Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Nestor Aparicio

#ColumnNes Regarding Lamar Jackson, the lack of maturity is a bigger issue than an ugly tweet

If Lamar Jackson regrets the statement to the fellow in Pennsylvania, he should’ve offered an apology to him. If he regrets the world seeing his ugly words, Jackson has a platform with a million followers and could’ve offered an apology. If it was truly “out of character,” then show your character and admit a mistake and move on.

#ColumnNes Just a bad beat in Jacksonville or a red (zone) sign of things to come?

“We shouldn’t have lost,” quarterback Lamar Jackson said as he exited the podium after the crushing 28-27 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that ended a four-game winning streak and opened a bunch of old wounds about the offense not being good enough and the defense not being able to hold a fourth quarter lead.

After 26 faithful purple seasons, the Ravens have bullied me out of my seats and denied my media access

This is my story. This is the truth. And it must be told. In its entirety because it's so outrageous as to be almost unbelievable. Covering the Ravens is all I’ve ever done professionally since the team arrived in Baltimore in 1996, and this is how I feed my family and pay my bills as a small local business and AM 1570 radio operator and entrepreneur.

What will all of the new MLB rules mean for the game?

In a wide-ranging chat about life in the big leagues, Mike Bordick is joined by Adam and Frank Kolarek in telling Nestor about the impact new rules and a pitch clock are about to have on the game of baseball and how we view the game will change in 2023.

#ColumnNes Out in the cold and winning ugly

As the 7-3 Baltimore Ravens build confidence on defense, it's the missing offense that worries Nestor Aparicio as the schedule allows for duds to be wins.

Why did Chad Steele take my press credentials after 26 years of covering the Baltimore Ravens?

This is my story in my own words. Listen and learn about how the NFL treats the local media and avoids the tough questions and intimidates local media who have traveled and reported on Baltimore football since before Art Modell brought the Ravens here in 1995. What happened is wrong and here's why...

Purple Reign 2: Chapter 21 “For Baltimore, a second Pa-RAY-ed”

This is Chapter 21 and final of "Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story." Nestor Aparicio has released the 2013 book here over recent weeks to prepare #RavensFlock for NFL season. This is the biggest parade in the history of Baltimore.

#ColumnNes The Ravens should be running first (and second and third) to victory

Perhaps in our haste to throw it all away, we’ve lost sight of the fact that the entire operation has been assembled to run around – and with – No. 8 and still does that better than anyone when they’re doing it the right way.

Purple Reign 2: Chapter 20 “Sup-Harb Bowl – A Crescent City Crowning for Ravens”

This is Chapter 20 of "Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story." Author and radio host and entrepreneur Nestor Aparicio is releasing the 2013 book chapter by chapter daily to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ravens Super Bowl win in New Orleans.

Will the Cleveland Browns ever be anything more than a punchline?

Former sports radio insider Bernard Bokenyi and "Nasty Nationwide" producer checks in with Nestor after returning to his homeland in Cleveland. There was once hope and then owner Jimmy Haslam went all in on Deshaun Watson. Could it actually get worse?
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