Wednesday, January 20, 2021



The real challenges of life in West Baltimore during a pandemic

Councilman Dr. John Bullock says the concerns of safety and commerce and keeping families warm and productive are immense during this winter struggle. We also got a pizza recommendation in here for the holidays and local spirit!

Using end of the year to make sure your house is in order

The lockdown and the fatigue of COVID is real. As we head into winter and time at home, this is an ideal time to examine your will, trusts and re-examine the future in the aftermath of the pandemic. We sought out Lou Weinkam in Catonsville for some solid advice.

Seeing the NFL with more clarity two decades later

Former Ravens safety and Super Bowl XXXV champion Kim Herring talks about tackling Lamar Jackson, player safety and modern biometric security in the era of COVID with his current work with Clear. You might've seen them at the airport?

Opening up a conversation about local business while government shuts it down

It's not easy being new mayor Brandon Scott. And it's certainly no picnic for the thousands of businesses impacted by his decision to shut down the city of Baltimore for many. Bill Cole and Nestor try to sort through the madness of what a pandemic does to a community.

Unmasking all of the intrigue and secrecy about virus outbreak in Owings Mills

The Ravens have been very quiet about the breakdowns in their facility that led to so many positive tests and delays before Steelers game. Todd Schuler and Nestor debate some legal issues beyond HIPAA, bad P.R. and a black eye in Pittsburgh.

After that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, you gotta get up and move!

Let our local Planet Fitness fitness guru and internet sensation from Poly tell you how to start moving past the gravy and mashed potatoes on Black Friday and beyond the holiday cookies and leftovers.

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What is the future of Baltimore for tourism?

Chris Reihl of RentATour joins Nestor to discuss the grim realities of the current hospitality and tourism situation in Baltimore – and the hope for how to rebuild our city after the pandemic.