Who says you can’t go home to Dundalk?

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When the Maryland Crab Cake Tour comes home to Dundalk and one of your best childhood pals is a fellow DHS Owl Class of 1985, the green and gold pride starts to beam. Nestor and pal Stan Jablonski talk about community stock, science and traveling the world to see and appreciate their mutual love of their hometown in a new light.


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Paul Satterfield, Nestor J. Aparicio, Stan Jablonski

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively a Costas in in fantastic Dundalk. Some people call it Sparrows Point sparrows points that way we’re still going to take the 21222 here. It is all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’m getting down to my last handful my accordion of Raven scratch offs, I gotta get Ross to give me some of these, or some of those gingerbread is a scented, they’re not scratching, sniff they’re not sniffers. They’re scented. They also have peppermint ones for the holidays, but they’re given these way. I hope I have some some lucky folks. You know one thing is when you give a lottery ticket away and don’t let people say thank you very much. And I’m like why don’t know if you want or not. And the fella says I’ve already feel like a winner because you gave me one. And I’m like that’s cool, because they don’t have second chances on the back. It’s and I’m gonna get to stand your blocky and second chances are in a moment when donation also sponsors us 800 866 90 nation I said it’s 800 866 90 nation I said 800 was my number Sporting News Radio is 800 Wonder nation is easy buy to get to free five years 0% financing through the holidays and our friends at Jiffy Lube. Multi care, I get my oil change. I brag all the time Mayor Boulevard here in Dundalk. I have a little orange thing going on a couple of weeks ago. We took care of that. They’ll take good care of you as well. Second segment we did a long, long segment with the folks from Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I did everything I could do to not sign up to be the visionary of the year. I could try to convince them I’m not a visionary. I’m not a man of the year I’m not at that stuff. But the standard Blonsky was over here nodding his head signing me up and you believe that I’m going to they’re going to Johnny Bravo me right you believe this? Well,

Stan Jablonski  01:41

you know I’m sure high school friend and I was over there envision and that you wore some really cool sunglasses in school or something that had something to do with it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:48

Are you saying I was cool in high school? Don’t tell people that man They’ll never believe that Stan? Standard Polanski’s my high school friend. He’s been on the program before it drugs city. He does not live here. It is true serendipity that you wind up in Dundalk when I’m doing the show here. You wrote to me a couple of weeks ago. Hey, I’m in Dundalk for a week with my mom. You’re doing the show. I want to come by and then I suckered you on to being you’re getting snookered onto the show in the way that they’re trying to snooker me and divisionary. But I wanted to have you on because Paul Satterfield is on his way over he’s principled Dundalk Hi, and your father and your family when I think it Dundalk you are entrenched in the community here. Your father worked at Dundalk High was a longtime science teacher, by the way, had George Schulman on Did you see Charlemagne show? I did. I actually went on the show with my birthday, Dan, drug city, your father and George Shulin and de fantaisie and a bunch of other really good people made up the science department at Dundalk High School. I mean, you knew the Periodic Table of Elements by the time you were in like middle school, right?

Stan Jablonski  02:51

I did. I did with a chemistry degree at that too. But yeah, my dad was there for almost 30 years. My parents started their careers at Dundalk high they met fell in love your mother was a teacher right? She did this she Yeah. She raised she’s a teacher now. She is She is She teaches her family of teachers. Right? We aren’t God bless them. Right. What do you teach anybody? To teach anybody anything? So

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:17

well stands back from Chicago. You You’ve lived in other places, but you’ve traveled the world. So I was telling folks today my wife is in Paris right now. She’s at one of our favorite restaurants having a little like steak and french fries and doing it up on you know, one of those avenues, Roshi Ford or whoever they were. And I said that to you today and you’re like, Oh, well, Paris used to go every year. Dude, you’re the most rural traveled. Person. there’s ever been from Dundalk. Like, seriously, right. I mean, is there anyone you haven’t been? You’ve been to Moscow. I’ve been to Moscow. You’ve been to St. Petersburg. Now. You’ve been to Haiti. Now. You’ve been near South America everywhere. Everywhere. Asia? Multiple times. Yeah. Yeah.

Stan Jablonski  04:00

You worked for an Asian company for long. I did. I worked for a Japanese company for a long time. You’ve been to the Philippines. Now. You’ve been to Singapore. And that really? Kind of was Carta. Anything like that? Wait, at least I went to Australia, Dubai. I had been to Israel. That’s been to Israel. Okay. All right. All right. Had a great time in Africa, South Africa, that Africa and Antarctica, the only tucan inside Minto. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:26

one of these days. So here’s the cool part about Stan Stan and I met first week of high school. Same time I met Don Mohler. So we September of 1982. Stan had already been there because I came from a junior high not a middle school, right. So you had Middle School, you spent ninth grade at Dundalk high. I spent ninth grade and Holabird junior high at the time, so it’s long time ago. They didn’t. So I met you then. And your dad’s in the biology science space. I was always the reporter guy, right. I remember you played on the football team and I had to spell your name I’m writing a newspaper me and Kevin EQ, writing for the Dundalk owl. And like all these years later, but like you surfaced in my life in the late 90s In Chicago, and you’re working for this company and I wasn’t traveling, I barely had a passport at the time. And you had like traveled all over the world through your job. What could you tell somebody? What could you tell the younger person to stand in 1982 about seeing the world being a kid from Dundalk, because, you know, when you’re in Dundalk, you see the world is like Towson Ocean City. Yeah, that’s true, you know, Disney World once in a lifetime. Right?

Stan Jablonski  05:33

Yeah, exactly. Um, you not been fortunate to go around the world and just did embrace the different cultures and differences in the world. You know, it’s just fantastic. You know, you were the


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:44

guy I called all my life. When I’m like, going to Buenos Aires for the first time. I’m going to Paris for the first time or I’m going to England, London. I’m like, call Stan. He’s been there call Stan. He’s been there. So I mean, you don’t look all that impressive, but you’re fast forward something. Do you know?

Stan Jablonski  06:02

Well, it’s funny, you know, as a kid, you take Flat Stanley around you take pictures and like Flat Stanley went to different places. And I still remember I was in Puerto Madero in in Buenos Aires, and I had Purple Rain. One of your Purple Rain books that I took to one of our favorite restaurants and steak, my

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:18

favorite restaurant, the best restaurant I’ve ever been to in the world. It was fantastic. So anybody wants a tip? It’s called Cabana, loss loss. And it wasn’t my tip. I think the New York Times called it the best restaurant world 25 years ago, something and I saw it and we went there. We sat down and ordered and not thinking like, I mean, it’s kind of a cowboy goat show Steakhouse. It will remind you of a Texas or like a Wyoming cattle. You know, it’s not Ruth’s Chrissy it’s not white tablecloth tea, but they bring you empanadas. And it was just the best meal I’ve ever had my life. It was so good that two nights later, we went back. So we went back twice on four nights, reading dinner anywhere you want. Buenos Aires has 15 million people. So like, you know, it’s New York Times about three. I mean, it’s just a densely, incredibly populated place. And my story from that trip is in oh six, as I called you, and you had never been there. And you’ve been there a couple times since I sent you there right afterward. So we share these ideas. But the first time I was there was an O six. And we had an American newspaper at the Marriott we were staying and not an American English newspaper, not American English, periodical in Argentina. And on the cover was this young soccer superstar, Lionel Messi. And I looked into it. And you know, all these years later, when you think about the culture of soccer, and spending any time in Argentina to try to explain to somebody from Dundalk what soccer culture is like, that was way in this area. It’s just, it’s incredible. I was

Stan Jablonski  07:56

one of the coolest experiences I had, I was fortunate to see Argentina play Chile, and a World Cup qualifier in Buenos Aires and river plots a where was it? Yeah, it was in River Plate stadium. And it was it was phenomenal. I saw the stones there. So that was good. You know, and Messi is a little guy but the stuff he can do with the soccer balls, I don’t believe so messy play at the river plot. They are seen in a World Cup qualifying World Cup. And it was bizarre because the chile fans, you know, these people don’t like each other in sports, you know, at all. You can go to a game here and you do have the other team and the fans. They annoy you. But you’ll get along at the end of the day. Well, in the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. They look like prisoners almost there’s like barbed wire around. Yeah, it’s a cage. Yeah. And yeah, they literally hold up the rest of the fans until the opposing fans have time to leave and like get away from the stadium. It’s crazy. It’s bizarre. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:50

was told when I was in Brazil, there was a game at and I probably should have done this right. As we sit here, daddy Lee is playing and if you seen the Russian REO video of 200,000 people singing the words to y, y, z. There are no words to y, y, z. They were just singing the melody that in Atlanta that so so that was at the Americana stadium. It’s like it’s the biggest stadium in the world. You can look you can check that out. But you can see American art from from Rio and often that distance if you’re up on the hill if you’re up at Corcovado. And I remember there was a game at American all that day, and it wasn’t a particularly good matchup. It wasn’t going to be 200,000 people there that day. But I asked people if we should go to the game, and they told me Don’t take your wife to a soccer game. The literally that’s what they told me. They said don’t take your wife. You don’t want to take your wife there. I had many people tell me that in 2006. So for that reason, we went to see you too in Sao Paulo. We saw the stones on the beach in Ipanema. And Copacabana. But we did not go to American art because I was led to believe it wouldn’t be a really tolerable place for my wife in 2006 So that’s why I didn’t see a soccer game in Brazil. Yeah.

Stan Jablonski  10:13

That was a good I didn’t feel safe. Yeah, I never went to a soccer game in Brazil, but the one I went to in Argentina was pretty cool. I bet

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:21

you went to one of their steak houses like the like the focus of the show right now. Yeah, everybody goes to one. That’s a real thing, by the way. Oh, yeah, for sure. When you go to Brazil, that’s real. That’s true. Rio cuisine when you’re there? Oh, yeah, for sure. Standard bathrooms from Dundalk. He’s been all over. I didn’t know where this was going to go. But I think it’s it would speak to when Paul Satterfield gets here and we start talking about Dundalk High School, just the possibilities of life here in the 70s and 80s. We’ve talked so much about the plant with John Allen did the show with me with Aaron to marchio we talked about the point so your dad your experience in Dundalk was your dad was a teacher science teacher Dundalk. Hi, my dad’s experienced with stopping it cost us on Friday after get his paycheck and bring us home shrimp. Maybe getting a beer here. I don’t think he ever went to Gail’s remembers my dad wasn’t like but my dad would always come to Costas. And when he left he would always bring steamed shrimp home from a mom. That was my mom would say Yeah, bring me some shrimp. So that gave my dad a place to stop and get a beer with a work buddy get a free ride home. But my dad took the bus. My dad took the number four and the number 10 bus to Bethlem steel in the 1970s when I was a kid, and we did the show at York City last year, and they told me at the Museum of industry, the Baltimore Museum of Industrial key highway, that there was an exhibition that honored the point that honored the people of Sparrows Point the people that work the Bethlem steel that fed all of our families, not your family, but all your father’s students. Parents all worked at the point or worked at

Stan Jablonski  11:51

GM, right? Oh, yeah, man, Stan. All right. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:55

I finally made it to the Museum of industry. The other night I was the emcee for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge event. Evening I hope that they had David Modell was honored by his wife Michelle is very very emotional and support the Hope Lodge if you can, but I went down that night and I got there early because I’m the emcee and I’m trying to shave and look nice and know where to stand and do all that raid route rules. Atlanta caterers buffet, by the way, have you ever seen a mashed potato bar

Stan Jablonski  12:25

stand? Now that was cool. So that’s the

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:29

that’s why we’ll from Atlanta caterers data, mashed potato bar, this museum industry. So when in stand It’s unbelievable that we’re there’s a whole room that’s an exhibit to the point. And then there’s the outdoor like, exhibit that it’s half the size of the wall here cost this I mean, it’s it’s a nice 60 foot long exhibit with the entire history of our community of Dundalk. Right? And of steel and Bethlem steel. And John brought this name it was very productive name, but like a camp community where you like, lived and worked. A work town kind of like something that should be illegal, right? I mean, we’re, you lived in the community, you worked for the status 100 years ago? Yeah. Right. Where like, you’re not a slave, but like a slave to the company. Like you couldn’t leave, you know, they, they they held your residency and your job, right. You know, there wasn’t a lot of freedom. But all of this began down here 100 years ago, and my father signed up to come to Baltimore to work at Merritt Martin Marietta during the war met my mother and Essex, but my dad worked at the point from 1962 until 1988 He died 1992 So you know, my dad spent the end of his life down here. And your father was teaching kids like me whose fathers all work there. Dundalk has such a rich history and unlike the I think, and people go places from Dundalk, and people leave Dundalk and live make a life in Chicago with kids and a wife and come back and take care of their mother but your your parents never left never left ondoc Your mother is still here and then same house.

Stan Jablonski  14:11

And both my sisters that live in the in the area and they’re this This is always my hope and I tell

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:17

people in Chicago about Dundalk when they say Hey, stand your Blonsky Where are you from? You know that Midwest? You know all that stuff? They say you say I’m from Baltimore, right? You don’t just say no. I think you from Ireland. CC Baltimore. What do they say to you? Bang bang the wire. Reg Lewis, what do they say to you? Krabs What do they say? Dad

Stan Jablonski  14:38

kind of all the above you know, it’s it’s got a good and a bad reputation at the same time. But you know, most big cities do so, but you know, the Orioles and the Ravens in the water and the crabs and the crab cakes. You were

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:51

all that right? You have an Oreo. Hi. Yeah, I mean, that’s your thing, right? Yeah, I’m

Stan Jablonski  14:56

a Baltimore guy. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:57

always do you import anything and I’m like, do you take Hey, fishers popcorn back are you take burger cooler like crabcakes but your wife’s from Chicago. She doesn’t like take anything home or she comes here every year for Fourth of July. Heritage fair. We have we had better festivals each gag. That’s pretty good. Yeah. And she hasn’t really serious Chicago accent she claims she doesn’t have an accent. That’s Paul, you should come up. I didn’t know you were here. Hold on. You don’t want. We take a break. Take a break. Let’s do it. I was waiting for principal Paul Satterfield to get here but I thought that was you. But I wasn’t sure come on in. Come on around here. Man. This is Stan he’s done. What we’ll do is I’ll bring Paul in introduce him we’ll take a break and we’ll do pleasantries. We were just talking about hopes and dreams and Dundalk. Paul’s what we’re talking about. Do I have to call you principal Satterfield? Mr. Satterfield? Paul’s good. That’s good. I have we met maybe once. Yeah, I mean, I went down to the new school. Like five years ago. How long have you been there?

Paul Satterfield  15:57

This is my third year. That’s why

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:59

we’ve never met it’s really nice to meet you. I don’t shake hands a lot. This is standard Blonsky he’s an alum class 85 One of my people here. We were just talking about how wonderful and where are you from?

Paul Satterfield  16:10

I’m from Maryland, but Frederick and then DC. So DC born then

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:15

what did you know about Dundalk? What did they tell people? This is gonna be crazy this way a little bit. skitching this shot here I can tell you the truth.

Paul Satterfield  16:23

I didn’t know anything about Baltimore. My dad worked in DC was in the Air Force that kind of thing and joined the government and I didn’t know anything about Baltimore period when I first would go into like the first 810 years of my life. I’d watch football that kind of thing. It’s kind of a fun game though. No, no, we do watch the Orioles but like I didn’t really put it together. I heard like the NFC and AFC and me the AFC was like Kansas City and all that and football, you know, so I was thinking Baltimore was somewhat like, way out Western was this old thing? Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah, like so I they have seemed like everything far away. So I had no idea until I guess 1982 My sister went to Lille to go to college. And we went there. And I was like, holy cow, this whole world here. I’m 40 miles away. And I had no idea even existed. We didn’t. We were so Washington.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:09

We didn’t really care if Washington ever sort of, you know, when I discovered Washington Camden Yards opened and like everybody started coming up and saying around read The Washington Post. I’m like, oh, what’s up what see, I would see him in capitals games, because I want the capitals games like that. And I would see him at the capital center when I would go see Ross or sticks or write you know, a band or something like that. But I didn’t think much of it. Like Washington was a long way away from Colgate. Like, my dad didn’t ever drove. So anywhere the bus went, was where we went, right. So the bus didn’t go to DC. You know, I mean, the bus went downtown. And that’s why I’m saying to Stan, because Stan and I were talking about having been all over the world and traveling. He lives in Chicago now. Like, there is something it’s a little worrisome provincial, provincial can be a bad thing. You got to get out of your your space to some degree. And that will be something for me with growing up in Dundalk. I don’t know that I grew up around a lot of people that had been a lot of places right it during that era. And I think it’s all that more important when people have been places to come back and say, You need to get out and experience. The world will come back but go see some stuff. Yeah, go see some and I think that that’s one of the things that Stan told Met Your Dad and then we’ll break because he’s that special guy. Now

Stan Jablonski  18:28

I got the whole family history of high school. So my parents both for school to high school, school teachers. They both started in 1960. So they both started at Dundalk. High they met they fell in love. So I have an older younger sister. So my mom after she raised the kids came, she finished her career at Patapsco and then my dad taught it she moved down. I mean, you’re talking like we’re a little biased. Yeah. But uh, but my dad was a biology and a chemistry teacher. He taught at Dundalk high for for almost 30 years. Both of my brother in law’s are Dundalk high school graduates. So his daughter’s a teacher Scott and my daughter’s a second grade teacher now. So it runs in the family for sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:09

Yeah, man. So you got real Dundalk blood here. So I’m gonna take a quick break because I want you to tell him and I want you to offer him the tour that you’re going to offer him but I was honored in 2000 in late 17 Derek Mackay got in touch with me and I covered Derek’s teams at Patterson Hi. I was the music critic at the sun in the 80s but also covered minor league hockey but I always want to prep the I did a lot of High School Sports in late 80s. So I covered high school softball, basketball, lacrosse all that at Derek’s Romeo’s if you’re not in the Dundalk Hall of Fame, and you should be and I’m like, it’s like these people telling me I’m supposed to be Man of the Year visionary the year. I met Alice Cooper a couple of weeks ago. First thing I told him was I wasn’t worthy. You know what I mean? So Derek’s like we’re gonna put you in a Dundalk, Ohio. You’re been nominated. He said to me. I’m like, who nominated me said me, he said You should be in and I’m like, Look man, you know I wrestled not well you know Stan was a really good football player. I had friends that were good athletes or is it not your contributions I’m like look if you’re gonna put me in the doghouse I’m not gonna argue with you. I although I did spend an hour arguing whether I could be the visionary the year off for the LLS campaign, but so he said, Hey, we’re gonna put you off a really weird thing happened. My mother died that summer. So I was being honored in I want to say it was late September early October that they had the Hall of Fame night at the at the school. And so my mother died and I was quite emotional about all of it and doing it and I went out that night I gave the worst speech ever highest award I’m ever going to be given in my other than visionary the year I’ll have a better speech of when I win that for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. But I went that night I was a mess. I was wreck. But the thing that wrecked me more than anything and it will wreck you, especially your father. And you know where your mother is in life and you’ve been at Dundalk guy is I went down there that night. And I knew emotionally spiritually was a completely new school. Like our schools gone like they ripped it down. I’m Stephen and I will I’ll be pissed for life about this because the day that they demolished the jock lot. They had a gathering at two o’clock on Sunday in the middle of a raven game. And like I couldn’t go I mean it was like it was in November. I think they were playing the Raiders that there something I’m like, don’t do that on a raven game day do that at nine o’clock on a Saturday. Well, my kids got literally well, but don’t do in the middle of Raven Day. So I never saw the implosion of it. I saw some video and pictures and people that went down or whatever. And it kind of was heartbreaking for me like I didn’t want to just like when they ripped down 33rd Street. I don’t want to go down and look at it. I couldn’t drive down 33rd Street for long time after my father died. So all this happens at the same time. 1718 my cat died like a week before this thing had my mother died a month for it. So they put me the dog I Hall of Fame. And I went there that night. And I want to tell you I was like a zombie but it was a little I wasn’t on drugs. But it was weird night. We celebrated right here at Costas that night. I remember more about that. It was all very dreamy. There was a football game. It was dark early. We went down and I went into the high school Stan. It was like something out of a fever dream like in a Sopranos episode, because they’re telling me I’m at Dundalk high and they’re telling me they’re putting me in the Dundalk high Hall of Fame. And I’m in there and it was like being in a museum no offense, you know what it looks like? Like I’m in there and I’m like, this is a high school I sit to Moeller and Johnny oh and the late great Kevin candidates who is the one that got it done. You haven’t been to the high school yet right? If not now. Dude. It’s gonna flip you out. Look at the flip you out look and for anybody watching this and I’m wearing my fancy schmancy $10 doesn’t fit me falling apart Hall of Fame shirt from I’m so it’s something I’m most proud of being a Dundalk Hall of Fame. So you know, I’ve been trying to get you on for about a year and a half. I mean, I’ve been chasing So Paul Satterfield is the principal of Dundalk high that new Dundalk high stands dad was a part of the old Dundalk. It was old knees old, not old, and we’re done the awkward that that cost us we’re going to be at Pappas next week in Parkville. We’re going to be Coco’s two weeks and now we’re going to be gertrudes on the 29th with Dan Rodricks for his incredible show. Baltimore you have no idea we’re going to be Hollywood casino on the first with Tom Kelso telling some stadium. shenanigans going on was talking about money building schools shenanigans going on. We’re going to be a state fair on the fifth. It’s all brought to you by our friends and when donation 866 90 nation our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care and the Maryland lottery and we can see Raven scratch. I did not give Katie and Dominique Maryland lottery scratch she can’t she’s not eligible. She’s four months old. You have to be you have to be a certain age to play here, but we’re going to do that as well. Make sure you’re participating. Paul is gonna come back and tell Stan about the new Dundalk High School. I have not been in since that night. I want to come with you whenever he has us over because you gotta come back. I’m in the Hall of Fame and I’ve never seen my name. That’d be cool. My name wasn’t up yet. They put me in. I cried. I left. I didn’t even sing the alma mater, but I’m going to do that on the program. Paul is the principal at Dundalk. I’m gonna talk some dog things. Stan is my world traveling buddy? Who deserves a Maryland lottery ticket even though he’s an Illinois resident, and we’re gonna come back Rascon global also making a part of this this is this is such ingenuity that I’m surprised somebody from Dundalk didn’t come up with it’s awesome. This is you open the beer with this side and you crack the crab with this side and you promote Raskind global and empowering people to choose their financial future on this side. I’m Esther back for more for Costas. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour. I’m going to order a crab cake royal because that’s the way they do it here. Fried because that’s the way my mom liked it that’s Dundalk style to me. Now we’re going to continue on for Costas and talk Dundalk Hi stay with us

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