Friday, September 22, 2023
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The dark clouds over The Warehouse in a sunny season as Angelos stalls Orioles lease

Bill Cole and Nestor return from MACO business networking in Ocean City with every leader in the state – and all of them talking about the Orioles lease stall and the outlandish demands of John Angelos to keep Baltimore baseball alive at Camden Yards.

Tackling the opioid crisis with leadership

If you or anyone in your world has fallen victim to opioid addiction, you'll have even more appreciation for the work ahead for the new Madame Secretary Emily Keller, who we met as the Mayor of Hagerstown. Learn about the journey of the newly appointed Special Secretary of Opioid Response and her ride to the Volvo plant with President Joe Biden.

Transporting change to Maryland from Washington

Our Senator Chris Van Hollen joins us at MACO in Ocean City for a wide-ranging conversation about life in Washington and the potential and promise of The Red Line, Penn Station and the FBI headquarters coming to Maryland.

Sprinting to the finish line in Washington

First elected to the House of Delegates in 1966, the local statesman Ben Cardin will complete his public service to our citizenry 16 years after heading to D.C. as a Maryland Senator. Joining Nestor at MACO in Ocean City, the Baltimore champion says he's got plenty left to do before he departs The Capitol in January 2025.

Golf for sale

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the money of sports filtering down from the top

Feinstein: The PGA Tour LIVing down to its ugly reputation is not a crowning moment

Venerable columnist and decorated golf author John Feinstein takes a long walk through the history of the PGA Tour and how it wound up in business with the murderous government Saudi Arabia. And what does this mean for the future of golf on the planet?

The ultimate power play of the Presidency and sports

Journalist Chris Cillizza discusses the convergence of Presidents, politics and sports in American history with Nestor and the stories behind his new book: "Power Players: Sports, Politics and the American Presidency."

The free press and the importance of facts and honest discourse

Baltimore Sun editorial writer Peter Jensen discusses importance and future of journalism with Nestor

Johnnie Cochran discusses early installation of NFL Rooney Rule with Nestor on Radio Row

At the 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego legendary attorney Johnnie Cochran joined Nestor on Radio Row to discuss the first year of the NFL Rooney Rule

What I learned sitting on the roof in Houston and watching Ravens beat Texans in an empty stadium

How committed is Nestor Aparicio to covering the Baltimore Ravens as a lifelong journalist? He left BWI during the plague traveling to Houston along with just one other local journalist to cover a game before there was a vaccine in vacant NRG Stadium. Read his #ColumnNes report back from when "The Knee" was a thing that got NFL players blackballed and football was the only thing open for business during a worldwide pandemic.
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Latest News

Now 21-10-2 against the spread, Nestor goes to Hollywood (Casino Perryville) for Week 3

Hollywood Casino Perryville sportsbook manager Christian Horton makes sure that Nestor isn't getting too cocky with his NFL picks heading into Week 3. Imagine his record if he didn't pick against the Ravens in Cincinnati?

Finding the sweet spot in your closet for that perfect throwback piece of sports laundry

Sports brand artist and historian Todd Radom discusses the power of the laundry and logos for lifer fans like Nestor, who has been bingeing on the laundry of his youth and the gaudy 1970s color palette. Let him show ya...

Throwing it on the field for cash or flying high to Jacksonville in December

John Martin of Maryland Lottery talks about getting in early before its too late on those Ravens scratch-off second chance prizes and chances to make a purple memory. Also, some sports wagering sense for responsible September play as the games become more fun and the season heats up.

Putting the awful back into the Indianapolis Colts

Longtime Indianapolis sportswriter Bob Kravitz joins Nestor from the friendly heart of the midwest with an update on the progress of the team that once left Baltimore. So how is Jim Irsay doing these days with an injured rookie quarterback? The Ravens will find out on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Injuries remain big story as eight Ravens players sit out Wednesday’s practice

Baltimore's health picture continues moving in the wrong direction early in the season.

Getting educated on cannabis begins with trust

With the legalization of cannabis in Maryland, no one has more experience with the plant and all of the aspects of the potential wellness provided than Wendy Bronfein of Curio Wellness. We begin an educational series with our partners in Timonium at Far & Dotter that will continue through the year.

No. 24 The legend of our purple live shows at The Barn – and beyond

If you ever participated in or witnessed a decade of fun times, live radio shows and Baltimore sports memories with us at The Barn on Harford Road back in the 1990s when WNST was birthed by the local community, then you know it'll never be replicated. Go through the photos and see how many legends you can identify who spent time eating crabs, drinking beer and talking sports with us – and you – in Parkville. As John Steadman once said: "Didn't we have some good times?" What's your favorite memory of a WNST live event over these 25 years of awesomeness? The night we brought the Lombardi Trophy by in the aftermath of Super Bowl XXXV didn't suck.

Dear John Harbaugh: I’ll let your words and “help” tell the story of my professional extermination as a Ravens media member

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh privately vowed to help Nestor Aparicio with his media credential bullying situation with Chad Steele in any way he could. Weeks later, Aparicio was exterminated. Harbaugh then told him he was unhappy about it but powerless because it wasn't his department in Owings Mills.
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