Now 21-10-2 against the spread, Nestor goes to Hollywood (Casino Perryville) for Week 3

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Hollywood Casino Perryville sportsbook manager Christian Horton makes sure that Nestor isn’t getting too cocky with his NFL picks heading into Week 3. Imagine his record if he didn’t pick against the Ravens in Cincinnati?


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Christian Horton, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive celebrate 25 years here with our 25 stories of glory count down with our friends at curio wellness. You can find that out of Baltimore positive also the Maryland crabcake tour. A little bit of a hiatus after we’re going to be a Coco’s this week brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery have scratch offs to give away Coco’s I’m going to be doing some crab cake tours in October but with the Orioles and baseball and all that going on. Big appreciation. We’re friends, winter nation, 866 90 nation is the way to hook that up. And Jiffy Lube our newest sponsor as well. We are going to be celebrating. The Ravens returned to London up at Hollywood casino in Perryville. In the sports bar up there and early in the morning, it’s going to be breakfast in Cecil County, and that’s going to be on the 15th to celebrate my 55th birthday. This guy joins us every week we’re picking picks here. So far, so good. If I had real money, I’d be ahead right now. And I’d be on a beach somewhere because I did okay again last week against the spread. Christian Horton joins us here. You can find him up Perryville at the Hollywood casino, working it up there trying to get through these these baseball games to get to the playoffs and college football on Saturday, bro on Sunday. What’s going on? Brother? How are you?

Christian Horton  01:16

I’m good. I’m good. How are you? Not too bad. Enjoy the weekend with some football. You know, wait until tomorrow or wait till Thursday and see what happens with that game.

Nestor Aparicio  01:26

All right. Well, look, I did okay. Last week. You’ve been scuffling a little bit give everybody the results. And I do have a topical point I want to talk about with half points and half points and moving things. Some of the pics I made last week the spread moved to half a point I got six instead of six and a half helped me win a game. There were a couple of pushes, boy that half a point is kind of crazy. And we had to push through right I was I was 10 foreign to correct?

Christian Horton  01:52

Yes, yes. 10. Foreign to doing doing really well on the season. Gotcha. 2010 and two for the season. I’m like me, I was 6868 and two, that the half a point kills yet or it makes you avoid or push as we call it in the betting world, which is basically a refund. Yeah, like you said it in San Fran and La game, you know, these kick the last second field goal that meant nothing. And that caused you to be a push. So you know, it definitely means a lot. But that’s seven and a half or seven and a half points

Nestor Aparicio  02:22

house like half points or hate half points in general. Because Pat point needs to push, right? Yeah, no.

Christian Horton  02:29

I mean, personally, I like it. Because you get the chance to have your money back. You don’t lose by the hook as we call it. You know, you actually can win or get a refund back or get a void. So I like it a lot. I think it helps.

Nestor Aparicio  02:43

In your experience. We’re a couple of weeks into this. It’s the wild wild west and I want to remind everybody please do this responsibly. This is meant for fun not not not to be wrecking your life. You see all the ads, if you’re having a problem with gambling make make the call you need to make but for me wondering what other people are doing. Look, I’m an old guy you and I went through this from the beginning like picking winners for the games. That’s not really the way people gamble. Even though we’re having fun picking winners here and I’m picking games the bank rolling this I wouldn’t do this right like I would pick three games I like and try to make it happen or parlay what are what are the habits that you’re seeing people form in regard to betting on sports legally up and up where you are versus what you did all the rest of your life? Which was this or that or, but there are a lot more options now than just do I like the the Ravens in the points this week? Or do I not?

Christian Horton  03:37

Ya know, some of the habits that I see every day is I mean, a lot of people are beginner better so they want they see the commercials they see guys turning $5 into $500 So I see a lot of parlays happening. I think once you get into the game you realize how hard parlays are to hit. So you go back to the single games like you said choosing three games and putting $10 on each game rather than $10 on a parlay you lose your money every week. So I’m

Nestor Aparicio  04:01

feeling like I put $10 down and when $10 That’s I need to put 10 and when 100 I want to I need an exact or a triple here in order to make it worth my while to give me some juice on as opposed to picking three winners and put 10 bucks and just winning 30 bucks get a little crazy yeah exactly yeah

Christian Horton  04:18

no definitely like I said it’s you’re in it for the long run like you said we’re in this for fun you know you want to you want to sit there watch the game enjoy the game. I want 10 bucks rather than every week you lose in 10 bucks and you want to you want to have more excitement for yourself and that kind of keeps you coming back and and gambling on same teams.

Nestor Aparicio  04:34

All right well, I’m gonna get to exotic with this this week and I certainly and listen I want you don’t know me well enough, but I want you to smack me this year if I get cocky. All right. I’m feeling good about myself. I’m 2010 and two right? I’m making cash on I’m with the insiders we call an expert. I’m an expert now right we’ll see I get the pick games this week. Christian Orton, I’ll be picking somebody out to find You and how to find just a delightful little casino right on the edge. 95 It’s 15 minutes of everybody’s house. You get a really special place up there. I always enjoy my time when I come up to your place. Yeah,

Christian Horton  05:13

it’s definitely special at Hollywood casino periodo right off and 95 Come and join us we got sports betting up there we got a great restaurant that you can watch all the games and enjoy some great food. We have music on a weekend live music live bands. So

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

see you next week. The right guys come and look out for me. Well, exactly. Yeah,

Christian Horton  05:31

yeah, we can come up there and enjoy it. Yeah, I’m up there. Definitely see it for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  05:36

Cash all my winnings from 2010 and two so I’m getting cocky. Now I got started. Christian Horton is here you can go find him up there. I expect the game that’s what we do here right. Giants and Niners boy giants will bounce back from them. I mean, that’s one of these things with these one on one teams. Are you djeco Are you Hi What are you the Steelers we saw against them. We might know the bank was really stink because they stunk two weeks in a row. Giants and 49 Everybody’s bullish on the 40 Niners at home 10 points short rest giants have to travel the country so a lot to like the 40 Niners here I’m gonna take the 40 Niners

Christian Horton  06:07

yeah like to put it yeah like the 49 is also especially you know Barkley sprained his ankle last week out for a few weeks you know they’re gonna find trying to find yourself a running back you know at this point San Fran just looks so good. Christian McCaffrey finally looks healthy, you know they’ve given them a lot of touches. So I like San Fran with the 10 two

Nestor Aparicio  06:24

Alright, let’s get to the Sunday games one o’clock we’re gonna roll through this I’m keeping the ravens to the end because I lost on ravens last week. I got to pick the Ravens like I did the first 26 years of my life taking the freaking points on the road I’d have been just fine one outright but there’s there was money to be made on this value on that charges in the Vikings one o’clock game it this is a pic is I mean we don’t have a lot of picks this year right true pick on chargers on the road don’t know what they are the fucking to play. Okay. Um, I guess I like the Vikings at home here until the Chargers show me they’re they’re better than their quarterbacks ads are

Christian Horton  07:01

saying, you know, I’m with you, the Minnesota at home. I had a tough time deciding this one but I’ve lost on the charges two weeks in a row and they’re kind of just a team with a bunch of names and you know, not not a lot of you know, culture behind them. You know, they don’t have an identity really, so I’m gonna take Minnesota to get their first one.

Nestor Aparicio  07:19

I’m still pissed at them for moving anyway. Bill’s down the road in DC games 38 miles apart the same time the commander’s commanding six and a half points at home against the bills. What appeals might be a little overrated maybe I don’t know what a commander’s might be better do you think?

Christian Horton  07:38

Yeah, no, I like I liked the commanders. They they played well in Denver. They shocked me Sam house finally I think getting keys to the to the house are keys to the car in the sense so you know, they’re letting them play finally so I like Washington, covering the 60s Sure.

Nestor Aparicio  07:53

What are these bills fans travel right and Washington’s kind of empty that they could turn into a little bit of a home game I’m gonna take Washington with the points at home six and a half to make you laugh saints at packers packers two point favorites at home you’re against the I don’t know what the Packers aren’t disappointed did watch a lot of the saints game on Monday. They’re a little bit short rest going on the road. I’m inclined to take the Packers at home you’re too I think if you’ve got up to three and a half I may go the other way but to makes me take the Packers at home

Christian Horton  08:21

yeah, this was a tough one also but I like the saints on this one. Love the difference as I’ve always said in the past Jordan love I think they’re you know he’s he’s kind of a rookie in a sense in this third year but hasn’t really played I think they’re gonna show him kind of who they are. So I’m gonna take the saints with the points.

Nestor Aparicio  08:37

Everybody was hot on the Detroit Lions I made that mistake last week to Seattle came in airwork them pretty good. Falcons are coming into Detroit this week. One o’clock game three and a half point favorite the lions. Well, that’s one of those ones a three and a half that might not make you laugh It might make you cry. I will spread it I’ll take the lions at home I think they’re at least a good enough team to cover this spread.

Christian Horton  09:01

Yeah, no, I’m gonna take the lions at home too. I think they’re due for a bounce back game. I just don’t think the Falcons can score with the lions you know the lions put up so many points the the Falcons kind of struggle to score they’re still finding out who their number one guy is. So I’m gonna take the lions also what’s

Nestor Aparicio  09:17

that? You do know I have all my head Todd read him on the show here this week. So I have my Euler throwbacks here. I got my I got my Warren Moon my pasture rainy going here. The Titans are not wearing it there weren’t up soon. I don’t even know what we’re wearing. Like the Titans taking on the browns in the land of cleave. I you know I watched the Browns play the other night I don’t know what to make of them three points. I don’t think Titans are very good. But there’s a point for me getting three points on the road. I’m going to take Tennessee your to some sort of some sort of a bounce back and play well. And I think the Browns maybe in hearts think I think at heart maybe the Ravens really are the best team in this division. Certainly have to go into Cincinnati last week. Not picking on the browns. I’ll take the three points with tennis See ya know

Christian Horton  10:01

what’s gonna see also I’m not big on the brown slate like you said I’m watching the two years off I think really hurt him you know they lost Chubb Monday night with the the knee injury so I think they’re trying to find who they were running back is also so they’re just hurt my injuries and kind of just no identity on and they’re still the rounds so I love Tennessee Hola Mike rabl I think Henry runs wild on him and they they’ve come to three and a half

Nestor Aparicio  10:23

I believe in Jacksonville last week. You know I don’t know nine and a half points at home against the woeful Texans. I’m waiting for the Jaguars to put the foot on the gas at some point certainly didn’t score points. Chiefs gave them up for dead with the with with Detroit in the opening game. Again two weeks into this it feels coin flippy for me as to what we’re going to see. The Jaguars should be markedly better than the Houston Texans at nine and a half points. I’m going to take the Jaguars here even though they beat me last week.

Christian Horton  10:55

Yeah, no, I like the DAX at home. Also, Houston I watched the game against the Colts they there have problems on the offensive line. I think three or the five offensive line starters are hurt or sacred or something. So they’re struggling just to get offense going. So I like Jags to really beat him up at home.

Nestor Aparicio  11:13

Christian Horton runs a sports book at Hollywood casino in Perryville. We’ll be up there on October the 15th in the morning celebrating the titans in the ravens and I guess the Titans are gonna be wearing an oiler uniforms at Tottenham but we’re gonna have proper British breakfast up there for everybody an opportunity to wager have some fun I’m gonna be given some stuff away so come on out on October 15 Christian is gonna be your each and every week making his picks that weren’t as good last week as my were great last week but that’s what it’s a week to week league so I don’t wanna get too cocky attended for it to last week. Your patriots you were up there for the opener you have the hoodie behind you is everybody sees online you’re a true New World when too much Tom Brady New England Patriots fan three point favorite on the road going to New York for the Jets are all over with right I mean, they they did their thing was Zach Wilson. They’re not going to be favored the rest of the year, right. Yeah, no, I

Christian Horton  12:07

agree. Now that the Jetsons are just I didn’t think they this would happen to them. You know, I thought they were having a whole new team or Aaron Rodgers and kind of, you know, having their mind behind them. But you know, ever since he was hurt, you know, it kind of killed their vibe. I like New England a lot. We’ve beat them in the past a lot last year or a lot in the past. So I like knowing I’m gonna cover away

Nestor Aparicio  12:28

three points on the road fertility give it to him. I’ll take it as well. I’ll take New England and that one last of the one o’clock games not named ravens Broncos at Miami, Miami six and a half porfavor home I do this Peyton and Russell Wilson and Denver. I mean, one of these venerable franchises it feels like it’s not getting out of its way. And the dolphins I like the dolphins jacks with these teams that I get on Detroit that I think maybe they’re a good team this year. I tend to be more like my beliefs of a couple of weeks ago even on these one in one team. I think the dolphins is six and a half. I’ll spread it at home. I think the Broncos really stink

Christian Horton  13:08

Yeah, I’m right there with him. I mean the Broncos are just just a bad team to be to be honest and then they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t really have a true leader Russell Wilson still just just playing back to be honest. He’s got his pay day and he’s kind of just okay with that and that’s okay too. But um, I like Miami they played in New England tough, scored a lot of points. You know, really, really made the game interesting at the end, but I like Miami to cover especially in Miami.

Nestor Aparicio  13:39

Ravens are the flavor of the month right I mean, the Ravens on the Power Rankings and now given the extra points to the Colts eight points over a touchdown. Lamar is healthy, you know, trending back to getting this offense to where it needs to be to pass rusher has been there. There’s no thought that the Colts and Gardner Minshew are going to really test the secondary there’s a lot to like the Ravens put eight and eight some wood eights in number at home for the Ravens

Christian Horton  14:07

Yeah, no eights definitely a lot especially you know at the first week you know they kind of struggled to cover the 10 against the Texan so it’s it’s definitely a wonder if they can do it but I mean with them not have to have an Anthony Richardson like met you but he’s not Anthony Richardson, you know, anything which sounds a little, you know, has a spark to him. So I like the ravens to cover this Lamar, which surprised me a lot last week, you know, the first half he was kind of, you know, conservative and the second half he broke it through and kind of do what you need to do what show roll flashes on the mark. So I like the writtens off. So look, man, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  14:38

how old are you? What year

Christian Horton  14:40



Nestor Aparicio  14:42

in 1984. We had an episode here. I don’t know if you’re aware this, that they stole our football team. So you know, I do bring out the Baltimore Colts. A belt buckle here this week. I’m not wearing the Rascon global blue for you know, any specific whole reason. But I would just say I’m going to take the Ravens there’s no way I would take colts in Baltimore. Like people in the know that right so four o’clock games Panthers at Seattle Seattle we always will bounce back last week. There are five and a half point favorite home Carolina coming across the country. I’ll take the Seahawks in this. I mean, I take the Seahawks if it was eight, quite frankly but five and a half. I don’t say Play of the Week, but I like this one more than I like most of the things I’ve said.

Christian Horton  15:22

I’m gonna go against you on this one here. I think Carolina is gonna I think Bryson finally has his breakout game. You know, its first two weeks he struggled, you know, especially against the saints on Monday night. He didn’t really get it going. But at the end he kind of he showed me a lot so I think that’s kind of what we’re gonna see. Following along so I like Carolina on this one to cover the five

Nestor Aparicio  15:42

wealth man in Seattle for rookie they’re gonna chew him up, spit him out up and Pacific Northwest. Dallas up again, when whenever they’re good, they get a couple extra points just because it has a star and Gera on it. They’re going to Arizona this should be you know, a cakewalk of a wind there should be no issue here. Then there’s the covering of 12 points. Cowboys put points up they didn’t have any problem covered against giants on the road. I inclined to spread the 12 points until Dallas shows me they’re not as good as maybe others think they are.

Christian Horton  16:14

Yeah, no right there with you. As I said last week Dallas’s team to beat in the NFC. They they’re tough man it I mean they put up 40 points and shut your offense down you know, so there’s no back and forth so I definitely liked the the giants that cover in Arizona a

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

lot of wood out here this week. 12 and a half to make you laugh for the Chiefs at home against the bears cheese with a bounce back game beaten up on Jacksonville getting back home. No reason to think they’ll lose this game 12 and a half. That’s that’s a lot of points. And that’s that’s very anti bear, isn’t it?

Christian Horton  16:48

Yeah, no, no, it is. I think 12 is just so hot. A lot. I mean, especially I’m I’m historically I always say the Chiefs win, but they never cover especially those big spreads. I think Justin fields you know, he’s taken a lot of criticism to the past two weeks. So I think he kind of has his breakout game, especially what they’d be in primetime versus Pat mahomes. I think he knows he has to score a lot of points so I think they cover the 12 and a half for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  17:10

with you on this one. We have a different much this week. I’m going to take the bears that’s a lot of points. It’s a lot of wood I’ll take 12 and a half with that. I don’t think the bears are that bad. Maybe they are Steelers speaking to that band. I don’t know they think they won but who do they win against? They are in Las Vegas going across the country. That will be the Sunday night football game. Boy you know the Raiders feel like they may have found something here in this young good looking strapping quarterback and I don’t know that the Steelers showed me enough on Monday to think they’re any good and beating a bad Browns team but Raiders a two and a half hour spread the points here at the Steelers are going to travel well they got a hell of a crowd out there in Vegas. I’m sure I’ll take the raiders and spread the two and a half points.

Christian Horton  17:56

I’m gonna differ with you on this one. I’m gonna take Pittsburgh like you said I think they travel well I think they it’s kind of going to be a home team or home game for Pittsburgh. They shocked me on Monday night I kind of thought they were gonna go down and that was kind of kind of be their season you know they were they’re gonna just ride that out ride that wave out. So I like I like Pittsburgh on a on a win and they’re gonna keep the win streak alive.

Nestor Aparicio  18:15

Monday night. We got two games next week as well. Eagles and the Buccaneers that’ll be in Philadelphia festival down there in the sunshine. Five point favorites on the road going down to Tampa. They have Baker Mayfield The Buccaneers haven’t been as bad as let’s say the Patriots were when they lost Tom Brady but but the Eagles feel to me on the road. This is a good spot for them to win the game and cover five I’ll take the Eagles in the points or give the points up here.

Christian Horton  18:42

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. I like the Eagles. It’s such a dynamic team. You know so explosive. They can get it going at anytime. I’m just not sure if the Buccaneers can score with them. You know I know that I know the Buccaneers defense is good enough but I’m not sure that they can handle the the Eagles defense also on either side. So I like Philly awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  18:59

Eagles coming off a little mini by to a little extra rest early in the season probably helps everybody there. Last but not least, the Cincinnati Bengals back at home. Primetime rams coming in Monday Night Football to point favorite Bengals. What Bengals are we going to see? What are we going to see from Joe burrow. He did not look healthy to me. I mean, I’ll give the Ravens their flowers. They played great. They want to row again they did what they needed to do run on the ball, Lamar, everything’s good. I think the Bengals have real problems if Joe burrow is not going to be well enough in their offense is going to be well enough to throw the ball down the field because that’s their game. They don’t have it right now. I’ll spread the two points but this this might be the end of the row was Cincinnati for me. I mean, they’re playing I don’t like the Rams. So that’s why I’m doing this but I don’t like the Bengals either.

Christian Horton  19:50

Yeah, this is a tough one. I’ve died with the Bengals two weeks in a row and after actually watching their game a whole game. They’re not who job’s not healthy, you know issues. And then at the end, he’s massaging his cast with the, you know, massage thing so I’m gonna take la on this one in the shop and I’m gonna give him the win.

Nestor Aparicio  20:08

All right, dude, I’m gonna see you up at Hollywood casino Christian Oregon. He runs a sports book up there, go see him Google and it’s delicious salmon BLTs. Get up there and see strikers posse next week, and take advantage of a great local casino. Easy to get to write off 95 You see some eagles on the way in flying over the dam and all that good stuff. If you get up there. Good luck to you this week. I’m not going to get cocky young man because I you know, I told you I used to be pretty good at picking football games. We’ll see if I’m still good. 2010 and two to start. I’m telling you what I’m one minute away from getting some grease in my air and get a 900 number. I’m two weeks away from that bridge. All right. All right. Getting an ad in the USA Today. I’m old school. Hollywood casino our great sponsors. Go get to eat some good food. Listen to rock and roll as well back for more on Nesta. We’re Baltimore positive stay with us.

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