Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Don Mohler

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First impressions are often wrong, but what the heck?

There will be plenty of time for Democratic autopsies of what went wrong down ballot at a later date. But right now let’s focus on the fact that Vice President Biden received more votes than any presidential candidate in history.

Stop playing croquet

Elections have consequences and those consequences have never been clearer.


2021 Ravens training camp preview: Wide receivers

Will Marquise Brown build off his strong finish to the 2020 season?

Edwards tests positive for COVID, Boyle’s return delayed as Ravens open camp

Tuesday brought a reminder that the Ravens aren't yet past the pandemic entering the 2021 preseason.

Andrews excited to see Ravens passing game hit new level in 2021

"Everyone wants to be great, and that’s the beautiful thing about this organization is we’re all striving to a certain goal. We’re all moving in that same direction."

Bowser taking on leadership role in revamped Ravens outside linebacker group

"I’m definitely excited about being around a great bunch of young guys who want to learn, who want to get better as players."

Feeling urgency, Campbell says Ravens “set up perfectly” to make Super Bowl run

“We’re too talented. We’re deep. This team is set up perfectly to make a run. Obviously, it’s hard to do.”