Saturday, April 1, 2023
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What is going to make Lamar Jackson happy?

During the season, Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos held a weekly referendum on where the quarterback and the franchise were on the happiness and success scale. It's been a long road of mistrust and callouses and bruised feelings in the Lamar Jackson contract battle with Eric DeCosta and the Baltimore Ravens. A deep dive here.

Now, we’ll find out if the Ravens really want Lamar Jackson?

Lately, whenever Nestor Aparicio walks into a room around Baltimore he gets the same question: "What do you think is going to happen with Lamar?" Dennis Koulatsos asked him the tough questions and if you cared enough to ask here's the extended answer.

What I learned sitting on the roof in Houston and watching Ravens beat Texans in an empty stadium

How committed is Nestor Aparicio to covering the Baltimore Ravens as a lifelong journalist? He left BWI during the plague traveling to Houston along with just one other local journalist to cover a game before there was a vaccine in vacant NRG Stadium. Read his #ColumnNes report back from when "The Knee" was a thing that got NFL players blackballed and football was the only thing open for business during a worldwide pandemic.

After 26 faithful purple seasons, the Ravens have bullied me out of my seats and denied my media access

This is my story. This is the truth. And it must be told. In its entirety because it's so outrageous as to be almost unbelievable. Covering the Ravens is all I’ve ever done professionally since the team arrived in Baltimore in 1996, and this is how I feed my family and pay my bills as a small local business and AM 1570 radio operator and entrepreneur.

Five years after I stopped “sticking to sports”

The best is yet to come and won't it be great?

#ColumnNes Regarding Lamar Jackson, the lack of maturity is a bigger issue than an ugly tweet

If Lamar Jackson regrets the statement to the fellow in Pennsylvania, he should’ve offered an apology to him. If he regrets the world seeing his ugly words, Jackson has a platform with a million followers and could’ve offered an apology. If it was truly “out of character,” then show your character and admit a mistake and move on.

Why did Chad Steele take my press credentials after 26 years of covering the Baltimore Ravens?

This is my story in my own words. Listen and learn about how the NFL treats the local media and avoids the tough questions and intimidates local media who have traveled and reported on Baltimore football since before Art Modell brought the Ravens here in 1995. What happened is wrong and here's why...

#ColumnNes Who in the purple congregation still believes – and why?

After doing bustrips and roadtrips for a quarter of a century to playoff games all over the country and taking tens of thousands of our citizens along, I really wondered if there’s anyone who wants to get on the bus to Cincinnati this weekend believing the Ravens will still be in the tournament at midnight on Sunday night?

ColumnNes The weirdest Ravens playoff team ever?

One thing that won’t happen in Cincinnati next weekend is the elimination of the Baltimore Ravens. The purple ticket to the tournament has been punched.

#ColumnNes Somehow, Harbaugh is under siege at The Castle for Christmas

When there are only two legitimate reporters waiting to ask you questions after you lose to the Browns on the road with a foolish offensive game plan, does it really matter what you say to (or about) the fans at the end of the bar?
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Campbell closes door on Ravens return, agreeing to one-year deal with Atlanta 

Baltimore had released six-time Pro Bowl selection Calais Campbell on March 13.

Jackson comments on knee injury, absence from Ravens road games at end of last season

Lamar Jackson pushed back at notions that his absence was more about his contract than his knee.

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Top pitching prospect Grayson Rodriguez didn't make the Opening Day roster, prompting disappointment and scrutiny.

Lamar Jackson reveals trade request from Ravens, but does it really change anything?

As the surprise and angst over Jackson’s Monday announcement wore off, reality returned to the forefront. 

Like the Mayflowers, could Lamar Jackson be heading to Indianapolis?

Longtime sports columnist and insider Bob Kravitz joins Nestor from Indianapolis where Jim Irsay might be one of the remaining owners to covet the Ravens former MVP quarterback. Will the Colts make a play for Lamar Jackson? As all Baltimore folks know, if it says "Irsay" it's usually unpredictable.

So, Lamar Jackson wants a trade, does he?

After hijacking the Coaches Breakfast press conference with John Harbaugh and the national media with a tweet outing his March 2 trade request, we wonder what happens next for the Ravens' disgruntled former MVP quarterback. Luke Jones and Nestor answer the Lamar Jackson mandate for the Baltimore Ravens and opine on the few possibilities for peace and prosperity in this broken relationship.

It’s time to Play Ball

As Opening Day looms, our longtime Orioles insider Luke Jones gets Nestor pumped for Opening Day and a real Orioles season of hope and questions. First up, the new rules and new schedule format and how it might help the Birds' chances of getting to October baseball.
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