Archie Manning discusses the family legacy and the challenge of winning in the NFL

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The former NFL quarterback chatted with Nestor on Radio Row in Detroit ahead of Super Bowl XL.


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Archie Manning, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:02

Welcome back. We are live in Detroit saw brought to you by Toyota you know the drill. I don’t waste any time we have a legend among us Ole Miss New Orleans Saints and father to the stars the paternal quarterback man, the one and only Archie Manning back on the program. Archie how thanks Benson said Ed block thing back Baltimore man How are you been?

Archie Manning  00:22

I’ve been good. But I had a fun time I’ve been back to Baltimore a few times. I always love to be there

Nestor Aparicio  00:27

you know it’s funny that night you were sitting in for Peyton because I was gonna do and you came you said pain is gonna come next year. And damn if he did you know, I mean like

Archie Manning  00:36

Tom, it was great. That was the kind of the Unitas tribute

Nestor Aparicio  00:40

he wrote me all sorts Oh,

Archie Manning  00:43

he loves paint yeah you know he’s kind of a throwback anyway he loves He loves the so many of the old quarterbacks that kind of been good to him he loves those guys he said it was a great

Nestor Aparicio  00:54

identifies is almost like a really he

Archie Manning  00:59

you know, he really is more of a thrower I’ve told him that before I said, you know, I think you would have liked playing but not even my day maybe before my day you know maybe in the 50s or something. I think he would have liked it.

Nestor Aparicio  01:08

I think it’s interesting cuz a lot of people out there still finding their way in the world that listen to the program. The idolize people. You made a great living. You had a great life in New Orleans, beautiful wife and the children and Peyton’s a multimillionaire Eli’s never going to be under Viaduc. And yet, the winning part is so paramount and I can’t imagine I don’t want to say the pain because we all we got bigger problems, you know, but I gotta think that’s it’s difficult right now for both the boys and for you and you had expectations you had hopes they both would be here this week, and maybe that’s unrealistic.

Archie Manning  01:42

You know, that’s that’s football and hey, I played 15 years and whenever he made the playoffs, so to have to in the playoffs? Never got to playoffs. No. So you know, pain has been at six six out of seven years they’ve been in the playoffs which at that right there I don’t go around bragging about them. But you know, that’s that’s kind of hard to do. And then Eli’s first four years starting to get to go the playoffs now the postseason didn’t go good you know he lived them. Carolina did a number on them and then coach Payton and him were bitterly disappointed that they didn’t advance it and get here but you

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

gotta you feel that as a parent because you know what that feels like?

Archie Manning  02:16


It’s just like when you play in it hurts to lose but you got to move on and they they they deal

Nestor Aparicio  02:22

with it they have and they put the camera on you every single

Archie Manning  02:25

they I don’t know how they find me sometimes. I do not know how they find me I try to hide they still find

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

but I mean but it must be flattering to some degree for you even though but they show you in those painful they never show you celebrate and when when when he’s throwing 42 touchdowns in a season or wherever they never shown you then even though they show

Archie Manning  02:43

me they come in the tunnel. Wait on Eli if you throw in three interceptions, I just gotta warn in this Eli to see me know I was there you know I wouldn’t I thought I was hiding out but

Nestor Aparicio  02:52

how long is it for you when they’re both playing the same time where I don’t

Archie Manning  02:55

like it the same time I spent a lot of days now. I think I’ll stay home when they’re playing the same time and split the screen while watching both because it really bugs me been in one stadium watching the game and wondering what’s going on with the other guy.

Nestor Aparicio  03:06

Do you fly stadium the stadium when they play Sunday? Monday I mean I have but that’s got to be talking in the car. I see what Jamie sharpers family they had that issue and Ronnie barbers mind.

Archie Manning  03:18

That’s Greg TVs are pretty good deal. flipper out and it’s not near as exhausting. And I think I do better at home. It’s hard sit in the stadium. It really is.

Nestor Aparicio  03:30

You know, I want to promote you’re doing this first tailgate here with Barry Sanders yet Barry Sanders by the other day. And this, I think God who came to the city not thinking it was going to be called Big Leagues as snow. I found that to just be nice. I found it to be a nice diver, I will probably never come back. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. They’d come up here and do this. And I just think it’s nice to have.

Archie Manning  03:52

I think it’s great. And I’ll tell you what, Detroit I know how hard they’ve worked. I’m a little bit familiar with Super Bowls, not not having played at them. But we’ve had nine in New Orleans. And so I know kind of what it’s like in hosting and all the work that goes into it. So I think Detroit has done a great job. We had this tailgate today. I gotta tell you guys, and this is a this is a promotion for MasterCard. You’ve probably seen Payton’s commercial for magic Carr,

Nestor Aparicio  04:13

who has made me the greatest sports commercial the whole time. I mean, who comes up with that stuff?

Archie Manning  04:18

Is I tell you they let him be involved a good bit which I think you know, they asked him say you know what happens now what happens when people asked for an autograph? And then when he asked me one of the fans do and then it didn’t you know I relate to it. Do they ever come back? Oh yeah. They always come back and ask for one more for their little brother You know, so they put it they put it in with a

Nestor Aparicio  04:37

little brother. I thought that was funny but I thought he should have said to Eli, I mean that would have been even funnier, you know.

Archie Manning  04:42

So anyway, the mascot asked me to be part of their PayPass program, which is a new card that for smaller purchases like a movie theater convenience store concession stand fast food, you just tap it, tap it saw you do no swipe, no cash, just tap it. So the campaign we’ve been going around the car country I loaded up. DOD. We have a tailgate here in Detroit. And today we had one of the first we think biggest tailgates and bear Sanders and I hosted it and we had the Detroit firefighters there. And they had a ball and Cushing. Imagine how excited they were to be there with Barry Sanders and who’s their hall of famer and a great guy. So people here screaming Oh, it was good. It was it

Nestor Aparicio  05:22

was first tailgating with you. The Grove Come on. Yeah, I mean, come on. Now. Who knows more about tailgate.

Archie Manning  05:30

Pivot Ole Miss, you know, we aren’t very good, but we know how to tailgate we invented tailgating at Ole Miss.

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

I’ve been to the grove it’s wonderful. Last thing for you our host Jeremy who you were so kind to get the autographs from paid for his child’s name is Peyton tell me because he named his shot after your son basically. How did you name your son Peyton I

Archie Manning  05:49

just want to know why it’s a family name as a family I had an uncle named patency had Cooper and Cooper pay they’re all family names but we didn’t know where the pain was gonna be a boy or girl and so we were gonna name it Peyton anyway so you know it’s pretty good girl’s name too. And there’s a lot of Payton’s in Tennessee believe me or you wouldn’t believe how many papers there are went from his days under the

Nestor Aparicio  06:08

age of 10. Archie your call was a class act for you and your love you boys and love what they’ve done for the game. Hello everybody bought them not paid so much but Elon because he went to Ole Miss. Gotta love the grove man. Take care yourself. artchix be good. All right, Archie Manning. Class Act great guy coming by for MasterCard. We’ll step out we’ll take a break. So I brought you by Toyota. We’re live in Detroit having fun at Superbowl 40 Stay with us.

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