Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

Geddy Lee of Rush talks bass and baseball

Nestor did a Rock N Jock Baseball Preview in the 1990s and his music pals called in to talk sports. Geddy Lee checked in from Toronto to discuss the 1997 Orioles and Blue Jays.

Art Modell tells Baltimore fans what to expect from Ravens at The Barn

Yes, the owner of a National Football League team came out to Parkville and ate crabs with the people back in the day...

That night Dave Winfield dropped by The Barn on Nestor’s 5th Anniversary

Crabs. Parkville. Live radio shows. Batman on the wing waiting to open the dance floor. And in walks a Hall of Famer before the Tops In Sports banquet. Listen in...

John Steadman tells Nestor the truth about Bob Irsay and Colts departure from Baltimore

The legendary sports columnist at The News American checked in with his star pupil Nestor the day after the death of Robert Irsay. This one was spicy...

Those were Happy Days when Donnie Most talked baseball and The Fonz

During the 1996 MLB playoffs, "Grease" was on stage at the Mechanic Theatre and the man known to many as Ralph Malph was performing across the street from our studio.

Brooks Robinson talks Orioles baseball with Nestor at Hooters

It was the spring of 1995 and Major League Baseball was recovering from an awful strike and Brooks Robinson was sitting at Harborplace talking about a new day in the game.

Was Nestor nervous the first time he sat down to interview Brooks Robinson?

It happened at Hooters at Harborplace and there are no pictures to show just how nervous Nestor was in trying to be cool with royalty in 1995

Steve Whiteman of Kix talks Hagerstown, Baltimore and Orioles baseball in April 1994

True story: Nestor took voice lessons from the affable and always available Whiteman on Harford Road when his throat was hurting from screaming on the radio every day in the 1990s. "Ya got nothin' to lose..."

The legendary Charlie Eckman gives Nestor some life advice

Toward the end of his legendary life as a basketball coach, referee and sports radio pundit, the pride of Glen Burnie "coached" Nestor with some information to take with him.

That time when Nestor got together with Bill Murray

True fact: Orioles pitcher Rick Sutcliffe and the world's most legendary man were close friends. Murray came to Camden Yards a lot in the early days and hung out in the clubhouse. He was from Chicago. Nestor's name was Aparicio. The request was John Winger from the "Chicks dig me" speech in Stripes. We were mutts...
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