Laying out the full case for why running backs are getting pinched by NFL money

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He represents the best running back in the National Football League but can’t secure a long-term deal in Las Vegas for Raiders offensive weapon Josh Jacobs. Our resident NFL agent Chad Wiestling educates Nestor and Chris about what’s happened to the market for running backs in the NFL and how it will effect every player like J.K. Dobbins in the future.


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Chris Pika, Nestor Aparicio, Chad Wiestling

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re doing the Maryland crabcakes we’re out on the road. So courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery, we are playing the instant lottery 50 anniversary scratch off tickets. These are old so you remember these from the 70s? Yes, yeah man. I mean any of the old wishbone things I drove down Fulton on the way here coming from like the zoo and there’s there’s actually a street corner with the old Maryland lottery logo up I thought that’s cool. We’re giving these way us our friends a window nation. I got my window they should floppy hat. I’m gonna put this on. I have all sorts of props here. 866 90 nation buy to get through free all summer long. You also get two years of 0% financing if you buy now 866 90 nation. They’re the rumors, Bill calls doing that. And I brought my Raskin global mallets remind me we’re going to be at Costas on the third of August. We’re gonna be celebrating 25 years wn St. This guy has been bringing players by for 25 years. This guy’s been a part of things for 25 years, so you’re both cordially invited everybody in the cities invited to stop by Costas on third or drug city on the fourth visit. Say hello have a milkshake have a crab cake. Tell a story. Sit down bring it get nasty shirt. Bring a child’s play old school shirt by do something that’s fun. We’re experienced West we’re over 2601 Wilkins Avenue. Beautiful west side of town Chris pike his side of town Chris pica joins us here from blog and tackle longtime NFL insider and our partner at wn St. As well as Baltimore positive at Chapel Easterlings. here who has been a friend of mine for I don’t know, going on 30 years, I guess with Mike Collins and tickets and Maryland chirps and player How long have you been an agent? I mean, it feels like it’s been 20 years was

Chad Wiestling  01:43

going on 2520 25 years? Yes.

Nestor Aparicio  01:47

So tell pica some players key would know who’s that you’ve represented over the years? Chris pica knows the league. Well, Michael worked for the Falcons in the saints. Who have you had in the league over 25 years? Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  01:58

man. It’s, it’s crazy when you really think about it. So a lot of times I forget because it was your first guy. First guy that was actually CC brown frog that was drafted out Louisiana Lafayette sixth round by the use of the tax what year that would have been.

Nestor Aparicio  02:19

Is it a 90s? Now? No, no, this

Chad Wiestling  02:20

was that was that was my first guy that was drafted. So that was like, oh, three. And now I had before that I had you know, represent guys that aren’t trans, ya know, I made a living start now. Starting out. It was it’s hard if you don’t have the back the backing of a big agency. You know, I was getting some scraps of like, even then good players. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Back getting

Nestor Aparicio  02:44

your business by then. Yeah, it’s on the Ravens got here. Being an agent like Drew Rosenhaus had been on a cover sports. Roundup. Jerry Maguire is out, right. Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  02:54

that was McGuire was was like 96. Seven moving. Yeah. So it was

Nestor Aparicio  02:59

the most embarrassing story of my lifetime. That involves Jerry Maguire. So

Chad Wiestling  03:04

everyone always asked me, you know, what are like, oh, when they find out on Mondays? They’re like, oh, like Jerry Maguire. And I’m like, Well, yeah, kind of x minus the love story. I was like, but you know, the ruthlessness and the people trying to steal your clients and all that kind of stuff is true.

Nestor Aparicio  03:17

Why do your girl so it’s a good love story. Right, right, right. True. True. True.

Chad Wiestling  03:22

But she’s been a

Nestor Aparicio  03:23

guest on the show more than you. Yeah, absolutely. It’s good to have you out man because like, you have such wisdom. I guess that’s my point. My point is, like when it comes time to talk about JK Dobbins poppin off, or Lamar Jackson without an agent, or anything that involves the negotiation of agents and players or the media or even me getting thrown out where I see you at the Superbowl every single year. You’re trying to get your players on shows like mine, to give them practice to get them in front of people to show what they’re about to show their humanity to show that they’re good people all the Jerry Maguire stuff tried to do for rotted Well,

Chad Wiestling  03:56

I mean, right Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. The the media row obviously Super Bowl is very important to you know, obviously the players and agents because just as you said it’s to get them out get them seeing give them experience and the weather radio. Well yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  04:12

Pretty much five o’clock.

Chad Wiestling  04:16

Yeah, so it’s feels right, right. When we go to see you, it’s the Baltimore market. So you know, as you know, every market has their you know, platform so we try to get you know, we try to get the you know, especially I’ve written I even bring my now I bring my draftable guys, you know they’re coming in to get more experience brought

Nestor Aparicio  04:35

me a kid that was the you said this kid’s gonna go in the first round knew who he was. I mean, you brought me a kid. You’re like this the Alabama running back. I’m like, Cool, man. It’s cool. No, and Chad getting great gas, right. He’s a nice kid. Really nice kid, right? Yeah, absolutely. And he goes out to Oakland and Vegas. I mean, he’s been a part of what was was Del Rio there when he was ran out. Gruden.

Chad Wiestling  04:57

Gruden and Mayock was one man he’s been through,

Nestor Aparicio  04:59

he said Did teammates with murder Trump like go into like all sorts of the car fan like all that’s happened right yeah

Chad Wiestling  05:06

absolutely yeah so he’s you know the move phrase explain

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

that to him when he’s sitting on radio row with me waiting to get drafted what his eyes are gonna see if he’s good, right if he’s healthy and he’s your guy Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  05:17

absolutely yeah he’s well we all if you if you know follow the NFL, he was the best running back in the league last year. So, you know, he was you know, lead the league and screaming jars and rushing FedEx player of the year you know, the Jim Brown award winner Yeah, had a career year last year so he’s no offense

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

to JK Dobbins but that’s a little different. No 100 Different get paid you know, like Yeah, and if he can’t get paid to so this is where the weight of this and Chris you’ll appreciate this. One reason I wanted to have you out is that we talked about Lamar carrying the weight of the Players Association and whatever he got is going to set what Burro gets and what anybody else gets right. But in the same way the Flacco the first thing Flacco said was, you know, the guy behind me gets more its weight is you know, it flat those mindset with Linda was always as long as I don’t have a career ending injury, somebody will want me and I’ll get paid. I mean, Kirk Cousins got up. We’re getting paid, you know, they want quarterbacks, which makes this Lamar thing even crazier, like in regard to that, but in the offseason, that there wasn’t teams weren’t bidding for him and it didn’t become that, but your situations at the crux of Venice Colossus coons bottom foot, we’ve talked about it all week. That Dobbins poppin off Dobbins holding out and you mentioned you know, as well who’s the other running bar that that this is there’s an issue here and you stand at the front of it, and much like Lamar negotiating, you know, I’ve got the guy here negotiating for all running you’re negotiating for JK Dobbins if he’s the best runner yeah

Chad Wiestling  06:47

everybody right everybody wants somebody you know everyone’s looking for you know, right now looking for what’s Josh Jacobs gonna do what say Quan? Barkley gonna do? Tony Pollard. Now Tony Pollard got they all three got franchised. So Tony Pollard?

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

Is there. Right, right. Yeah, that’s part of the deal, right? Yeah, unfortunately, is gonna make the show. What’s that gonna mean for Josh?

Chad Wiestling  07:08

He’s gonna make a little over $10 million. One year deal full again. So

Nestor Aparicio  07:11

he’s making six 600 grand a week or five? Yeah, like that. When you’re thinking, because that’s how they get paid by Right. Right. Right. Right. So that fans don’t even know like, he didn’t have checks coming in this time of year, right?

Chad Wiestling  07:21

No, no, there was no.

Nestor Aparicio  07:23

Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. If he’s got a good agent, you let him know all of this out over the hill. So to check and pay his bills, and he can pay to play that to counting on the money, the accounting of the money, people just think the money just gets dumped? And sometimes it does. Lamar got $72 million. When he walked into the building there,

Chad Wiestling  07:40

right? It’s a nice dump. All

Nestor Aparicio  07:46

and then a guy like us to figure out the right way to deal with it, that if you got Josh 40 6080 whatever that number is gonna be for him. Right? that he that he is has somewhat of conservative integrity, wearing a child’s play shirts, you know, he’s got integrity, which in all sincerity, like these guys look to you. He’s looking to you right now, because you’re his guy. And you’re everybody’s guy, though. And that’s a different level of, of for all, for all the agents that do that. Yeah.

Chad Wiestling  08:12

I mean, I heard you guys talking earlier about the runningback market. And that’s it’s been in the media a lot the past couple of weeks. Just because maybe there’s nothing else really to talk about at this time. And three and three of the four franchise tags that haven’t signed yet are running backs. So it’s, it is a frustrating time to be running back. Frustrating time to represent a running back and it’s funny because I talked to the Raiders the other day. And you know, they were small talk at the beginning like hey, we just saw it you you were in your guy was in the media because I had a running back drafted by the Vikings this year. And of course, they just got rid of Dalvin Cook so my guys gonna be least starting number two and eventually

Nestor Aparicio  08:54

love that head coach out there, by the

Chad Wiestling  08:55

way, good guy. Yeah. Oh, yeah. When so you know. And of course, my response was, yeah, I gotta stop representing running backs to you because I was like, Maybe I need to just focus on some other positions because, you know, the way the market is going and the way these negotiations are going for running backs. It’s tough. It’s tough and they are the only position. It is all facts that are above or the seconds of the bottom above kickers and punters you know, it’s it’s ridiculous, but they’re expected to carry the ball 1520 2520 30 times.

Chris Pika  09:31

When did that shift occur? We talked about a different segment of guys that got a lot of money. Maybe

Chad Wiestling  09:37

you’re the Raiders guy. Well, well, even back I mean, why don’t Mitchell Abrams get pay? You know, but But you mentioned like, you know, he’s only been overpaid. I mean, I think when Peterson signed his do think he got little over 14 million. You know, so there was around that time that Christian McCaffrey is, you know, into the he did his deal in 2020. Okay, that’s four seasons ago. Okay, he’s he’s, he’s getting over 16 million a year. And might be the last one. Oh, yeah, he’s, you know, like in my negotiations and even Barclays, I’m sure. We can’t even go there because it’s like, he’s the outlier, you know. And so and I’ve said this to, I’ll say this,

Nestor Aparicio  10:16

there really is a thing called an outlier. We talked about what Deshaun Watson and I said outlier outliers. Chad weaseling and Jerry Maguire and Leigh Steinberg ain’t gonna talk about outliers, right? Yeah, the outliers you you paid that guy. Well, for that job in that case, that’s not an outlier. That’s the market. Yeah, that’s that’s the frick I would be if I weren’t.

Chad Wiestling  10:37

Yeah, no, and I’ve said this I’ll say this, you know, on here, say if anyone is like, if Josh and I’m speaking for Josh Jacobs, but if Josh Jacobs played any other position, we’d be setting the market. No question. We be getting more Christian McCaffrey because I mean, any other position you have a great year, Lamar set the market, right, exactly. Exactly. Now, you’re right now Burroughs gonna take over, you know, Lamar, and so, Herbert, those two are gonna LeapFrog. It’s the way it goes. Yep. But in running back to

Nestor Aparicio  11:07

back wins the Super Bowl this year. Who’s that? Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  11:10

the next guy, the next guy. Next guy.

Nestor Aparicio  11:12

I don’t know what the next guy is. But but there’s gonna be a next guy one of these guys is getting to Indianapolis that got dragged maybe he’s the guy right. But whatever that next guy is Lamar is gonna come in. And I love the Morris Press conference that I wasn’t a part of. Thanks, jet. Not this


jet. You don’t.

Nestor Aparicio  11:29

You’re not. You’re not hanging chads. You’re fine. You’re You’re my friend Chad. But but that he said for now. You know, he’s good for now. Yeah, they’re all good for now. Right? I mean, at some point, it comes time to reopen it comes time to get paid. And for your guy. It’s right now. Really? Yeah. Your fan base feels that way too. Oh, yeah.

Chad Wiestling  11:51

It’s, you know, the, it’s a matter of like I said, that realize in which everyone does the the value of the running backs and, and I’ve said this to the team, you know, the Raiders, and they’ll say, you know, if anybody has that, the the funny thing is, and I get it, the team will, you know, the lien on the CBA when it’s convenient for them. But when it’s not convenient for them, they hate the CBA. You know, so here the CBA is like, hey, we didn’t create the franchise tag it is what it is, you know, right or, or and then we didn’t create the franchise, the

Nestor Aparicio  12:22

franchise things different when you’re a quarterback. And it’s 40 million, right? If you’re running back and it’s 10. Right, right, right. Yeah. And there’s a big drop off. And Emery went through this, that’s the only thing I can compare to where Brian Billick would just stand in the media See, add your safety, you’re not a corner, right? You know, or you’d say to a tight end, right, like, who was the tight end that had all the production like the wide receiver a couple of 510 years ago that there was one tight end that was such it flowers or one of those guys was an outlier to think he’s a wide receiver.

Chad Wiestling  12:53

That’s you I had to do this to those 16 to represent Muhammad Wilkerson. And he was franchised All Pro and your franchise by the Jets. And I literally had to we had to break it down because he was a three, four D end. So three, four. So he’s playing a lot of inside, you know, inside D lineman and he’s playing some defensive end stuff. So they were kind of what what percentage of the snaps were was he playing the tackle? You’re lined up inside what percentage was he on the outside?

Nestor Aparicio  13:23

What’s that you’re queasy by position is gonna cost him a lot of money even if he’s great right it’s gonna get paid but you’re gonna get paid like CJ Mosley got paid.

Chad Wiestling  13:30

Right. Right. Right. So you know that’s the factors in and that’s what the as I said about the CBA and things like that is that teams will use that well you know, shoot he’s a three four D and he’s listed as that in the program and starts there every day you use them right right right. Exactly. So you have to as an agent, you have to sometimes you have to break it down in these situations like you said tighten receiver many times as you know the the the argument is with the receiver you know with the tight ends a lot of it’s they flex the tight ends now so what constitutes

Nestor Aparicio  14:01

what Travis Kelce would have a point to be tried to get paid like

Chad Wiestling  14:04

you’re absolutely right 100% You know so but he’s in here but Andrews got paid and you know, the traditional tight end you know, the big guy that blocks you know all the time you know it’s basketball and grass now so it’s they get the best athletes and you know, they want to throw the ball so it’s you know, like so that’s the argument with with receivers tight ends, three four D ends D tackles, you know, there’s big money there’s a big money difference and the GM is looking at like real safeties, you know, nickel corners, you know, GM like

Chris Pika  14:35

cops it’s you know, it’s it’s, they look at comps, it’s like real estate. They look at the comps with three four guys. And I think the one big change even over the last 20 years is stat sync, status perform all of these companies that do a lot of this research and really drill down on numbers, the GM certainly subscribe to it and use it negotiations. And the agents have had to do this. It’s convenient for them at the same time Your case, because you gotta make your case to say, hey, you the comp isn’t a and b based on his usage or what how you’re using and his comps are actually C and D. And so that’s where his money should be not necessarily where you think he’s slotted we see him slotted a little bit different way based on the numbers right right

Nestor Aparicio  15:18

Chad I know you’re a baseball fan so just tration Well that’s

Chad Wiestling  15:25

why I was gonna I was gonna get to where my Oriole Jersey

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

I were stone so this is this is for John Allen out there my buddy so we’re rocking with you with kicks.

Chad Wiestling  15:34

The Charm City devils were cool. And that’s our 71 Root Cause

Nestor Aparicio  15:37

I’m working on that. No bigger Charm City devils fan the gym shorts of Mount St. Joe’s must be West Baltimore thing or whatever. The baseball comparison I would use. And Chris, I’ll bring you into this too, because you went into the locker rooms with these players when they got paid, didn’t get paid, got hurt got booed all that stuff. Arbitration in baseball has always been the ugliest thing right for a player to go to arbitration. Where the pissing matches I think I’m 4 million you think on three. Should we meet it three and a half and stay at a court? Or are we going to fight right but and when they fight? Yeah, you strike out too much into too many double plays your old use fat your SLO? Whatever it is right that the player gets pissed. At what point from the football side and I really don’t know this since I had my press pass taken away. But there’s a point where how pissed is your player? Obviously, JK Dobbins. Right is a little off the edge to not be out there playing. That’s unfair and unorthodox, right? Whatever you say about that. That’s not what how everybody’s I would

Chad Wiestling  16:40

say I was a little when I when I read it being local. I was a little shocked and surprised. You know, I was

Nestor Aparicio  16:45

oh, he’s got an agent giving him advice, right that I’ve asked out loud, like, Hey, kid who I don’t know who’s giving you advice. But this should have been the advice all along that the minute your knee got ripped up, and you got your head together two weeks later, your agent should have sat down and said, You’re not getting paid this time around. And this is what you’re going to have to do including going to mini camp pissed off. And including the limping through last year and all that but but the agent would then say they love you. They’re gonna they’re gonna run you like a dog this year. And they’re going to take the pressure off, Lamar, and we’re gonna get you paid. But then his agent saying to him, we slinks in a bar in West Baltimore trying to get the player to year paid. So I don’t even know what his agent could give him a hug. Because you’re trying to give your guy a hug. Right? yourself because your money is on the line to hear a $50 million deal with would change your life to for Josh right. Yeah, I mean, all of that. Right. So you’re doing your damnedest, he’s able to buy a cup of crab. What’s options agents doing his stand? This is the trainer’s doing it. Everybody’s working hard. And maybe Thomas is pissed off about the trainer out there. Maybe he’s pissed off about the turf that he’s rightfully could be pissed off. But how do you how do you Jerry Maguire? How do you calm that down a little bit. And try to keep Josh’s head together? Because everything you ever promised him if you do this, if you do this if you do this? And now it’s still not there?

Chad Wiestling  18:06

That’s hard. You know? Yeah, it is hard. And I think it’s it comes down to just the type of young man that that you know, the personality and that the young man is and Josh, I’m speaking for Josh, Josh is very levelheaded. He undoes you know, one thing with he and I and I am with all my guests very transparent. So it’s like, you know, I don’t hide anything. I’m straight shooter and I’m straight.

Nestor Aparicio  18:29

If you put shit on Twitter, you put me on Twitter to your place, Armani. Is that Jerry Maguire? Is that a part of this? That not just when you have these players on the field off the field, but everything they do? It makes your phone ring too? You know what I mean? And there comes a point where no offense, you know, go back to being single but there were girls I just, I can’t I can’t I can’t I have client I can’t No, no, I can’t do you know, I had friends? I you know, I can’t I can’t do that anymore. You know? Yeah, like there’s a point where players as a guy who I am I’ll get into this in a second second with you with the importance of agents and what I’ve been through doing the show for 30 years player showing up drunk on time. unreliable, just be at the center. You know, you say it mean it all that when you say you have levelheaded that first talk happens with you with a 1718 year old young man, right? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you have to play this out if this kid is rotted well, where he’s worth $100 million. And your guy is right. How are we going to handle this one? It’s not good, because it’s not good. Yeah, yeah. No,

Chad Wiestling  19:32

I mean, from the very beginning when you’re recruiting the kids you know, usually it’s when they get in college, unless you’re really playing the long game which is high school, which I don’t do that’s a waste of time and it might have been because you don’t know you’ll know by the junior sophomore, junior senior year if they’re gonna be you know, playing in the NFL, right. But you know, my my philosophy is just be you know, honest with them from the get go, you know, and this is who I am. This is what I can do. You know, either I’m not for everybody, you know, not everybody’s for me, and And you know, go with kind of your gut feeling both sides got to go with their gut feeling. And, you know, it makes the choice. And then if I’m lucky, you know, to work with them, then me as a person, I got to stick with what I, you know what I said, you know, I can’t I’m not, you know, listen, I know when to pat him on the back, i’ve been around and I played, you know, so i’ve been around the game for my whole life, played coach worked in the NFL, and been doing this for going on 25 years. So, football has been my, you know, pretty much my life. So, you know, I

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

feel that when I sit with you, so if Chris knew you well, but when you sit with you for five minutes, you’re like, alright, this guy, you know, I mean, I think that every that’s why this is such a gift to have you on the show. But just I like wait, I like the wisdom you bring, right. And I like to straight? I would let my kid be represented, you know, but but just in a general sense. Because you bring it like this, right? Yes, well, you have to bring it and you’re on the phone with the Raiders trying to get your kid paid. And everybody’s trying to have integrity about this, but

Chad Wiestling  20:58

you’re in a tough spot. So So So what I mean by being, you know, just transparent is what I will do is, you know, if I get texts from the teams, or the you know, if I’m communicating or, or, you know, every every player thinks they’re underpaid, every player thinks they’re superstars. And that’s not you know, it’s not always accurate. So, when you know, and listen, not everybody’s gonna like you, you know, meaning every team or every organization, especially coming into the draft. So what I did was like, Listen, you know, don’t kill the messenger, you know, here, you want to see the text, you want to see the email that I got, like, they don’t like you. Okay, we can disagree with them. But let’s move on, because we all got to find one team to like, yeah, you know, and, you know, so that’s just being just being honest with the guys being straightforward with them and likes to do it, they’re gonna like it or they’re not. And if that’s the case, that’s when a lot of times players will, you know, they’ll start listening to other people that are kissing harasses or, or telling them what they want to hear. And then they, you know, they make changes or whatever. So, but that’s, you know, you win some you lose some, but i’ve been i’ve gotten to a point with so many years in the business is that, you know, I My guys are, I like to say they’re kind of blue collar, guys, you know, like I am, you know, so it’s just like they’re not real? Well, you

Nestor Aparicio  22:05

spent too much time together to have it not be harmonious. Right, right. Right. Right. Important, right? It’s supposed to, you’re the most important person in the kid’s life. It’s not his wife. Yeah, Coach, whatever, but like, you’re the person that’s like, looking out for serving there. Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  22:20

they have to trust you. They have to trust me. So you know, that’s the key. And I say that to everybody. Like trust is not earned or excuse been trusted. Trust is not just given you have to earn it. So you know, if we’re starting to work together and they start to, you know, kind of see it because you got to remember these kids you said you said Napster other mean, shit. Josh was sorry, let me curse Joshua. You know, he was 19 years old when he came out of Alabama. I didn’t realize that, you know, because we have to train them for the for the, for the draft, you know, so we have to, you know, we have to go get him a train facility. We have to get him rental cars, we have to give them a place to stay whatever. I didn’t know, I didn’t really realize it. I knew he was young. I thought he was 20. But I couldn’t get him a rental car. I’m like, What do you mean, I couldn’t get Toronto. He’s like, he’s 19 years old.


Gotta get an Uber.

Chad Wiestling  23:05

Uber back that I don’t think maybe they did. But I was I was like, You’re shitting me, right? You’re 19? He’s like, Yeah, I turned 20. Like, you know, next next mobile market drink

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

in the league when he got to lake right.

Chad Wiestling  23:15

Yeah, yeah.

Chris Pika  23:16

Now, over that period of time, you talked about being transparent with your players. When you’re having some of those really tough conversations with GMs. We talk about that back and forth. And I’d say Josh, specifically, your career, how much of those tough conversations and maybe some of the things like we talked about comps, back and forth? How much of that? Do you relate to the player? Do you kind of selectively say, How much do you hold back? Because some of those conversations with GMs can be very difficult. Yeah. What does that like from the agent standpoint of managing the young man that you’re working with on the other end? Because you don’t really give him so much on this team is really down on me. But how much can you really tell? I think,

Chad Wiestling  23:53

you know, with that, that scenario you just mentioned, I think it’s once again just be I’m the way I handle is I’m totally transparent with comps, because like a guy, no disrespect to him good for, you know, real good football player, but like JK Dobbins, I want him to see the comps because I don’t know what’s in his head. If he’s thinks he’s going to be getting a lot of money. Well, no, this is kind of the market number one, this is the market for running backs in the top guys. And there’s a big drop off. So if he’s thinking he’s


Nestor Aparicio  24:22

also looking and saying, Well, Quan Smith just got this and Marlon Humphries making that. Stanley’s making this and you’d like, but you’re just a running back. Just a running back. Yeah, you’re at the bottom. Well, why am I at the bottom? Look at my knees. Look at what I did. Look at the value. I score touchdowns I dance. I’m the one on TV. I’m the one spiking the ball. Yeah, but you’re the drummer. You’re not the keyboard player. That’s the

Chad Wiestling  24:49

problem with the current situation running backs, which I’m arguing,

Nestor Aparicio  24:52

you know, like any person that ever ran the ball would argue, right?

Chad Wiestling  24:56

It’s like, I don’t know, I always say that. Maybe I’m old school. But but it’s like you can’t, the running back, you can’t, you can’t establish a good passing game, if you don’t have a running game, you know, and you can’t establish a good running game, if you don’t have a passing game, if if it’s a you just have, if you’re one dimensional, that they’re just gonna sit back and they’re just gonna play the pass, or go to the DNS, or pin your ears back come after and kill you, you know, and they’re just extra DBS and they’re gonna be back. They’re just playing in the past. But if you have a good running, and if all you just had the running game, which every team seems to be trying to get away from, they just put eight men in a box, you know, they know like, kind of what happens with Raiders last year, like they knew like, You mean they have some, you know, they had Vontae Adams is a great wide receiver. But you know, you’re giving the ball to Joshua and he’s doing what he’s doing. They’re gonna try they’re gonna load the box, you know, so but what they did was which was great is that if you can establish the run, then they can’t put aid in a box, you know, then that opens up play action boots, all that kind of stuff. But now the defenses are short, what’s going on? That’s football one on one in my head. Like somebody’s

Chris Pika  26:00

fourth quarter with the lead you’re gonna get the ball a ton to close the guy, right?

Chad Wiestling  26:05

That’s funny. Coach. NFL Coach sent me this the other night it was a piece recently by Pete Carroll. And he says for the city of Seattle head coach Seattle’s how important the running back is. And that was one of the main things to finish the game or receivers not finishing the game for you. You need to run it they should

Nestor Aparicio  26:24

know because you lost a history chat we slicks here NFL agent to the stars in East Ballmer and Chris Blake of course block and tackle as well We’re experienced West it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery giving away the scratch off tickets out here in West Baltimore in the homeland of Chris pike and Mount St. Joe also our friends at window nation 866 90 nation two by two to get to free all summer long really enjoy my windows right now because it’s summertime and I have beautiful windows and this time last year we had witness thing go off they’re all weather 38 years old everything goes up everything goes down all the screens where the cats happy everybody’s happy barks is happy before I let you go and I want to get crystal you know more in this because the Lamar thing you and I talked about Lamar for two years you and I talked about Lamar one I bothered you late maybe it was like in March

Chad Wiestling  27:16

it was about a week or two before he actually signed his deal what was it that late yeah late

Nestor Aparicio  27:21

March that Okay, so the difference between what that conversation looked and sounded like then versus what it sounds like now Chris I think I’m glad you want maybe one since Lamar sign this whole arc of the of the drama just take all the off the field like just I’m asking for a trade I’m gonna embarrass the coach at the owner like all the things that happen right and then nobody made a play for him nobody put them on a jet and flew him anywhere. There was no negotiation we know about there was not a lot of interest. I just how it played out if you would have written the story of what Deshaun Watson’s offseason look like from if you were his agent, despite all of his problems on the jurisprudence, all of that, that that owners were lining up to give him a lot of money probably not guaranteed, but gonna give him a job gonna get misete going to change his life gonna pay him to get him paid whatever that means, right? This has been a crazy year and a half that the level of confidence around the league other teams didn’t have and Lamar to say you’re available and all you got to do is give up Anthony Richardson and up safety and I can and pay you. I’ll do that I believe in you. Nobody believed in Lamar and that that pisses off YouTube and like oh, that’s fine. But these guys out here believing Lamar and they they’re they have to warm him up and fuzzy him all up and bring him back in. Because I do think if I’m a player he wasn’t even on the bus in Cincinnati and he just got a 72 million and I’m the running but if I’m the player like I don’t know I as a fan as a Ravens fan. I’m not anti Lamar I hope they went up as a break coming right down Wilkins Avenue right everybody’s got I know what that does for a city. I know what the I’m not telling people to give John Angelo’s money but I know what the Orioles winnings good not just for me or you. It’s good for the city. It’s good for the city. So Lamar winning is something I want. But this has been me getting thrown out not even been able to ask question. I mean, it’s just been such a bizarre period for the end even given Odell Beckham all that money, you were Odell Beckham ‘s agent you probably would have thought the cost is going to be the one that brings me a bag right? I mean you deal with these humans this has been a wild mix remember

Chad Wiestling  29:32

they said it only takes one team member 32 so it’s gotta be one or just gotta be one so everyone’s like there’s no way he’s made gonna get $15 million and then sure enough, you know he got it there’s always gonna be one is gonna be that one just

Nestor Aparicio  29:46

for for both of you. I mean just if I’m if we’re at the Super Bowl, and we did radio row together, which we would have done at I’ve been there. We would have had a take on Lamar, we had take some Memorial we’re in now it just feels like Happy Happy Valley right? He got paid Add, they’re a little extended over the cap, right? I mean, they’re not, I mean, there’s no illusion that JK is going to get a bag here. Or anybody’s getting a bag here, the bags gotten and we learned that from Flacco for all those years, right, this has been a wild scene for the franchise when you say,

Chris Pika  30:14

I would say so. And I guess the question I would ask you is, when you’ve had a tough negotiation with a club, and eventually you get to that kumbaya moment, I’d say asking for a specific player, but in general, how does that relationship sort of? Is it just saying at the end of the day, you shake hands, hey, it was just a business negotiation, and we move on? Is there some sort of, you know, do you have to give them a case of beer, you know, whatever. But what does that take to sort of make sure that everybody kind of moves along, and it’s a little bit happier, even though maybe you’ve had that’s a really tough thing to get? Right. I

Chad Wiestling  30:47

think, I think, the longer you’ve been in the business, you understand that it is a business on both sides. You know, I’ve dealt with like, your lawyer, my years, you know, when I was getting this, I used to take things to heart, you know, a little bit more than I do now. You know, it’s like, Oh, my goodness, like, What do you mean? Like, you know, you told me this, and now you’re in now you’re, you know, you’re reneging on it, like, you know, like, like, you give a crushed me, you know, and then I feel like, I’m not doing a good job, or if I let my player down, or whatever, and it’s like, and then, you know, then, you know, you kind of get your feet wet a little bit, you learn a business, and I see that even with GMs, like, the young GMs. You know, some guys I’ll just be honest, they’re in over their heads, I think, you know, and

Nestor Aparicio  31:30

they, that’s an interesting point for you to make,

Chad Wiestling  31:32

because a lot of these gyms now are like, you know, early 30s. And some guys are not even football guys are analytic guys and Ivy League guys, which no offense to them. I mean, they’re smart, guys, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like, you know, then you had the old timers that are bitching because he’s young Ivy Leaguers are getting the jobs. And

Nestor Aparicio  31:48

we said baseball scouts. Sue Lee. Yeah, yeah. I mean, because they got frozen out, right. Yeah. So you say that about the competency level of all of it. In your case, given Jimmy Josh, I mean, people will be watching this because your child’s play fan, but also represent Josh, you know, if there comes a point where you, wherever the level of negotiation is 20 3040 minutes, this, whatever the bag is, whatever this that he can be happy, you can be happy. Have is he at the point, because of your experience and wisdom to say, do the Raiders might be the one to pay you? Right? I mean, I don’t know the Lamar had his mother agent, I don’t know who was around him saying, you do know eventually, that you’re going to be in Baltimore, right? We’re going to screw around here, we’re going to F around, you’re going to fake your trip, because I don’t think you would have told him to requite put a trade out on the internet, and then go back into the Hobbit. You wouldn’t want your guy saying I want out of Vegas. And then you gotta go back, get the money, and then smooth it. That’s not good. That’s not good. That’s saying I want to divorce. No, I want to be married. Right? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. In your case with this far along this 25 years of wisdom that you have that you impart to your client that Lamar didn’t have for better or for worse about about, Hey, man, the Raiders, eventually you might go win a Super Bowl. And eventually they’re gonna give you that 32 million or whatever that but I don’t even know what the market is. But eventually, they’re going to be the ones for you. Yeah, it’s,

Chad Wiestling  33:08

it’s kind of it becomes a kind of an unnecessary game. You know, it’s just like, just what you said, Oh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I want to out of here, I didn’t want to trade I’m gonna hold out, I’m not gonna show up, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  33:21

you’re gonna get the good $52 million. Give it to him at Christmas, make a nice holiday for him and get his ass on the bus to Cincinnati. And maybe we win a Super Bowl. You’re really good to just go give him all that money. He probably would have taken that in December. I mean, that’s how I thought I felt like, Man, this were a lot of hurt feelings over the eggnog, you know, and then you have the coaches,

Chad Wiestling  33:42

then you have the other to the other side of it. The teams they play. They play the game like, oh, he should be here. He should be at OTAs. But first off OTAs are not mandatory. They’re


voluntary. Yeah, but we all know, we all know within

Nestor Aparicio  33:57

my immediate patch last year over OTAs Chad Steele said because I didn’t go to OTAs a senior quarterback didn’t come to OTAs you’re taking my press for that. Right.

Chad Wiestling  34:05

Right. Right.


Yeah. Voluntary in quotes. Right. Right. Right. But

Chad Wiestling  34:09

but they you know, they tried to play on in the media. Yes. And at the press conference as well. You really need him here.

Nestor Aparicio  34:16

A reporter out there and the only thing that reporters do is do headcount. They do roll call that that is the job of Twitter on on those days in every capital league is who’s here who’s not right. And if you’re not your muse, your wife making a baby? Are you on a beach? Are you on Instagram, you know, it’s become you know, yeah,

Chad Wiestling  34:34

and people were following with social media. You know, that’s, that’s as an agent. That’s what worries me a lot is because everybody’s watching what you do. So you know, the thing with the players nowadays is put out cryptic tweets, whether you know, Facebook, yeah, ya know, so and that just gets the pot stir and amongst, you know, the Twitter,

Nestor Aparicio  34:57

people here was SpongeBob SquarePants, who would You know, right, right, right,

Chad Wiestling  35:00

right. So it’s that one, you know, and, you know, I tried to tell the teams, you know, it’s like, hey, I can control what I do, but I can’t really control what all my players do, you know, if they’re gonna put out a cryptic tweet, I may not approve, or one on one them to do that. But, you know, they’re 2223 years old.

Chris Pika  35:15

I mean, 20 years ago, you had to talk to newspaper guy and radio guy in order to get that sort of information, not so cryptically out now, agents and they’ve got their own PR people and everything else. That’s been the biggest change the club used to own the message now, when you were leaving the message, I percent the time now the player owns the message, if he’s not happy, he’s gonna say something. And now we’ve got to react as a club do it. And I think that’s a huge change in negotiations. It’s a huge change for relationships between coaches and players and

Nestor Aparicio  35:46

the transparency to the public. That is unfortunate for the agent, but in many cases,

Chad Wiestling  35:52

because, you know, people have talked about this for years. It’s, it’s kind of frustrating and hard to believe, but it’s like, you know, the teams will put out there, you know, they they’ll put out their stuff and they follow every, you know, every every player writes and says, it’s funny, they have people actually, you know, you know, that that’s their job is to follow you know, the the players accounts, and you follow the drama literally, yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  36:16

just it’s just a soap opera. Yeah. So

Chad Wiestling  36:18

the teams will try to, you know, indirectly as I will say that, you know, I don’t know if I’d necessarily approve of this, but you know, through social media channels or the media will try to paint the pictures like he’s the bad guy because he’s asking for all this money. And how dare he you know, how dare he you know, ask for you know, a lot of money or whatever. And so then the fans then you start adding to it. Oh, yeah. You know, I work hard our job. Joshua. Yeah. 10 million.

Chris Pika  36:47

We all grew up in a blue collar suit like this. Yeah. People, you know, nine to fivers in the lunch.

Nestor Aparicio  36:55

How can you talk about how much money Steve shoddy and John Angeles would make and what they just got from from the bar here and from every brick in the city, to keep the teams here that the owners are the one you’re you’re going to get Mark Davis’s and Roger Goodell’s TV money that we’re chasing around on YouTube right now and the kid that’s actually putting his knees on the line and saw Amblin anybody that knows bad trauma all the stuff that I used to talk about on radio before they threw me out legitimate things which real life things that they don’t that you’ll never see on You’ll never see an And you know, it’s a little day we’ll get into the media part of this are you done you got more no

Chris Pika  37:33

I was I was gonna ask question again. And I’m going to take the the 32 current GMs out of the mix in previous years was there a general manager or general managers that to you you either enjoyed or people that you knew across the table Hey, you know there’s a good story about a GM he’s a straight shooter, whatever that is people that you’d like to deal with when you were making or trying to make deals or trying to get your players place Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  37:58

they I mean just my which is my personality the ones that I got along with still get along with even though they’re fake now are guys who play guys that play guys that played or you know, you know, and then that were straight shooters? Like I appreciate more when a GM would call me like Chad, that guy can play you know, or this could be like a I mean, I disagree with you, but I see here I hear ya. Thanks for your honesty.

Nestor Aparicio  38:24

That’s your scouting opinion right? Yeah, exactly. I thought he could play or the coach thought he could play he bought him in right Raiders don’t want to play with that Josh Jacobs right

Chad Wiestling  38:32

No, they weren’t you know, though they but the game is they’re gonna make it sound like okay the young guys had a great offseason it’s gonna be more time for them you know that that deal and and my my discussion with the raiders and every should be with every running back with every team is okay forget the market the market is you know, it’s you okay, we can waste our time talking about the blue in the face and face a disagree on that. But how valuable is he to your team? To your you know, Josh Jacobs speaking of Josh Jacobs touched the ball 49.9% of the offensive plays for the Raiders the next guy Davante Adams up 13% He’s a freaking offense. Right, you know, so you’re gonna pay him right now on the tag. He’d be the eighth highest paid player with the tag a 10,000,008th Highest Paid player on the raiders and he’s your best player. Now I got him to say the other day he’s the Beavers are best. He’s the best offensive player and Joshua wasn’t one he wasn’t a one hit wonder I mean he’s had a break for years you know so it’s not like he had you know, you know when but it’s you know, that’s the you know it for the running backs or the or the you know, the devalued positions, which really is just

Nestor Aparicio  39:45

the comparable really is McCaffrey. Yeah, well, Emmitt Smith

Chad Wiestling  39:51

from third and as I said, it’s the find that team fight you find it obviously, unfortunately contractually in the way the CBS setup CBA is set up running backs, you know, they stuck another year. Well, they can franchise him

Chris Pika  40:04

up to three years, and so on. He just keeps escalators


Chad Wiestling  40:08

and it’s not so he was not in 12 and four, so he went 1217. So it’s not quarterback

Nestor Aparicio  40:13

17 So he would get 39 over three. All right, and you’re obviously I don’t ask you what you’re seeking, but like, but McCaffrey has gotten already 48 Over the last three.

Chad Wiestling  40:23

Yeah, he’s Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, just Yeah. In the bank. Right. Yeah. And he’s got more and, you know, like, as I said, with McCaffrey, and he’s a great, he’s a weapon. He’s a great player when unhealthy. Now he’s missed 23 games and and, you know, the less good his career availability is best. Yeah, absolutely. Because once again, the team will use your guys always heard, well, you know, then what else do you get? You know, like, you know, and of course, I hear with every big player, but I hear the words, you know, they take a pounding, you know, they got more more chance. I’m like, hold on, everybody takes a pounding. And of course, this year, no disrespect to Hanlon. But it was like, a guy freaking died on field on the field this year. Like, it’s a risky game. It’s risky. So your quarterback, you can give him $40 million a year, $50 million a year, he could blow out his knee. He can if he gets hit, you know, he can he can be done. So don’t give me the injury stuff. And, and you know, it’s you know, it’s a rough game, and in a rough position or whatever, like, come on, it’s football.

Chris Pika  41:24

Do you ever see a day where like baseball, do you ever see a day where guaranteed contracts are more than norm? Because we know the league is fought tooth and nail obviously. Deshaun? Watson Yeah, much different situation. But in those negotiations discussion, do you ever see that? Do you see that start? Well,

Chad Wiestling  41:40

it should be I mean, it should be and it probably should have always should have always been. And it’s, you know, it comes down to the Players Association. And, you know, whether it’s the a good associate or a union or bad I don’t know, I have my opinions. keep to myself, but the problem is, the owners know, that, you know, they got them, you know, like, you know, the only way to be a monopoly. Yeah. The only way, the only way that the union in that situation can force some things is, you know, they don’t play and the players will never not want to play because they need the money. Yeah. You know, there was no, you know, I mean, they’ll never strike like

Nestor Aparicio  42:19

they didn’t think, right, right. That would be the most modern Antonio Brown, I guess a little bit. I mean, these are our outliers and outliers. But levy on Bell was the one guy that said no, you know, like, you know, like, and I guess that didn’t work out great for him in the end, right. I mean, but you like the notion that your guy’s not gonna play for 650 grand a week, or whatever that number is, is probably not realistic, any more realistic and Lamar not playing for 38 million, whatever the that crazy tag, 32 number, whatever that number was, right. Like, we were like, do the Ravens want to do five months of pissing with their quarterback, I would think that the Raven Raiders or any other team want to do that with their running backs, be 9.9% of their offense, your guy has been a much higher road about I don’t think there’s any threat that he’s not going to come and play football. But to your point, you’ve just said out loud, it’s a lot of money. He needs the money. And they he

Chad Wiestling  43:11

I mean, he’s he’s he’s a little bit more fortunate than other guys, because he’s was a first round draft pick. And you know, he’s got,

Nestor Aparicio  43:17

if he had Terrell Davis, it would be a different, it would be a different experience. Right? What do you mean, it’s a sixth round draft pick? Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, like, I will say,

Chad Wiestling  43:27

and you brought this up earlier, one of the say about the union and how they get paid. This is one thing I think the Union did, right. started last year, before the players used to get paid every week, you know, for the eight to 17 weeks up clean by week now it’s 18 weeks, including the bye week. So they these players would get just a their salary. You know, per those 18 weeks, right. So, you know, the guys making the you know, 2030 $40 million there. Okay. But the rookies, the young guys that are making, you know, 700 grand or

Nestor Aparicio  44:03

what’s your what’s your guy one of your free agents he makes? What’s he gonna get this?

Chad Wiestling  44:08

I think it’s seven 700,000 705 I think it’s 75 for year one,

Nestor Aparicio  44:14

so it’s 50 grand a week. Yeah, it’s 50 grand. So

Chad Wiestling  44:17

So think about it you’re a college kid you know that’s a lot of money coming in you know, you know whether

Nestor Aparicio  44:24

it’s a lot once you get to six check now you got 300 grand right now your taxes you go Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  44:30

every player doesn’t realize Uncle Sam, the more you make the more they’re taken out that’s always a fun discussion that I that’s a wild number when they look yeah, they’re like what’s this? Like? You know, what

Nestor Aparicio  44:41

do you remember when I worked at the news American I looked at it I’m like $3.33 an hour. I mean, whoo, what’s FICA? What

Chad Wiestling  44:48

is all right? Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  44:49

I mean, it was a lot but it was nothing for me as a kid. I can’t imagine looking at my $50,000 paycheck and seeing 26,000 insane would add to the other four. I

Chad Wiestling  44:57

get, I get the colander like they didn’t pay me They didn’t pay me what what they owe me you know they’re stealing from me what’s it like? Well yeah they kind of are stealing it but it’s not the team it’s the government or the state of California 13.6% state tax or whatever it is like man that’s is that name

Nestor Aparicio  45:13

check stuff too. Yeah so you play in California look the Ravens will make less plain and


short Yeah. And they have their their kitchen This is the reason to bring

Nestor Aparicio  45:23

guys like you want because like this is all the stuff so that’s why players are waiting and 23 year old kids said beyond girls and the playbook and the parents and their money and their whatever they want to spend their money like this would eat this would he did anybody right? Oh, absolutely. Fine. That’s

Chad Wiestling  45:39

why player I mean, they’re getting a little bit more I think more educated. And I always try to you know, warn them and educate them as much as I can. But it’s like it’s why everyone wants to play Florida teams, Tennessee, Texas, you know, the these Vegas you know these things. And that was one thing that I’m very proud of is they actually talked about on on Monday night football. I because I was the only one when Josh was drafted in in 2019 first round Well, that was the last year they were going to play in California. So we I did it you know I deferred his you know, he got you know, I think he got for you to sign up bonus was maybe like 4 million a lot of money. But he they deferred his payments and I deferred it to the next year not all of it I get he got him got him a couple $100,000 But different all when they were gone. They were in Vegas. So he saved I think he I think I we saved him $400,000 in taxes by washing his money back you know, and that was because listen, I had a good guy. I have a good accountant that works with my course and it was just the timing. You will appreciate that. So it was just you know the work perfectly. leaving California to Las Vegas today is no state that hey,

Nestor Aparicio  47:00

what are things we talked about this offseason was if Lamar hits the lottery, he’s gonna go play in Florida because he will make just a ton more money no matter what the situation is. He’s gonna make more money. People are like Trevor Lawrence going to Jacksonville. You know, better there than the Chargers Yeah, like oh, yeah,


it’s a lot

Nestor Aparicio  47:20

of money. The Beatles in the stones left their homeland Bay over this issue back in the day, we’re gonna do rock and roll.

Chris Pika  47:27

And that’s, you know, I think that’s a great point where they talk about now these guys are getting paid close to your round, right?

Chad Wiestling  47:32

Yeah, well, I didn’t finish instead of the 80 weeks now. Last year was the first year they split it out over 36 weeks. So now they get paid from you know, week one in September to up to may just end of May. Oh, they get paid. So they spread it out. They don’t get the biggest checks, you know, obviously but they spread it out

Nestor Aparicio  47:51

on if you’re a player you got cut in week eight, would you still be getting paid down and then they give you the balance? But if you’re Marcus Peters, just as an example, who ran out of contractor clays Campbell, the Ravens still paid those players in March, April and May Yeah, I thought the minute they cleaned out the locker jute, January. Still used to change.

Chad Wiestling  48:14

Last season 2021 was during

Nestor Aparicio  48:17

the play? Yeah, I’m not a real media member anymore. That’s why I probably don’t know the

Chad Wiestling  48:21

one good thing that the union has done to the players because they’re not all struggling, because that was a you know, a stress on agents because what happens the young guys, you know, they’re out, you know, so they don’t handle their money. It’s their money. You know, I don’t know what half the stuff they’re doing, but they get broke. They come to you right, right, right. Yeah, exactly. So it was like, Hey, I don’t have any money can I borrow some money? He’s like, What happened all your money?

Nestor Aparicio  48:43

Hold on a second times in your career? 25 years have you had that call?

Chad Wiestling  48:48

A lot. I mean, do you wonder how many times I’ve lost money because of helping players or they don’t pay you back? You know, I mean, the ones that still play play you know they’ll pay you back but then you know the ones that you know maybe get cut or something See you later so I’ve thrown away a lot of money trying to keep Yeah, just helping helping them out trying to keep a kid home. Yeah,

Chris Pika  49:07

how many of those players you’ve worked with over the years that you still have a relationship with I mean, like you know, because guys change agents things so yeah, but I generally do most of your guys if you if you texted me that’s extra right back Hey, how you doing? Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  49:20

I’d like said I’ve been fortunate to work with some great guys and you know, I be personally I wish that I you know, it’s probably on me I’d be more involved reaching out to them. Because sometimes I you know, I catch myself obviously holidays and birthdays and stuff I’ll text them or, or or vice versa because

Chris Pika  49:38

people don’t realize it is a it is human. Yeah, it’s I wouldn’t say it’s a friendship but it’s a relationship that’s closer almost in case and family is a brotherhood. Right on the guys hip basically for years. Yeah.

Chad Wiestling  49:51

It’s a trust. It’s a trust thing. So it’s, you know, I an agent wears many hats depending on your situation. I mean, it’s brotherhood, its friend, it’s therapist. It’s father figure, a lot of guys don’t know where they were raised. They don’t have fathers in their lives, you know, so they look up, you know, you know, I’m at an age now where I could be their father. So right, right, right. So, so the

Nestor Aparicio  50:17

who would add to

Chad Wiestling  50:19

So, it’s, you know, so you know, I’ve wear many hats and you know, like I said, that’s the, the positive the things rewarding part of the job that I like so I do stay in touch with a good many of them and, and, you know, once again, as much as they want to be involved with me and I like said I wish I can be more of them. But I’m always it’s like a just a never ending cycle. So I get more clients and enough someone else’s coming up. And it’s just like, right, you know, and but yeah, I try to do the best to stay and

Chris Pika  50:48

I think that’s a great point because people don’t realize how much you know, it’s not just the guy on the phone with the General Manager. There is a lot more than

Chad Wiestling  50:55

family. Right? You know, families moms, you know, very close posse,

Chris Pika  50:59

you know, everything, everything that has to do with that particular player, you know,

Chad Wiestling  51:03

wives, girlfriends, I wouldn’t want your girl I got stories for you. I can tell you.

Nestor Aparicio  51:12

Spirits. Were out here with the delicious crab gates in West Baltimore. We’re 2601 Wilkins Avenue. A lot of UFC action out here and they got the horse races on the front. Lots of Notre Dame in the back. Big Orioles fans here. Rick’s gonna be joining us in a little bit. I’m gonna be having the crab cake out here as well. Chad, we’ll stick around for another segment. Pica, you always like that segment was kind of long. It was 26 minutes. This segments 52 minutes isn’t long enough? It was good.

Chad Wiestling  51:38

You like talking to me more than talking to you? Yeah, do

Nestor Aparicio  51:42

you know one of the things about getting thrown out of the radio after 27 years this is felt like a total radio rope. Even the way you’re sitting back off the set, it feels like I’m gonna have, you know, Chris Visser over here bringing over Jack Youngblood or

Chris Pika  51:55

something. What I like about this in particular is because I work around, I’ve worked around general managers work around one of the NFL NFL. And so you I ask them these kinds of questions on the other side of dealing with agents who don’t always get a chance to sit down with agents say, what is that relationship look like from the other side. And then really important, based on what’s gone on here in Baltimore, that it is a business that the fans get wound up about a lot of this, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to kind of keep that to a business relationship. That’s what it is. And when it’s done, you signed the contract. And we’re, you know, you move on. And I think that’s important for the fans to realize, because sometimes they get caught up. It’s no different than the coaches saying by Tuesday, we’re done with last week, we’re done with this contract. We’re

Nestor Aparicio  52:36

over the last year and a half. We all need a towel, like but it’s you know, it’s it’s what you’re going through is intense. Its intense for the Raiders fans, right. It’s intense for Josh’s family fans. But like all that, but the Lamar thing here went on forever as the quarterback. And imagine people in Cincinnati better hope it doesn’t work that way.

Chad Wiestling  52:54

Imagine what you know, I don’t know what we’re taking a break. But imagine and I joke about this as well imagine the Lamar this is you know, Baltimore, and it was it was went on forever. But I’ll take a step forward. Imagine if it was like the New York media. And I had to deal with that. And I the Raiders tease me about it because I had to deal with that in 2006 2014 2015 2016. Every day, I’m getting calls from the post the Daily News, The New Jersey media, you know, the national media every day, they’re gonna get we know what’s going on, I swear took the least two years of my life. So my point is the Vegas it’s like a cakewalk. Like no one even calls me from the media like it was

Nestor Aparicio  53:39

exclusive. To Josh shakeups in the stars Chris Blake, his blog and tackle. He’s representing Mount St. Joe I’m Dundalk. This is where East Baltimore Meets West Baltimore. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery good. I hope we got some winners here. It’s a throwback to the lotteries first ever scratch off. I’ll have these. We were going to do Hollywood casino next week. We’ve booted that back into August. We’re going to be fadeless next Thursday morning doing the Maryland crab cakes represented by our friends at window nation as well. one more segment we didn’t get any rock and roll into that segment. When you go it’s no business it’s gonna be all playing. I’m gonna I’m gonna let my hair down rock’n’roll hair. All that well we’re very appreciative of Rick and everybody here over at the spirits with come on by have a beer watch a ballgame. Enjoy the Notre Dame action here and they love the birds here so speaking to the birds they gave me the bird when I couldn’t get the peacock this channel the other day I investor we are WNS ta a 1570 towns to Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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