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When our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection drops by the show, it usually involves music. This time after Nestor got back from an American bender through South Carolina for Sammy Hagar and Las Vegas for U2 at Sphere, he needed some answers about how Alice Cooper got there. And why people can’t shut up when Billy Joel or John Mayer are singing a love song.


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Mike Rosenfeld, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

We’re back at W N, st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are getting the put the band back together. You know when I put the crabcake tour schedule up I had Shawn over Towson University he said that’s a hell of a schedule. I’m certain things fatally you’re going to cost this you’re going to go go you’re going to Pappas Yes, yes, yes, yes. And yes, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the mirror lottery. I’ll be giving away the Raven scratch offs are friends with window nation 866 90 nation, still making it happen for you by two, you get two free five years 0% financing and our newest sponsor for the crabcake to our friends at Jiffy Lube. multicam I got my little change. Couple weeks ago, all I was working on my Baltimore accent with I had John Waters on the other day, and I was working on I had him him. This guy is come home. He is our chief digital officer that’s a CDO to all of you out there. You can find him at a web connection. You can also find out on the front of our website at Baltimore You know, you and I like if someone points I’d love to get together once a week. Sometimes we get together once a month, sometimes time passes and you know, the website and all the things we’re doing the bottom are positive but like you and I have been like ships right I mean, there’s like a war in Israel. We did a little something on that like the first day. Now it feels like Oh, my God, it’s never going to end God forbid. And now it feels like I traveled here you went there. The Orioles got eliminated since that last time we got I mean we haven’t been together since the Orioles were sold again. The band was still together. The frigate Texas Rangers were just and last time I got together with you like the Ravens. What was us and how are we going to finish a game and now it’s let’s go to the Superbowl. Mike Rosenfeld joins us here from web connection or Chief Digital Officer. Man, I’ve been to Vegas I’ve been partying with Sammy Hagar and Alice Cooper. Since the last time I saw you where the heck have you been man? Have been


Mike Rosenfeld  01:49

I’ve been not all over the place like you’ve been not yet. My my travel picks up next week, all the way through probably February. So you’re you’re gone. But and I was here holding down the fort. Thank God for that and working on your end.

Nestor Aparicio  02:06

You did good work with the Ravens. I’m not gonna blame you for the Orioles stuff. Did you really hang out with Sammy Hagar? Did not hang out? Well, I mean, no, no, we have

Mike Rosenfeld  02:15

hung out with Michael Anthony and, and the old Van Halen in the past, but didn’t know if you hung out with him. I had several

Nestor Aparicio  02:23


encounters with Sammy Hagar in my life. And this is honest to god, how I feel and unlike and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, this is straight up. I flew to Greenville, South Carolina to chase the ghost of my mother, if that makes any sense. I don’t think I’ve talked about this on the air at all. Nobody’s I think maybe Dennis and I talked a little bit about the food and a little bit about family and him being Greek. And going back to Greece and what it means to go to a place where your people are from and you and I discussed Israel at length A month ago when the conflict began over there and all the awfulness in the beginning with Hamas and the kidnapping in the debts and all the mess. And Greenville, South Carolina is near my mom’s hometown, which is Abby Ville, South Carolina, which is maybe 50 miles south of Greenville, 80 miles west of Columbia, 60 miles northeast of Augusta and I don’t know 130 miles from Atlanta, it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s maybe an hour from Clemson, but it’s really remote. And when Sammy was playing down there and this place, I got a ticket in the eighth row, single ticket. My wife was always sort of middle of the week. It’s October and you’re my birthday. She was doing some traveling, she’s doing some traveling this week. It’s a surprise. So I can’t talk about it. But I went down to South Carolina chasing my mom’s ghost and Sam is playing. And so my Sammy stories are like this. I love Sammy. He played the Towson center, red rocker back in the day. And then he joined Van Halen. And when he joined Van Halen, I was the music critic. And I interviewed Alex Van Halen on the 5150 toward the beginning, and I went up to Philadelphia and I wound up like pounding beers. I’m 17 Drinking Heineken, and I’m like, kinda cute, but I was drinking it. Because because Alex Van Halen was given it to me. So, met Sammy. Everybody was cranked up was 5050 towards 1986. I was 17. It was what it was. So then they come back and 90 shoe 3434 and Messina, and I’m like Messina and I were very friendly at that period of time beginning of my radio career. And they were playing Merriweather. And because I had been the music critic for seven years the Merriweather people Jean Parker, they were all still there. Mike Messina was with me. They invited us backstage, I knew their band manager, a guy named Ed Leffler, who passed away. He also managed several bands of that era, but he was the one that sort of put the Sammy Hagar version. If you look up, Ed Leffler le FF le are much like Bob Leffler, but Ed Leffler he died maybe 20 years ago as a beautiful man. And he was a band manager in LA and he sort of put sort of orchestrated and help sort of got 50 got Sammy into the band and made it work for the period of time that it worked. So in 1999, I was syndicated Sporting News Radio One on One sports. And CBS was trying to do some cool stuff on their pregame bring on. musicians who bring on people, Sammy Hagar wound up being a part of it and got offered to me on the radio to do a segment and we did like I don’t have it. I can’t find it. Not everything I did when I was syndicate can’t find John Wooden. But I interviewed Sammy for 15 minutes on on nasty nationwide. At that time. It seems like Hey, dude, you love the band. You got to come out a party. And I’m like, Hey, I’m seeing you in LA. He’s like, ah, backstage and so they set it all up. I got it. This is where you’re gonna love this part of the story. This is the part I’ve never told. I don’t think so. It’s before I was married. It was the year the Ravens won the Super Bowl. It was a weekend. We played in Arizona. That year. You can go look it up. Macalester had a big game. I think Bo were picked off a ball to win the game at the end. Maybe they wanted 1512 was crazy game sharper was involved. It was right around the time Trent Dilfer took over that was the day Trent Dilfer told me he was going to do my show. It was in the little shack behind Arizona State stadium Sun Devil Stadium. So that weekend I went out to LA to see Sammy Hagar and I backstage passes. I had a girl that I liked on the west coast that was dating took her to the show. She loves Sammy Hagar. She was super cool. We go backstage. You’re gonna love this. What does Sammy Hagar known for on stage? It’s still to this day two weeks ago. Monster Keela. Yeah. Jack Daniels with Michael Anthony and the bass right? Drink in part in all of that, right? You’re gonna love this. They played the universal Amphitheater in LA. I saw this in December of Nyaa 2000, November, December 2000. You look it up. So the universal amphitheaters were universals in Hollywood, and it’s an amphitheater but it was sort of a one time outdoor, I saw uncle Burt Humperdinck there in 1985. It was outdoor, it’s now indoor been covered over it’s more like an indoor Merriweather, if that means like, it’s weird, right? But it’s it’s a, it’s a place. So I go out there, get my backstage passes, we get there early, set up, like do the whole thing. And they invited us to sit on the stage during the show. So if you saw the Sammy tour, the tour was the stage is a bar. You can Google this right? There are 50 fans sitting at cocktail tables. Drinking monster kill killer margaritas, right? Like look up the song master. This was Sammy solo, Sammy solo, after Van Halen. 2000 Sammy Sammy estranged from Van Halen, he’s out doing I can’t drive 55 Master Keola opening Cabo Wabo This is still 24 years ago, a long time ago, right? So we go backstage and the first thing that happens is we get stopped by someone with an earpiece just like this. And it’s their security people and their PR and their backstage team. And they had a legal rider. Ross the sign saying that we would not consume alcohol of any kind on the stage. Everything in all of the pictures was Kool Aid, like literally it was sweet. It was red, like Hawaiian Punch on stage the whole night. And they were very clear that if you brought a beer on you went to pee and you snuck a beer back, you’d be thrown off stuff like everything was in the Ryder and I’m thinking oh, so two weeks ago I go to see Sammy Well, the in between story is I’m in Napa Valley in 2009 1011 11. Maybe mom, my wife was still a blonde it was before she had cancer. Maybe 1011 12 And my one of my dearest friends in the world, Julio Bermejo, Google him. He’s been on the show. He owns Tommy’s Mexican restaurant, and tequila in San Francisco. He took us on a wine tour of Napa because we’ve never been to Napa. But because he’s folio, and because he’s connected to like the entire spirit world. And I’ve traveled the world with him. I’ve been on four continents with Holy, holy owner crazy and plus Cuba. And that story came up a couple weeks ago, he was a part of their Andy Summers thing. Holy Oh, no, Sammy well, and like we all happen to be in Napa at this on the same day total serendipity. And we wound up getting really hammered on really, really expensive wine in a cellar with Sammy, that’s the picture you’ve seen me with Sammy and my wife. That was, I don’t know, two and a half, three hours of a lot, a lot. A lot of wine at three o’clock in the afternoon on like a Wednesday in the middle of Napa and we just wound up hanging out with Sammy Hagar, his friend of two wives. There were seven of us all day hammered. And I haven’t spoken to Sammy Hagar since I haven’t tried. I haven’t. Like I left that day thinking. There’s and I watch his TV show. I do all of that. But I didn’t want to bother him in Greenville, South Carolina. You know what I mean? Like, I just I probably could have done the elbow in the picture and he’s 76 years old. He’s kicking ass Mike the way you want him to be. Were you a savvy guy or Dave guy? What were you?

Mike Rosenfeld  10:32

I was raised on Dave. I love the Dave arrow. But Dave is such a clown. And I didn’t realize how big a clown he was. You know, back in the early to mid 80s. But he is such a small see vaudeville. You

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

know, his uncle owned the cafe. Wha you know that story? If you’ve been to cafe wha and you’ve picture what it looked like in 1964. You would everybody wanted to be on The Ed Sullivan Show. Right? Like it was? It’s? Yeah, it’s,

Mike Rosenfeld  11:07

I mean, for me, it was always always about Eddie. My, my kids make fun of me. And so I have a huge man crush on him. And I’ll admit it I growing up. I thought it was the greatest guitar God ever. My


Nestor Aparicio  11:19

wife thinks I think I have a thing with John Mayer. So that’s okay. I don’t but it’s you know, she knows deep down it’s really Getty, you know, really, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  11:26

But, um, but I always found Sammy to be more mature, the adult in the room, you know, between him and Dave. Just a better character guy. Dave just comes across as, frankly a dickhead to me.

Nestor Aparicio  11:42

You know what, man and like as we get older, I’m 55 Sammy 76 You’re wherever you are. Bands are tough. You don’t I mean, like if I had to be in a relationship with the three people that were my best friends when I was 18 or 24 or 31. Right now, you know, if I hit it big, like I saw hooting the blowfish is going back out again next summer. I’m friends with those guys. I’ve known those guys from the beginning Mark Bryan and I text them today. Marco come on the show. I know Sony and Dean’s a little bit more quiet and Darius has been on the show. dairies had a child here in Baltimore for years was always in in the area Darius is jam with Eddie Lauer. Danna, Fells Point. Those four guys like they’re the great example. Go Google. The story, the backstory of their relationships and their friendship and their races thing, and they’re putting the band back together and going out for four months next summer. I often think to myself, if the police could get together, if the talking heads can get together on the same stage, you know what I mean, even Van Halen without Michael which was really kind of crappy of Eddie, you know, to kind of kick Michael out of the band, and to do all that. And now Wolf is what he is. And like, I’d love to talk to wolf and you know, like, but the rock and roll thing. When we talk about the drama of Odell Beckham or of the Lamar Jackson contract or anything in sports, you know, that could be portrayed in that way. Rock and roll gets a hall pass right for the drinking the drugs, the girls, the misogyny, the whatever it is, we just rock and roll. It’s like professional wrestling for those of us who love it. It’s just its own little bubble. Until your band somebody dies, can’t play. I went to see you too. In Vegas. You were going to ask me about the sphere and do all that. But we talked before we went on the air? No, Larry Mullen. And they’re, you know, they have a different drummer, and he just can’t play. And they’re like, Well, dude, bands gotta make money. You know, we’re doing 12 million a night here. Like, we’ll just get another drummer and Larry’s cool with that and whatever. But then I think about Russia has never been on stage. I’m going to see getting next week, by the way.

Mike Rosenfeld  13:53


Oh, because he’s signing the book. He’s doing a tour. He’s

Nestor Aparicio  13:57

doing like a sit on stage. And here’s the last thing he’s promised. And now on announced guest interviewer. It’s not me here, by the way, or at Massey Hall in Toronto. I’m going to be but I’m thinking Alex Lifeson make be going out on stage with him and talking to him on stage. Wow. That’d be that would be something right. Yeah. So we have to hang on to is three quarters of you to in his in a bubble with Alice Cooper. I’m hanging on to the fact that I went to Sammy Hagar. And first thing my wife is like, how, how was he really? He 76 duty. Crushed it. I have all these videos that will show the circle. The circle. Yeah. Vic Johnson one guitar, Jason Bonham on drums. Michael Anthony playing the bass. But here’s the thing. They’re on stage last week in Greenville and the whole thing is Michael, you’re a drunk a tequila has some jam. We’re partying and I’m thinking to myself, did I sign the rider 24 years ago was drinking kool aid on stage with you. That’s not to kill with Sammy. Come on, man.

Mike Rosenfeld  14:59

There’s A famous I think was the US festival if you remember the arts fest, the original arts play dad. Yeah. And I and David Lee Roth lifts a bottle of Jack Daniels. And he feigns to the audience what what? And he says, of this ain’t this ain’t ice tea, we ain’t quiet riot. And then he chugs it. And you I know no one control. I don’t care how big a drinker you are. I can’t imagine people chugging Jack Daniels and not not having a, you know that it’s apple cider. Come on, do I mean? Of course it is. The meanwhile, I just heard an interview with Steve Oh, and Sammy, that said that Eddie made Michael Anthony Spacely signed a document that said that he wouldn’t get any royalties from the songs, because he didn’t contribute to the songs only Eddie and Sammy did. But of course, Alex was his brother. And Michael signed it to stay in the band this before they kicked him out and replaced him with his son. But they also he also said, but he never enforced it. Even though he signed it. He still gave him royalties to the song but I thought that was pretty crappy to it’s just dysfunction. You know, it’s Well, that’s what

Nestor Aparicio  16:16

I’m saying, like trying to find for functional human beings to do web connection to do wn St. To do Apple to do Xerox to do big company, small companies. But there’s always something involved. Right. And, and the thing I will say for any band that’s out there that’s made it at this point, right? Like I had John Waters on last week, I’ve waited my whole life to have John Waters on and I asked him like, why are you still doing this? He’s like, this is what I do. I go out, I’ve been going to college campuses since I was in college. I go out and talk to people. People ask me like, at some point, do you not want to do the radio. I’ve retired once I’ve retired twice. I’m like The Godfather. They keep pulling me back in. But there was a point where I hated doing this. I hated doing this. Not the way I wanted to do it with the people I didn’t want to do it with anymore. And I would say that for Sammy Hagar. And I would say this. We’re in November now and I probably every year in my life should have done a top 10 concerts of the year, like type of thing because I see a lot of concerts, and I’ve seen really good bands this year, and I’ve seen Guns and Roses this year. I’ve seen stuff that’s just awful. And I’ve seen Kristi Hines who was like 75 years old or whatever she is. I’ve seen Sammy Hagar 76 I’ve seen Pat Benatar and her 70s I don’t know how old Bryan Adams is Joan Jett is getting older. I’ve seen all of these bands. And they all have different realms of what your level of expectation, your what you want to hear and what they’re going to play. Whether it’s worth it financially, because a lot of this, but the one thing I have in common and this is the real topic of the show, Mike Rosenfeld, this is, this is where I’m going with this. I’ve had a lot of problems this year. There’s one thing that I’ve had every concert I’ve been to every concert, and I know this is when you could talk about your friend lol and the CFG Bank Arena, and go I’ve seen the Eagles there. Let’s go through the Springsteen eagles, Bryan Adams, Joan Jett, Janet Jackson, queen, John Mayer. I’ll be seeing kiss in a couple of weeks. This is all in an arena in Baltimore that did not exist this time last year. Right. So cheers that


Mike Rosenfeld  18:23

the circus and that’s it. And the Trans Siberian Orchestra. No offense to them. Non

Nestor Aparicio  18:29

taken. They’ve also had LL Cool J and like a whole bunch of that Hispanic perform this weekend. And I don’t even know who it is. And it wasn’t bad bunny, but it was a Hispanic performer that sold out this weekend. And literally a performer I’ve never heard of I saw Frank Remy, share it out on LinkedIn and never heard of this performer. But they sold 40,000 tickets at whatever the price would be. The one thing I could say, and this and this, I mean this from my heart, if I ever stopped going to concerts, it’s going to be because someone I killed someone or I go to jail for talking. During the when Billy Joel is singing, Viana are just the way you are. Shut up and put the s in there. Shut up. So I like I’m having a real American music etiquette problem. And I don’t mean some concerts. And I don’t mean once at a concert. I mean, every time I go, and I don’t have you know, stone or supersonic hearing at concerts, the thing is meant to be loud, but it’s meant for you to shut up if you’re there. So when I was in Abbey Vale, South Carolina, and this is my mother’s Grace shining upon me. I I was in the abbey Ville Opera House, built in the late night 1800s It’s been there, it’s restored. It’s beautiful. It’s maybe 400 seats, little opera house in the center of the square. And I looked up and I sold A sign and I’m gonna read this for the people who cannot hear it. But Mike, why don’t you read that sign for people because I want it to be in your professional voice.

Mike Rosenfeld  20:09

My professional voice Yes, big letters notice, please do not talk during acts as it annoys those about you and prevents a perfect hearing of the entertainment. The management

Nestor Aparicio  20:24


What more could be said that you mean it’s one thing to go to a queen show with fake queen with Adam Lambert singing God. That’s fine. But when Billy Joel sing in Vienna, in a stadium, or when Stevie Nicks is singing landslide, you have to talk about what you ate at dinner tonight or talk about anything. I mean, singalong sing out a key. I would wish for that, as opposed to ongoing conversations when John Mayer comes to Baltimore, and you’re in the fifth row next to John Mayer and he’s got an acoustic guitar and nothing else. And he’s singing I don’t know pick a song daughters xo. Your body is a whatever it is that you’re talking this. This is unacceptable when the Eagles are singing wasted time when Don Henley singing Desperado. You know, it’s just unacceptable. Mike,

Mike Rosenfeld  21:25

you are talking about human behavior and common courtesy. And alcohol. Yeah, but but people were always drinking and smoking before shows we went to when we’re growing up. You didn’t have to tell people to shut the fuck up. Right? You know, so oops, I use the F word. Sorry. I chose not to. But that’s how you want to say it.

Nestor Aparicio  21:50

My wife assaulted said that to the women behind us a John Mayer. And you know what I always say to my wife, I’m not fighting with these people. Because I will get we spent 300 bucks to be here tonight, right? Like more than that, like, and we’re three songs into this. And this has been going on for eight minutes. It’s gonna go on the rest of the night, I said to my wife, I’m not here to give adequate lessons, I’ll just get up and move. I just literally physically get up and move because I’m not going to be fighting out loud with some jackass, who clearly already has exhibited that they have no respect for anyone around them, let alone for the artist. I will tell you how much money we all spent to get there. Because none of this is cheap. It is never ever, ever cheap to go to a concert anymore. Which is all the more reason that some of these eight holes think they have a right to be disruptive. You know?

Mike Rosenfeld  22:43

Yeah, it’s a it’s unfortunate. I yesterday, as you know, it was gorgeous out for November. And I couldn’t see myself sitting in my basement watching football indoors all day. So at the last minute, my wife and I bought tickets to the game yesterday.


Nestor Aparicio  23:02

50 bucks 80 bucks would you pay? No, it was

Mike Rosenfeld  23:04

it was a tougher ticket. Believe it or not, it was probably market value, not below market value. So I wound up sitting. I the tickets I bought were on the aisle. I was 20 yard line, upper deck. But second second row. So I like you know you can see everything there. I have the owl my wife sitting next to me. And some Seahawk face painter is sitting next to her by himself. Fine. But he was screaming every I mean screaming to the point where if it was back in the day, if I was in my old section when I was in my 20s and 21 rose up, he would have gotten killed. I mean, he would have gotten killed.

Nestor Aparicio  23:48

He was made a huge mistake on a lot of levels with throwing people like me out of the section. The reason 513 was policed was because it was my section. And I policed that because it just wasn’t a really good place for Steelers fans to be in 1999. It really wasn’t. I mean, this was a very inhospitable place to come in and play. I’m not saying it is or isn’t anymore, but like, there are a lot of empty seats and the Mojo is different than it ever was when Ray Lewis dance. And they’re seven and two and like, God bless the Seahawks have fans. They didn’t have fans 20 years ago, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  24:19


Yeah, I mean, this kid and he was younger. He was, you know, this is no Seattle. I mean, you guys, they had the decibel meter. And he’s like, he’s this. He was like, You guys are really bad fans screaming it. And I was prepared to get beer shards, you know, as they were throwing stuff at him getting shrapnel there. Fortunately, the Ravens sent them home early to the applause of everyone. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  24:46

you know, being a sports fan was you know, all of it, and I don’t want to get too far off the rails, but I’ve done this for 32 years. I didn’t realize in a general sense what what jerks sports fans could be in regards to my own fame in regard to the email and the death threats that I’ve gotten in regard to drunk people out in the public in various formats for me, but I like the notion that there is a huge especially, I mean, there’s a whole barstool built for jerks in sports, right? Like, that’s where you go to yell at players and fire the coach and might star makes too much money. He’s too black. He’s too wide. He’s too left. He’s too Right. He’s too this, you know, whatever went to the wrong college. I don’t know. It’s a barking society. And I never really understood that when I went into sports radio, I went into this honorably like I am with the MSA stuff this week. Talking about citizens. My my dad just, I was raised by an old world father who loves sports. For the Civic part of it for the competition part of it for the fairness part of it. For the integrity, part of it for the teamwork mean, all of that boy scout ish that you hear was why I love sports, now having been thrown out by the Orioles thrown out by the Ravens while they try to drown $2 billion off the public T while they block out journalists while you know just all of it having been exposed to it. I’m better off at a Sammy Hagar concert. Mike.

Mike Rosenfeld  26:16

Right. Well, let me ask you this. I was thinking about as you were talking, first of all, and it could be we’re both getting older. I don’t want to speak for you. But there was nothing more exciting, fun sports standpoint. Then a night game nationally televised against the Steelers during the ray and Eddie era wearing plans. Right? Right. You’re just pumped, right? And I compare that feeling to going to a concert, that I really am an artist I really, really love and the lights go down. And which of those adrenaline rushes through I like more the music side or the sports side because I love them both. And I’d have to say, I would probably skew to the music side. You know, just that, that you’re you’re looking forward to it. You haven’t seen the artists for three years between albums. They’re still in a arena that sold out or a stadium I shared

Nestor Aparicio  27:23

with you two weeks ago, right? Like i i made a concerted effort to go to Vegas when the whole thing happened. I’m like, I’m not going out seeing YouTube without Larry Mullen, you know, I’m not going to pay bla bla bla bla bla I saw them in Seoul and in Tokyo and the Tokyo shows one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. The whole shows up on you can go watch it. It’s a Satyabhama from December the eighth 2019. So we’re now was it four years, that’s four years, right? There’s been four years, you’re you’re describing my YouTube experience, and I said I’m not going and my buddy in Florida started watching the trailers on he’s like, dude, that building is going to be something that and he says this to me in August a building my buddy’s a Dolphins fan, so you know he’s struggling. He would much rather be at a YouTube concert. And I’m like, Yeah, you know, Vegas and severe and like all that. Then it open and then night it opened I had five friends there. John modell. I’m very close with David’s brother, art son. John and I went to Pearl Jam together out in Oakland. He lives in the in the Bay Area. And John and I are close and I love love, love, love John modell have always loved John modell. And he loves rock and roll loves music. He played one at his brother’s funeral. John and I the night before the Ravens game in Wembley in 2017. We did the Pink Floyd wall exhibit at the British Museum of Art next to Royal Albert Hall and we like immersed in so like John loves music John’s involved in music. John’s company produced the YouTube 3d movie. Do you remember this? I doubt there’s a YouTube 3d movie. You can look it up. It was shot in Mexico City. It was shot in South America. I went to one of the shows that we shot at I was at the south Paulo Brazil show. Primarily a lot of that was shot in Mexico City. And at the big the big stadium that they have there Azteca not as DACA Yes. So you can go Google that movie, check it out. But it’s 3d. And David would always tell me, David said they went to New York. He and art was alive at the time. And John, they all went to New York to screen. The final product because John was involved invested in a company that did 3d technology, 3d TVs, remember 3d TVs, right? So there was a point where Adam Clayton took his bass guitar, and like, tried to shoot shoot, you know, like, take your head off with it, like like, axing your head, and you would duck because the 3d was such a, you know, so there was a point and David love telling me the stories like that we’re in a suite. And there’s art and we all have our glasses on and Banos with us. And it’s just us. And and Bano takes his glasses off. And he says, David, it’s a mindfuck. And so I remember this. So John wound up at the first YouTube show, five weeks ago, whatever. And I woke up at four in the morning, and all the reviews and five friends that were there a couple of YouTube buddies, couple people connected in the industry. They were all like, greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. They’d all seen you too. They’ve all done concerts, they’ve all been the stones, like, whatever your concert is, they’ve all been to Grammys, and this and that. And they were all over the moon the first night. And I’m like, All right, I’m gonna have to figure this out and go into it. And you’re always searching for the next heroin rush. Right? You’re always searching for the next Ray Lewis, the next Monday night game, the next great concert, the next great band, the next great experience. And next thing you see that you’ve never seen before, and the spheres like that, dude, like, I don’t, I don’t know what you’re gonna ask me. What’s it like? And I’m like, I can show you the video and all that, but it’s kind of like, you gotta go see it. It’s kind of thing you know, that’s free


Mike Rosenfeld  31:26

overload. Like, like, like, anxiety, like, did you feel you’re falling? Or are there seats move the wind blow through your hair does so YouTube

Nestor Aparicio  31:38

sort of did this on the last tour. Did you see the Joshua Tree stadium tour? Okay, well, if you would have seen that on the floor, you would have experienced something that was like levitating. And I mean this sincerely. I saw the show 10 times I saw the show on the floor, in Paris, Indianapolis, Seattle, Vancouver, Tokyo, Dublin, I saw that show all over the world. And every time I saw it on the floor, now in DC, I was on the side. I’m trying to think of some other I saw it a couple of times on the side, it was a little different. But if you were on the floor at YouTube during the Joshua Tree tour, they had stadium video across the boards, and Anton Corbin, if you Google his name, he shot a lot of videos. He’s a videographer and a cinematographer. He shot desert scenes in the desert, the Joshua Tree, and on roads and in the desert. And in in, in the Middle East. And these incredible Sunrise Sunset things that and I’ll just like you to play five songs before the show started on that tour. They would play Sunday, Bloody Sunday, some version of bad New Year’s Day pride. They’re playing those songs. And then they would march back to the stadium stage. And the opening Oregon for where the streets have no name would play. And the lights would come up. And right when the guitars I want to run I want to hide. The video was moving. And the screens moved in a way that you felt like you were flying. And everyone on the floor. You heard them it was like a carnival. Oh, like you would just take off, you would just literally take off. I can’t explain it other than it happened. And then three or four other times during the show, there would be an optical illusion where you would move. But you’re not moving and you’re on a stadium floor. And they took that. And if I ever could talk to bado or, like if I ever interviewed him I’m sure that that first thought that when this fear thing came to them. They’re like, Okay, we get it because every single night we see 80,000 people feel like they’re levitating. And it’s not because they’ve never heard I want to run I want to hide. It’s because something physically is happening to their mind of the optical illusion. Have you written? Have you been to Epcot? Yes. Have you written? Soaring

Mike Rosenfeld  34:24

the ride? Yes. All right. hang glider right.

Nestor Aparicio  34:27


It tells me what that’s like to fly through an IMAX where sound and sight and motion are brought to life in a way where you get off that ride and you’re like, oh my god, I just flew through Africa. That’s exactly what you feel like. Okay, so the sphere tries to bring that in and I don’t know what they would ever do with smell or what other things they could do. But the whole place is so Wavy Gravy from the minute you walk up to it, and I walked up to it alone. On a Friday night the sun was setting I was watching the ballgame. Add a couple of beers There’s and I walk in from the minute you walk up, you feel like you’ve entered a whole different place, the lighting, the sound, it has, like twinkly water sounds outside, you feel like you’re entering another place another dimension you walk in. And then I walked into a suite like I was backstage with Alice Cooper and having free beer, but it was very dark. And very and very purposely moody. And then before the show, there was a DJ for an hour that the walls came to life and kind of like get you in the mood for it. So like when the band comes on, I would just say if you have a chance to go, and I didn’t spend a fortune, I mean, I got a face value ticket. I was very fortunate, you know, I spent under 300 bucks, it was worth under 300 bucks. But it’s you have to go. I mean, like you, you have to see something there that’s made for there. And you choose as good as anything. But if you’re searching for that rush, and you were the one talking about Louis dancing, because the Ravens games aren’t the same, right? I mean, I don’t know what this I mean, you can love the team. You can love, Lamar. But that vibe is not the same. They could say third down is what it is. And John could kiss the ass of the fans and stuff. But I was there when it was. It was a hellhole and it’s not yet it might be in January, but it’s not right now.

Mike Rosenfeld  36:19

Yeah, like I said, I don’t know if it’s, you know, the the works very similar days. I don’t know if it’s just, that’s what you do when you become 5556 year olds and the like. It’s not as good as it was when I was, you know, in my early 40s or late 30s. And I was going with my kids. But it does feel different. To me, that’s for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  36:40

You don’t feel like you have to be there. Let’s start with that.

Mike Rosenfeld  36:42

Well, you absolutely. But that’s for me personally, that’s because my kids are out of town. And it’s sad to go without them. So that’s another story but but you want to be really well with my wife and she was happy to go and we enjoy. We had a great day. And we enjoyed the weather and we enjoyed the vibe and it was good. It was really good afternoon, I will tell you that. What


Nestor Aparicio  37:06

was the day I miss being there. But the football was so great at home. I mean, the chiefs and the dolphins and then the Eagles and like it was a great day. I want to say to sit inside because it was such a beautiful, beautiful day.

Mike Rosenfeld  37:18

That’s why I wanted to get out because I know we’re gonna be stuck. So what do you

Nestor Aparicio  37:21

make of the team like Mike Ross Feld is here. He’s our partner at web connection. We’re just rambling on about concerts. And I guess you know, my headline for this will be shut up at concerts please. And, and and the facilities. If lo wants to do something really good, Frank rubbish down at the arena. Put some signs up encouraging people to not be jerks when the band’s playing that like that. And that’s not for CFG Bank Arena. That’s for anywhere and everywhere. I’m getting very good off my lawn Shabad it because I’ve had my experiences wrecked, you know, like, consistently. And it’s really weighing on whether I ever want to see John Mariner in acoustic fashion again, like ever, right? Because we can’t shut up with John Mayer is playing guitar, and you’re there to see John Mayer and you pay $200 to see John Mayer and you feel compelled to have a conversation. I just I often wonder what you’re doing there. But I often wonder what I’m doing there. I

Mike Rosenfeld  38:12


hear you. I mean, it’s not just concerts. It’s just it’s decency and, and respect and, and the it’s just an it’s an issue beyond beyond just concerts. When I

Nestor Aparicio  38:26

know when you’re gonna see you’re gonna see you too at the sphere when you go to see the Ravens in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas right?

Mike Rosenfeld  38:31

I don’t know if they’re still playing that I think they did they extended the Yeah. We should be so lucky. That’s the second Super Bowl reference Billy Cole arm you can go to

Nestor Aparicio  38:42

the Washington ravens win the Super Bowl, and the game ends at seven o’clock out there. And you can jump in an Uber and go over to the sphere and see you to that night. That’s what a doubleheader that would be. Now you’re looking for the rush dog. I mean, come on. Now. I got Purple Rain one on my desk here. Anthony Mitchell called me in the middle of the segment, believe it or not, because we miss connected, and I was looking for this picture. Anthony Mitchell. That’s Keaton Mitchell’s father for the young people out there for your kids. And it turns out he’s on the cover of my book and Stacy Keibler is on our lap. Like literally future future Hall of Famer, the current Hall of Famer WWE Hall of Famers de Skiba. So like, that’s Purple Rain one and then there’s purple rain to where we went down to New Orleans, they turn the lights out Joe Flacco like I know we’re trying to chase that rush right. I’m trying to chase 1983 with the Orioles and whatever. And this is what it’s about, like if you’re not excited about them at seven and two, with Cleveland and Cincinnati coming to town then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Like they are a Super Bowl contender. They’re as good a team as constructed right this minute with their health as they’ve been at any minute from 1996 till they got here right now. They have as good a chance of winning a Super Bowl right now as they’ve ever had.


Mike Rosenfeld  39:49

I would agree. I mean, they’re they’re fun to watch on both sides of the ball. I mean, I’ve always been the guy who, if given a choice I’d rather see a tight 20 to 17 defensive battle than, you know, 35 to 38. But on both sides of the ball, they’re, they’re exciting. Lamar to me. Other than the long balls, which these struggles with, his passes are spot on. Decision making seems to be better not forcing things. They’re coming up with first downs on third and long. It’s just fun to watch. Even the Cardinals game was not fun. I mean, my kids and I are like 3073

Nestor Aparicio  40:40

Every week, and I would ask you, How much fun is it when they went through now? Like I’m wanting to win a January 33? I mean, you nobody wants to bite their nails. But there is a point where like a game like that everybody leaves in third quarter. I wouldn’t want that every week. But you do, but you don’t but but you don’t know if you’re against bad teams,

Mike Rosenfeld  40:58

you’ll take it, but you don’t want to be tortured. Like the two losses were torture, like what is going on? Like, it’s torture. And I

Nestor Aparicio  41:07


don’t know what they’re fans through on Sunday.

Mike Rosenfeld  41:09

i Right. I mean, I don’t want torture I’ll take, I’ll take being able to breathe, you know, halfway through the fourth quarter and feeling like you have the game and control. But even gain even like the Cardinals game, you it wasn’t pretty, but you felt, you know, they were in control. And obviously, you can argue and I don’t know if the other two team to last teams can do the same. But they could have and should have won those two games could have would have should have, it doesn’t matter. But I think they’re a good team. I’m with you. They’re fun to watch. They got to stay healthy. You know, we’re getting into the the time where there’s like six games left, which is when Lamar hasn’t been available. So you cross your fingers. I was very grateful to see them take them out in the fourth quarter. There was no reason for him to be there. And I hope Pete Carroll understood that you let Snoop try to run the offense in case again, rather than just run the ball just in case he’s needed. And instead of just having mop up time to head he had meaningful minutes. There’s just a lot to like, in my opinion about the game.

Nestor Aparicio  42:14

Well, then Odell Beckham catches the pass and Lamar and the team’s happy for him. So look, as John Harbaugh said in the post game, you know, they work very, very hard to get it to look like this. And when it looks like this, it’s like when you put together a website or web plan for people web connection, it’s like when somehow some way I book Andy Summers onto the program and it happens. And I booked John Waters onto the program, and it happens and I get myself involved in this Maryland stadium authority because none of the other real media want to tell facts about the billions of dollars we’re giving these billionaires then I get fired up about it. And you know, I think being fired up about the team right now be fired up about the defense because Luke and I have talked about the defense and and what that means to Lamar not having to play in the fourth quarter because the defense has been that good. The offense. field goals kicked three field goals in the first half. All right now 17 to three and Lamar has to play in the second half instead of 33 and touchdowns. Defense allow Lamar some break, but things are gonna change man. I mean, they’re done playing Josh Dobbs and PJ Walker’s and I mean, Cleveland Deshaun Watson 27 to nothing real defense, Cincinnati short rest boroughs back that his beat the bills, they’re real, they have to go, they’re gonna have to go out to LA twice LA and San Francisco. They have Jacksonville on the road. They have Miami, they have real quarterbacks they’re going to see lay off caliber quarterbacks more frequently than not over the remaining part of the schedule. And this is where you’re going to bite your nails because I don’t think they’re going to go down to Jacksonville when 37 Or three, I don’t think they’re going to go out to San Francisco a Christmas night when 37 to three, they’re going to have problems. They’re gonna have mistakes, they’re going to have turnovers like they did against Arizona. Look, I wrote the when they were when they beat the lions, I’m like, you couldn’t be any more impressive than they were beating the lions. And like don’t expect that every week and then Arizona happens and everybody’s biting their nails. That’s the league at this point is the league. It is the league and that’s where you don’t want to stub your toe. But more than that, you want to stay healthy. The reason they’re accomplishing all of this is because they have good health right now I’m convinced to that.

Mike Rosenfeld  44:28

For sure. Well, as we’re winding down, I do have a story to tell you you may be able to appreciate Okay, shooting last conversation in this conversation. You asked where I’ve been. I forgot that I did travel to Detroit for a wedding. And of course I was in Detroit when Detroit Lions were in Baltimore. So I The wedding was on a Sunday night. Not a Saturday night. So the Friday I experience all Lions fans except for one Bengal fan. So


Nestor Aparicio  44:55

really bad lead up to the wedding that days. What you’re telling me well,

Mike Rosenfeld  44:58

the Saturday The night before, you know for out of towners was a lot of people. I mean there was it wasn’t just out of towners, there was like a lot of people chirp in my ear you ready and I did expect a battle and I was intimidated by what the lions could potentially bring. And I was like, during Sunday, I was like, Please win because the wedding Sunday night, please win. And no one was talking. Everyone’s giving me the head nod after that spanking. And then there was the guy from

Nestor Aparicio  45:27

the Alliance fan, though.



It’s tough. Well, that’s your Ray Lewis moment

Nestor Aparicio  45:32

if your alliance fan What’s the thing over your lifetime that you’ve gotten excited about? If you’re a Detroit lie, I mean, I’m serious. Like as Ravens fans, I don’t think we’re really spoiled in a general sense as to far as, as far as what our measurement of fun would be, versus most other places most other places.

Mike Rosenfeld  45:52

Well, we’re fortunate there that’s why I was gonna say there was one guy who I’ve become friendly with through this group of people who’s the diehard Bengals fan, and we were talking about Lamar and Joe Joe burrow and having that franchise quarterback, but I was like, I don’t have faith in Mike Brown, the owner of the Bengals, he does not have a track record. I think one thing that we are fortunate and we can see this from the difference between the Royals and the Ravens, I mean, when the Ravens had to restock and you know, Ed Reed, who I think is my all time favorite Raven player, and and and Ray Lewis and and you know, that Super Bowl team and it’s, it’s done just the ability to just have a year or two to rebuild but it’s not like you’re you’re going to the bottom and you have to wait I mean you’re right the Lions fans has just been brutal they always rip their heart out and there’s so many teams out there that just are mediocre at best and even the even the browns and maybe a lot of your listeners won’t appreciate this I feel bad for Cleveland Brown fans because how they lost their team you and I both know what the NFL did to us when we tried to get expansion teams and and and the bid wells teased us with by bringing the Cardinals and used us to get better deals elsewhere we did everything we possibly could but to steal another cities team with left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have a team and they got their colors back and they got their team back and we didn’t but I feel bad but they’re just they just can’t get organization cannot get out of their way to to not go through coaches and not go through quarterbacks and

Nestor Aparicio  47:43

I mean imagine signing like a you know a serial sexual predator and making them your quarterback and saying here go cheer for this.


Mike Rosenfeld  47:51

What about was that Hunter they just just signed off the street who no team would sign because of domestic violence?

Nestor Aparicio  47:58

You know, once you have to Shawn Watson like what you know, what’s your

Mike Rosenfeld  48:02

Exactly? So far? It is what it is. There is

Nestor Aparicio  48:06


no floor. Hey, man browser in this weekend, bangles are in next week, Mike Roosevelt was out there doing all thanks, Chief Digital Officer work for us to Your Baltimore positive as well as for you. You can find him at web connection. Tell me what you do. Because it’s um, it’s a little I mean, it’s not for everybody. But I think everybody can understand that. They need somebody that understands more about the web than they do, which is why I have you in my way.

Mike Rosenfeld  48:27

Yeah, I think once people understand what it is, they can appreciate that there’s an opportunity if they want to play ball. So basically what web connects, we’re outsourced Chief Digital Officers. We work with small to midsize companies who can hire a full time Chief Digital Officer. And for those of you who don’t know what the Chief Digital Officer role is, we’re responsible for creating the strategy to for your website, your email marketing, your social media strategy, your content marketing strategy, your online advertising strategy, creating something that works for you so that you can compete, so that you’re not in a position that you’re tired of seeing all of your competitors, kick your butt, and now being enough in November, most of my prospects are now looking at their budgets for 2024 trying to figure out what they need to do, to compete, to do better to leverage AI to have a digital strategy and to grow their business. So if you’re one of them, just trying to figure out budgeting and you know, frankly, we worked it out so that it’s affordable for most small businesses, we’re fractional experts. We’d love to have a conversation with you and see how we can help.

Nestor Aparicio  49:42

We’ll tell you blew my mind like nine months ago when you came in with that chat GPT and we’re making purple birds out of things and and for my business, and I don’t think it’s any secret. I’ve downsized what I’ve done here, over 25 years of doing this to be more self sufficient, as opposed to people efficient, sufficient or You’re dependent, I should say people dependent. And I don’t know where AI is for me, but I know there’s got to be a place for me. And the more I see it, and recognize it. And look, dude, I’m a I’m an old guy, but I’m a first mover about all this from Twitter and Facebook and the web and Baltimore positive to begin with. I really do feel like I I met it’s the beginning. It’s still not too late to get involved in AI, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  50:23

Oh, absolutely not. And, and you and I will have discussions about how you should be leveraging it. And you know, you will, and yeah, but everyone at least should understand what it is, what its impact is how it could affect your business. How you prepare, so that you’re not caught with your pants down for lack of a better analogy? I


Nestor Aparicio  50:44

think a lot of the marketing has been on fear of it. To some degree, you know, not on leveraging it. Right.

Mike Rosenfeld  50:51

Yeah, but it’s right. It’s, it’s, it’s appropriate to be both eyes wide open and fearful of what the possibilities are, if it’s not managed properly, just like anything else, just like, you know, I never thought we’ve talked about this in the past that, you know, social media and fake accounts could manipulate democracies elections, you know, did, but it did. So, you know, for every application that is meant for good. There’s going to be people on the bad side lining up to see how they can take advantage of

Nestor Aparicio  51:27

jail old I am I made my first ever purchase on Amazon last night.

Mike Rosenfeld  51:35


No way.

Nestor Aparicio  51:36

I’m being honest. Like, my son has an account. It’s the one I break into on Thursday to watch Thursday night football. When I do. My wife uses it because it’s prime. And she ordered my wife’s a wife, she ordered stuff, you know, she clicks and whenever we buy anything, she’ll say, I’m ordering some stuff on Amazon, what do you need, and I’m like scotch tape, Bic pens, whatever it is, right? She’ll get it. But I did this on my own last night during the game was like it was like eight o’clock on a Sunday night. And my shoes, you might have knees and back. And everybody knows my back screwed up. It’s one of the reasons Chad steel threw me out because I couldn’t make it the games couple years ago. So I’m feeling better. I’m on the yoga mat. But my shoes, and I got into these great shoes over at the Trump city run and I like I was looking online for old model. It’s like a two year old model. Now it’s 22 and their end of the 24 model. So I went to the 22 model, and found some remnant stuff. And I saw this shoe online, right. And this was last night. And this shoe was like $180 shoe, but was 99 bucks online because it’s like old and they’re trying to get rid of it. And it’s kind of an interesting color. So I clicked on Amazon last night and my wife’s like, just click here, click here, click here. And I found the shoe and I found my size and I clicked it in and was all there and was my credit card my address not my son’s and went click click click and said place order and I placed the order. And I looked at her and I’m like, so they’re just gonna show up, right? She’s like, Yeah, this morning, I got up had coffee. 10 o’clock in the morning, I walk out there’s a box on the table. I was like, your shoes came? I’m like, I just ordered him like, six hours ago, like how’s it impossible? And here they are. And I’m thinking I’m not long for the world. Look, I don’t know, I don’t know what to say. You know, I

Mike Rosenfeld  53:29

don’t know the the exact demographics of your audience, but 95% of your audience just say, yeah, he described my experience from See

Nestor Aparicio  53:39

1008 Right. Yeah, yeah, right. Well, I’m gonna get all the boxes here. I’m just not the one poking around. And when it happened, I literally looked at that order to pair because I have a pair that was gonna go with my new jacket, sort of a you know, blue and brown kind of combination, because I need to be more muted in my life. I need to be more conservative.


Mike Rosenfeld  53:59

And wait until you discover you like you like different types of food and exotic food and you try things and you’re you’re a truck. You’re gonna find I’m not overeating.

Nestor Aparicio  54:09

I’m going out and getting my food I will drive the roof was my wife tried to get me to UberEATS two pieces of real farm chicken and surprise because we didn’t want to go up. I’m like, I’m not Uber eating that. I’m not. I’m gonna get in the car. I’m gonna drive up there. I’m gonna get ice cream with it. That’s exactly what I did on Saturday night.

Mike Rosenfeld  54:24

Yeah, you can’t you can’t ever eat ice cream that click this button for $211

Nestor Aparicio  54:28


for these two pairs of shoes, and they’re Fanta and they and it’s one of my wife and I’m like that’s really dangerous. Yeah, man, I just really dangerous

Mike Rosenfeld  54:38

I found small batch. Gourmet sunflower seeds from Austin, Texas, that I reorder all the time. That’s my that’s my snacks. I don’t eat real food at night. A lot of baseball if you eat sunflowers slowly those so anyway, it’s all good.

Nestor Aparicio  54:57

All right, like Ross was here. He will teach you How to order things on Amazon and get your life together from all things digital heaps web connections. I just had to tell that story because it’s true. I just had never ordered and today’s like day one of me being like, I’m going to like block myself from that website because I’m like, now I’m now I’m scurred of all the things that I might need or I might want you if you need them and you want them and you need some really important work done on your website and all SEO everything you need. web connections the way to do that. If you need good sports radio the fans down the we’re here at AM 1570 I’ll be here all week. Luke is in Owings Mills. He is at Baltimore Luke we’re getting ready for Cleveland getting ready for Cincinnati and doing a lot a lot a lot of stuff on the stadium circumstance which I have not discussed with Mike but I will in the future. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped talking rock and roll and shutting up at concerts. You

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