The amazing allure of an Alaskan adventure

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Because we’re still trying to get to all 50 states, at some point “The Last Frontier” needs to be explored by all Americans intrigued by the frozen tundra. Our money insider Leonard Raskin took his family north in July and gives Nestor the Northern Exposure of his moose chasing family adventures to Alaska.


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Nestor Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, W and S T, Towson Baltimore. Baltimore positive we’re positively into a beautiful week of baseball at home. decent weather we got a British Open happened in this weekend. If you’re so golf inclined, and we are inching even closer to the beginning of training camp, the Ravens kick it off the end of next week Luke’s gonna be with the Orioles all week you can find him out of Baltimore Look, I am going to be at the Beaumont on Thursday, giving these weights the last couple I have the last batch. This has been a really lucky batch we had $100 winner at Coco’s last week of the Maryland lottery and the throwback scratch offs. We’re going to get the Beaumont from two of the five it’s also brought to you by friends and window nation. Great guests on Thursday this week for two of the five take a little down period next week for my anniversary but then back up it is our 25th anniversary on August the third we’re going to be a cost this all day giving away everything that’s not nailed down letter Raskin has been to the radio station in recent times. get nasty shirts free the birth shirts, Purple Rain, one Purple Rain, two CDs, books, shirt, swag stuff, but get it get it. I’m bringing it all out Leonard on the third from 11. The fourth, I’m not bringing it to drug city, because drugs City’s a little bit more compact, and I do the show upstairs up steps and whatnot. I’m not lugging all that stuff. So I’m taking it all out. The cost is at 11 o’clock, which is literally 25 years to the day, from when we went on the air here at wn St. And if it’s not nailed down, it’s yours. How were you? You were in a

Leonard Raskin  01:31

fantastic way, man. We’ve been traveling we did the family vacay this year, a little land and sea. So we started up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Uh huh. And learned a lot about Alaska. I’ll tell ya, my son knew all these things. He’s just too smart for his own britches. But did you know that Alaska is not just the largest state in the nation, but you can fit to Texas is plus inside of Alaska. It’s massive. I had no idea. It was quite that large. And it’s to Texas, it’s okay to Texas. And it’s a desert. Alaska is a desert. And by definition, of course, I’m thinking sand. Think a desert. I’m thinking sand. No, it’s a technical Meteor illogical sea. I got that word out. definition that is less than 12 inches of precipitation in a year. And so over 80% of the state is a desert. And I said wait a minute, you guys get massive snow. What I didn’t realize they get this powdery snow that when it melts down, it’s just not a lot of water. You can’t make snowballs with it. You can’t do anything with it. It’s just fluff. It’s probably evaporates. The fluff. It’s amazing. And then we heard some interesting facts that children go to school until the temperature is worse than negative 60 Fahrenheit. And they wait out for the bus if it’s warmer than negative 40. So the kids are standing outside for the bus, negative 40

Nestor Aparicio  03:07

As a guy that got frostbite two weeks ago and it’s true I did on my leg. I put an ice pack on my leg and it blister blisters. I couldn’t go out into sunlight. It’s been a mess. It’s crazy. I just think like Frostbite is unbelievable. an unbelievably awful thing.

Leonard Raskin  03:28

They are born to it. They grow up in it and they know how to handle it. When we were there in Fairbanks really weird. Two and a half hours of darkness because we’re there in the summer. Two and a half hours of dark in the winter is two and a half hours of light. We went from Fairbanks to Denali saw the mountain magnificent 20,000 feet above sea level incredible coming out of the clouds just overwhelmingly beautiful. Everything I heard about Alaska its majestic sea

Nestor Aparicio  03:58

molar didn’t last. Done it. My former partner of mine did a cruise 20 years ago. I want to say it’s not on my list because there’s a lot of other things Yeah, beyond my list to do. And you did Europe last year and I’ve been a lot of places you haven’t been all over Australia and Asia and I mean I love traveling. My wife really wants to go on safari in Africa. Oh yeah. I really want to see by the way you are here for this last week. Huge headlines of when you’re on social media you probably saw it there were rumors but no facts that the Northern Lights could be yeah never know. And we couldn’t see them. They’re totally Northern Lights I saw was Bellaire north. I totally think North I saw where I

Leonard Raskin  04:43

am. Yeah, there was no Northern Lights. And in Alaska in the summer. There’s no Northern Lights either, which was kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to seeing it but it doesn’t get dark enough. Long enough for so you guys go there in the winter. They say March April. You got to come in March. That’s the best time do it but or October so we’re not there in the winter. Needless to say, I’m not going to do negative 30 to see the lights.

Nestor Aparicio  05:07

So there’s a girl that I went to high school with. Yeah, I probably had a crush on her back in the day but it’s been 40 years I can do that. Her name is Dana and she moved to Alaska. Many she married a guy and moved to Alaska. And she’s lived in Alaska. All of my Facebook relationships are for 15 years. Yeah, I’ve been on Facebook watching her and she keeps in touch with Dundalk friends. And so she also spends time in the Caribbean on a boat, sometimes, like in the winter. There. She’s in the Virgin Islands, different places, but she has this magnificent life in Alaska. And I literally wrote to her when I saw you in Alaska. Three weeks ago, I saw you my wife said letters go to Alaska. I’m like, what letter didn’t tell me was it he told my audience. So you pop up in Alaska and my friend Dana, and I said where do you live in Alaska? Cuz she was putting videos of moose up our backyard right? Yeah, so she says she lives in a small town called Castle off on the Kenai Peninsula. The closest big towns are sola, Donna. And Kenai.

Leonard Raskin  06:10

I had to like there’s like, No, there’s no big places.

Nestor Aparicio  06:14

I looked it up just to figure out what because I saw you were in Fairbanks,

Leonard Raskin  06:18

Fairbanks, Denali, and then down to Anchorage and to Seward.

Nestor Aparicio  06:22

Okay. Can I can I make a life because we’re talking about last year? I gotta tell you this because I’ve never Yeah, yeah, that you and I maybe never happened. Chad Steele would have never thrown me out. Greg Bader would have never have known me. Peter Angelos would have never known my name. But I was obsessed with being a sports writer. Right? You asked about Yeah, I have every rejection letter ever written to me from Rolling Stone playboy. Playboy actually bought a piece of mine. So I have an acceptance letter from them. And they wrote me a check and have a copy of that, too. It was a kill fee thing. But like I had every rejection letter from every American newspaper interested me because I was the music critic at the sun. We were on the time smear wire, people thought I was older than I was right. I had all the sports clips that I covered sports. So I was always sending things out trying to get a job. And it didn’t matter where the job was. It was an agate intern, editorial assistant at the sun, where I was considered white and they were much more inclined. They were very white newsroom at that point. They were trying to become more diverse. Venezuelan was not diverse Dundalk did not qualify as diversity. So I was always told like you’re gonna have to go somewhere else to work. Like that was what they told sure that’s true. 9089 or 9019 89 or 90, I’m 21 or 22. And the Anchorage Daily News sports editor took shine to me. And he wrote to me and basically offered me a job because they don’t. And I said, Look, I’m not taking a job in Anchorage without coming to Anchorage and looking around, see what my life’s gonna be like, right? If I were to take this game, that’d be cold. The gig was to cover the Anchorage, Alaska Anchorage hockey team, which is the speed that they have. They’re sure. And they had several guys that played in the NHL. Yeah, it was a guy named Mike Pelosi. And he played for the Blackhawks in 18. You can look all this up at Churcher. They played at the spectrum on a Saturday and I went up, got a press pass. And I went up and literally went into the locker room Roenick was on the team because Roanoke was next to him in I remember talking about this too. I talked to them about Anchorage and whether it was a good place to live or not. And so I got that was the best you could do in 1989. I know anybody from Alaska, was to find a hockey player who played Yeah, would this be good or bad for me and my kid my kid was five years old there would have been a fight with his mother, my parents, but I was so desperate to take a job that I’ve been going to Anchorage and writing at the

Leonard Raskin  09:01

Chester Chester from the North. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna

Nestor Aparicio  09:04

find the box of the resumes and find the offer letter from them. I made good all that up for my 25th 25th wn st might have never had been. You would have been relegated to a life of Jerry Coleman.

Leonard Raskin  09:18

Well, I got a I got a text from a cousin who has a little one, I don’t know four or five or six or three or four. Anyway, somewhere around there. And he watches I think it’s called Molly from Denali. It’s seen the show. I’ve not seen the show, but but it’s a cartoon show and it’s all about Alaska. And when we put up on Facebook, pictures of a moose in Denali, she showed it to him and he was all a fluster that we were in Denali, and he wants to go to Alaska and want to know, he wanted to know if we saw Molly. Did we see Molly from Denali? I’d never heard of Molly from Denali, so I had to look her up. And there she was Molly from Denali. So I found her.

Nestor Aparicio  10:01

How many days? Give me because we’ll talk Orioles series Rascon global if you take care of your money, take care you get to do cool things right? The message of the American dream would be my American dream is to go to every state in the union. I don’t have Alaska yet. And I also don’t have South Dakota and North Dakota. Those are the last two for me

Leonard Raskin  10:21

got to do the Mount Rushmore thing. Of course. Come on.

Nestor Aparicio  10:25

It’s in the middle of nowhere like so. What?

Leonard Raskin  10:27

That’s what that you gotta get there. Hey, look, we TVs in

Nestor Aparicio  10:30


the middle of nowhere.

Leonard Raskin  10:32

Alaska is not in the middle of nowhere. It’s actually the end of somewhere. It was quite the flight you could see Russia elected officials. No, that’s not true. That was never okay. You know better you know better. That was Tina Fey but that’s okay. Anyway, it could have been but it wasn’t anyway you can from like the tip of the point because it is I mean, it was Russia. Let’s face it. We got we took them for a joke on that one two cents eels whales two cents. Two cents an acre man that was that was one of the greatest deals in US history.

Nestor Aparicio  11:06

Listen, every time I played risk I tried to get on Kamchatka

Leonard Raskin  11:11

There you go. There you go. So yeah, we flew up to we flipped to Fairbanks we did four and a half days land tour buses and trains seeing seeing gold mining towns and the pipeline that pumped oil out of there for years and years still is so you

Nestor Aparicio  11:26

didn’t do any driving you were on a tour no no driving See, got in the car and he went and did it on their own and we

Leonard Raskin  11:33

wouldn’t be but but this was this was magnificent. We did a paddle boat down a river along the the coastline and we went to the if you remember her name, I can’t think of her name right now the we went to a musher camp. Susan, what the heck was Susan’s last name that one day I did her entourage. Okay, so we went to her place and had a presentation by her husband and they showed all the dogs and then went to a place all moose saw reindeer. Caribou. It was it was absolutely wildlife was incredible. Pull grizzly bears out in the wild. Just bears in the wild. Absolutely. bears in the wild. My wife

Nestor Aparicio  12:15

went to Asheville, North Carolina for Mother’s Day with her family like doing this retreat thing. Yeah. And the last day there she’s taking pictures to Baby bears on the island. Like that’s why I don’t go to Asheville, North Carolina. There you

Leonard Raskin  12:25

go. No, this was there. This was amazing. We were looking for moose. We were looking for moose the whole time. We were at a bus. We were in a bus trip and Denali National Park. Looking at the mountains magnificent and we’re driving down a road two lane road. It’s about 25 miles an hour. We’re in the bus and coming the other way. On the road directly at the bus is a giant caribou. I mean antlers huge running towards the bus at full speed. So the bus driver just stopped. And we watched and this it just came right at the bus and about 15 yards out it made a left turn went to the trees and cited it didn’t want any part of the boss didn’t want to do Russian roulette with the bus. Didn’t want to do chicken with the bus. It was a it was a reindeer said no thank you. But, man, it was amazing. We saw wolves saw big, big sheep up on the mountain sides. It was incredible. I mean, it’s just not something you see every day.

Nestor Aparicio  13:23

Was this on your list to do I mean obviously your drives the family, right? So

Leonard Raskin  13:27

no, no, this was something Kathy and I wanted to do. We had it scheduled. A little history. We had this trip scheduled land and sea cruise. We had a trip to Vancouver that was going to be four days and we were taken off from Vancouver north and doing this Alaskan cruise in 1999. We had planned it for your for our listeners here. This is something really bizarre. So cruises are one of those vacations most often do you have to pay for in advance? So you know these days you fly, you buy a plane ticket a couple of weeks, and if you don’t use it, you get a refund or you switch it or something. But cruises. I don’t care if it’s 5000 or 3000. Use it or lose it right. Yeah. And you pay a year out. So back in 1998 for some ungodly reason. Unbeknownst to my brain to this day, I bought trip insurance, which I never do never. But we bought trip insurance. And the trip was the end of June 1999. And on Memorial Day 1999. The morning after Memorial Day actually Memorial Day was Monday. I ended up in St. Joe’s hospital with a heart problem. Oh wow. With a heart issue and I thought I was having a heart attack. And I was in the hospital for four days. And I ended up I had arrhythmia. Have you seen those commercials with? Is it Kareem doing these commercials now about a river Yeah, yeah, so that was me. I couldn’t breathe. I got lightheaded, thought I was having a heart attack, went to the hospital, had a catheter, you know, get in there, do the check in there, put the put the ink, put the dye in your body to see if you got a bottom line in stocks that you ain’t gonna last doc says you ain’t going to Alaska. And we got back every penny we spent on the trip, which is just bizarre, but that was 99 and we never rescheduled the trip for whatever. Three

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

trips to Italy cancel. Yeah, that’s kinda like because this illness, you know, whatever. I

Leonard Raskin  15:35

still have never been to Italy. Yeah. So this, we just never rescheduled it. And then last year, you know, we did the big European vacation. And as we were flying home, we were on the plane literally flying home. And Kathy said, Well, that was just too much moving and doing it was a beautiful trip. But it was really busy. I think we should do a cruise next year. And Matthew was like, Yeah, let’s go to Alaska. And we’re like, we haven’t been we didn’t we didn’t do it. Now this time. I got to tell you did not buy the trip insurance. Good Faith that we were going to succeed and making the trip. And thank goodness because it ain’t cheap to go but, but it was beautiful. It was it was

Nestor Aparicio  16:13

I’ve never heard anybody go to Alaska and come back and tell me I shouldn’t go Yeah, no. Exactly.

Leonard Raskin  16:17

Exactly. And, and then the cruise cruise and out in the water and then you pull into this glacier. You see this giant massive snow and ice. Just Stunning. Stunning.

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

Well, I did the bottom of the world in New Zealand. A place called doubtful sound you can look it up. Okay, full sound. It’s the the farthest bound you know, it’s you would penguins and whale right right now you go at the bottom of the world and I was like four seasons because we had to go over this hillside on a bus. And and you know, the the Kiwis have flightless bird. And they’re elusive. You can’t see them. We actually saw one which is crazy in New Zealand. And the the driver said, right, I drive this tour every day. I’ve never seen that bird. I’ve been doing this for years. So we use it but it snowed. Yes, you 70 And Sunny and snowed all within a few miles of each other, and a few hours of each other all in one day. And we froze to death. And we got sunburned all on the same day at the bottom of the world that’s like, for me crazy that they chase baseball or football, or Busan or beach in or whatever, whatever. I’m that guy. And I’m not a national park guy. But I’ve been to Yellowstone. I’m not a safari guy, but I’ll go to Africa. The Alaska is it’s sort of it’s if I wouldn’t do that I would want to do the fjords of like Norway or sure the similar Yeah, but doing it in Europe, but I would want to do the Northern Lights and Northern Lights are my number one. Yes.

Leonard Raskin  17:51

So I think the best place I don’t know. But I think one of the best places there. You do that you go to Iceland. That’s where they’re they’re overwhelming and amazing. You know, that’s that’s the place but yeah, haven’t been there. haven’t seen them yet. There were there was a place in I think it was Denali. We went into this little town. It’s a little town. That is where northern exposure was modeled and right. So you go into this little town and named the car after the truck. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. And there’s this little shop in there. This woman is a photographer, and it’s been taking pictures in Alaska of the Northern Lights for 30 years. And she she prints them on metal. And they’re just amazing photographs. I mean, as as you know, the sun the sunset behind you is is that kind of magnificence the colors the she’s got purple. She’s got orange, because some of these colors you only see once a year maybe. And she’s got these amazing shots. I was tempted to buy a couple of the prints but but I said to the wife, I said, you know, I haven’t seen it. So without seeing it. I don’t know what picture would be in my mind’s eye what it would be. I don’t want a picture of it. I want to go see it.

Nestor Aparicio  19:08

Are you guys that?

Leonard Raskin  19:10

I think it’s something Yeah, it’s something gotta see. And it’s something we got to get lucky to do. Right right. This

Nestor Aparicio  19:15

place in in Upper Norway. No, it’s actually it’s Finland. I think it’s in Finland. Now the NATO NATO. So there you go. So going to Helsinki I haven’t been there yet, but yeah, and it’s north and they have the globe like they’re there. They’re like igloos with glass ceilings that you hang out. You can watch dogs and do all that stuff in the winter and it’s kind of romantic and they have the sauna spa and like all that stuff. But um, it’s cold as hell. I mean, you know what I mean? Like, my wife, I thought I wanted to go to Antarctica. At the beginning of our relationship I did that was sort of a bucket list thing for me. Okay until I found out how cold it was. And then everything went balding, or did it and balding or did on on one of the ice breakers and balding or scrapes out on Crazy with the penguins and stuff. Yeah. And he just told me how nauseating the smell was. He’s like everybody’s throwing up because it smells like penguins. You don’t I mean like so yeah, so he once he started telling me all of this, and my first girl ever had a crush on Ingrid Calshot who did the show a drug city Baco with she was the doctor for the military on the Antarctica base three different times. Six months in darkness. Yeah, she got there for six months when it was dark. Yeah, I don’t know about that. Yeah, so you these remote places I’m getting two or three by Northern Exposure may vary by the cartoons in Denali, Molly from Denali, but like these are rugged

Leonard Raskin  20:44

oh people oh no doubt the people that live there year round are tough. And and it’s not me I

Nestor Aparicio  20:55

Hampshire and freeze my nuts off right.

Leonard Raskin  20:58

I’ll take it I’ll take it for a couple few days to see the sights and do the thing but But I ain’t hanging out there for eight months a dark no

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

most important thing let raskins here help you manage the American dream I got my Rascon global shortage you can find him at Baltimore positive go to Rascon If you are looking to invest money thinking about money have five cents that you want to turn to the 10 cents lender to the guy keep you out of tax trouble make sure you’re on the on the up and up as they say there was any real baseball to baseball come to you at all that’s earlier in the day you got five six hours on yeah yeah All Star Game Day Oreos went in Oreos losing like or watch over you turned off

Leonard Raskin  21:37

no no got home got that home but got back to the the off the ship civilization civilization yes civilization and was able to catch Adley switch hitting in the Home Run Derby That was impressive. Okay, that was impressive dad too. Yeah Dad pitch in and him crashing from the left and from the right was just silly. It was silly. They should have given him the title just for doing that. They should have a switch hitter Home Run Derby he holds the Mickey Mantle

Nestor Aparicio  22:07

content. That’s

Leonard Raskin  22:08

right. That’s right. Do it for real real ballplayers there. But he blew it away blew it away and it was magnificent to see him out there with his dad that was great. And then watch the All Star Game and Watch the mountain blow and all I could say to myself was below the all star game who cares? Right? Who cares? I was in tune with your with your I think it was your Facebook post or social media posts. I don’t know where but I’m with you man. These these major league baseball players should be wearing their team jerseys at the All Star game. What was those pajamas about that was that was stupid. They just want to sell another something who’s buying an all star

Nestor Aparicio  22:45

All Star game to look like an all star game I need to look down on the field and see the beautiful white and the beautiful gray jerseys that are that are the teams for the teams that indicates this is a twin This is a ranger right out on the front

Leonard Raskin  22:59

they played for it was terrible that’s right there they even had low in game interview thing with a guy what your there’s five was that what it was five or six

Nestor Aparicio  23:08

a lot of effort into these primary jerseys to make them beautiful and timeless and ageless. And then they just they urinate upon them

Leonard Raskin  23:14

whether that was terrible it was terrible terrible you didn’t know who was who was from where is just ridiculous and and I don’t know if I like the in game interview nonsense I don’t players that’s kind of weird. It’s kind of like a pitcher do I didn’t like oh that was that was really weird. He’s got How about when he about when he was on and the batter was on? I think they talked to each other when they’re playing is they were talking to the pitcher like talk to the batter that was really bizarre Yeah, I I guess they’re trying to look they’re trying to get the 20 Somethings or the teen sometimes to watch the game that’s what it’s about that younger generation wants once that instant gratification turns out nobody wants 87 million people watch the game the worst watch game and so as old guys are watching and they were were bitching about it and i said

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

i i text Luke and I text Jen because she wasn’t here and I’m like yep, I waited all day for this terrible like yeah that’s letter Raskin is here he has weighed all his life for the Orioles to be this competitive. He is now home the Dodgers are in Luke’s the ballpark footballs around the corner. I guess we’ll get to talk to about all that. But bottom line on Alaska is it cost a lot of money. You have to save money if you can do it less elevator speech for what it’s gonna cost me and why I have a guy like you to keep me from being careless with my money.

Leonard Raskin  24:36

Yeah, well, you know, bottom line is we can all buy stuff. And a lot of people like to get stuff I personally have, you know, the stuff that I need. I have a few things that I want. I don’t have much over the top stuff. And I’d rather do I’d rather go I’d rather experience and you’d rather take a ride on the boat and own the boat. Yeah, exactly. Actually, look, I’d rather have a friend that has one the experience of the boat is good and don’t offer to pay for the gas. Take the crabs it’s cheaper. Right? But But yeah, you know, put your money away go go places, you’re not going to remember the bigger TV, or the newer car that has a luster of five minutes. But you go to the south of France or you go to Alaska. Look, you just said North Dakota, South Dakota, how many people how many people never leave their neighborhood and then stretch that out to the county stretch that out to the state? Yes, big world bordered by

Nestor Aparicio  25:36

for me having having extra money. Like the experiences that I bought with my money if I try tomorrow broke, that’s I just telling people about how majestic New Zealand is or how beautiful edible moonray is or how incredible Tokyo is or cultures are going other places. Even if it’s just going to Disney World and having that kind of experience with your family. You save to be able to do that to say you don’t want to put it on your credit card. And you know, I have a credit card. I’m going to be paying this vacation off the next year and a half. Maybe she’d be taking the vacation. Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  26:13

that’s not a vacation you should be taken. No, that’s when you get in the car drive the kids down to Ocean City for the day or two and stay in the plinth Plaza.

Nestor Aparicio  26:23

That’s you know what you said that that’s what my mom my mother was poor right in the 70s. So that was her show of love to me. That’s right. Like in her whole life. Her biggest show of love to me was taken me to the plinth Plaza and Ocean City couple of days down all these years later. I remember that love.

Leonard Raskin  26:39

That’s right. And that’s that’s what matters. That’s what in the long run. You know, my son’s gonna remember going to the Super Bowl. He’s gonna remember Alaska, he’s gonna remember Paris and London with his family. What car we drove, what year how big the TV was. Who cares? You know, you got an iPhone seven or an iPhone 14. They both make phone calls. Get over it. Use that money to do something that’s amazing that you’ll remember forever. By experience. It’s way more valuable for you and your family. And it keeps you young. You know, we had we had elderly people on this trip with us not we weren’t one of them. I was not elderly. But I mean, there were people in their 70s 80s almost I could see 90s waited their whole life to Dad canes and walkers and they were getting on and off a bus to see the sights and just overwhelmed Yeah, trip of a lifetime and they were doing it and on the cruise on the trains. Across the board people were were there and there were some people with kids, little kids that were there and you just think to myself, you know, that’s a that’s a great experience for a five year old. 10 year old. They’re gonna remember Alaska forever. And that’s what it’s about. So yeah, save your pennies, do the right thing with it. Don’t worry about the stuff think about the the opportunities when I talk to people and they say oh, my spouse doesn’t like to travel us. So go alone, find a friend go with a friend. Don’t don’t let that hold you back. Let your spouse stay home and your spouse doesn’t want to go okay, I’ll try them. Go without them. Why waste the ticket? Find somebody else who will pay to go and spend more money on you.

Nestor Aparicio  28:20

That’s what you’re asking giving that creek spend more money on you. I love asking global living the American dream it’s certainly a back with a full report in Alaska, while the foreign port and Orioles baseball by the end of the week. And obviously the Ravens getting going a couple weeks from now. You can find letters out at reskinned global for great financial advice. Certainly all sorts of interesting information up on his website about saving your money, what to do with your money, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes, all of those type of things. That’s what he does. That’s why where I’m at. And by the way, I have your crab mallet but it’s in my bag. I still have not used it. I went to college I i still smoke crabs on my fingers. I was at cost of Sunday. For the game. I went there with Chris pica. We had the big ones that were delicious. But on the third of August, I am breaking your mallet out and you don’t have the Mal and I had to Coco’s the other day you can watch a segment. I had day shine and I had Chris pike or excuse me, y’all microsc Liana with me and I had the mallet. I felt like Richard share in the square off. You know what I mean? It was like the Cabo gavel, so I don’t want to steal I love Richard I don’t want to steal his gig. Love Oprah and Greg share too, but I do feel like when I have your mallet I feel like a Richard share. You go bang the table so you gotta go to Costas my beer on the other end. August 3 is our 25th anniversary come on out to join us then at cost is all day on the third then on the fourth will be a drug city all the free stuff is going to be a Costas on the third because I’m bringing out in boxes. I’m setting it up come get a shirt, come get a hat come get a book whatever I have that still in boxes from that era. I have I’m petered out bumper sticker I have all sorts of stuff. Stuff that may or may not be I have old nasty newsletters you You want to take it if you don’t I’m going to eat crabs on it with the letter Rascon basket global crab mallet I am Nestor we are WNS TA and 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stopped talking the American Dream Alaskan pennant race baseball here at Baltimore positive

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