Sunday, January 24, 2021



After that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, you gotta get up and move!

Let our local Planet Fitness fitness guru and internet sensation from Poly tell you how to start moving past the gravy and mashed potatoes on Black Friday and beyond the holiday cookies and leftovers.

Cooking up love and feeding compassion at Franciscan Center during pandemic

One of the greatest episodes of Baltimore Positive ever! Let chef Steve Allbright of Franciscan Center cook up a tale of culinary and social inspiration...

Del Guercio says Maryland Food Bank seeing unprecedented needs due to COVID demands

We learned a ton about how this food comes and goes and whose belly it winds up in to serve our community and feed our people.

Santelises updates on challenges and realities of Baltimore City Schools during pandemic

Parents, teachers, educators and students trying to hold it all together and learn and grow in a time of crisis

Wen talks drugs, opoids and an American epidemic

One of the brightest lights in American medicine told Don and Nestor about the deep depths of America's crisis with drugs and mental health

Wen tells American dream of girl from Shanghai becoming a doctor

What is the American dream? We asked Dr. Leana Wen to tell us her journey from China to the United States...

Latest News

Is this the right time to ink Lamar Jackson long term?

Local realtor extraordinaire Jeff Mohler joins Nestor for an old-school Section 513 debate regarding the merits of a long-term contract for Lamar Jackson this offseason. We also discuss the peculiar red hot real estate market during the pandemic.