Santelises updates on challenges and realities of Baltimore City Schools during pandemic


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We got to know Baltimore City Schools C.E.O. Sonja Santelises a few months here at Baltimore when times were better and the kids were in school. Now, this crisis has moved the focus of the leader of the city’s nearly 70,000 children and parents and teachers and administrator into different roles as the pandemic created food challenges for students.

Clearly, a lot has changed and it’s happening very quickly – and crisis management has become the key role for all administrators and teachers as the corona virus pandemic began last month. The many challenged parents, students and teachers are growing and figuring it out remotely and on the fly like we all are during this pandemic.

Parents, teachers, educators and students trying to hold it all together and learn and grow in a time of crisis. Dr. Santelises gave us her assessment of the current situation in Baltimore City in a lengthy update.

We are all in this together and this is a time to educate, unite and keep each other safe.

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