Friday, September 30, 2022


Bellying up to the bar at the Hotel Trump with the servants who made it all happen in Washington

Author and New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich joins Nestor once again to discuss his latest political work, "Thank You For Your Servitude." Of course, discussing the greatest book ever written on the NFL came up as well as the word "corrupt" on more than one occasion.

Pushing a new regime in Annapolis to do more for Baltimore

Matt Gallagher of Goldseker Foundation joins Nestor at Union Brewing to talk Baltimore beer and cheer. Pearl Jam, great local eats and just a wee bit of politics and how Wes Moore could make our city better from the Governor's chair.

Wes Moore explains his vision for Maryland over next decade

Wes Moore joins Nestor and Don to talk campaign and celebrate Maryland and end of Crab Cake Tour

The Recon: The dust up on January 6th and the careless words of Jack Del Rio in the echo chamber

Don and Nestor discuss the careless words of Jack Del Rio on The Recon

Why is it so easy to get an assault rifle in the United States?

Like every sane citizen in this country, Don and Nestor demand action on guns in America in The Recon

David Simon: How the war on drugs destroyed modern American cities

David Simon tells Nestor and Don exactly how the drug war has destroyed policing in modern America

How much is enough?

Don Mohler and Nestor use The Recon to wonder why an 18-year old needs an assault weapon in America

Breaking down Preakness 147 with Donna Brothers

Donna Brothers of NBC Sports joins Nestor to discuss Preakness 147

The Recon: Who will pay for the high crimes of January 6th?

Who pays for the high crimes of January 6th and when will the criminals go jail?

A tradition unlike any other that gets local golfers back onto Classic Five courses

Dave Hutsell joins Nestor from Pine Ridge to discuss Tiger, The Masters and hitting balls locally
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Latest News

Pierre-Paul says he’ll “definitely be ready” to play against Buffalo

The 33-year-old says he feels good after essentially playing with one arm for most of his 2021 season with Tampa Bay.
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