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Baltimore Positive Classic

Message to LBGTQ community from McIntosh always ‘We Can Do This’

A leader on the issue for three decades, McIntosh discusses her journey and love and life in our middle segment with Madame Chair

McIntosh tells us what a leads an art teacher into Baltimore politics

Maggie McIntosh has served in the Maryland House of Delegates since 1992 but we went back to her roots as a teacher and her initial political activism in the 43rd District

Wen talks drugs, opoids and an American epidemic

One of the brightest lights in American medicine told Don and Nestor about the deep depths of America's crisis with drugs and mental health

Wen tells American dream of girl from Shanghai becoming a doctor

What is the American dream? We asked Dr. Leana Wen to tell us her journey from China to the United States...

Wen believes we should depoliticize women’s healtchcare in America

What is the future of health care in America? We asked Dr. Leana Wen what she's learned in her incredible journey from Shanghai to Baltimore...

Weller discusses role of business leaders in serving and lifting Baltimore

Marc Weller has bet big on Baltimore and Baltimore has bet big on Port Covington. How does all this work? We asked...

Weller discusses a vision for a 21st century Baltimore community in Port Covington

Saving communities and saving lives. The middle part of our incredible chat with Marc Weller, who is leading the charge to create Port Covington, contains some deep thoughts on the future of Baltimore and inclusiveness and 21st century neighborhoods. (And a little rye...)

Weller gives full overview of Port Covington project in South Baltimore

We had questions about the grand plan at Port Covington and Marc Weller brought all of the knowledge on Baltimore's most ambitious neighborhood development project

Ferguson says Maryland must be a leader in education

The new Senate President says that many in Annapolis will not stop fighting for Kirwan and the education of our children in Maryland

An educational primer on why you need to care about Kirwan

We sought to have the most intelligent conversation possible on the Kirwan Commission so we reached to new Senate President Bill Ferguson for facts on education. He brought the goods...
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Latest News

Finding The Vault and gems of the past and future at “new” CFG Bank Arena

Our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld offered Nestor a chance to be a suite life guy for the recent Journey and Toto concert at CFG Bank Arena and wanted his feedback. Comedy and music and Danny DeVito and PacMan and free booze and why Edie Brown needs a room named after her at the former Baltimore Civic Center.

What are the next key moves of DeCosta and Ravens?

As the NFL Combine gathers in Indianapolis, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the Ravens' decisions on the franchise tag for Justin Madubuike and where to go in April for offensive linemen and more depth across the roster as the inevitable offseason attrition continues.

DeCosta says Ravens “probably will” tag Madubuike without long-term deal

Baltimore has until next Tuesday to use the franchise tag on Pro Bowl defensive tackle Justin Madubuike.

Ravens make four new hires to coaching staff official ahead of scouting combine

Head coach John Harbaugh lost several notable assistants following the 2023 season.

Hot yoga, great football and giving back and living in Baltimore as a Ravens alum

Our resident Super Bowl XXXV champion and hot yoga devotee Femi Ayandabejo joins Nestor for a spirited debate about mental fitness, personal strength and Ravens football and the importance of giving back on Crab Cake Row: A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl from Faidley's for the Maryland Food Bank.

Crab Cake Row: Our marketing pal Steve Taormino donates cans and talks Vehicles For Change and brands

We began the second day of our "A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week" from Costas Inn with a large donation from our CC&A pal Steve Taormino, who partners with Vehicles For Change, a local organization with national ties that helps folks with transportation and transforms lives.

The Peter Principles (Ch. 4) – The Dumb Dumb error begins in Baltimore

The Ballad of Davey Johnson begins in Baltimore in 1996. All he ever did was win baseball games. He and Peter Angelos never agreed on much. And then he was gone. Here's the whole story through the eyes of the journalists who covered it.

Crab Cake Row: TurnAround providing support for victims of worst crimes against women and children

Former Ravens Super Bowl XXXV champion running back Femi Ayanbadejo tells Nestor why TurnAround earned his support for survivors of abuse from Faidley's on "A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week" for the Maryland Food Bank.
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