Saturday, November 26, 2022
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The world’s stage in Baltimore at the new CFG Bank Arena

Before the doors of the new, shiny object downtown comes for the next generation, allow Nestor Aparicio to tell Bill Cole some old Baltimore Civic Center tales that will lure him back for the music – and hopefully stay for more Inner Harbor fun. Let two Baltimore kids dream about the future with a world class facility replacing the former relic of memories.

Getting ready for a new downtown arena and entertainment venue in Baltimore

The former Baltimore Civic Center that became The Baltimore Arena that became First Mariner and then Royal Farms Arena changed names but never could shake its image or, simply, just what it was: an old building that was outdated the day it opened in 1961. That's about to change. Let our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld tell you what he learned recently on a trip to Austin, Texas.

The Recon: On a bald wife, slapping a man and taking a joke

Don Mohler and Nestor do The Recon on slapping a man and taking a tasteless joke

The Recon is masked up for Broadway night and deep emotion at Hippodrome

The Recon goes to the impact of Dear Evan Hansen and what makes us love a Broadway show

The official Baltimore Positive guide to The Academy Awards and Oscars predictions

Don Mohler hosts a full Oscars preview with movie buffs Max Weiss and Allen McCallum

In search of the spirit of Lenny Bruce and working blue in Hollywood

Hollywood actors Joe Mantegna and Ronnie Marmo discuss the life and comedy genius of Lenny Bruce

Hot stuff and disco Summer nights coming to The Hippodrome in February

Ron Legler of The Hippodrome joins Nestor and Don for a Broadway update for a full season downtown and great upcoming shows like Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton coming to Baltimore this year.

Maxing out on the best of everything 2021

Baltimore Magazine Editor-In-Chief Max Weiss does the pop culture and movies recap of 2021 with Nestor and Don while discussing the fried chicken and Western fries we all love so much.

What is the future of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor?

After his inspired feature on all aspects and issues regarding the future of the space currently occupied by Harborplace, we asked Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine about some of the finer points of turning the four-decades-old, Rouse-designed mall into a potential park space serving all of the citizens of our city.

Asking Zeke Cohen about Baltimore Rising and celebrating Creative Alliance at Patterson

The Maryland Crab Cake Tour stopped in Highlandland at The Chasseur to welcome councilman Zeke Cohen and the performance director from Creative Alliance to the second floor balcony for an al fresco chat about East Baltimore and lifting the community.
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Latest News

Comparing Jacksonville and Baltimore as NFL franchises and cities three decades after expansion and the Tagliabue museum

Nestor Aparicio tells Dennis Koulatsos about his aborted Jacksonville trip to cover the Ravens and Jaguars as a media professional and what is wrong about how franchises treat their communities. This one is spicy.

Ravens look to make it five wins in a row in Jacksonville

Lamar Jackson has a bad hip and many injuries questions remain for Sunday. Our WNST Baltimore Positive insider Luke Jones previews the gimpy Ravens trip to Jacksonville for a Thanksgiving weekend game with Trevor Lawrence and the improving Jaguars.

Talking turkey and football with a Hall of Famer

Hall of Famer Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joins Nestor for an NFL playoff forecast and frank discussion of league issues that begin with Daniel Snyder and ownership.

The sportswashing event of the century on full display

Sure, we love soccer but the "bring your business to Qatar" ads on Fox television during the World Cup games aren't convincing Bill Cole and Nestor that this is anything other than the bags of billions of corrupt dollars that it so apparently appears to be this month. The blotter on Blatter and the FIFA criminals has now produced a tournament in the middle of winter in a liar's lair.

What happened to all of the fun on offense?

Dennis Koulatsos joins Nestor to discuss the emerging, old-school Ravens defense and sudden woes on offense as Lamar Jackson battles a hip injury.

What will all of the new MLB rules mean for the game?

In a wide-ranging chat about life in the big leagues, Mike Bordick is joined by Adam and Frank Kolarek in telling Nestor about the impact new rules and a pitch clock are about to have on the game of baseball and how we view the game will change in 2023.

Open your app and place your bets

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin and Nestor welcome Maryland to the world of mobile sports wagering and tell the story of how it happened.

What is Ravens best path through deep and emerging AFC playoff race

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss emerging NFL playoff picture and Ravens pathway to playoff success
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