Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

A very young Chris Robinson of Black Crowes talks about debut album, Atlanta music scene and life in March 1990

During his #AlmostFamous days as a music critic, Nestor Aparicio stumbled onto to some legendary bands. The Black Crowes were about to open for Junkyard at Hammerjacks. This one is spicy...

Clarence Clemons tells Nestor about life after E Street before Hammerjacks show in February 1990

Thirty years later, it seems almost inconceivable that Bruce Springsteen once was departed from E Street for over a decade. The Big Man joined Nestor during his days as an #AlmostFamous music critic at The Evening Sun in Baltimore to talk about solo life on the road.

Billy Joel tells Nestor about being broke in January 1990 on the Stormfront Tour

The Piano Man told the story of managers and the music business ripping him off during a lengthy and very candid interview with Nestor Aparicio, who was a music critic for The Evening Sun in Baltimore.

Billy Squier chats about The Stroke and success in December 1989

During his youthful teenage #AlmostFamous days as music critic at The Evening Sun in Baltimore, Nestor Aparicio chatted with many legends coming through the area on tour. This is the first of two with the leader of the band who once opened for Kiss at the Capital Centre.

Jon Bon Jovi tells Nestor what it’s like to be famous and from New Jersey

Back in his #AlmostFamous days as music critic at The Evening Sun in Baltimore, Nestor Aparicio interviewed all of the up-and-coming rock stars. Jon Bon Jovi was in the middle of the "New Jersey" tour in the Summer of 1989.

Will Smith talks about life as Fresh Prince with DJ Jazzy Jeff and DC club show before he was a movie star in 1989

This extremely awkward conversation led to a tour cancellation of his DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince show in Washington, D.C. Sometimes, parents just don't understand...
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