The Gun Show can bring them back to Camden Yards

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After his historic home run at Camden Yards at the tender age of 21, Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the likes of Gunnar Henderson and big bombs as a reason to come back to Camden Yards as the Orioles continue to win.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive positively into the summer time, summertime, this guy will be here on Thursday get you on the back end of the Ravens mini camp this week. They’re going to close down the shop at the end of the week. You’re Dennis Colossus. I know sometimes you’d like to do that over Coons, Baltimore, Ford security Boulevard just for a couple of days. They get in my six, seven weeks to shut down here after this week, but they’re going to make it through and I know you’re watching your purple bird watching as much as everybody else is watching gunner Anderson. That is Colossus joins us now from couture. He’ll be here on Thursday from three of the five get you home. What are you looking for this week we find we’re gonna throw the football or I’m gonna see that finger chip catch from Odell Beckham the that they have and Lamar hitting guys in stride and all that. It really it’s a PR thing as much as it’s anything this week, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  00:53

It really, you know, haven’t been there and done that Nestor in my lifetime. I don’t pay too much attention. When guys are wandering around the gym shorts and T shirts. I tend to pay a lot more attention when the pads come on. That’s when you separate the men from the boys so to speak. We’ve heard a term before looks like Tarzan plays like Jane and again having first hand experience of not being the most athletic but you put on the pads that’s when the physicality comes out and that’s when it’s live and let’s get to that point right but it’ll be good to see obj and camp and the headlines whatnot. But look, it is what it is.

Nestor Aparicio  01:31

I’ve been doing this 31 years and taking phone calls and the Orioles have stunk most of the years. So this time of the year and the 90s it was well you know we’ll watch the team and see you know what happens this is a different vibe for baseball and what’s going on it’s it’s obviously unprecedented but but don’t start in one year it’s it’s pretty unprecedented to have this much hope and youth and like all of that it’s a it’s it’s a new franchise for the time being until John shows back up and offers to show his books to me and others. But the football team has had this tumultuous offseason. All of this question all of the turmoil all the Lamar Athan, all of that the football team the franchise from where we measure them this week, and the other 31 cities. This is a time for everyone to think they can win the Super Bowl. But they’ve done a nice job this they’re gonna get off the bus this week, looking like a real football team. And that’s whether it’s row Quan Smith throwing first pitches out whether it’s Justin Tucker showing up and kicking seven yard field goals in June because he can do that, or whether it’s just Odell Beckham, bringing in his ring and shining it up for you and I got rings. We got two of them. We’ve seen it all. Hey, nobody out there other than hardball. And to caster that Ken and Justin talker that are going to talk about winning a Super Bowl Odell Beckham brings a little bit of that in, but this is the time for them to get to know each other and get whatever the Orioles have, which is feels like a team chemistry that the Orioles have about them a little bit that the Ravens have tried to import heart with ro Quan Smith draft heart with say flowers resign heart with Lamar Jackson and part of the Odell Beckham. The whole scenario with it’s so bizarre, but it was like here’s a toy for Lamar to get Lamar to sign in. And now it all has to come together and Todd Monken has got one football to get to these guys.

Dennis Koulatsos  03:26

Yeah, he really does. He’s got to install us offensively. It seems like they’re gonna give Lamar Jackson, more freedom at the line of scrimmage. What’s the thought he had all along? I don’t know if that’s anything new. Maybe he can improvise a little bit more. And how can Lamar

Nestor Aparicio  03:37

have more freedom at the line of scrimmage and he’s had he could do whatever he wants with the football? Well, he

Dennis Koulatsos  03:42

can but but that’s when you if you don’t like the play called you change it without checking with the coaches, which is all well and good as long as the play well works. If he throws a pick up puts the ball on the ground, different story for a different day, but the

Nestor Aparicio  03:56

art of being in the building during the week and saying Now we get up here on fourth and one we’re gonna do this and less unless they do this and if they do this, you audible but so all of that, like baseball gets scrimmaged. Now literally right. That’s that’s what the install of all of this is so that when they get under fire in the fourth quarter in Cleveland, they’re not guessing as to what they’re going to do.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:19

Well, what part of what made Tom Brady so dangerous was Tom Brady Peyton Manning, two of the all time breaks, greats work. They had the playbook at their fingertips at the line of scrimmage, they can move guys around, they could improvise, they can change plays, etc. And I think your top four or five quarterbacks in the NFL had that type of power and that type of pool. Well, they can change calls and make calls without consequence. And I think that’s the key. I was really sad last year to see when Mr. Jackson made a bad interception through a bad interception against the Giants. It seemed like they shut the offense down and made them more to a game manager. Well, when you put the ball up in the air 4050 times it’s high risk, high reward. And I think that’s what I’m looking to see is I’m having confidence and Lamar Jackson and not turtle? Should he happen to put the ball on the ground kind of over?

Nestor Aparicio  05:05

Well, you’re talking about them throwing the football more. I mean, everybody’s going to be talking about that everybody’s going to be looking for that more, even though mungkin history isn’t that I think when you see the wide receiver room and you see Mark Andrews, and you see that you pay $52 million to Lamar to allegedly not run into linebackers anymore. And I still think there’s gonna be a healthy dose of that because that’s what he knows. And then Dobbins is already cranky, and it’s, he was cranky in May. So I there is part of all of this, that that’s why John gets the big box facility managing all those personalities. I think

Dennis Koulatsos  05:39

our running backs are cranky, and they should be because they get the short end of the stick. Particularly we’re playing under the rookie contract they’ve had a ton of carries in college to get the common carriers in the pros and all of a sudden, well we’ll just going to draft somebody else to replace you. Right so that’s why I don’t think it’s a it’s a JK Dobbins situation specifically, you look at Josh Josh Jacobs with the Raiders now he wants to carry the torch for all running back. So I do think is specific to the position and right now if you have a kid in high school, who’s got NFL potential, and he’s a linebacker slash running back, you take them down the road Quan Smith Trail, not on the offense, we’re gonna get the health knocked out of him, whether he’s running the ball pass blocking, going out for pass, etc. Those guys are run blocking those guys. I mean, they’re on the front line. They’re crashed on which is what they are remember Sam gashes all the great pull backs are able to fed. I mean, those guys don’t age real well. I mean, it could be another guy, right? Yeah, Yep, absolutely. So again, I don’t I don’t see that. It’s Jake. I don’t think it’s anything personal. JK Dobbins. I get it. But he’s had two knee injuries one in college and one in the pros significant injuries and so for JK to chirps that he’s not real happy and it’s nothing unusual but he’ll show up just like Patrick Wayne and all these guys that are playing for contract playing for roster spot, Ben Cleveland cetera. So I do think they’re famous have a great dynamic between your veterans, your row Quan Smith, your modern hunt for your leaders on the defensive side of the ball. More question marks though, on the offensive side of the ball, for the reasons you cited?

Nestor Aparicio  07:08

Well, how much they’ll pass that will be answered in September. But if the install of this and again, the All of these are PR weeks for me, I mean, I know what the ravens are, they throw people like me out to ask tough questions, so they can move more camera people in from to show memes and and and shoot little video snippets of how beautiful the offense is going to look this week. So I’m sure there’s going to be a little bit of that. But part of it also is just what are the circumstances and situations was a flowers with Bateman? I mean, they’ve got a an embarrassment of riches in their in their wide receiver room that they haven’t had a long, long time. We’re not talking about James Brochet and Devin DuVernay, right now. I mean, those guys, we’re not talking about them. If they make their way onto the field, they play their themselves forward. Because the wide receiver room yours full of number one draft picks, oh,

Dennis Koulatsos  08:02

five of them to be exact. And let’s not forget, they also have a very deep, tight end room not just with Mark Andrews, but as a unlikely, Charlie color. He’s a dude, you know, the guy didn’t play much last year, overcoming that sports hernia. But yeah, they have an embarrassment of riches that you said, but offense does take more time to develop and defense defense is more read and react type but and you get these instinctive players a second year and Mike McClellan’s system. Whereas now, as you mentioned, Todd muck has got to come in install a new offense. And it’s going to take time and timing for this thing to come together. So I don’t know what fans expect. But it’s not going to be confused. Let’s not confuse this offense with air Coriell. Right, what we’ll have downfield, so they’ll those mercurial wide receivers and tight ends that they had back in the day, I’m expecting the 5050 Pass run ratio, hopefully the Ravens will get ahead of other teams by touch center to where they can actually run clock, and they’ll be able to do that. That’s what I’m excited about. The offensive line should be solid, and they should be able to run clock, please clock, take time off the clock and actually score some points with this new and improved offense.

Nestor Aparicio  09:04

You see 5050 That’s that’s interesting to me. You know what I mean? Like that, that would look like 25 runs in 25 passes. Like yeah, it doesn’t

Dennis Koulatsos  09:12

it doesn’t have to be like that. I think the worst 55% run pass ratio last year so it doesn’t have to be 60 65% Pass most your teams are balanced, they run the ball, as well as the compassionate Nester so I do think if they’re able to scheme wide receivers open tight ends open and I think that may be the difference between Todd Monken and Greg Roman and that Monken is more advanced in terms of concept, rub routes, etc. flood zones just to try to get the receivers some separation

Nestor Aparicio  09:41

that just go out so she’s here he’ll be back here on Thursday again for three and the five but if you hear him on Sunday mornings here he and Luke will be going through the Gunnar Henderson trials as well as the the end of the of a mini camp that puts the team away sort of out of sight out of mind for about six weeks. The baseball focus over the weekend. I mean, you can’t talk about bad team, the Royals, but you sweep a bad team. The star is born of Gunnar Henderson at 21 years of age that finally swinging the bat the way that the team envision come at a 21 year old guy here. We would say that about Lamar four or five years ago, we’d say that about Adley, rutschman, four or five years ago, and he’s still in college doing this. The team’s exciting right now. And it’s been an exciting, slow burn going back to April and into May and winning and now we’re into June. But more than anything, once you put it away on Thursday with Luke and we get you out on Sunday morning, there’s nothing football related, that’s going to happen for six weeks. Really nothing is going on for about 11 weeks in regard to a real game being played other than whatever injuries and nags I’ll have with those crappy August games that have always been that. But the baseball team gets a full focus and a full summer to ride a wave that they’ve earned at this point. I mean, there have been points where Grayson Rodriguez fell apart. It’s been two weeks now on Mullins and they brought in hits. The baseball team has appointed themselves nicely. I mean, we’re in the middle of a really interesting year. I’ve been doing this a long time celebrating 25th year of NSD. This is as interesting as summer for local sports as we’d had here.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:16

It really is an ester and a casual fan like myself. I’ve been I’ve been brought back into the fold. I’m going to go to a game this week and taking some more Orioles baseball. I love what Gunnar Henderson said it was something to the effect that I can’t wait to get my man strength or something like that many Christ at home run to Utah Street, right. So this is a very fun bunch and to get to attract and casual fans like myself, and not I’m not the only one I’ve talked to a lot of people in my circle who are hardcore football fanatics, and they’re also started taking some samba Orioles baseball and to your point a few weeks ago, we can get the football crowd at Camden Yards. Boy boy, it’s gonna be loud and festive and a lot of fun. And in support of this team.

Nestor Aparicio  11:53

I go back to that Pedro Martinez night that is the night that I remember that the football thing had become mature. The baseball thing had gotten very sour with Angelo’s. And we really stunk and everybody knew we stunk. And we were getting out spent outplayed out everything. And they opened the season on a Sunday night and ESPN was in and Pedro was on it. And it was just it was a football crowd at Camden Yards. I’ve never not even the Delmon young, that’s all the baseball crowd we seen it been baseball fans, you know, it’s very white. It’s very old, very family very grandma, that that’s been what the baseball crowd is look like. I’m interested to see whether it’s more of that whether it changes when I have friends coming from out of town from Pennsylvania over the weekend, take their boy to a game. It’s certainly a much different thing to see this stadium or full givin away bobbleheads, having started looking up seeing the team’s 20 games over 500. It’s it’s exciting for people that have never seen it in I remember 79 and 83 and 96 and 90. I’m old enough to remember all that. There’s certainly a lot of people that as good as it gets as a double in a second round of the playoffs for Delmon young, you’re still hanging your hat on that. And we’re 23 years into the century. And that’s the best you can do. I hope they can create something better than that. Because the Anderson homerun was memorable. I mean, they put these little pieces of memorable things together that you’d want to have in a season. But part of that is they’re going to have full focus. They’re going to win some big games in the next couple of weeks. And they’re going to be a playoff bound team. And that’s something that as training camp opens, that’s something that city hasn’t had in a long time.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:32

It really has industry. It’s also great to see a more diverse, more inclusive crowd. Dare I say it at Camden Yards. I know that when the O’Shea Otani came into town, a lot of Asian sub people well, I went there in support of him and it was just great. Great to see that type of an atmosphere at the stadium. I certainly enjoyed it.

Nestor Aparicio  13:49

Well, I’m looking forward to get back out for winning baseball. What’s going on over to dealership give me a little summer status report over coons ball report security Boulevard. I see the commercials in the Orioles games crystals are coming at us. But if someone calls right now and needs a vehicle where are they in? Especially with trade ins at this point?

Dennis Koulatsos  14:08

Yeah, they’re coming. I was so busy last week, Lester, that when that’s the thing with the Canadian fires happened up there in New York and whatnot. And the air quality was very poor. I didn’t get the memo until late that night and I was completely off the grid there

Nestor Aparicio  14:21

was a carbecue on 695 I was completely off the

Dennis Koulatsos  14:25

grid and even the next morning when actually smelled the odor on the air. I’m thinking what’s going on maybe I should look into this thing but that’s how busy we’ve been here queued for Baltimore. The getting three or four trailer loads a transport trailer trailer loads a day. I’ve got a lot of super duties a big heavy trucks that that is so critical to our economy. The business owners are worn out they’re flying off the shelf and a lot of tradings. We traded 19 retail pieces over the weekend late model vehicle, the frontline ready, so business is very good 0% for 36 months and most of our models mass and again, it’s phenomenal.

Nestor Aparicio  14:58

Well zero for 30 Six gets everybody’s attention including my wife who’s shopping, drove the Bronco sport but wants a different color wants different model wants sunroof. So all of those needs will be met. I am around all week Luke is going to be at the ballpark Luke is going to be one of these. Thanks, Dennis with the chat steal Greg Bader issue. Luke is doing double duty this week because they won’t let me in. I don’t know if it’s my hair. I haven’t I’m trying to investigate.

Dennis Koulatsos  15:26

Exactly. Their last put through that way. I’m more

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

fun than Luke even Luke will tell you that I’m a little louder. But Luke will be a working of doing the businessman special in the afternoon at an Owings Mills for all of the soft toss going on during a mini camp with John hardball, as well as in the evenings with the Blue Jays in town. Hey, at least games we talked about this this week as well. That is because of the schedule of baseball and we’re seeing more of the brewers and we’re gonna see the Cubs this weekend and we’re seeing all the teams, these division games take on even more oomph. That when Toronto comes in, or Tampa comes in to the Red Sox or the Yankees come in, more important that they win these games so certainly a big big week for baseball big week for football. I know your monitor but you made it tough for the NBA Finals are what are you doing?

Dennis Koulatsos  16:14

Absolutely. Gotta keep a little eye on the NBA Finals. Denver has Miami on the ropes but anything could happen. So I’m watching that with with great, great interest and I’m going to see a game against the Blue Jays. I like competitive games. I don’t like to see necessarily the Orioles going up against patsies. I want to see some good competition out there.

Nestor Aparicio  16:31

Well, I had to pass these over the weekend and broke out the brooms on the larly Kansas City Royals. We’ll see how they do against Blue Jays. Yeah, my wife has a bird feeder that she’s been feeding the birds since we moved out to the county. And we have Cardinals. We have woodpeckers, all sorts of things, you know, all kinds of creatures. But the Blue Jays my wife gives that peanuts to the squirrels and the Blue Jays come in and like Lena like the Blue Jays. Blue Jays are nasty. I never really understood what they were a little bigger than most other birds. And they’re not like crows or even like vultures or turkey vultures where they really come in and make a stink. But Blue Jays and they have this horn about them. They don’t sound like a bird. They sound a little bit like a horn. And they’re nasty Blue Jays. So I have I’ve personally I’ve never liked the Blue Jays since 89. I want to make that clear since Ido Gaston. I’ve had a blue J problem but I thought it was a baseball Canadian issue. Turns out they’re really angry little birds. So hey

Dennis Koulatsos  17:26

saw beautiful majestic Eagle Eye fishing Sunday at Loch Raven. I’ll send you the picture. It’s just an I’m talking about a beautiful, majestic bird with a big beak. I mean, they’re just something that they hold.

Nestor Aparicio  17:36

I did the show at MC falls, oyster and real and deep Essex Middle River, your side of the place. The MC falls Iron Horse tavern, up near the radio station like up Cromwell Bridge Road. First week of February, my wife and I, someone put a picture up that they saw Eagles there. I told my wife. So we jumped in the car went over there. We went every day for about a week. And there were nesting juvenile eagles, tons of them a dozen of them in on the tree line where the creek is, as you drive north of Cromwell, where you would make the left to go to the reservoir you go straight as you’re going up Cromwell Bridge Road like you’re going Harford County you’re just going north up toward the toward the wine country. And on the left side Eagle Eagle Eagle Eagle mother Eagle baby Eagles big nest of eagles. So the eagle thing is real and it’s once you if you went one day to see him you will go back the next day.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:37

Sure. Well, fun fact for you before I let you go an eagle when when they leave the nest nest or it’s the biggest I’ll ever be. That gets smaller as time goes on. But when he when he when they are ready to leave the rest of the nest. They are big strong. And they’re game ready right out of the gate.

Nestor Aparicio  18:55

Well, I am going to next winter go back and see if I can find them nesting because they were nesting there because they can eat the fish. Right.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:04

Plenty of Fish for them. Yep,

Nestor Aparicio  19:05

absolutely. Get some Eagles out there. Last Eagle I saw I was going up to Hollywood casino on opening day. On opening day I took the back road. So I took Harford road. I went over the Conowingo you know instead of going over 40 Or going over 95 I just took the back road. And I was coming down whatever the access road is. On the other side in Cecil County, where like Perry Ville in Port deposit, I came down south and it’s just a it’s just a little road it hugs the water. There’s nothing on a couple houses, and I looked up giant giant eagle. So I think if you hang out up on kind of Wingo you’re gonna run into an eagle right? Eventually. Absolutely. Nothing like it. It was never that easy. When I was a kid to see an eagle. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  19:53

It wasn’t but now we’re also looking from these days as well. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  19:56

As you get older. Yeah, my wife she’s now at six now. 95 and stuff like that attention to the First Eagle I ever saw a bald eagle ever saw was in Montana. I was in Great Falls Montana in 1994. And the next Eagle I saw was in Jackson Hole Wyoming five years ago we went on a trip to see Pearl Jam we went to Yellowstone I have now seen 20 Eagles within 15 minutes in my house right so I remember when they were endangered so when you see an eagle I gotta send your picture let’s share the picture at the CO awesome so where is

Dennis Koulatsos  20:29

it I’m gonna I’m gonna I want to post it right away on Twitter

Nestor Aparicio  20:31

so we can all enjoy it. You got it everyone any Eagle you want except the Philadelphia Eagles There you go. I don’t I don’t agree with those eagles. All right Dennis. Glad to still be here. We’ll beat the Eagles up in season we will play them this year so we got to it probably not a good thing although that kid signing up there open the door for Lamar to sign so if you’re all down with Lamar

Dennis Koulatsos  20:51

luck, hopefully we play them in the Superbowl. Nothing wrong with that. All birds loosen Super Bowl.

Nestor Aparicio  20:57

I was always saying that with the Washington football team we ever get in a Super Bowl. And then I realized they’re never gonna make the Super Bowl so they’re not Eagles might. I hear they’re under new ownership. The Washington team

Dennis Koulatsos  21:08


that trip 90% 90% there got to punch it in.

Nestor Aparicio  21:11

Good luck with that. I still see another lawsuit. Dan’s got lawyers and henchmen. He is Dennis Colossus. He is the colossal show out on Twitter saying as well as that that is Colossus. You can find him out at the front of Baltimore positive. You can find him at the front of the show room at security Boulevard just a block west of the beltway if you’re at the security Boulevard and of course you’ll be here Thursday three into five and again on Sunday morning from eight until about noon. He ran a little long this weekend. That’s fine with great guests you’ll have this week as well. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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