Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Nestor Aparicio

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Ravens problems in trenches in a monsoon leads to hideous loss to Patriots

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the bad snaps of Matt Skura, the poor offensive line play and what not having Brandon Williams and Calais Campbell does to a defense.

Life in the basketball fast break lane

From Baltimore to Philadelphia to Showtime, legendary basketball coach and unapologetic offensive guru Paul Westhead discusses speed on the court and The System.

The loss to Steelers must serve as a wakeup call for Lamar’s Ravens

My longtime pal J.T. The Brick from Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio asked me to come on his national show and discuss the aftermath of the Ravens loss to Steelers. I had a lot on my mind...

Getting Ravens fans ready for Steelers visit on Sunday

Here's what you need to know about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens battling for first place in the AFC North.

Reading, writing and rock and roll all the way to Japan with my favorite teacher’s daughter

Continuing our Teacher Appreciation Month with an homage to Miss Carolyn Houk, the best reading teacher ever! And you'll get some awesome Jinokoya music and tales of the Far East in this one from Melissa Houk...

How can Bengals avoid further embarrassment from Lamar Jackson?

Nestor joins the Bengals' broadcast team "Know The Foe" segment with Lapham and Hoard in The Jungle of Cincinnati. (And they're still digging for Marvin Lewis stories!)

A discussion about calm, composure, leadership and the frustration of Lamar Jackson

After the Ravens' loss to the Chiefs, the body language of the quarterback became a topic as the game slipped away. So did the record and the fact that the team hasn't played well from behind lately.

What I learned sitting on the roof in Houston and watching Ravens beat Texans in an empty stadium

When a franchise that stands, kneels and sits for National Anthem can come together 30 seconds later to play as a team, maybe the Ravens are "leading" in more ways than the scoreboard?

Nothing is better than a Super Bowl parade

Cue "We Are The Champions"! Or, in this case, "Who Let The Dogs Out!" This is the lost Mike Flynn videotape of Super Bowl XXXV parade through streets of Baltimore.


McPhee joins growing list of Ravens’ positive tests before Pittsburgh game

The veteran outside linebacker won't be able to play in the Pittsburgh game, which is still scheduled for Thursday night.

Grieving the loss of the Calvert Hall and Loyola on Thanksgiving Day

A tradition unlike any other, the cancellation of the Turkey Bowl makes this a silent pigskin holiday pausing a passionate local rivalry. Former Delegate...

Andrews: “People are starting to count us out, and that’s fine”

The Ravens tight end says his team is feeling plenty of urgency to turn the recent struggles around.

Twelve Ravens thoughts following Week 11 loss to Tennessee

Mark Andrews played a career-high 56 snaps, caught a touchdown, and registered a season-best 96 receiving yards.

Ravens running backs Ingram, Dobbins test positive for COVID-19

A bad day for the Ravens turned worse late Sunday night with multiple members of the organization testing positive for COVID-19.