Paying the proper respect to Lamar Jackson’s agent

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After two years of questioning whether not having an agent would hurt his long-term financial success, Lamar Jackson won the battle with Steve Bisciotti and the Baltimore Ravens by negotiating the largest contract and biggest signing bonus in NFL history. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the long game of Lamar Jackson’s agent.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back. W n s t Johnson Baltimore and Baltimore positive positively spring around here almost Preakness time and the Orioles home all week. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake towards they fare on Friday and Catonsville back into 21228 words Great. I’ll be giving away these instant lottery scratch offs out there always lots and lots of people at State Fair will be giving lots and lots of these away. Thanks to Ross and John and Doug and everybody over there. I’ll have a bunch of more friends and window natured 866 90. Nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing for five years if you act here in May. Let’s see here. Preakness Orioles Lamar is good. Capitals aren’t in the playoffs. Linda Raskin what’s on your mind, man? It’s not even Ohio State football season. This is I’m gonna give you a hard time I’m gonna give Dennis everybody this week because y’all give me shirts right? I have a blue Raskin global shirt. I have another blue and I have a white and what are the orange ones coming in?

Leonard Raskin  01:02

Soon here we got we have no orange we have no orange it’s a great great question. We have no black we we had black ones, but they didn’t look good. But we have no orange we’ll have to create an orange reskin global shirt with a black logo. We’ll have to go that route or something to to get our oriels colors.

Nestor Aparicio  01:19

Well, when I before I went to why my wife’s like you should go get new wardrobe. Couple new bathing trunks and some stuff to wear out on the beach and SPF shirts and whatever. Yeah. So I went out to the local you know discounters, the, the, you know, the TJ Marshalls and all that stuff. Right? And you know, 10 bucks for this 12 bucks for that and you pick things up. And now every time we go into one of these stores, she’s like, that’s Oreo orange, you know? So it’s sort of like you have to pull the orange out of the closet here again. Are you are you in the soap opera yet? I mean, I’m not only asking because I feel like a lot of people are mean

Leonard Raskin  01:56

No, I like it. I like watching. My wife will tell you I’m addicted to sports. And I like watching and did did grab a couple games against the Braves watching. And boy they that was a heck of a series to watch. There was some good baseball going on. And I think that’s the biggest thing. They didn’t win the series but man that was some good baseball going on some some good pitching matchups, some good offense, some bad offense, some bad defense, some good defense. But it was just a good baseball series and and I’m coming around to the whole pitch clock thing I still don’t like the 10th inning man on second thing, I think we should go talk about that. We should go 18 innings if we need to go 18 innings, let’s do it. But start

Nestor Aparicio  02:39

when they’re as bad as they’ve been the last six years, right. And this, I said this one buck I’ve been doing this 31 years, Leonard, like talking to sane rational people like you who own a business like Rascon global to manage money for people. Like I took phone calls from people all day and the baseball mentality and you know this, you’re a part of this your mother father, you know, the whole city was this way in the 90s. We would just say, Why did he leave that relief pitcher like all of these esoteric things. What Why is the 24th guy Jack Voigt and why haven’t they brought up the stout and then who’s in the bullpen, who’s coming north with the tip like all these baseball idioms that left us are now sort of back again. And then you fly back in and you’re like, Oh, well, they had a shift. And they don’t need more what’s up with this pitch clock? But the runner on second base in the 10th inning letter when you’re going to lose 108 games. It’s not a conversation you and I have Yeah, right. We didn’t talk about it on the golf course. It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter matter. So on a Sunday afternoon, when my wife and I get out of bed ready to watch baseball, and I just forgot that they started the game at 11 00 11

Leonard Raskin  03:46

o’clock. That’s craziness. Right?

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

So here’s how weird it is Sunday morning, we get up. We’re not downtown anymore. We’re out in the suburbs. We’re not at the farmers market like we were for, you know, 15 years. And in my mind, they’re gonna play baseball at one o’clock, right? Because that’s kind of right is at around 12. for brunch, Little Brown was working all morning doing stuff like it’s been very busy around here. Thank God for all of your sponsors and my friends in the grant. I’m just super duper busy. And I’m like about 1230 I’m like, put the game on. And I rolled in and about 10 minutes to one I went looking for it. And it’s the fifth inning and I’m like, oh my god, I forgot. But but but but fine. Good. Put it on. Games. Great. Jen wants no part of it. Because it’s one o’clock on a nice Sunday. And then finally I’m like, Jen, it’s one o’clock. It’s already the seventh inning. It’s a one one game. That’s the best part. It’s like coming into an NBA game with five minutes left. That’s exactly right. So she comes in and plops down and then the 10th inning happens. And she and I had a very, very first time in our lives that she’s had cancer quite frankly. Yeah, yeah, we’ve sat around like talking baseball because she grew up Red Sox, everybody, all of that pesky pole. So we got to your talk. She’s like This is dumb. It’s really so so give me your added her most people’s thoughts on this but having witnessed that on Sunday and it could have gone either way could have won a train, but it’s just not good to watch.

Leonard Raskin  05:12

No No the game is it’s like making the game seven innings where they did that stupid doubleheader seven inning doubleheader nonsense I forgot they did that seventh seventh inning, doubleheader stupid. Ninth Inning Tie game, let’s go to the 10th we play with the same rules we played for the first night. No, we’re gonna I mean, I, I don’t know you’re gonna start on the 15th we’re gonna we’re gonna give the team the ball start on the 50 and overtime, stupid, no play the game. Well, bah,

Nestor Aparicio  05:41

bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, whoa, you and 100,000 and your brethren after and Columbus will all get together in a horseshoe. And they play flag football in this stupid overtime

Leonard Raskin  05:53

they do. But start on the 25 and see if you can score and then the other team and then two point conversions dumps are just so great. Why are we trying to cheap and at the end? We’re trying to make it fast so people can leave. Here’s the thing I don’t understand.

Nestor Aparicio  06:05

Like, oh, this is great. games over two o’clock. I get the rest of my day, right? Why?

Leonard Raskin  06:11

I’m all for that. But I don’t I don’t understand this whole philosophy. It would be so here’s the thing. We go to the Kentucky Derby. We’re out in Louisville. We’re having a ball. We’re drinking mid juleps. We’re watching the horses. And I guess the derby is what the 12th race of the day, something like that. 12 to seven o’clock now. Right? Well, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  06:30

643. And about five o’clock. I’m like, wait to race. You know, I’m Winger. But we’re watching Lita Ford.

Leonard Raskin  06:40

See, we’re leaving at six because we want to beat the traffic. These people, if you bought a ticket, I don’t understand you bought a ticket. You went to the game. Your intention was to watch the game. Now it’s how

Nestor Aparicio  06:57

miserable to how many old rich miserable people you know that had Raven tickets over the last 20 years. That would even consider leaving four minutes left because everybody hates the traffic. Right? Right. Like everybody loves it.

Leonard Raskin  07:11

I get out of there like nobody’s business. But

Nestor Aparicio  07:13

what I’m saying is these people that come into the city for football 15 years now. People are gone. We’re always I got to beat traffic. They were the first ones to get rid of their PSLs tenure, right?

Leonard Raskin  07:26

Stupid what do you what are you buying a ticket for the Ravens? My old business partner? Never forget it. See?

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

I knew you were gonna throw somebody old rich boss here we Seattle.

Leonard Raskin  07:35

I think it was the Seattle game. Remember the Seattle game? He left beginning middle of the third quarter. I’m like, Dude, where are you going? We’re sitting together. Where are you going? This sucks. I’m out of here. He left one thing back when an amazing game. I beat the crap out of him the next day.

Nestor Aparicio  07:55

That’s one thing that I I’m from a fan standpoint, and I’m meandering here and it’s fine let raskins Here we meander what we do a lot of us having negative people around me a games terrible I have a friend of mine a life or life or life a friend of mine who I haven’t I don’t communicate as much with him as I have in the past. Yeah, and I don’t I’m not going to add him but one of the most negative human beings to sit and watch a sporting event with and for anybody to think that I’m watching Raven game saying I’m waiting for Lamar to eff up I’m not I’m waiting for Super Bowl right I’m just not convinced he’s going to win. I’ll tip my cap is fine and he gave him $185 million well he wants let it was racist on the internet because I’m not hohoho we got Lamar we’re winning the Super I never thought that that they they drafted him and certainly after two December’s where he hasn’t played. I’m not but I’m not negative. I’m not sitting in the game saying he’s gonna throw a pic on third down. I’m waiting to see him find Odell in

Leonard Raskin  09:00

Hollywood brown on the bathroom with a for failure. It was a perfect throw.

Nestor Aparicio  09:06

I can’t imagine getting up and leaving. Now. I get it. I left sticks the other night during Come sail away. And my wife pulled into the parking lot and we listened to Mr. Roboto. And and because I hate traffic. I hate it at a sporting event when you can’t do it. I’ve 100 large into a ballgame.

Leonard Raskin  09:24

Yeah, I’m not leaving but But 10th inning 10th inning. I want to see baseball. I want to see him. Pitch hit score if you can’t score. Then we go 16 innings they’re trying to say people don’t want to stick around the game’s too long. Well, you know if it’s extra innings, you got to reopen the beer pub. You got to start there. They stopped what seven what seventh inning I guess. So you got to reopen some of the concession stand sorry, it’s extra innings. We go 16 we go 16 That’s the way it goes. You rag out your pitchers. You rag out your pitchers put a starter in. That’s the way it goes. This this even the fact that we could have won that game with a cheap Walker a cheap win, and then blew it

Nestor Aparicio  10:08

or anything I don’t care it turns into like a little bit of a game of rundown especially with when you add the pitch clock and you add that you can’t pick guys off right you can’t throw right why guys not on first base. He’s already on second Weiss. So the weird part from a strategic standpoint. And again, I don’t want to say I haven’t paid attention to it. Nobody’s been paying. It’s nobody’s going to the games the first month and they’re really, they’re really good. They’re legitimately good. They’re worth watching. They’re so worth watching that I’m watching them every night right? They’re so worth watching that if you called me Wednesday and said I got two free tickets next Do you want to go I’d say come by grab me we’ll go or I’ll come by grab you. We’ll go like

Leonard Raskin  10:47

now we get a real feel for how good they are. This next guy he had a

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

game this week. I mean, I’m gonna go down I’m gonna go down at some point. So here’s the deal. The day if anybody has a free ticket, let me know because I’m only given Angelo’s money. So if anybody stuck with something hit me at NASA Baltimore The ninth any comms gents sitting here watching the game, right? They go to the wacky rules in the tents. And I was thinking about this because this Yanni or Cano guy, unbelievable, right, like Unreal is one of the great stories in the history of Baltimore Orioles baseball, where like Jim Traver would come up or Alan Ramirez I threw these names out of T bone Shelby Bill Ripken was a sensation when he came up. He had 450 for the first month or something like better than his brother when he right so so you know, some guys take to it. This guy’s 2829 years old bouncing around the twins. Nobody wants him they bring him up. I mean, like and he’s been like,

Leonard Raskin  11:43

two hits in the whole season so far.

Nestor Aparicio  11:46

So he’s on hand up on the eighth he comes down pitches a tight knife, and I didn’t even give a thought to man on second base. And I’m like I said to my wife, well, they’re saving the closer for the 10th inning. Now, like I said to my wife, this guy Yeti, right? I’ve never met again here. He’s probably never met an ester before. So I watched him, and then they bring Batista in and attempt to be the closer and say, Good luck Skippy. There’s a guy on second base, and oh, by the way, but when he came in, they had a lead. But yeah, wouldn’t have rightly right. But but either way. I VAs Gershon kept saying and we go to the 10th we go to the 11th chance for a walk off and I’m thinking it’s a chance for a walk off what you start with a guy on second base, right wild pitch and

Leonard Raskin  12:31

you walk off a tie that’s how they tied it. Yeah, it was

Nestor Aparicio  12:35

just in watching it it was not natural letter

Leonard Raskin  12:39

as a second I don’t like it get rid of it. I like to pitch Glock I’m not too terrible with you can only throw over twice. I’m not I’m not a bad against that. That’s okay. Get the game going two and a half years to me. The man of the tent and the tents just just doesn’t cut it for me. What I did like I will say this. What I did like is a national broadcast with a Baltimore broadcaster on the on the set. Okay, it gave some good, good balance to the love of the Braves. Their love was outstanding. I mean, it’s really good. Is Alec Gooding? Absolutely. And he was he was yacking, his LSU baseball boys so good for him.

Nestor Aparicio  13:20

Well and the Andruw Jones thing and vitiation I didn’t like the video I didn’t like the angles it it really makes me think Masson does a better job from a visual stamp sit and watch Oh, they do a great teaching it Yeah, yeah. Um, but I’ll say this. We’re talking. We’re talking baseball Leonard and a Lamar Jackson sign there’s been a press conference had rookie rookie minicamp.

Leonard Raskin  13:45

How about how about Lamar saying he wants to throw for 6000 yards? Did you see that? 6000 yards who’s ever thrown for 6000 yards?

Nestor Aparicio  13:55

How many times will he have to throw the football a lot?

Leonard Raskin  13:59

Or or he’s just gonna have to Bombs away and hope they catch everything. How many games do we have? Let’s do some math. How many games do we have here? We have. We have what? 1617? What’s the season 17 is now 17 games. All right, I gotta pull up a calculator here. We got to do some math because I didn’t do this math yet. Let’s see here. If we got 6000 yards 17 games? That’s 360 Yeah 353 A game yeah 353 A game

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

is quick math for me because i Good. Good taught me times tables in sixth grade

Leonard Raskin  14:39

350 A game is he throwing for 350 A game ever. That’s insanity.

Nestor Aparicio  14:47

The idea and the possibilities and the beliefs on the internet Letter This week. I’ve been called the Raven hate or the constant hate or the shotty hate or Lamar hater. A racist. I’ve I’ve had the Whole Kaleidoscope this week. Just because I am questioning whether Lamar Jackson was a good investment for this football team over the next three years he was their only chance. Yeah, and I don’t wanna say this was born out of desperation you’re a negotiator you manage money for people you try to keep the tax man as best way as you can you try to negotiate bars

Leonard Raskin  15:21

gonna be meeting with him. What’s with the tax man? Well, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  15:26

about that. So in the case of where they are right now, Luke and I literally got 40 minutes into a Ravens debate on Monday morning and I said well what happens if Matt a BK like they want Matt a BK they want Oh, well to turn it away to turn into a sack machine? Absolutely. They’re not they’re gonna Dallas Thomas or Bart Scott or you know, whatever, because they’re, they don’t have Brandon Williams money anymore for Justin Mata BK if he blooms because of Lamar. And I think I’m not a jerk. I don’t know how many have been on the radio here. Every time we’ve won written books on this stuff. And that’s why I lock in foreign i are the most unpopular guys in town, because we’re telling you the truth. We’re not blowing purple smoke. Your Way Lamar has to be the best quarterback in the NFL, is not gonna be the best against mahomes. Yeah, Alan Harper, Rodgers, whoever is in January

Leonard Raskin  16:26

in September, oh, here we

Nestor Aparicio  16:28

go. We’re gonna get a schedule this week, we’re gonna find out if they’re gonna play in Europe and like, and Aaron Rodgers and Lamar are gonna be on Monday Night Football on Sunday night. And that’s why they’re having a scheduling issue. They had to land in New York and Baltimore gotta figure this out. Franchises would have had no hope. Right. And that speaks to why they gave him 185 million. They don’t know if he’s gonna win a Super Bowl. They hope they know he wasn’t on the bus in Cincinnati. They know he was a difficult guy to deal with once the money was in right now. They’ve given him everything he wants. And

Leonard Raskin  17:02

and then some I mean, from what they say they whoever they already saw the contract, no trade clause, no cap clause 73 million signing bonus in there. I mean, it’s it’s rich heat. He was he had a hell of an agent. I’ll tell you that. He had a hell of an agent about that. Go ahead. He had a hell of an agent. I mean, everybody that said he was too stupid to get a deal done. And he couldn’t negotiate with teams and he wasn’t going to get what he wanted. And I got news for you. Looks like he got what he wanted.

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

You know what he knew the Ravens weren’t gonna play without him. That’s right. And the Ravens weren’t going to serve Tyler handke up to the PSL club owner. Right. Like

Leonard Raskin  17:50

that’s right. And, and he knew that Steve Bashaud he was climbing up the billionaire list and gonna be able to raise ticket prices with anybody but Lamar and I can see my mail in March. I guess it is February March. From the team seat director, seating director. What’s his name? Cope Koppelman, Koppelman beta Baker. Baker. Baker is a good man. No, I’m just saying he’s a good man. But he sends out the letter that says, This year, we haven’t raised prices for two years, but we just signed Lamar and you’re gonna pay for it in

Nestor Aparicio  18:27

advance of snakes in a dentist’s, like literally Baker complements a good man, right?

Leonard Raskin  18:33

I’m not saying he’s a bad man or No, no, no, I’m saying.

Nestor Aparicio  18:39

He asked to send the letter out ticket prices go up the team are off the team. Whether Lamar is in Cincinnati the playoff game or not,

Leonard Raskin  18:47

rather now God’s honest now I used to say, but now he’s gonna say, Look what we did. We paid the man. We got to receivers, we sacked people, we went to the playoffs. Maybe we want a Super Bowl, but whatever it is, ticket prices next year people you can count on. As we have inflation today, that inflation is going to hit your ticket price. Next year in a big way. I don’t care that the city gave a shot at $600 million. You’re gonna give him 600 million more because he is climbing the billionaire list and you are on his target list to pay that bill.

Nestor Aparicio  19:29

Well, Leonard, I’ll say this from a fan’s perspective. And people and apparently I’ve been a star this week on YouTube and because I am the one local guy to say all right, all right. You manage money Leonard and I know you’re not a gambling guy and our friends up at a casino in Perry Ville and bars, different ports right. So here, we’re here now, okay, and you’re you’re all in on your PSAs and you’re gonna send down to 10 grand and like, okay, great. That’s That’s good. Right now. Would you bet the same 10 grand that they Really you’re going to go to a Super Bowl and win one with Lamar over the next three years because this is really a three year deal. The fourth year is we didn’t win you’re no good. We’re gonna take one hell of a cap it right and we’re gonna eat our lunch and you got hurt in year two and weren’t any good and whatever. But hey, maybe we won the Super Bowl in year one. I don’t know. Right? That’s right. This is this is a totally different conversation than Joe Flacco where there were five playoff years Lee Evans, Billy Condit on parade all of that happen. This is a this is just different, right? So in this case, you can now in the in the state of Maryland, right? Where you’ll be able to legally buy cannabis in about eight weeks, right? Any day so you’ll be able to go and you can bet on this bet against this bet your money. If you really believe that the ravens are like their house right now. You bet your money. Lamar Jackson is winning the Superbowl in Las Vegas 40 weeks from now or 35 weeks, whatever it is. You can bet $100 to win.

Leonard Raskin  21:02

What’s the odds on that right now?

Nestor Aparicio  21:04

I don’t know. But it’s changing daily and you go to the app right now. So are Hollywood casino shake, right for me, you got purple underwear. You are is what they did last week. It makes them more competitive and makes them right. They show face. They’re gonna be good. They’re they’re gonna be good with Lamar. Absolutely. Right. Okay, are they going to win a Super Bowl?

Leonard Raskin  21:32

Well, I think three years is the window as you said, I think we’re gonna have one within three. Now. Can you bet on? Can you place a bet on this one and three year like, We’re gonna win one within three years? I

Nestor Aparicio  21:44

don’t know, exotic. I’m not I don’t know how that works. This is where when in season, I’m gonna get the guys off a Barstool Sports up in Hollywood, right. You know, Perry Ville, right? And every week we’re gonna, and these are gonna be the dumb. I’m just an idiot. Could I bet on this? Right? Because to me, the fact that you can bet on who the number one pick is in the draft when it’s a fixed thing. Yeah. Like, you know, like when men control it, and they’re Yes, Insider.

Leonard Raskin  22:10

They know, right? And they know the deal they already chose.

Nestor Aparicio  22:13

If you are the agent for the player, and you know, Odell Beckham signing in Baltimore. And you can bet on that. Yeah. Makes all of this like, it really makes me scratch my head.

Leonard Raskin  22:24

I’m with you. Back to baseball man. Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame. During the game. During the game, the announcers are posting the odds of the over under the chance of a team winning who’s what’s the money line on the win at the fifth inning and like what the heck is that? Yeah, people are logging in to an app during the game to bet on stuff. What are the odds that fifth inning ends? We got these three players coming up in the six here’s the odds, one of them’s gonna hit a home run.

Nestor Aparicio  22:56

What the heck is that? Okay, so crazy. So here’s where we are. The next Super Bowl is in Vegas this year. Yep. The one after that is in New Orleans. We’ve had a horrible place. Place right great city. Terrible stadium Anyway, go ahead. Well, it’s it’s a situation. Yeah. And that was, like they were originally scheduled to do in 24. But it got moved to 25. The rumor on 26th And I don’t I don’t know that this is confirmed San Francisco. So and I was at that last one after the Santa Clara. So So you’re saying there’s going to be vague. I’m just getting my mind around this Vegas, New Orleans or Santa Clara will have the Ravens in it. Way. Where a 14 and 313 and 412 and five version of the Ravens

Leonard Raskin  23:46

with Lamar through the playoffs in the Super Bowl. Have a

Nestor Aparicio  23:49

Buckeye beat Joe burrow here beat Patrick mahomes here, then go to the super bowl and beat I don’t make that maybe Trevor Lawrence here. Right?

Leonard Raskin  24:01

Right. Who knows? Right? Yes, I bet on that for if I had three years to win, if you get

Nestor Aparicio  24:07

a three year window what kind of odds would you need to have?

Leonard Raskin  24:12

Had to be big? They’re pretty big odds. Don’t bet the Ravens money. Bet ravens are betting even money. They paid him Listen,

Nestor Aparicio  24:19

this isn’t to say that might not win a Super Bowl here the next three or four years that this is the best pathway for the Ravens but I’m not convinced in this field.

Leonard Raskin  24:31

Not not even money. Not even money. No, I don’t think any of them are even money the the game is too unpredictable. It’s true. It’s really

Nestor Aparicio  24:39

hard to do.

Leonard Raskin  24:41

Oh, no question hard. Hey, any championship look at the Bruins. They’re sitting home or maybe playing golf or maybe crying in their coffee. They had the best record in the history of the Yankees have had a parade you know, it’s been a long time. Yeah, but a long time and they spend a ton load of money.

Nestor Aparicio  24:58

How about them cowboys? How about them? cowboys Yeah, right.

Leonard Raskin  25:00

Have they won? decades? Right? Right. I get it. It is hard. Look championships in any sport are hard and it’s and so the Ravens have bet even money on it because they paid him.

Nestor Aparicio  25:13

Look at that Aaron Rodgers right. He’s going to Hall of Fame and he’s gonna He’s gonna take the jets to the property the jet 70 Super Bowl season one same as Joe Flacco one that’s it name is Ben Roethlisberger, who did a lot of damage and ran around. Did all that stuff and right.

Leonard Raskin  25:28

It is it like you said, man, it’s a hard trophy to get your hands on. Well, which goes to why Tom Brady is so remarkable out there. I mean, what’s he have 10 of them?

Nestor Aparicio  25:40

Bella? Ceccato? is Bella check.

Leonard Raskin  25:42

Bella check as 10 Doesn’t he? Yeah. 10 in an assistant head coach. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  25:49

it talks about having horses in the courses too. Right. Yeah, he’s in your to say you had the best players. I mean, I think the Ravens have kind of sort of a loaded roster. I think the ravens are

Leonard Raskin  25:58

really good. They gotta win. Gotta win. We’ll find a mascot

Nestor Aparicio  26:02

is here. He is Rascon global. I’m wearing the shirt. He’s wearing the shirt. Tell them what you do. And the American dream and we talked about a little bit of money and then and then I guess it’s hockey playoff season where you are right

Leonard Raskin  26:12

hockey playoffs in Preakness. Yeah, hockey playoffs and Preakness we’re getting ready for for some playoffs, playoffs playoffs, with teams in the hockey playoffs Seattle, Seattle cracking and Dallas. It’s and Florida, Florida who beat Boston now beating Toronto in a sent home not a winning the cop I said to my wife, they’re never gonna have me off the June never gonna happen to be on the streets of Toronto, if ever gonna happen. Never gonna happen. They got out of the first round, that’s good for them. But getting out of the second and going beyond their Florida, Florida is going to take them out, they’re up three Oh, anyway, we do everything money, we make sure that you’re doing the right thing with your money, that you’re saving it, that you’re protecting it, that you’re growing it properly, to have the things you want, so that what we’re talking about, you can go to a Super Bowl, you can head down to the oil game and not worry about how much you’re spending on tickets and hot dogs and beer. And and you can enjoy your life and and transfer your wealth when you’re gone to your family. This past weekend, had to go to a memorial service for a client. And everybody’s sitting around talking about what a great guy he was and how funny he was. And he was he was a great guy, really great guy died way too young, 60, much, much too young, 60 years old. And now I’m working with the family to make sure that the money he left when he died, gets used to their benefit for what he wanted. And he always talked about his kids and he always talked about their education and his grandkids. And at the memorial service found out that His granddaughter’s going off to Louisville, Louisville, for for her degree and

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

daughter is just the statue there.

Leonard Raskin  28:02

There you go.

Nestor Aparicio  28:03

There’s Johnny Ustadh. Right, right next to each I hope there’s a West Ansel statue there.

Leonard Raskin  28:07

I think there might be I don’t know, I don’t know. But we help them handle the legacy, the financial legacy. And we teach them how to handle that so that they can carry on his his wishes. And that’s what it’s about. So it’s while you’re here to do all the things you want. And to make sure that that money goes for generations to come. You know, an interesting statistic kind of amazing. The the average inheritance is gone, gone. In 1.8 years, 1.8 years, the beneficiaries have spent the money spent it gone, finished, done. And people think well, that’s just the average guy. No, the super wealthy, the ultra high net worth super wealthy. Even if I give you 10 million, the average inheritance, the average inheritance is gone. Eight years. Eight years. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  29:01

that’s why guys like you set up trust for you know,

Leonard Raskin  29:03

that’s exactly right. So people don’t do stupid things, and you figure out how to keep it. The other thing is, we help people meet with their kids while they’re alive to talk about that wealth so that when the unsuspecting comes in to the didn’t work for they don’t blow it on the who knows what, and that’s what happens. Unknowing children, adult children most of the time still receive money, don’t know anything about money, don’t know how to handle money, do stupid things with the money. It’s just like the we’re talking to pro athletes earlier. But most of the time, I don’t know what Lamar is gonna do with this money. I hope he’s smart. But believe it or not, guys could go through a couple 100 million during a career and end up broke. It happens too often. Guys make a lot of money and have nothing, nothing at the end to show for it. It’s dreadful, so let’s hope that he has good financial counsel a Along with his great agent. And

Nestor Aparicio  30:03

when you know what next time there’s a brother next week, I was going to ask you about this. And we we’ve been talking about everything. Let’s talk about tomorrow’s money next week. Next week I talked about if a guy calls you and says, I just signed $185 million guarantee. What should I do? And the first thing you’d say is give us little that to the government. And before we even get started, let’s figure out some some ways to shelter you from the absolute right. Absolutely. Hey, man, I appreciate you let her ask him we’ll do that would do that for Lamar or Steve, or me or anybody else doesn’t? Absolutely, you can find him at Raskin. And of course at the front of Baltimore little hockey next week, we’ll get some Lamar and hey, at some point, you are gonna wind up in an Oreo game you know, you’re gonna we

Leonard Raskin  30:44

go to do it some orange in your class to do it. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  30:48

Let her ask it a good man and can help you live your American dream. Find a better Rascon Find me at Baltimore positive all week long. I’ll be telling you about State Fair, we’ll be there this Friday. We’re gonna be up in Harford County at the local on the 23rd We’re doing the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at Goodwill. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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