Friday, November 25, 2022
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#ColumnNes Out in the cold and winning ugly

As the 7-3 Baltimore Ravens build confidence on defense, it's the missing offense that worries Nestor Aparicio as the schedule allows for duds to be wins.

After 26 faithful purple seasons, the Ravens have bullied me out of my seats and denied my media access

This is my story. This is the truth. And it must be told. In its entirety because it's so outrageous as to be almost unbelievable. Covering the Ravens is all I’ve ever done professionally since the team arrived in Baltimore in 1996, and this is how I feed my family and pay my bills as a small local business and AM 1570 radio operator and entrepreneur.

#ColumnNes The Ravens should be running first (and second and third) to victory

Perhaps in our haste to throw it all away, we’ve lost sight of the fact that the entire operation has been assembled to run around – and with – No. 8 and still does that better than anyone when they’re doing it the right way.

Purple Reign 2: Chapter 20 “Sup-Harb Bowl – A Crescent City Crowning for Ravens”

This is Chapter 20 of "Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story." Author and radio host and entrepreneur Nestor Aparicio is releasing the 2013 book chapter by chapter daily to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ravens Super Bowl win in New Orleans.

#ColumnNes How many meltdowns are too many for self-destructing Ravens?

When Lamar Jackson plays poorly – and most of Sunday was another poor effort throwing the ball where he actually wanted to throw it, especially the long ball – the Baltimore Ravens are going to have a whole lot of trouble trying to finish football games against competent competition.

#ColumnNes Has Cincinnati replaced Pittsburgh for the Baltimore football rivalry gods?

After a generation of Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh, it certainly feels like Sunday night's slog with the Bengals for first place has moved the needle on the other rivalry for supremacy in the AFC North.

#ColumnNes John Harbaugh didn’t understand the question; Ravens fans still don’t understand the decision

Welcome to October. The high-ceiling Baltimore Ravens are suddenly a troubling 2-2 and the defending AFC champions are coming to town for Sunday Night Football. And head coach John Harbaugh is under siege from the Baltimore fan base.

A frank discussion about the night this website crashed under heavy traffic

Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection joins Nestor Aparicio to discuss the night a major announcement about his media pass with the Baltimore Ravens being rescinded crashed the Baltimore Positive website – and what happened next. A business and digital leadership course ensued. Out of disaster comes opportunity! (Oh, and you're gonna love the way this website looks next week...)

#ColumnNes There are no bad wins over Bill Belichick in Foxboro

But don’t bury the lead in this one: Lamar Jackson (still) might be the best player in the National Football League and his “value” as a Most Valuable Player continues to soar as he does things no one has ever done at the most valuable position on the field and the most difficult position to play in all of sports.

How will the Ravens respond to such a jarring defeat at hands of Tua and Dolphins?

In the postgame, John Harbaugh had no answers for the rarest of rarities in his 15 seasons coaching the Ravens – a historic loss that required lots of bad calls, bad plays, bad decisions and poor football that turned a 35-14 walkover into a stunning 42-38 loss.
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Comparing Jacksonville and Baltimore as NFL franchises and cities three decades after expansion and the Tagliabue museum

Nestor Aparicio tells Dennis Koulatsos about his aborted Jacksonville trip to cover the Ravens and Jaguars as a media professional and what is wrong about how franchises treat their communities. This one is spicy.

Ravens look to make it five wins in a row in Jacksonville

Lamar Jackson has a bad hip and many injuries questions remain for Sunday. Our WNST Baltimore Positive insider Luke Jones previews the gimpy Ravens trip to Jacksonville for a Thanksgiving weekend game with Trevor Lawrence and the improving Jaguars.

Talking turkey and football with a Hall of Famer

Hall of Famer Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joins Nestor for an NFL playoff forecast and frank discussion of league issues that begin with Daniel Snyder and ownership.

The sportswashing event of the century on full display

Sure, we love soccer but the "bring your business to Qatar" ads on Fox television during the World Cup games aren't convincing Bill Cole and Nestor that this is anything other than the bags of billions of corrupt dollars that it so apparently appears to be this month. The blotter on Blatter and the FIFA criminals has now produced a tournament in the middle of winter in a liar's lair.

What happened to all of the fun on offense?

Dennis Koulatsos joins Nestor to discuss the emerging, old-school Ravens defense and sudden woes on offense as Lamar Jackson battles a hip injury.

What will all of the new MLB rules mean for the game?

In a wide-ranging chat about life in the big leagues, Mike Bordick is joined by Adam and Frank Kolarek in telling Nestor about the impact new rules and a pitch clock are about to have on the game of baseball and how we view the game will change in 2023.

Open your app and place your bets

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin and Nestor welcome Maryland to the world of mobile sports wagering and tell the story of how it happened.

What is Ravens best path through deep and emerging AFC playoff race

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss emerging NFL playoff picture and Ravens pathway to playoff success
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