Despite Mega Millions hitting in California, our state did millions of giving to locals

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Our baseball pal Seth Elkin of Maryland Lottery joins Nestor to discuss local winners in Mega Millions jackpot pool and more ways to win this summer.


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Nestor Aparicio, Seth Elkin

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back W and S T, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive it is our 25th anniversary around here we have been drunk city we’ve been accosted is going to be Greenmount station this week. We’re headed to Pappas and Glen Burnie, two weeks from now all of it presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery Addy. It’s a lottery scratch offs. We had a $5 winner that it’d be I’m convinced people are winning lots of money, not telling me about it at these events. We were overcast this the other day. We did have a $100 winner off this lucky program. Back at Coco’s couple months ago. We’ll be hoping to give some more away agreements, they should have friends with our nation as well. 866 90 nation buying to getting to free got a new deal in August, but telling everybody about all of that as we celebrate 25 years, this guy missed out on all the fun and drugs and were my drug city shirt to make you jealous. Seth Alcon joins us now from the Maryland lottery. John Martin is up, got the week down. He’s gonna be joining us next week at Mako and Ocean City. We’re gonna be getting together with lots and lots of political folks down at the beach. We’ll be there broadcasting on Thursday and Friday, the 17th and 18th or 16th and 17th and 18th. Although Yeah, those days. Seth Elkins joins us now. Dude, I didn’t hit 2 billion and a half I that’s probably why I’m here doing radio today and doing this. You know, you have a couple of giant giant jackpot since last time you and I got together and I think that’s sort of Stokes all things lottery done it.

Seth Elkin  01:22

Yeah, unfortunately, we didn’t get a jackpot winner here in Maryland. We’re always hoping for that. And the last big one of those we had was in 2021 As we’ve talked about a lot of coding but we did have a really good jackpot roll here of two good jackpot rolls the Powerball got up just over a billion dollars in July. And we had a history making Mega Millions jackpot. This 1.5 8 billion that was one in Florida is the largest megamillions jackpot there’s ever been. So we and third largest all time in US history. So we were in historic territory here. And it’s always a little sad to see it end because it is it does generate a lot of excitement. And certainly a lot of the players get into it. We get into it around here. And the energy level certainly perks up. But we did have plenty of winners here. And it’s one thing we always remind everybody of, you know, there were well over 900,000 winning tickets that were sold in Maryland for Mega Millions in the three plus months that this jackpot roll was going on. So all kinds of prizes, including 900,000

Nestor Aparicio  02:24

People cashed a winning ticket on Mega Millions in this there without winning the big one, right? So that one

Seth Elkin  02:32

right without winning the big one. The biggest one so far was a $4 million prize it actually has not been claimed yet it was sold July 17 at the lobby shop on Charles Street in Baltimore. And we’re waiting for that winner to come in. So we’re really a whole lot of winners on we’ve seen a whole lot of winners in fact, it’s worth going through the numbers on this because we keep track of these things when these jackpot rolls are going on. So these are these numbers are our hot off the press after the breaking you I don’t know if like yeah, breaking news. I shouldn’t say hold off. John always

Nestor Aparicio  03:03

says We have breaking news music and I said back when I did this and Mr. lifers class in 10th grade when we did breaking news, we use Babbo Riley from the hoop So, here the beginning of Babbo, Riley, you get the new

Seth Elkin  03:15

old old school reference, I made an old school reference hot off the press. I shouldn’t make that reference anymore. I was a former print journalist so so so I understand what you meant. May it rest in peace? Yeah. Hot off the internet. You need a breaking news Chiron where’s your breaking news Chiron we need one of those. All right,

Nestor Aparicio  03:31

well, you got the big red, a big yellow l behind you. You know that’s looks like breaking news to me. Alright, so give me some breaking news. Yeah,

Seth Elkin  03:39

the numbers for this are really kind of interesting to look at. So this jackpot roll was going on since April. And in the time that that megamillions was rolling. We sold um, we’re looking over just to see what the numbers are the mixture I got him because he just came in this morning, we had more than 56 and a half million dollars worth of Mega Millions tickets sold in Maryland in those three plus months. Now the players won about $12.7 million on those tickets. And if you do a little quick back of the envelope math, we about 26% of what we make on ticket sales is returned to the state in profit that goes to the general revenue fund. So that comes out to about 14 and a half million dollars almost $14.6 million in contribution to the state just from the sale of Mega Millions tickets in these three plus months while megamillions has been rolling and that that doesn’t count any other ticket that we’ve sold in that time. So that gives you a little snapshot of what these jackpot rolls can mean both to the players and to the state.

Nestor Aparicio  04:42

Seth Elkins does all thing what are your communication specialist is that what is your what you have a title these days

Seth Elkin  04:47

Managing Director of Communications Alright, well,

Nestor Aparicio  04:51

specialist as even better than that. I mean, it’s kind of special. For Home Run riches and obviously the baseball story the Kevin Brown story This week, the broadcast the home runs the winning the losing at least on the Batista thing the other night, the baseball vibe in the city I’ve not I have not I should say never. Because I’ve been here a long time. I remember 79 You and I’ve been through that I remember 83 I didn’t need any Murray bobblehead last week to remind me of at three I have the pictures that I took a game one that I shared on social media of the night today three World Series, but there’s something about the heartbeat of the city for baseball when this thing gets going. And the lottery has been involved with Major League, the Orioles for years and years and years and winning. But every night we’re watching now and every night these homeruns start to add up. And that’s been a really fun promotion. And certainly we’re gonna have another big winner in the homerun riches right?

Seth Elkin  05:48

Yeah, we’re coming up on the on the final drawing for that. I think the deadline to enter is August 28. And then on August 29. We do the last drawing we’ll select all of the contestants of the game for the remaining games this season through September and we’ll also select another $50,000 Winner we had the one that was tied to the 50th home run of the season.

Nestor Aparicio  06:07

I never talked to Barbara although I loved I loved everything about her winning.

Seth Elkin  06:11

She was happy she said that was a fun time and the Orioles made that fun afterward too. They had her on the field for a little check presentation that I was out there for and Brian Makassar was a part of it too because well her her her son bought her a Ryan mountcastle Jersey while she was on the field once we once we got on the field he went and found a concession stand and got her a Ryan mountcastle jersey to where when the How much money did she win? It was $50,000 Right so she

Nestor Aparicio  06:36

could afford a buck and a half on a jersey. Like yeah jerseys are cheap inside the bowl. Yeah, I’m just thinking like that. So anyway, yeah, yeah,

Seth Elkin  06:44

but it was great. was a real fun time in the Orioles had her out there to do an on field presentation and you went

Nestor Aparicio  06:51

50 grand first thing you do I mean, I want you to save it but this is my advice. This isn’t Maryland lottery John Martin Maiev just something frivolous with it at least in the beginning. I mean just do something for yourself if you would 50 grand. I mean it doesn’t you’ll have to go spend it at all but if Ryan mountcastle jersey and he hit the homerun why not get a jersey? That’s city connector was it old school?

Seth Elkin  07:14

It was it was just the regular white Orioles Jersey Yeah, so but I they hadn’t introduced the city connects at that time. So

Nestor Aparicio  07:23

I have been looking you know I buy a lot of stuff on secondary mount. I collect these crazy belt buckles that you know about the I have my Baltimore coat belt buckle I wore last week to the Jersey thing I’m I’ve been looking at Aparicio jerseys because you know my cousin played for the team and all that. I found this jersey online, I should buy it. It’s the orange Oriole style that you remember from 1979 It’s what they wore. It was the disco era orange not what they wear on Friday nights now or whatever wear this it’s more scripty this was more like that. Just the the plain Oriole cursive in the little letters across the for the one Eddie Murray wore right. And it’s got Aparicio in the back Aparicio never wore that jersey. He was here in the 60s. But it’s like a 70 style jersey. That’s and I’m thinking that’s the one I want. I liked the orange jerseys that those are the that those are my favorite. I’m not a black fan. Not even going back to Jerry Glanville making every Jersey everybody’s got their pajamas on when they were black to me. I like traditional I like Grey’s more than I did when I was I like gray especially when it says Baltimore on them. Well, no, no, I

Seth Elkin  08:24

think they will classy in the black jerseys. The black the black. I like the words Jersey stupid. The black jerseys look

Nestor Aparicio  08:29

good. We’ve been through this. You’re not young enough to like the black jerseys. You come on now, you know, you’re almost my age.

Seth Elkin  08:35

Well, you know, to me, it harkens back don’t you’re not gonna make me break out my Willie Stargell Jersey again, your yellow

Nestor Aparicio  08:40

one right like Do you have the fight you either really gold one right

Seth Elkin  08:43

black with black with the gold lettering. That’s the one I’ve got. So you have a black

Nestor Aparicio  08:47

jersey? Yep. Yeah, the pirates yellow. I mean, as much as I hate canticle V. They look good. You know, I mean, day Parker looked good in the 79 World Series. Seth Elkins here we’d like to talk some baseball and have some fun around you can watch a ball.

Seth Elkin  09:01

I have in fact, I watched the Orioles take a five nothing lead on from Valadez the other night and unfortunately, couldn’t hold on to it. But it’s a lot of fun. You get caught up as you mentioned you I think everybody’s caught up in this even somebody like me who’s who’s not originally from here and um, I will always be a pirates fan.

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

Oh, you got an Oriole helmet in the show. I gotta ask because I’m looking at it and people that don’t see Seth has one of those little it’s a 1973 sort of Oriole hat with an orange. Actually, it’s late later 70s in that because it has the orange knot. And I can’t tell is it a bank? Or is it an ice cream cone? It’s

Seth Elkin  09:42

one of those ice cream cups I got. Because

Nestor Aparicio  09:46

they were they were the same thing. They look like the same thing but you turn it over. You either have a little plastic thing where you put the quarter in or you just get a spoon,

Seth Elkin  09:55

right? It’s for its ice cream. I got that at the ballpark and I held on to it and I brought it Didn’t hear so should it’s a good look at, you know where I got caught up in this is this goes back even before the start of this season during the World Baseball Classic I watched Anthony Santander hit. He hit two home runs in the tournament. And I was watching live when he hit one of them. And it was just this moonshot that was a no doubter of you could tell by the way he swung the bat that it was gone. And I think at that point, you know, maybe a lot of people still didn’t know who he was, even though he hit 33. home runs last year. He’s one of those your best kept secrets, you know, around the country. Do a lot of people know who Santander is necessarily. You watch him do that on a big stage like that. And I remember thinking while he’s high fiving people down the dugout after he hit that home run, I’m like, Wow, that guy plays here. He plays he plays for the Orioles. Now everybody knows who he is. And it was there was promise out of what happened last year. And you knew this, you kind of felt that this was coming. But it’s been special this year. Well, however,

Nestor Aparicio  10:56

it ends up Oriole magic. I mean, it’s back and it’s taken a long, long time. And I’m celebrating my 25th anniversary. Seth and I’ve talked about this all week, and as much as they’re taking credentials away from people for speaking truth and stats. Here’s the stats. I’ve had the station 26 summers, this is only the fourth summer where they’ve been relevant in 26 years of running the radio station. So you know, it’s old and it’s new again. And it’s different because of Sankat there because of the youth of Utah about mountcastle. But rutschman you look at Henderson you know that holidays coming. I mean, the baseball conversation for the city is back to where it was when I started this back in the 90s. And even before I had the radio station, we didn’t even have the Ravens. I mean I was on the air 9192 9394 95 There’s no Ravens. It was baseball year round when Camden Yards open. This is a nice feeling to have it back and to see the orange and to be arguing whether I liked the orange jerseys or the black jerseys or the white jerseys, or which one of the best gift I got and I got some great gifts for the 25th anniversary. Rodney from Dangerously Delicious pie brought me this pineapple right side up pie that’s just one of the greatest custard pies delicious. But my friend Kevin grace, who’s been a listener for 30 years and listening before I had the station, brought me a bag almost made me cry over Costas the other day. And he said there’s something in the bag special gift. It’s been in my closet I hear you talk about it a lot on the air. I know you don’t have it because you still you said recently you still wanted it. And I’m like really? I don’t have it up here. I wish I did because it’s being laundered right now. Gave me the 66 Jim Palmer giveaway that they gave away like 10 years ago. It’s the 1966 white with the old the 66 You know it’s a Jim Palmer 66 World Series jersey. And I always thought was gonna be kind of like cheesy or too big for me because it’s extra large or whatever. He still had a tag on he never worn it. He gifted at basic spending my closet 10 years you’ll wear it you’ll talk about it on the radio with Seth next week. I am going to wear it. It’s made me not want to buy the Aparicio Jersey now because I’m because I’m going to look slick in a polymer jersey. You know, I love the Jim Palmer’s.

Seth Elkin  13:16

I’m a little torn on on these the throwback jerseys that the guy didn’t actually wear like you’re talking about with the Aparicio where he didn’t actually wear the orange. It’s really weird. Yeah, there are there are Roberto Clemente jerseys, pirates, jerseys that are the black and gold from the late 70s with his name on the back of it. He never wore a jersey with his name on the back of it. They didn’t have the names on the uniform. So I don’t know. I don’t know where you come down on that. Where do you have to wear the jersey that that’s actually what the guy wore, or is it okay to have some variation of it? I don’t know. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  13:43

got my eyes on this 1969 It’s beautiful. It’s gray with white and blue lettering. The Chicago White Sox only wore it for a year. And you know that I mean, they blew it up and they went to the red pinstripes in the early 70s sort of the Wilbur wood goose Gossage look, but for one year, if you get the 1970, baseball card of Louis Aparicio. He’s wearing this really cool, grayish blue gray with a white white sox on it. And that’s the one I have to have, and nobody’s even gonna recognize it. They’re gonna think it’s like a fake Jersey like a jersey they never wore, but they wore for a minute and a half and it’s, it doesn’t look anything like any of the other White Sox jerseys, but it’s cool. You know?

Seth Elkin  14:28

Maybe you get one of those, those ones with the wide lapels from the late 70s

Nestor Aparicio  14:32

stands ahead this right we run for the for the laundry, right? That’s all we do. Right? That’s right. Chef Elkins here. He’ll be room for the laundry later in the month as the down the stretch. They come the state fair. You guys have a lot of connections with the State Fair. You have a big presence there. It’s not like it used to be it’s over weekends. Now. I went to see sticks last year out there. Tony wanted to get some great bands coming in as again, but this is sort of the wind up of a giant promotion at the fair right yeah.

Seth Elkin  15:00

Well, we’re always there all day, every day that the fair is open, you can find us in the lobby of the exhibition hall, we’ll be there. With our prize wheel, you can win some lottery items, we’ll have one of our retailers there, you can buy tickets and hang out and play. We’ll get the racetracks and Keno monitors set up. So you can stay in play for a little while. But you’re right, the cash bash event is going to be Friday, September 8. And that is sort of the culmination really of our 50th anniversary celebration, this promotion started all the way back in February. And people have been entering through all this, this time, and we’ve now got our 10 finalists in place, we’ve given away a number of cash prizes already along the way in the monthly drawings that we’ve had with this, but the 10 finalists will be there, Friday evening, September 8, at the Cow Palace, and we will have an event where we will give away prizes to those 10 people in the way that

Nestor Aparicio  15:51

no cows in the cow. I’ve wondered, I apparently there are cows

Seth Elkin  15:54

there. We were out there to get get ourselves situated and kind of get a look at the place and get it figured out how we were going to set up there just last week. And yeah, there probably will be some cows in the Cow Palace. So be prepared, be prepared for that. But there will also be

Nestor Aparicio  16:12

you gonna have this, that’s part of a stay fairy. And I’m animals right

Seth Elkin  16:16

there. We’re the perfect setting for it there then, and we got a lot of cash to give away that night as well. Because those 10 finalists all participated in what should be a really fun event. Five of them will win $10,000 each, and then four others will win $25,000 each. And that will leave us with one final was still standing and that last lucky finalist is going to win anywhere between 100,000 and 5 million depending on how the luck of the draw goes for them that night. So it’ll be a fun, fun evening. And we’re really looking forward to that. And as I say it’s the culmination of many months of planning prior to this year, and then almost all of this year of execution of that promotion. So we’re glad to be in the homestretch of it and happy to share all that with everybody

Nestor Aparicio  17:04

that you’re rooting for them to win 5 million, right? How

Seth Elkin  17:06

are we sure hope so. That’d be great.

Nestor Aparicio  17:09

It ain’t your money, right? Just feels that way when you have winners and you have to hug them. Right? So we any big winners come in. I mean, if you had a million dollar person show up down at Montgomery Park and come in and say hey, you know, give him a check and put the purple bow on him. We had

Seth Elkin  17:25

a we had a $1 million Mega Millions winner from a ticket that was sold during this jackpot roll was from Fort Washington in Prince George’s County. That was here last week. And we’ve had a bunch of there were about 13 winners at the $10,000 level in this megamillions role, including two that were just in the drawing that produced the jackpot winner in Florida. So these are the two most recent ones. One that was sold at a Wawa store on Blair Road in Bel Air, and then another one at a seven elevens for say that right? You’re not from Maryland, but you say that I go to great pains to make sure I say it the right way.

Nestor Aparicio  18:03

I noticed your state employee to you said Prince George’s County because I’ve made the mistake of saying the P and the G and man I got

Seth Elkin  18:12

what, in the time before time when I still worked in print, print print journalism, I worked in Prince George’s County and we were we were very sensitive to that we made sure Prince George’s so

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

called Frisco and Frisco if you just don’t do it, you know.

Seth Elkin  18:28

So yeah, so So one of the layer and the other one on Pulaski highway in Baltimore and a 711 to $10,000 winners in that August 8 drawing that produced the jackpot winner didn’t get the jackpot winner here, but but two big 10,000 Well, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  18:41

nice. There’s my side of town at least Pulaski highway Belair road, you’re talking. You’re talking my language.

Seth Elkin  18:47

I’ll spare you my Ballmer accent though. I don’t think too many people might be

Nestor Aparicio  18:51

I was kidding. This is my border was better down in PG County is what I would say. So Seth Elkins here. He does all things communications for the Maryland lottery when he’s not watching baseball when he’s watching the Orioles because they’re better than the pirates. And I’m sure it will just be and you know, it was a year ago this week that I saw your football team up on the field. In late Trobe. It popped up on my timeline that I was in late Trobe a year ago this week. Watching the Steelers. Get ready. It is amazing because you guys are rolling out this giant ravens promotion. We’re playing the new ads this week for the ravens and all we could talk about baseball right now. The Ravens have no oxygen yet. I mean, they’ll have plenty of it for weeks from now. But right now, you know you’re rolling out these ravens scratch offs. We got so September, October, November, December to talk about that. But that’s really the big rollout this month for the lottery, right?

Seth Elkin  19:40

Yeah, on August 21, is when the two ravens tickets go on sale, a $2 ravens and a $5 ravens and that’s when the Ravens Second Chance contest, we’ll get started and that’s always the real, the big contest that everybody watches for every year that we get a lot of questions. A lot of people ask about homerun riches and when that’s going To get started before the baseball season, but but probably by far and away, the most popular Second Chance promotion we have is the Ravens. We have a variety of really unique prizes that you’re just not going to find anywhere else because of our affiliation with the Ravens. And then of course, the big one is the seats for 20 years, which is some special that we get to give away. So it was a lot of fun for us and and I have to grit my teeth and get through it because I’m a Steelers fan. But but it is a very important partnership for us and something very important to lottery fans and Ravens fans alike. So we look forward to that every year.

Nestor Aparicio  20:34

All right, I look forward to going to ballgame with you. A meaningful ball game in September with popcorn and beer and hotdogs and all that good. I want to see you in an Oreo hat. You know, I’ve seen that startle thing you got it’s time for you to get an athlete rutschman Jersey here and get yourself on the bandwagon early. How about that?

Seth Elkin  20:53

That’s a That’s a tough bridge for me to cross.

Nestor Aparicio  20:55

I don’t know it’s it’s you started with the ice cream ice cream.

Seth Elkin  21:00

We got we got this sitting on my desk right now. That’s just let’s let’s just let’s just be comfortable with that for

Nestor Aparicio  21:04

right now. You’ll see me in a lot of things. You’ll never see him in a Steelers jersey. I promise you that. I’ve thrown people out of my home for wearing that and that’s truth to different people. My wife would confirm that that’s not coming to my house is what I say. I am Esther we are putting this thing back out on the road. We are doing the crabcake tour. We’ve been so many places this summer from spirits West and Coco’s last week we kicked off 25 years of doing what we do. We’re very very appreciative of our partnership with the Maryland lottery. I thought I was gonna get fresh ones but rods like now these are lucky for you stick with them. We have the exit lottery scratch offs. It is the 50th anniversary for the Maryland lottery, which inspired my 25th anniversary celebration, which continues this week at Green mount station up in Hampstead called Delmon is going to be coming by we’re going to talk today we’re gonna talk to Chris about the pet parks casino thing they have going on with their app that they just got opened up up in Carroll County, as well as having a delicious delicious crab cake up at Greenmount station. We’re gonna be passing Glen Burnie on the 29th with Anna Rhonda county executive Steuart Pittman. I’m gonna have a lot of politicians a lot of state folks on we’re gonna be talking about oysters and tourism, and Ocean City and all sorts of things we’re broadcasting from Mako in Ocean City. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with wind donation, we will be there next week. The end of the week. I will not be sunning myself. I’ll just be in a convention hall. Doing radio. On nest we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking Orioles ravens mirror the lottery in Baltimore positive stay with us.

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