Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Tackling the opioid crisis with leadership

If you or anyone in your world has fallen victim to opioid addiction, you'll have even more appreciation for the work ahead for the new Madame Secretary Emily Keller, who we met as the Mayor of Hagerstown. Learn about the journey of the newly appointed Special Secretary of Opioid Response and her ride to the Volvo plant with President Joe Biden.

Transporting change to Maryland from Washington

Our Senator Chris Van Hollen joins us at MACO in Ocean City for a wide-ranging conversation about life in Washington and the potential and promise of The Red Line, Penn Station and the FBI headquarters coming to Maryland.

Sprinting to the finish line in Washington

First elected to the House of Delegates in 1966, the local statesman Ben Cardin will complete his public service to our citizenry 16 years after heading to D.C. as a Maryland Senator. Joining Nestor at MACO in Ocean City, the Baltimore champion says he's got plenty left to do before he departs The Capitol in January 2025.

Reach, like an American Ninja Warrior!

He's made a bunch of television shows you are familiar with and now Arthur Smith tells Nestor about his life in sports and entertainment in tales from "Reach," his new book of memoirs and life lessons from CBC in Canada to Dick Clark to Fox Sports.

Golf for sale

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the money of sports filtering down from the top

Feinstein: The PGA Tour LIVing down to its ugly reputation is not a crowning moment

Venerable columnist and decorated golf author John Feinstein takes a long walk through the history of the PGA Tour and how it wound up in business with the murderous government Saudi Arabia. And what does this mean for the future of golf on the planet?

Fixing baseball and the team just in time for the Orioles to sign a lease

As our expert on the MASN wars for more than a decade, Eric Fisher of Front Office Sports joins Nestor for a deep dive discussion on MLB media problems, the Orioles torrid start and how we watch the games now and in the future.

The big empty in Oakland and what Vegas baseball means

Longtime baseball writer Barry Bloom discusses the pending disaster with the Oakland Athletics' hasty departure to Las Vegas, the MLB rule changes unintended consequences and the Orioles great start amidst the financial realities of the AL East.

The ultimate power play of the Presidency and sports

Journalist Chris Cillizza discusses the convergence of Presidents, politics and sports in American history with Nestor and the stories behind his new book: "Power Players: Sports, Politics and the American Presidency."

Being a champion with your hustle on National Small Business Day

Olympic champion Allyson Felix gets down to business with Nestor in discussing her ladies footwear company Saysh the importance and National Small Business Day on Wednesday, May 10th.
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Latest News

Let our Orioles heroes and his teammates tell you about the greatness of Brooks Robinson

It's hard to put into words just how great Brooks Robinson was to everyone he met. He was the gold standard for human beings and Baltimore loved him. So did his teammates. Let them tell you all about the legend of No. 5.

We loved Brooks Robinson – all of us!

There are no words to adequately express his contributions on and off the field in the City of Baltimore over the last 70 years. The loss of Brooks Robinson on Tuesday night brought the city to a standstill. We will share our Hall of Fame chats with No. 5 here and at WNST-AM 1570 throughout the week as the Orioles attempt to clinch another American League East crown. RIP Brooks! We loved you and we're going to miss you.

Was Nestor nervous the first time he sat down to interview Brooks Robinson?

It happened at Hooters at Harborplace and there are no pictures to show just how nervous Nestor was in trying to be cool with royalty in 1995

Brooks Robinson talks Orioles baseball and Crown Gasoline with a very nervous Nestor in Spring 1995 at Harborplace

It was the spring of 1995 and Major League Baseball was recovering from an awful strike and Brooks Robinson was sitting at Harborplace talking about a new day in the game.

Brooks Robinson talks about his love of baseball and the minors

Nestor always loved having Brooksie drop by the radio show. This is a 2003 visit discussing minor league baseball and the Montreal Expos.

How much of this can you really blame on Lamar Jackson?

With the Ravens offense missing key starters at every level, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the play of the $260 million quarterback and what Todd Monken – and the fans – expect from him on Sunday afternoons? Six years into the "experiment" of Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson running the football on an RPO is still the team's best chance for success on any given play.

Finally getting Free to tell the history of Baltimore house music with the great Ultra Nate´

Our Maryland Crab Cake Tour, presented by The Maryland Lottery, Window Nation and Jiffy Lube is always filled with serendipity. Roz Lane was coming by Koco's Pub to help us give away from Ravens scratch-offs and wound up Ko-hosting our segment with the Baltimore diva of the dance floor and celebrating 20 years of Deep Sugar grooves. Let Roz tell you about all of those all night dance parties at the Paradox while Ultra schools Nestor on the roots of house music and her amazing international success as an artist.

How much room do we have on the Orioles Bandwagon?

Our favorite Editor-In-Chief and social critic Max Weiss of Baltimore Magazine joins Nestor and Ricig at Koco's Pub for a pre-October chat about the history and relevance of Orioles baseball in Baltimore. And her essay wondering just how many folks are coming back to Orioles Magic as postseason bunting looms at Camden Yards and the excitement grows.
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