Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Nestor Aparicio

Nils Lofgren comes up for The Rising with Springsteen chat in Spring 2003

It is always a pleasure to talk rock and roll, sports and life in the great rock and roll band in the world with the great Maryland native and one time "Bullets Fever" author. Life in E Street with the affable Lofgren.

Brooks Robinson talks about his love of baseball and the minors

Nestor always loved having Brooksie drop by the radio show. This is a 2003 visit discussing minor league baseball and the Montreal Expos.

The first time Ed Reed came to The Barn as a rookie

The rebuilding year of 2002 was difficult on the future Hall of Famer because he was used to winning so much at The U.

Gov. Schaefer on the life and times of Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts

When The Golden Arm left us tragically on a fall day, William Donald Schaefer called into Nestor's show to grieve with the community.

Let Edwin Mulitalo set the holiday island mood with his ukelele

The football talk and Super Bowl XXXV win and haka dance at The Barn are all vivid memories from the era of the first purple miracle but we had some good times just singing Christmas songs and laughing...

Gwynn tells Nestor about his vision for San Diego baseball

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn sat down with Nestor at Jack Murphy Stadium to discuss a life after baseball during the final month of his legendary Padres career.

Tony Gwynn tells Nestor about a life in baseball chasing a World Series

With less than a month left in his Hall of Fame career, Nestor visited his favorite baseball player one last time at The Murph for a lengthy chat.

One month before winning Super Bowl XXXV, Dilfer pours his heart out to Nestor at The Barn

He led with his heart and his brain and it led to Trent Dilfer winning a ring with the Baltimore Ravens in a very short time here. On the day after Christmas in a short playoff week back in 2000, he told us what winning would mean to him with the emotion we expect...

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray talks baseball at 2000 All Star Game as Rick Sutcliffe busts in on Nestor

During his stint at Sporting News Radio, Nestor broadcast live from the field in Atlanta's Turner Field at the Major League Baseball All Star Game. It's not every morning that a fly guy like McGrath can mix baseball and...

The one time Frank Robinson talked baseball with Nestor

When the legendary Baltimore Orioles outfielder died in 2019, it was hard to find this clip but it made us smile when we did. And this 1992 picture is only one he could find from when the Hall of Famer umpired the "Broadcast vs. Print Media Baseball Game" at Camden Yards.
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