Debunking the local media myth: Peter Angelos did not “save” the Orioles for Baltimore

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Many people reached to Nestor Aparicio in the aftermath of the death of Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos looking for some kind of pronouncement. After watching the media reports in Baltimore with various inaccuracies about the billionaire lawyer’s real accomplishments, Luke Jones joined him to react and opine and to set the legacy straight for local citizens who have been fed various levels of myth, poppycock and fake history.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T A and 5070 tasks Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively on the road. We are in Florida for the NFL owners meetings. We are in Florida for spring training. Even though spring training is moving back to Baltimore on Thursday, we will be on opening day on Thursday we will be doing the Maryland lottery crab cake tour we’re gonna be bringing that thing back out on Fridays and fate these are going to be live families on Fridays from two until five all the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with Jiffy Lube. And of course putting this on the road here. All of our sponsors, including Royal farms and our friends at wise markets, you have so many friends that make this stuff happen. While we chase the Bish Yachty and John Harbaugh are some of us do, I will not be doing any chasing at least till the end of the week. Look, Joan joins us now he is in Florida with me. We are sort of like Elton John and Bernie top into separate rooms down here. But the NFL owners meetings we’ll get to that a little later on in the week. And obviously we’re gonna get the opening day a little later on in the week. But look, I don’t I don’t even know how to go through what happened on Saturday with the death of Peter angelos, and I’ll bring you in on it. You were the one that sent the wn St. Text. I guess it’s one of those, you know, moment Kennedy was shot kind of moments where you’re like, hey, where was I? What was going on? Like, Oh, that. Where were you on Saturday afternoon when the wn st text hit the streets.


Luke Jones  01:21

I had just checked out of the hotel and was meeting up with my best buddy who lives down here in the Orlando area and was going to spend the day with him and did spend the day with him actually went to Saturday night’s game at Ed Smith Stadium. And so when they play with that, like Friday night, right? Correct, correct. So so it was literally two minutes before he was supposed to be at the hotel lobby to pick me up and we were on our way to the ballpark. And I get the official statement, released through the Orioles by the Angelo’s family announcing Peter Angelos passed away at age 94. So we sent out the text and read the statement sent out the statement. And I mean, he was 94 we knew he had been in failing health for several years, it would be difficult to say it was shocking or surprising outside the realm of anytime someone leaves this earth. But I think it’s Yeah, and I say this as a Christian man who does not want to speak negatively about someone who’s passed on and but at the same time, you know, the baseball legacy things that I know you will have plenty of oxygen here in a moment to talk about and things we’ve talked about over the years. And this happening in court, you know, at the same time as David Rubenstein and the new ownership group is, you know, the announcements imminent, you know, whether it’s this week, next week, week after that sometimes, very soon, it’s going to become official. By all indicators. It’s definitely a strange time. Again, when you’re talking about someone who was in their 90s and not have good health, it’s a thought that anyone who’s experienced that with anyone in their own individual life, you know where that is, but it’s certainly marks the end of an era. I mean, you’re talking about a 30 year time period where Peter Angelos was synonymous with the Orioles for better for worse, and obviously talking about all the feelings that go with that. But certainly, you know, I’d say if I could summarize my feeling about it a surreal feeling, to see that news to send that news out. And just to know that I mean, you’re talking about a family that’s owned the team for three decades, and Peter Angelos is no longer here on this earth. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:47

I was I was at a pool. And so I didn’t get it. Like, at the moment, you know, my phone, I’m not on my phone at a pool. And I looked down and my phone exploded, obviously, right? Yeah, my wife was the first one to reach to me. And then, you know, there was, that’s the first one I saw was my wife at the top of the thread. There were others below and then there was your tax I had was 30 minutes late getting getting to the news. And I literally just put my phone back down. I thought, you know, I’m gonna pull right now and it’s 72 degrees, and it’s not going to be on Thursday. So I’m just gonna like, leave it alone. I’m not gonna say it, you know, I’m just gonna see what you know, like, who cares what I think? You know what I mean? I wrote a book right? Like, who cares what I think you can go read it. And that’s not what I think the book was not what I thought the book was what happened. The Peter principles are a term paper. It has nothing to do with my emotions. It has nothing first person. It’s literally me reporting the reporting and the facts and the facts that I recalled as a reporter being involved in that and you know, full disclosure for you and I we are sitting here in Florida in the sunshine chasing Steve Ashada and John Arbol. Around after the baseball team is already making its way back They’re gonna beat us home at this point. The notion that I was going to like run the Peter principles on Tuesday and Wednesday on the radio station. I was going to do that because it’s over on Thursday anyway, right? I mean, they’re gonna announce on Thursday, I have every reason to believe that maybe they won’t now because of Peters death. It’s definitely possible. But I was with a high level Baltimore baseball executive on Thursday night in Fort Myers, who shall remain unnamed until I get my press credential back. But I talked to someone very, as high up in the organization as one could go. And about my press pass briefly. And this person said to me, just give it a week. Give it a week, and that was on Thursday. I don’t think this person knew anything of Peter Angelos is imminent departure from the earth. I just believe that baseball and the Orioles have blown this up to opening day not only for we’re get the Jackson holiday, by the way, we haven’t gotten the Jackson holiday. Right, like, but because that was the big news. Before all this happen, you know, of Saturday morning. That was the big news, right? It’s such a big opening day. I mean, it’s 101 wins. It’s coming off a division champion. It’s a starter. It’s MVP, candidates and Rookie of the Year sitting and all of this energy and then there’s a new ownership piece that stacks on to it. Without Peters death without Peters involvement without John doing anything stupid. All of that sitting there for opening day and there was this. In my mind, have we done this piece Saturday morning at Peter Angelus not died this weekend, and we’re talking about what I think would have happened. I believed on Thursday afternoon they were going to announce Rubinstein as official at the stadium where everybody gathers. That’s the way the old Orioles would have done everything is waited for the fans to gather. Like they waited for the fans to gather on the night back in 1988 said that they’d started ground on Camden Yards. Like I remember I was at the game that night. Fantastic fans night against the Rangers back in 88 is 36 years ago. It feels like five minutes ago. But for me, I was gonna run the Peter principles. One last time as I saw it, because it was the last time because he’s selling the team and and there will be a new owner here by the weekend right like so that’s kind of where I was coming from it. I’m not looking to spike the ball I didn’t like I literally, I saw text threads. I was on traffic on the Courtney Campbell causeway going to Clearwater to see the Little River Band and air supply kind of thing in my life. Now to see new places. This is a new facility. I wanted to go check it out. And I’m crossing the causeway and there’s a red light right in front of whiskey Joe’s and I hit my phone. This is after I got out of the pool. And I’m like, Alright, I have to put something up because Mickey kachelle is texting me. Allah McCallums texting me people are texting me and saying, What do you think? We’re on your thread waiting for you to say? Something? Ding dong. The witch is dead. I don’t know what people. I don’t know what I don’t know what, how to even. I’m sort of speechless. I mean, I’ve been doing this a long time. The guy’s dead. I don’t know what to say about it. That hasn’t already been said. But here’s what I’m going to say because I’ve had 24 hours to say something about it. And I’m only gonna say what I’ve texted privately to people. And what people that have made me say something, because nobody made. I mean, I was at a pool at a good time I was at a concert and a couple beers. I’m in Florida. I’m not jumping up and down and like, my wife might have indicated that I would go get a bottle of champagne or something. And I certainly wasn’t feeling that emotion. I guess you wonder what your emotions is going to be like, when this sort of thing happens, and how I would feel and where I would be. But in the aftermath, I was in front of whiskey chose. So I wasn’t thinking of Peter Angelos. At that moment. I was thinking to Bobby Nick, who died when in the Orioles never got good. And my mother died in New Orleans. Never, you know, like all of that. And I pulled into the whiskey Joe’s parking lot. And I put the air conditioner on because it was hot. You’re out on the bay. It’s it was five o’clock. 435 o’clock was the heat of the day. And I pulled over and I just started reading stuff. Now seeing what other people were writing. And that was the moment where I saw that people like Pete Gilbert, were crediting him was saving the team for Baltimore. The Baltimore banner said Peter angelos, credited with keeping the Orioles in Baltimore. And I’m thinking I knew that was gonna happen. So you know, like, I said that to my wife for years, the day he dies, they’re gonna make me here. Well, they just are. And they did. And it was a Saturday and it struck me. He’s a hero. So who am I to say he’s not a hero? I am the guy that’s written the truth about all of it. But Sunday morning, I woke up in Tampa and read my phone a little bit. And again, I think the only thing I wrote on Facebook was from whiskey Joe’s. Oh, I saw Saturday night I was seeing little river band had a nice seat. And they have a song called Cool change. And it’s a song about change, right? And I thought about that drive and I said to my wife, I’m going to have a long distance dedication for Oreo fans, not for Peter Angeles, but for Oreo fans that you know, time for some cool change. And I saw that Rubinstein had tweeted maybe on Thursday or Friday about Fresh Start hits he had a tweet before Peter died about a fresh start fresh there’s a video the Orioles are doing like it’s a fresh start. Right. And I thought, um, that’s, that’s the most important thing is the cool change. The Fresh Start that Rubinstein’s coming on Thursday, whether Peters still alive and incapacitated or whether he’s gone. Either way. The team in the league we’re going to make this announcement this week now whether they whether they’re April 14, making the announcement, I don’t know. But like this is happening, it’s going to happen. It’s over with from an Angelo’s baseball perspective, which is why I was gonna run the Peter principles. But But here’s what and I’m, and I still haven’t made my mind up as you when I sit here. We’re down here in Florida. It is programmed to run on Tuesday and Wednesday because I had nothing else to run. You and I were down here. It’s the owners meetings. It’s opening day. You have you spent a little time with Austin Hayes the other day, we’re gonna get that on the air. This other stuff stuff we’re gonna run. But I did wake up on Sunday morning. Yeah, I interrupted you. Did you ask you wanted to say something about Saturday night? I think? No. Saturday?

Luke Jones  12:03

Um, no. I mean, other than it was strange being at the first Orioles game after that news comes and just. And this really piggybacks what you just said, I think, look, putting aside, this is a human being who has family who has friends. There’s emotions that go into that, regardless of how anyone feels personally about any family out there. But from a baseball standpoint, you know, this, this hits different from the standpoint of had this happen a year or two ago, and John Angeles was running the team. And there was no, you know, we could talk about rumors, whispers suggestions of what might happen five years from now, we knew that this change was already coming. So I think from that standpoint, and Peter died on Christmas Eve,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:47


it would have been a different feeling about Peters death, like knowing who the next owner is and having all the tentacles the last night. Right,

Luke Jones  12:55

exactly. So so that’s, so that’s where I think it’s a little bit different. And the one thing I do want to point out, is remember when the news broke about the Rubinstein group, making, you know, purchasing the team, the initial purchases for 40%, and with the understanding that the remaining percent, you know, the remaining remainder of the club would be purchased after Peter’s death. So not that that’s in the forefront today. But that is something that I thought of an hour after this news came out, but yeah, I mean, just, you know, they obviously they did a moment of silence at Ed Smith Stadium, as you would expect. I mean, it’s the longtime owner of the ballclub and you know, but beyond that, it was a baseball game, you know, it’s the last the last spring game at Ed Smith Stadium it down in Sarasota for the for the the 2020 fours so so that was you know, that was a little surreal. You know, again, I really want to choose my words carefully. out of it, right, exactly what

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:59

I haven’t said anything yet. And I’m about to because I’m gonna make some waves in this segment, because I have some things that need to be said in the aftermath of the reporting. My my, my words are about the reporting and the legacy and that you can say good things and you don’t have to say bad things about Peter but you don’t have to make stuff up. You don’t you don’t have to credit him with things he did.

Luke Jones  14:23

I think I know where you’re going with this because I’m actually looking at the story right now. I have the Washington Post pulled up from September 2 1992, which is a year before Peter bought the team. Orioles 30 year lease, and you could speak to this way better than I could I mean, you you were in the midst of covering local sports at that point in time. My God, I will point out when it comes out, right and I was nine years old at the time, but it was a very unique situation that the team actually did not have a formal lease in place in 1992, the first year at the ballpark. Now, of course, they weren’t gonna leave this gym that the entire baseball were It was marveling at, but it was late in that 1992 season when a 30 year lease was reached, you know, and that was Peter bought the team the following years. So go ahead because I know you want to address this. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:13

at 1040 on Sunday morning, I’m, yeah, I’m eating a banana and a bagel and West Tampa. And I got, I got a text from a media friend who sent me over the Baltimore banner story. Orioles hero or tyrant Baltimore won’t see another Peter Angelos. And I like Tim Prudential he’s a great great writer. He’s just great writers a great piece in that way. It was a it was a well written piece. He’s a former Sun reporter he’s a professional as am I but don’t tell Steve Angeles or Jack Steele that down here this week. So I read the piece and much like the banner headline of credited with keeping the Orioles in Baltimore did your the Baltimore banner do better come on Kimmy do better. Come on Chris do better. You know, but you know better than this, Chris. And I said, Chris knows Chris Gorman knows of my angst about this. But there were two things in it that I thought were inaccurate. One, he didn’t save the team for Baltimore. And two, and this was really something that like this chaps my ass because I saw tragedy, I saw trauma. I saw terrorist ation of real human beings who are still alive. And some of them even in the aftermath, are still afraid of Peter Angelos in his death and still feel like they need to over glorify and say nice things, or find some balance in regard to his life and his legal battles and his generosity. And the fact that his name is on UB and the fact that he handed $100 bills out to poor Cuban people in front of Peter schmuck. So that Peter schmuck would recount that 30 years ago, I have very little doubt about that. So this is what I wrote, This is what I wrote, like, from my tax to my friend, and I’m not, and this is a media friend. Okay. Two things. He didn’t say the team for Baltimore, and the story said, he never punched down. To say an obituary, that Peter Angelos never punched down is to completely to dehumanize the people who are victimized and traumatized and terrorized by his actions, unnecessary actions. So I wrote, he punched down every he punched down every chance he got once he wants, he wasn’t punching up, because the story was about him beaten up these the six firms for $330 million dollars of his pie, who were poisoning. People like my father, my stepfather, my neighbors, my uncle, everybody that worked out at the point. So he was a hero to my stepfather, Walter Carr. Zach, who died married to my mother Concetta on Drew street Nice. Baltimore. Walter worked at the point for years mesothelioma. I have law firm stuff at my home with law firm of Peter Angelos after my mother died, that I never even followed up on because I didn’t want to do when my mother died, my mother died with money in Peter Angelou says, care. And I never even called to get it because I was so terrorized that I didn’t even want to call on behalf of my dead mother to get what apparently is coming to me or what might be coming to me. So I said he punched down every chance he got once he wasn’t punching up. And my quote in that Baltimore banner piece, and I appreciate him for making me sound civil. Because I’ll probably sound less than that at various points probably have in the past. That’s what happens when they don’t pay a $30,000 bill and they try to put you out of business. And they give you a credential. Don’t give me one and they’re still sending people around in October to terrorize you and me at our jobs on on a Thursday night in Arlington, Texas. But I wrote to this media person, why do you think no one would give you a quote on his death, but selek decline, Larry Lucchino declined. You know, everybody declines the sandy thing because like, my mother wants that and good Christians like yourself, we got nothing good to say don’t say anything at all. I do a radio show. Peter Angelos had his hands his billionaire hands into anything that could destroy me or my business. He was interested in that sort of thing. So that’s the way he lived his life. So I said, there are other people that are still afraid of him and he’s dead, which really speaks to the power that he had in over people over their finances over there, the way they make their living over the way they they appreciate baseball, and people like me. So this is this is my final statement on Peter. He terrorized and traumatized a whole lot of people. He was a bully and a coward, but aren’t all bullies. That’s how I will remember him. And I knew on the day he died, that you and everyone else would credit him was saving the team for Baltimore, which is pure bullshit. He did plenty of good things that are true history. And I can, I can write that obit about him getting money for Walter Carr’s act, my father in law, or my stepfather? My father was never in that program. My father died before Peter Angelus got rich. And you know, we didn’t seek all of that. Afterward, the $54 a month or whatever my mother got from the pension at the point. No need to polish a dead billionaire’s tarnished legacy. It’s tarnished for a reason. There were many needless victims of his acts. Many, and I’m one of them. So that’s my official statement on it. And everybody else can, you know, it’s Saturday and Sunday, we’re looking for something for me. All I can think about is the things I’ve said to you and the things I’ve lived even going to the ballpark in Arlington, in October, I have never been treated well, by anyone, by by there are people who are dead now who mistreated me before their death. And they had to do that. To keep him happy. So I, you know, like in the aftermath of all of this, it’s so sad. It’s been sad for as long as once I got mad back in sixth and seventh and eighth that it just became sad when Joe Flacco is winning games and they stink and they’re winning Super Bowls, and they stink and buckshaw water and they can’t keep them around. And Manny Machado and Christina, this, just all of it. I mean, other than Delmon young and a couple of years. It mostly stuck. I mean, just in every single way, in every in every way possible. The television broadcasts stunk, after John Miller, the team stunk. It stunk. And he made $1.8 billion for his two kids who don’t like each other and don’t like anybody and don’t really like baseball. So the whole thing, I called it a civic tragedy for years. And it is it was, and you know, the difference is the sun’s coming up. Now on Thursday, there’s gonna be a new owner, I might run the Peter principles, you’re driving around Tuesday, Wednesday here, it’s not me spiking the ball. It’s me being down here, Florida and doing other things and planning to think this is the end of the era, right? It was the end of the era without him dying, like he was gonna be the end of the era anyway. And so I’m not looking to spike the ball. But I’m also not looking to have people come up to me for the rest of my life and telling me that Peter saved the team for Baltimore, because that’s just not true. It’s not true history. And shame on Pete Gilbert. If you see Pete, tell him that he’s wrong. If you see the bet you see anybody that tells you that Peter Angelos saved a team for the city. It’s just a lie. And it’s, it’s flowering up a dead billionaire that doesn’t need to be flowered up. You can’t find something better to say about him. That’s true, then then do what? Bud Seelig did don’t say anything, but I cannot say anything. He traumatize me terrorize me trying to put me out of business that for that. Am I mad, right? No, I persevered. You know, I guess he taught me a life lesson in that way. I

Luke Jones  24:03

will go back to David Rubenstein statement, which of course David Rubenstein is going to be respectful in the position that he’s in coming in as new owners. The Angelo’s family sells the team. But I’ll go back to what he said the city of Baltimore owes him a debt of gratitude for a stewardship of the Orioles across three decades and propositioning the team for great success. My hope is that when David Rubenstein is no longer owning the Orioles sells the team whatever happens over in the coming years. I’m hoping that the next owner will say that the city of Baltimore owes Rubinstein a debt of gratitude for his stewardship of the Orioles across however long he owns a team and for positioning the team for great success. I’m hoping that we’ll say that about the next owner because the legacy on the field baseball.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:55

I think you just wrote my letter to David Rubenstein for him. You said you just gave me great fun. Just

Luke Jones  24:59


I’m home hoping that’s for I’m hoping that’s foreshadowing for what this next this next one. And look this week is so

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:07

it could be, it couldn’t be declared much better and it should have been so much better

Luke Jones  25:11

for all should have. And the one thing I will say about the local element because you’re right, he didn’t save the team, the lease came the year before he bought the team. Now they weren’t going anywhere for 30 years. It was nice, you know, through 2022 At that point in time, but I will say this, and I say this, coming from the perspective of being an eight or nine year old at the time, and also hearing my father talk about the team hearing my grandparents talk about the team. There was excitement about a local, a local success story buying the team in 1993, after Eli Jacobs, after all the uncertainty of the 80s with ECW. And the Colts leaving and you know where the oil is gonna move to Washington, all of that, you know, there was excitement at that point, when Peter bought the team at that point, there was optimism about having the appeal of an of a local owner. I’m hoping this time around 30 years later, 31 years later now that that comes to fruition in a much more meaningful way. And a much more prolonged way of the Orioles been successful on the field. Obviously, they’re in a great position right now. And for them to cultivate a better routes, more meaningful connections with businesses and people and, and wanting Baltimore as a whole, you know, whatever that means to any individual fine, but to really, you know, grab a hold of this team in a way that it hasn’t for a long, long time. And we’re seeing it. There’s a lot of excitement right now we’ve talked about we’ll get into Jackson Holliday to second that, you know even that feelings about that aside, everyone’s excited about this team. So my hope is that Rubenstein and this new group coming in, hit it out of the park. And when we’re talking about the next owner, at some point, hopefully many years from now, I’m hoping that we’re talking about this next ownership group, doing a really great job and doing all the things that people hoped that Peter Angelos would be owning the Orioles three decades ago.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:08

Your legacies what you really did. It’s it’s not it’s not fiction. It’s it’s biographical. And for anybody that wants to know anything about Peter, if you’re young girl like Luke, if you’re young, if you’re old and don’t remember things. You know, I, after Adam Jones famously came to me and said, Why does he hate you so much? That’s what Adam Jones said to me. Why does Peter Why does the old man hate you so much? That’s the words he used on the field up at Citi Field. And I think he wanted a 32nd answer, like somebody wanted me to put a picture that dingdong The Witch is Dead up on social media Saturday, and I don’t feel that way. I just don’t I mean, those emotions are long since I mean, I’ve been dealing with the with the the kid that was born on third base, and thanks to triple and was trying to scam our our state out of a hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars, really, with the land down there. That’s where we were 90 days ago, 90 days ago, that well not selling the team. We’re keeping the team I’ve told the governor we’re keeping the team. Yeah, meanwhile, the governor still hasn’t spoken to me because John Angelus lied to him. So like, it never ends. But it will end and Thursday, there’ll be a new beginning and there’ll be the sunshine and the fresh dark. And David Rubenstein will have his own legacy to write and his own headlines to write in his own the Rubinstein principles and or philosophies or theories or whatever they are. And, um, people have asked me a lot about my press pass. I mean, like I you know, it’s a it’s a cause celeb in my life. Are you going to get your press pass back and whatever? I hope so. I mean, I think he’s a good guy. I think he’s a normal guy, I think, you know, and if he doesn’t, that would be standard operating procedure. And it would cause me to think not a lot changed. Because if a lots changed, they’re gonna want people like me to see it. Because I still have one thing Rocco Bako doesn’t have I have credibility. I never took a check from Peter. I never went on and had to say things that Peter edited. I never had to do that. And I’m the I’m one of the only ones like, literally one of the only ones that that never kowtow, and that’ll be part of my legacy. When the day I die. People will say oh, he fought with Peter it. No, he didn’t fight with Peter Angeles. He stood up to Peter angelos, his lies. He stood up to the Orioles lies, and there were plenty of them. And it wasn’t me making things up. It wasn’t Peter schmuck making things up or Ken Rosenthal, these things really happened. And they traumatize people and they terrorize people. And it’s over now. And for that be like hating Germany over the war from 100 years ago or hating Japan. Like, you know, just like it’s over. It’s just over. And you saw me wearing my orange jersey at Ed Smith Stadium. You spent five days with me now in a row. It’s hard for me Believe, but like, um, you know, I’m I’m hoping I’m not cocky about any of it. I, I’m hoping they’re, they’re, they’re better people. And I have to believe that they will be. And I, all the signs point to the fact that they understand there’s trauma. You know, when I write to David Rubenstein, there’s a reason people the media couldn’t get people to say nice things about Peter on Saturday, because they’re, you know, there’s, there’s just a, there’s a bad breadcrumb here, it’s a bad trail of a bad lot of bad things for 30 years, that the ownership is done, that the new guy can, I don’t say can click his heels together, magically and change this thing overnight, but the team is gonna be pretty good. And the piece of advice I will give him when I write to him, in addition to your wisdom, is just letting more would always say this in his speeches, especially after he lost his his son. He’d say, being nice, doesn’t cost you a penny, and cost him nothing to be nice to people. It’s free to be nice to people. And, you know, I hope that at some point, I walked down to that stadium at some point after Thursday, and somebody will be nice to me. I just literally, by the way, Derek Mackay was very nice to me in Sarasota. He runs the ticket office in Sarasota. He’ll be up there. So I did have some fun in Sarasota. You’re having fun, too. You went to the games. I mean, baseball is a beautiful thing when it’s done. Right. And it’s spring training. And you and I’ve had a nice week together. And the Peter Angelos thing is certainly not the highlight or the low light of our week. It just, it was a text that went out that we had to discuss and I’m glad it’s over. I’m just glad it’s over. And I’m glad to segments over.

Luke Jones  31:50

I look forward to a new baseball season, as we have been talking about now for what two months almost, I look forward to seeing what a new ownership group is going to do for this organization. To your point, it’s not a click your heels scenario, there’s a lot of work that has to be done on a lot of fronts beyond just the fact that the team does look like it’s really good and heading in a great direction. And heck, they’re coming off a 101 wins season. I mean, that speaks for itself. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:16

and that’s a part of the room because I think it’s true, they are positioning left to left and they

Luke Jones  32:20

are in good position. I can GRF so I am I am excited about the future. I am excited to see where the Baltimore Orioles are heading. Knowing that Elise is in place, and they’re going to be here and there is a new ownership group and there’s a great, great front office and there’s a heck of a team on the field. It’s a lot to be excited about, as I’ve said to you throughout the spring. I’ll continue to say even as we you know spar over Jackson holiday potentially and that there’s there’s a heck of a lot to be excited about that. These are good times to be an Orioles fan. But yeah, definitely a surreal feeling over the weekend as Peter Angelos passed away.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:58

All right, we will step out we’ll take a break. We are in Florida. We are doing the NFL owners meetings. One of us is the other was hanging out at the bar. I’ll give you guys a check on that. We’ve been hanging out in South Florida for the last four days from Fort Myers to Sarasota. I spent some time in Clearwater Luke’s been in Orlando. We’re in Orlando for the next 48 hours. We will be back home on Wednesday. Luke will be added to practice on Wednesday. And then on Thursday we kick off the 2024 season. It is opening day follow us out on social media. He is Baltimore Luke I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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