A belated Valentine’s Day experience…


This is not a sports blog. Well, it kinda is at the end.

But, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and if you haven’t purchased a Spa Treatment by Debbie (or flowers, or chocolate or been to Victoria’s Secret or all of the above), you’re probably already in some big trouble on the homefront.

(If Momma’s not happy, NO ONE’s happy…)

Last night, I used a great tip from our community blogger, Anne Boone-Simanski, and took my wife to the National Aquarium for their Valentine’s Night event, featuring “Love at Sea.”

In general, my wife likes fish and dolphins and sea creatures, so it was more about her than me, but I dig the Aquarium, too.

I saw pregnant male sea horses, cool rays and sharks, and the chocolate and unlimited wine kept my attention when the fish weren’t. The dolphins and the Australian exhibit weren’t open (I haven’t see the Aussie part yet, so I was bummed!), but there was plenty to see.

As I walked through, I got to thinking that The National Aquarium is really a civic treasure for Baltimore. I remember when it opened with Mayor Schaefer and the duck and wet suit. But it’s still pretty spectacular and I bet not a lot of Baltimoreans have been there lately.

I honestly think we should do a WNST Family Day where our hosts and our listeners/readers all bring their kids down to the Inner Harbor to explore all that Baltimore has to offer. I live downtown and don’t do half of the cool stuff here. (I did a U2 3D Night at the Science Center before the Super Bowl, and the Science Center was always my favorite museum as a kid).

Send me an email if you think your kids would enjoy a WNST “Family Outing” at some of the local museums. I’d like to gather an “interest list.” All of our surveys tell us MANY of you have schoolage children. I’d love to put together a “Dads day with the kids” at some places like The Zoo, the Walters, the BMA, etc…

Enough of the “civic-mindedness” of me, already…


Here’s the sports part of the blog:

My wife and I made our way up into the rainforest section, and except for the chirping frogs and crickets, all of the birds and animals were asleep. There was a sloth moving in a cage above us. (I still don’t know what a sloth is?)

And one on the ledges, this “museum card” was prominently displayed.

I laughed at first, but then the more I looked at it the more it struck me as kind of sad. Both the “real” Orioles and the baseball team.

I captured it and wanted to share the view with you: