Friday, September 30, 2022


Finding more Weis ways to save and eat healthier

Christina Pelletier of Weis Markets discusses healthy and affordable summer options for meals with Nestor. And ways to eat better and spend less.

Finding some color and crunch in your healthy Weis summer snacks

Christina Pelletier of Weis Markets offers Nestor some healthy snack ideas for summer living

Do not be afraid of the vegan crab cake!

Nestor learns the wonders of vegan crab cake at The Land of Kush. Owners Gregory Brown and Naijha Wright-Brown educate another willing eater on the power of tasty, healthy food downtown.

A Weis time to take advantage of all of that color in produce aisle

Time to find the freshest produce and veggies of the year when you enter the store at Weis.

A Weis choice for Easter and skipping the hollow chocolates

Alyssa Marsh of Weis Markets joins Nestor to discuss Easter, peeps and free ham with Rewards

The strength of Weis women and diversity in our workforce

Tessa Greggs of Weis Markets joins Nestor for National Women's Month chat about jobs and workforce

Finding Weis and healthy choices for the kid in you

Christina Pelletier of Weis Markets teaches Nestor about ants on a log and other fun kids meals

The clear plastic bag rule at concerts and sporting events just got sportier

Entrepreneur Laura Baldini's quest for a better clear sports bag for women at games and concerts

Frozen and delicious!

Scott Negro from Weis Markets talks frozen and fresh as spring thaws and freezer has possibilities

Finding a fully stocked supermarket aisle is no accident

Dennis Curtin of Weis Markets educates Nestor about supply chains and pricing in supermarket world
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Pierre-Paul says he’ll “definitely be ready” to play against Buffalo

The 33-year-old says he feels good after essentially playing with one arm for most of his 2021 season with Tampa Bay.
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