Saturday, April 17, 2021


Nestor Aparicio

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A local Weis guy walks into a market…

Rob Santoni joins Nestor to tell a generational local story about how we buy our groceries and the many Weis conversations ahead at Baltimore Positive.

Will spring sports be our ticket to feeling free from COVID in America?

As needles go into arms and March Madness comes to our television, Todd Schuler and Nestor look to the end of pandemic for sports motivation and a spring of outdoor games.

March Madness is just the tip of spring iceberg of sports awakening

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the dance of March and the anticipation of a real sports season kicking in with Opening Day and NBA and NHL playoffs around the corner.

Having confidence in Ravens style during NFL free agency cash grab

Brian Lease joins Nestor to discuss the deft moves of Ravens in free agency as Eric DeCosta settles roster spots and works with the salary cap to prepare for the draft.

The new guard in Baltimore

As Eric DeCosta and the Ravens continue free agency shopping, Dennis Koulatsos joins Nestor to discuss the latest veteran addition to the purple offensive attack.

Sharing BBQ and Love for a Super Bowl Taste

Chef Tim Love and host Alexis Glick join Nestor to discuss feeding people in need and the annual Taste Of The NFL bash that is going virtual. Come cook with Andrew Zimmern and Carla Hall!

Remembering everything I forgot about Super Bowl XXXV

Nestor Aparicio wrote a book on the Baltimore Ravens 2000 championship called "Purple Reign." Twenty years later and a week after chatting with members of the team, he swears there are a million stories still never told...

WORLD DEBUT: The lost Super Bowl Parade video – the whole purple Festivus route to City Hall

Center Mike Flynn invited Nestor onto the Humvee to record this incredible "home movie" for a one-hour ride down Pratt Street onto the dais with the Lombardi Trophy to City Hall back on January 30, 2001. If you're a Baltimore Ravens fans, go find yourself in this beautiful mess...

That time Larry King called my book “a good read” and discussed history of Orioles baseball

Back in the 1990s when he worked at CNN in Washington, Larry King was a frequent visitor at Camden Yards and loved talking Orioles baseball and Little Looey with Nestor.


Orioles get back on track with 5-2 win at Texas

Manager Brandon Hyde discussed home runs from Rio Ruiz and DJ Stewart as well as a strong outing from starter Jorge Lopez in the victory.

Five Ravens potentially impacted most by 2021 draft

Wide receiver Devin Duvernay is aiming for a bigger role on offensive in his second season.

Stone Horses ready to bring the good ol’ days of live music back to life

Singer John Allen of The Stone Horses talks rock and roll and pandemic creativity with Nestor as many local bands prepare to get back to doing what they do – perform live shows in front of real humans. And maybe even tour...

Reawakening cicadas and local music for kids this spring

Sam Sessa of WTMD joins Nestor to discuss the old memories of live concerts, Baltimore Sun review privileges and the possibilities of outdoor live music this spring and summer all over the region. Oh, and does "indie" get a bad rap? Hmm...

Got my shot, ready set and…what’s next? Cicadas and post pandemic summer life in Baltimore

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss pandemic changes and spring fever