Making Weis choices with your Rewards points for a perfect holiday ham

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Screen Shot 2022 12 19 at 4.30.40 PM
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Some yuletide fun and Weis ways to use reward points for delicious holiday treats and snacks just in time for Santa and the egg nog.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

On Thursday with the queen the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gina shock of the Go Go’s is going to come over. tell some stories of her Dundalk checkered past and penguins at the mall. John Allen is going to be joining us there’s a hammer Jacks documentary that’s out that I’ve been a part of from my Almost Famous past all was brought to you by our friends at the

shows play your I have these incredible holiday cash drops I’m going to be given away as well. They also sell these at the wise market right out of the counter. I see it over store 206 And we’re going to be talking about all sorts of wise conversations as well. Big thanks to Goodwill and our friends at window nation. As well for putting on the crab cake tour. I’ve had some wise managers out but this is a special thing because Hannah Gratti and I we get together once a month or there abouts to talk about all sorts of things. But this is my favorite one because this time last year, she embarrassed me because she asked me how many points I had on my app. I didn’t know how to log into my app. So this is the one year anniversary of me actually knowing how many points I have on my app and how many I know now today is December 13. If you’re hearing it a little later, Happy Holidays to you. But I am trying to get the free hand I’m trying to get the 400 points helped me out Merry Christmas Happy Holidays. How’s your teaberry doing

Hannah Gratti  01:16

teaberry is good. Um, I mean, right now we’re kind of putting teaberry aside and everything’s peppermint and like chocolate in my house. Dog. You know what eggnog is not really you know, I’ve never had it and don’t begin

Nestor Aparicio  01:31

the segment talking about about agnostic like that come on.

Hannah Gratti  01:35

I don’t know it’s it’s never appealed to me and I’m just too afraid to try it. I’m very like an adventurous I’m very adventurous when it comes to trying new things but something about eggnog. It just doesn’t like I don’t know it’s just the one thing where I’m like, I don’t try it because I I don’t know like it. Maybe I mean, I was told a lot of like, you can either buy the car and or I know a bunch of people who make it like themselves, but I was always

Nestor Aparicio  02:04

I want to come and hang with them homemade. Homemade eggnog was a little frothy.

Hannah Gratti  02:12

I was told if you make it correctly, it’s supposed to taste just like melted vanilla ice cream. I don’t know if that’s correct or not.

Nestor Aparicio  02:19

You know what? That’s a great way. Maybe with a little kick maybe because it didn’t nutmeg or the cinnamon on the edge but I do not disagree with that. And okay and anyone in the audience that wants to bring me their eggnog. I actually have a friend of mine who’s married to a Puerto Rican lady who is a councilman here. She’s wonderful at that Ramos and he and John red locks he makes poquito this time of year. So that’s sort of like this special Puerto Rican eggnog that has this coconut kind of, but it’s it’s very much like eggnog and it’s very creamy and luscious and delicious. And I must say this to you. Last time I had you all and we were talking about eating Imagine that. And I have Christina Pelletier on and she’s a dietitian. So you guys are like good cop bad cop with me. Are these wise conversations we have because it’s eat but eat wisely but get a ham and then we’re going to talk about desserts and I’ve I’ve always got the scoop or out you know I mean I’m always ready for a scoop of vanilla bean or scoop of cinnamon this time of year on some apple pie. I I gained a little bit of weight Thanksgiving week and I like I don’t even know how maybe it was the gravy neighbors mashed it has maybe stuffing i But I I got on a scale and I you know I’m pre fitted with Planet Fitness sponsors me I do a lot of yoga, a lot of hot yoga got a mat three feet away helps my back out and I just cold turkey ice cream for a couple so I have not had a scoop of wise ice cream. This month. I would say I mean, I haven’t reached for a cone since November. And I need you to help me change that. I mean Christina has gotten into me now with a dietitian thing. You know what I mean? And she had charcuterie that was healthy with me two weeks ago. So I want you to tell me everything that’s going on. That’s gonna get me back to an appropriate winter wait.

Hannah Gratti  04:17

Well, you’re already putting me as the bad cop but I’ll gladly but

Nestor Aparicio  04:22

I normally do in my life.

Hannah Gratti  04:26

You need to even out the good with the bad you know, but we’re doing a holiday rewards program. It’s very similar to our Thanksgiving rewards program that I talked about last month. But wise rewards customers can earn one point for every dollar they spend at their local wise location. And then once they add up all those points they can actually redeem them. We’re doing a redemption period right now, up until Christmas Eve which is December 24. And customers can redeem points to get discounts or even free items. So 200 points gets you discounts on a whitest quality ham or turkey and then 400 points gets you the free wife’s quality ham, turkey tofurkey and even a wise, wise quality frozen lasagna.

Nestor Aparicio  05:11

Alright, so here it is. This is my real app. I’ve spent almost $5,000 Sounds like a lot but I eat a lot. And when we get so much more wise. I mean when you start talking about other things and other aisles beyond just what you eat, we want so I have 286 points, but here’s what happened. My wife listened to this segment last month because we’re talking about pumpkin pie and like all the things that helped me gain weight last month, and she she she cashed in the points for the turkey. So that’s why I’m I’m struggling right now because I haven’t spent it. So I’m at 286 So what you’re telling me is if I spend $115 on something in the next week, I’ll have for under one point and then I get the handfree

Hannah Gratti  05:57

Well, we’re also doing an offer. If you want to easily get the 400 points. We’re doing a Black Hawk gift card event. It’s going on right now up until December 28 where if you purchase a select $100 gift cards, you’ll automatically get four times the wise reward points. Wow see

Nestor Aparicio  06:19

into that anything else that I don’t know about out there that I need to know about here this holiday season? Are you hammered turkey with your family or something? I mean, some folks do prime rib some folks. I mean I got Italian friends that do fishes and like you know everybody’s doing a little something different and different. religions as well. But I mean, just traditional Christmas, Christmas Eve Christmas day. I’ve always been a ham family because my dad would always say to Turkey four weeks ago, you know, I mean we love turkey. It’s God. But we do ham on Christmas in my house.

Hannah Gratti  06:48

Yeah, we’re a ham and a shellfish kind of family. So Christmas Eve and Christmas day we’ll definitely have the ham and then alongside the ham will have like many crab cakes, and then steamed shrimp. And actually that’s like one of the things that we eat on Christmas morning my dad will actually steam a bunch of shrimp and we’ll have that with like our scrambled eggs or we’ll have a little something sweet maybe like cinnamon rolls or pancakes or something on Christmas morning.

Nestor Aparicio  07:15

You know we’re American, right? So like decadence just means we eat. Yeah, that sounds decadent. To me. It sounds like something you do once a year. It’s kind of cool. It’s kind of fun. But that Hey Brad is here. She’s wise markets. We love having her on the program talking about all sorts of rewards. And the things that we do and holiday. You know what I also love about this time of year not just that my smooth jazz channel starts playing some herb Albert Santa baby and different things like that. But when I go into to shop anywhere. I like the hustle and bustle. I mean maybe it’s just because I’m not an old Get off my lawn guy or whatever. But I like the music. I like Mariah Carey. I like Bing Crosby. I like eggnog right? I’ve even I haven’t jumped the bridge to fruitcake yet, but I did do something that I need to discuss with you because I have a baker here in town Dan and Ovenbird that makes this fresh pan atony I’ve gotten the Manito Day everyone these seasonal things that you either have a taste for like you’re not with eggnog or you know people have their traditions and I’ll get the sauerkraut in kielbasa before the segments over Don’t let me forget that part. But it’s really important. But I would say for like a Pantone a or some things that just knots roasting on an open buy. People buy things this time of year and you guys dress the stores up and there’s just there’s a vibe about this time of year and I don’t mean it like in a song but there’s food that goes along with it and in your house even shrimp for breakfast.

Hannah Gratti  08:40

Yeah, absolutely. I mean we have everything that you need at your local wise markets whether you need like you know like I said earlier your you know, holiday ham or we have entertaining platters if you feel like you don’t want to cook this year. We also have recipes. And you know, we also have good goodies, you know, like cookies, candy cake. I mean, I feel like Christmas is a lot of sweets. So I mean any kind of sweet treat you can think of that you eat during the holiday season. We have that too. Because I know besides the ham and the shellfish, we eat like I feel like we eat a lot of candy. My mom’s a teacher too. So she’ll always come home with just like piles and piles of Christmas candy. And she’s just like, here you go, and she’ll give it to me and my sister and we just eat just ungodly amounts of Christmas candy.

Nestor Aparicio  09:34

I’m wearing my buddy Linda raskins blue shirt on here to kinda reminds me the Cookie Monster a little bit right because I got the right color and you know, I am I love cookies. I love pie but pie to me feels like last month and no wonder it gained weight and I went on a crusade all week long about telling every guest I had that look it’s not Thanksgiving it if it’s not alamode right. I mean, if you’re not pulling a scoop of ice cream, and I had a real legitimate complaint last month, I think I told Christina about this because we were talking I had her on right after Thanksgiving. I didn’t tell you so you need to lodge this with everyone because you’re in the mothership up there. So we have a complaint for the dairy department that same people I toured with and here’s what it is. A couple days for Thanksgiving. My wife went out and added some points. Okay, so she spent some money she came home when she texts me. I’m close to home come out and help me the car. I know she bought a lot of stuff, right? So, so I did this and then she forgot a few things. Right? So it’s like, um, we were dismissing like, some sort of spice we were missing. She wanted to brine the turkey and we couldn’t find Turkey brine type stuff. So she was trying to get some salty stuff to do all that rosemary, thyme, all that kind of stuff. So she went back out to the store. And you know, I guess through all of this, she decided that we needed not wise premium quality cinnamon ice cream but maybe the speaks to your eggnog and the folks and Pennsylvania farming friends. She was going to make fresh whipped cream so she loves I mean she uses the confection sugar, she gets the beat around she does this a lot like so she keeps whipping cream, it’s not half and a half to whipping cream in little containers. She keeps it around the lots of times it gets spoiled. And when we do throw steak on the grill, we’ll make mashed potatoes and we will whip in some whipping cream and it really like good right? She decides she wants I bought a pumpkin pie and wise how about that? When I go when we come on with pie when she goes we don’t get good things like that. So I have to go and represent myself like when I was a kid. If I want what I want I gotta go with her. Right. So she goes into one was our primary Towson, no whipping cream. Now she’s in there. Like it was either. Monday, Tuesday went but it wasn’t a week before but it wasn’t 11 o’clock and like before Thanksgiving either. And she went to one store. And then she went to the other store over Bella and then she went to the store we go to after yoga on Harford road, and she got to like the third one. And there was a woman in the aisle next to her who said you know, probably Baltimore accent. Then you gotta hear here to try to know where I’ve been six doors and I can’t find it. And every one of the stores had a little sign that said, we’re out. And I’m thinking, oh, we need to make sure next holiday season that we don’t have and it wasn’t just your market. Apparently, this is a global issue around the belt. Because people use this product that maybe they only use once a year, or they only pick it up once in a while. And they’re so we had no whipped cream here. I said to my wife, I’m like you’re gonna get like the ready whip or just bring something on she’s like No, I just kept going to other stores and I kept trying and but she held that a holiday bliss. I’m not gonna let that happen again. And but our mashed potatoes were fine. And you know, it just forced me to get the cinnamon ice cream that I already had I showed you last month. I just use that instead and I was fine. But I was just I’m just I don’t know, I just start talking about the holidays and frustrations of the holidays. But more than that, that there are items like sauerkraut and kielbasa that I hope my wife has stocked up on because my wife’s already rated it wants to take it all up to New Hampshire for her family. So you don’t do sauerkraut kielbasa. Right, that’s, that’s not your thing.

Hannah Gratti  13:31

That’s a New Year’s Day thing. That’s like the first like that’s the first meal that we have on New Year’s Day because there’s like symbolic representation to it because I know like the green and the cabbage is supposed to represent good wealth in the new year and there’s something about port I can’t remember right off the top of my head pork represents something about like, moving forward into the new year like it doesn’t go bad. Like, like, you know, hogs don’t

Nestor Aparicio  13:58

it represents deliciousness to me, you know, Yeah. Bacon myself, but you know,

Hannah Gratti  14:05

or hot dogs if you don’t prefer pork, you know, I

Nestor Aparicio  14:09

turned down a hot dog the other day, first hot dog I’ve been offered and while I was in Pittsburgh in the press box, they had halftime hotdogs and I looked and I’m like, I’m just gonna go with nachos this time. You know, I’m gonna go along with the cookies. I was bad there. Peanut butter. Mr. Rooney makes delicious cookies. Or you have some Steelers fans in your life, right? Yes. Yep. Sorry. But I was in Pittsburgh, and Mr. Rooney makes delicious peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. And I made this admission. Look it I went to the game together. We covered the game. We did press afterwards, we get in the car. I did a call at Heinz Field, the more but it’s four hours. We got to drive back through Breezewood you know, down 7076 and 70. And I got down towards Somerset. And I turned to Luke and I’m like, I didn’t take any cookies with me. I’m gonna wake up tomorrow, because every year I put him you know I put three or four in the bag and then the next day I make a little coffee in the morning and I have Mr. Cookies and they always taste better when the Ravens beat the Steelers. Well, I hope you have a beautiful holiday and I am appreciative that you gave me a little backdoor to getting the 400 points because I am 114 points short on my wise rewards about the wise rewards program and how easy it is to sign up because it’s so easy. You sign me up once.

Hannah Gratti  15:29

Yeah, absolutely. So if you want to become a wise rewards club card member, you can just go to your local wise markets go up to the service desk and say hey, I want to you know, you know, be a part of the rewards program. You fill out a little bit of paperwork, and they give you the card right there. And then if you also want to if you’re more technologically savvy and you want to kind of view how you can you know, how do you want to see how your points work, and how many points you’ve accumulated. You can either go on Weis, or our mobile app for Apple and Android devices. You’re right there and all you have to do is just put in your wise reward card number which is normally on the back of the card. Just put that in and then you’re already set up with your account.

Nestor Aparicio  16:16

See, you’re younger than me. So do you use a little blip when you go up to get your points? Or do you put your phone number in?

Hannah Gratti  16:23

Um, I put my phone number

Nestor Aparicio  16:27

my wife uses a little blip blip you know and I don’t and I didn’t even know where it was. But then I hit it. And it came up it says View club card and I got my little booklet. Okay, so I had never really done it until before the segment I was practicing because I didn’t want to embarrass myself again this year, and I haven’t right so I’m always logged in now and I know my password which is obviously pretty key. But do you have improved? I’m unlocked I’m gold status. Does that mean anything?

Hannah Gratti  16:58

Yeah means good. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  17:01

Can I get to platinum or gold is good as I I’m an achiever, you know? I mean, it’s just the highest level I get to.

Hannah Gratti  17:07

Um, I can’t remember I can’t really remember off the top of my head.

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

I used to remember used to be gold, silver and bronze, right like the Olympics. Now there’s platinum and super platinum and double platinum. It’s like a kiss album. She’s here she’s from wise markets. She puts up with me once a month and then pulling me off to Christina so I can lose weight after the holidays and eat right for my New Year’s resolutions. But in the meantime, and I’m not going to say this again. All right, because it served me right that my wife couldn’t find whipping cream. And I had a lot of ice cream in the house because I did at the time and it was perfect for all the pie we had here. But I did say for a solid week I told every single guest that the three most important words for during Thanksgiving were ah la mode. So and I held my scooper up so I did have a lot of ice cream at that period of time but I do not have any eggnog ice cream in the house right now. Or peppermint if I did I would hold it up. I still have some remnants of my cinnamon but I told you I haven’t eaten enough ice cream this month. And this segment has reminded me that that’s about to change.

Hannah Gratti  18:10

Well, good luck, you know, you know with the eggnog and all the chocolate and hopefully you don’t go into a second food coma because this is like Christmas is well the holiday season and personally for me I celebrate Christmas. You know this this time of the year is where it’s like food coma round to Thanksgiving is kind of like the pregame and then Christmas is like the main thing because it’s just we eat a lot of finger foods and finger foods are very dangerous because once you it’s like potato chips you can’t just have one it’s kind of like the same with the cookies and the snacks and the sides and everything so

Nestor Aparicio  18:45

I have never ever had one potato chip. I you know I’m a little bit skinny, but I’m not that guy at all. And I was gonna share this with you as well because of sauerkraut and kielbasa and wise it’s a big part of what I’ve always done, and all of our wise locations on the northeast side of town have the kielbasa I’ve been eating my whole life from Ostrovsky is a Bank Street and I grew up on Bank Street Dundalk. So it’s important but I’ll say this, you know, my wife had her life saved in the bone marrow registry on 14 and 15 by a man in Germany, and he was 21 at the time, he’s now 30. We know and we’ve, it’s part of our heartwarming story out on social media, and like all of that, but he’s coming to America with his wife for the first time. He’s been to America, but his wife’s never been, and they’re spending the holidays with my wife in New Hampshire in Boston. They’re going to New York, they’re going to teach they’re doing the great American tour and wearing masks doing it and doing all that. But we are actually having Christmas dinner at my home in Baltimore with this German couple who’ve never like been away from home for Christmas. Never been here. So like, I’m gonna be I’m in charge of the meal. Right? Because because they’re in New Hampshire until Christmas, so I’m alone until Christmas. So like, I have to get the ham. I have to get the green bean casserole. I mean, I’m in charge of the eggnog right all of this right important things. So I’m gonna be on front of this. I’m gonna get to 400 points. I’m gonna get a ham. I’m going to put pictures up and we’re gonna have a an amazing, miraculous, trans continental European, American German thing was sauerkraut and kielbasa proper so there you have it. Well, that’s awesome. Happy holidays to you. I hope you have a great holiday. I hope you eat too many shrimp. I hope you all emote and take all of my advice from from Thanksgiving and I hope you and your family have a great great

Hannah Gratti  20:36

time. Thanks Nestor. Same to you, Hannah Gratti She’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:39 from wise market. She keeps me straight making sure that I’m doing the right thing with my rewards points to get myself a ham. Happy holidays to everybody out there. Get out your wise market sport them. They support us with wise conversations around here I am Nestor we are wn sta and 5070 Get ready for real estate ravens games this weekend. Santa Claus New Year’s resolutions and a lot of really cool stuff coming up in the holidays around here around my 31st anniversary and some conversations I’ve never shared wise conversations we had back in the day. You’ll be checking them out at Baltimore

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