Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

The night that Lawrence Taylor and Buddy Ryan dropped by The Barn

During the 1997 NFL season, Nestor Aparicio hosted a national television show every week with two legends at Sheffield Studios. He convinced them to drop by his live show one Monday night...

That time when Nestor asked Gov. Schaefer to tell him about Bob Irsay and the Colts leaving Baltimore

The picture is from October 1996 at the Indianapolis airport when Nestor ran into the Governor with Ricig's Bob Irsay dummy on a stick. The conversation is Part Two of a spicy chat with John Moag and Schaefer at The Barn to kickoff the Ravens' second season on 33rd Street at Memorial Stadium.

Let Governor Schaefer and John Moag tell you how the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens

In the aftermath of the move of the NFL franchise, Nestor welcomed the leadership to The Barn for crabs, beer and a conversation about how Art Modell brought his football team to the Charm City.

Ozzie Newsome tells Nestor all about the 1997 Draft from The Barn

Where were you when the Ravens drafted Peter Boulware and Jamie Sharper? We were in Parkville getting to know a Hall of Famer...

Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish talks love of Maryland based sports with Nestor in April 1997

Because he can't find his picture with Mark Bryan during this era, this is Darius Rucker. This one might include the time when Nestor got them a gig doing the National Anthem at Camden Yards before an Orioles game and Rucker was trapped on the golf course. Perhaps...

John Steadman and Nestor discuss history of Baltimore football at The Barn

Nestor treasures every one of these conversations with his mentor and the legend of Baltimore sportswriting. From Colts to Ravens, indeed...

Brooks talks optimism and hope for the 1997 Orioles – and he was right!

Opening Day was always a big deal in Baltimore. We spent this one at Bohager's on Eden Street with Number Five talking about the good ole' days of 'dem O's.

Geddy Lee of Rush talks bass and baseball

Nestor did a Rock N Jock Baseball Preview in the 1990s and his music pals called in to talk sports. Geddy Lee checked in from Toronto to discuss the 1997 Orioles and Blue Jays.

Art Modell tells Baltimore fans what to expect from Ravens at The Barn

Yes, the owner of a National Football League team came out to Parkville and ate crabs with the people back in the day...

That night Dave Winfield dropped by The Barn on Nestor’s 5th Anniversary

Crabs. Parkville. Live radio shows. Batman on the wing waiting to open the dance floor. And in walks a Hall of Famer before the Tops In Sports banquet. Listen in...
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