Sunday, October 25, 2020

Intelligent Conversation

Todd Schuler

What’s so great about The Constitution of the United States?

It was written back in 1789 so none of us were there but with many interpretations and "Originalists" now entering the discussion during the rushed Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, we thought a civics course with our scholar Todd Schuler was in order.

Every vote counts and every vote must be counted

With all of the bluster about rigged elections and the sabotaging of the United States Postal Service, let Todd Schuler tell you about how it really works with ballots when you are a candidate for public office.

How can we improve the caliber of political candidates in America?

Our attorney and former Delegate Todd Schuler discusses how politics can attract a new generation of better people for positions of influence in our government.

The Preakness that snuck in and out of Baltimore

Todd Schuler and Nestor wonder who knows that Preakness even ran on Saturday?

Eventually we all might enjoy watching Ravens better on television?

Todd Schuler tells Nestor that eventually even he might enjoy watching Ravens better on television than at the stadium in Section 513.

Latest News

Twelve Ravens thoughts during Week 7 bye

Another reason the Yannick Ngakoue trade made sense was the rapidly diminishing depth in the secondary.

Ravens to host just over 4,000 fans for Pittsburgh game

The upper deck will remain closed until further notice.

Quarterbacks coach Urban doesn’t see any issues with Jackson’s mechanics

"We have a very high standard, and we work very hard to chase that standard. It’s a constant work in progress."

Ravens work out Bryant, activate B. Williams from reserve-COVID-19 list

The former Dallas Cowboy is likely to join Baltimore's practice squad, according to an NFL Network report.

Camden Yards to serve as voting center for 2020 general election

"We look forward to continuing this tradition now and long into the future."