lottery and gaming talks and sports wagering we’ve had a we got a huge jackpots going on here. I’m going to be giving away the scratch offs. And John, this has been a lucky batch. I’ve had a lot of winners here. But I it really would be interesting if somebody won 1000 on one of my scratch offs, let’s see it spirits West this week or two weeks from now on Hollywood casino at the barstool, sports, Booker. Any of the things that we’re doing with the crab cake tour, somebody wants 1000 I got to literally tell them to come see you.

John Martin  15:47

Yeah, where they can go to whatever and they can actually go online and find out how winners can claim and you can claim $1,000 winning ticket up again, up to $5,000 at any of the 434 retailers that are specially designated this way. Go to the website, you can find out if you’re in Dundalk, where the retailers in Dundalk who can catch that ticket and then greater than 5000 You can still come see me but you can also go to any of the casinos so they can

Nestor Aparicio  16:09

see you and then go to spirits west right around the corner if they want you to think

John Martin  16:13

oh baby great, that’d be great again, so I’m gonna do that I’ll give you another 20 bucks Give me Give me something there.

Nestor Aparicio  16:18

Every time I visit you I’ll I smells the royal farms from the Royal farms cross street makes me want chicken. John, for you. And I was gonna have a Segway and say you know we have multi multiple winners on one ticket. You know when BB won that home run riches thing. We all thought she just won 50 grand but she turns out she won more than that. Because we’re more home runs. I’m watching the Orioles every night obviously they’re in Tampa this week, playing really good baseball. It’s been that kind of a year. And I know the lottery is in business with the baseball team forever and ever and ever. We talked about the Gary radicchio and run a million years ago and what a million dollars represented. But it’s more special. I mean, this year, as an agency, you’ve got to be pleased with all of it and 50th anniversary, but more than that every night they’re playing games, and every night they might hit three or four or five home runs. They’re capable of that every night that the home run 500 bucks hands again, it’s like be nice to win 500 bucks, but to your point it can multiply as well with the

John Martin  17:10

orders. And that’s the fun part about this. This promotion. I and I I wish I could take credit for it. I can’t but I suppose I could do it right here because no one’s gonna challenge me but but but somebody seminario team came up with this idea several years ago to attach a contestant of the game to each Orioles contest home or away. And just for being selected, they win $500 And they get an additional $500 for every Orioles homerun hit in that game. And you’re right. I mean you look at the schedule here. Bradford guessed or Bradford? Just I don’t know if it’s a hard G or soft g if Westminster back on June 13 120 $500. That’s five days. That yeah, yeah, so actually four plus the five already got just right down the game. Sorry. Yes. But yeah, so if they’ve got a if they’ve got their homework and shoes on some of these things are kind of nice. And you recognize you know, these are these are tickets there’s there’s no extra purchase required. They’ve already bought the homerun riches fast play ticket, win or lose they’re in the drawing. And then to sit there be watching the game and see as as as Miss Anderson saw rocket launched by mountcastle and in that case you won $50,000 And remember, at the end of the season, we’ll draw our second $50,000 homerun britches winter and it’ll be way at the end of the season but between now and then stay tuned watch the games enter your tickets to win and have some fun because it’s going to be a fun summer here and in Baltimore.

Nestor Aparicio  18:41

I’m sorry they moved the fences back here and now we have this home run contest but we’re still getting a lot of home runs gotta get mountcastle back into the lineup You got any guardian staying Are you just staying out of that right now?

John Martin  18:51

You know what and you will you will mock me as you always do Nesta you will mock me but the guardians are crawling to within a space a hair of first place in the less than 500 Central Division of the American League and you know what they

Nestor Aparicio  19:07

are say in the end they’re gonna win the division and I agree with Palmer on that so I don’t want to say that out loud to you to get your confidence level up. But we may be seeing a Baltimore Cleveland Roberto Alomar old school thing. Oh, wow.

John Martin  19:21

Wouldn’t that be something for for fans in both Marcy because you know what, the last time that got together that didn’t go so well for your guys.

Nestor Aparicio  19:29

I remember Tony Fernandez. I took a picture with him one day, Armando Benitez. See? 26 years later? And you can see it’s still can anger the blood? It really can. Well, yeah, I mean, it’s like, you know, I mean, I could see John Elway Do you but I’m not going to do that to you. I’m going to be nice to you. John Martin. Joe, what

John Martin  19:48

are you talking about?

Nestor Aparicio  19:50

Oh, my goodness. Both dirty. He did he Yeah, he did that. No doubt about that. Um, festivals, any place you’re gonna be anytime soon. I mean, I talked about peach cake and you you You also didn’t understand yellow watermelon, cold watermelon. I want to really pay tribute to the ladies in the press box at the Ravens stadium. Because every year the lousy preseason games that nobody JK Dobbins doesn’t want to play in any more than nobody wants to play in the preseason football games and ravens games, I would go there and my shorts, whatever, it’s preseason football, but they would always have this gold thing on the buffet, the media buffet, and John I thought it was pineapple. I mean, it looks like pineapple. It’s the same color as pineapple. And I looked at it had rind and I was I’m 55 now I guess I was 45 when I saw this for the first time in my life 10 years ago, and I ate it and I said that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever had. It tastes like a watermelon only sweeter but it is watermelon. And then I googled it and then my wife found one on the Eastern Shore then I did some research and now it’s a summer thing for me like white corn like fresh tomatoes like Oriole baseball like fireworks in the Fourth of July like the heritage fair and Dundalk. So the cold watermelon thing and you’re not the only one Dennis Colossus for a year and a half said he’d never had one and on the crabcake tour two years ago I think I saw you then Ocean City that your Mako I brought him back a giant there’s a man that sells him on 50 and Easton. He beats on it he knows how to make it sound. So anytime I go down in July and August I come back with several and I give them the friends wise markets also sells them on occasion and they have in the farmer’s markets but as for gold watermelon, it’s a gift to you love watermelon.

John Martin  21:31


Nestor Aparicio  21:32

Who doesn’t you’re gonna love Go watermelon. It’s so you’re telling me here.

John Martin  21:35

It’s a sweet dessert and a musical instrument.

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

I eat it and Dennis makes fun of me because I like ice cream. I eat it with a scooper with an ice cream scooper. Like I’ll scoop it out in scoops and put it into a bowl so it looks like ice cream and then I’ll pick it so it comes in little circles like like scoops of ice cream now now and it makes for a neater presentation in the water because watermelon is too big to eat you know they’re big so I cut it in half and then I scoop it out and I my wife got so serious about this that she went online and got one of the fancy shmancy plastic things that sit over the watermelon hood

John Martin  22:12

to cue she can do that because she’s buying those Mega Millions and Powerball tickets she she can buy those fancy schmancy

Nestor Aparicio  22:18

knows where to get good we’ll go watermelon wise March alright John, I’ve helped you with peach cake I’ve helped you with gold watermelon. You can help me with Cleveland mustard or something next time we get together All right, help me Oh, nice. Good. Is there any? Is there any food that I need to know about? Summertime I’m in eat or John.

John Martin  22:32

Oh boy wants to save that for our next our next guest together which will probably in a couple of weeks. But I’ll work that out with you. We’ll get Seth involved. We got somebody in the in the lineup here next

Nestor Aparicio  22:40

because I talked bad about the guardians and the browns. He doesn’t want to come back now. John Martin is here he is there. If you win a lot of money you get to meet him. Otherwise he just visits with us every once in a while here on the radio. They’re giving big prizes away and huge jackpots. Right now. Get out and play and please play responsibly. And we need to talk any sports wagering. We’ll do that next time. How about that?

John Martin  22:59

Absolutely. There’s plenty to talk about next time. Alright, spirits West

Nestor Aparicio  23:02

I’ll be giving these away. These are the original scratch offs the 50th anniversary. This has been a really lucky batch I’ve had a lot of winners in this batch will be spirits West this week. Our guest Chad wiesloch NFL agents to Josh Jacobs we’re gonna talk about running back money and JK Dobbins be doing a lot of that Chris Pike is going to come out and I have a feeling of you wearing the Mount St. Joe regalia out on Wilkins Avenue. Ricky is going to join us we’re going to talk crabcakes I’m probably gonna have a beer because it’s summertime and if they have any cold watermelon I’ll eat them out of house and home over their experience West. It’s also brought to you by our friends and whether they should 866 at 90 nation. You buy two you get two free and you get two years of 0% financing. And I want to thank Linda Raskin for giving me this. This this crab, a beer with the special beer opener on the side. I will be employing this at cost this for our 25th anniversary on August the third I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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