Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

#ColumnNes Lamar makes a statement by taking the heart of the cowardly Lions

There is never a day when the microphones turn on that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh isn’t discussing his squad being the best team they can be while convincing us that it’s going to eventually be better than...

The lost Baltimore sports weekend and Orioles with backs to the wall in Texas

Luke Jones and Nestor head off to Texas for Game 3 at Globe Life Park with the realities of the Orioles mountain to move ahead. It was a terrible weekend for Orioles and Ravens fans but the Birds still have one more chance – or maybe two – in Arlington.

#ColumnNes A mortifying day for Baltimore sports as Ravens fail and Orioles trail

A tale of two franchises and two epic failures on the biggest sports day in the modern history of Baltimore. The #ColumnNes of Nestor Aparicio tries to find the words for a lost weekend in the Charm City that held such incredible promise for local fans.

Nestor on Orioles postseason: “This is why we built Camden Yards!”

When Dennis Koulatsos welcomed Nestor onto his WNST-AM 1570 weekly show (heard each Thursday 3-5p and Sunday 8a-noon) to discuss the biggest Baltimore sports weekend of this generation, the 32-year voice of Baltimore sports radio made it clear this was what was expected all along back in 1996 when the Ravens came to the Charm City. Stadium and parking conflicts in adjoining lots because the baseball team has earned a path to a World Series.

Once again, the Orioles have Magic to do

For two decades Charles Steinberg worked for the Baltimore Orioles and can recite the history of Orioles Magic because he was there when it happened. Checking in from his gig running the Worcester Woo Sox after a long trail of success with the Boston Red Sox, the native Baltimorean had some thoughts on the kindness of Brooks Robinson, warm memories of 33rd Street and the resurgence of the Oriole Way with the 2023 Birds.

A weekend to remember ahead in Baltimore

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the huge weekend ahead for Orioles and Ravens and city of Baltimore in what we used to call "Pittsburgh Week" here in the Charm City. Instead, it's a schedule-making nightmare for sports fans and concert goers but we'll take more of it!

#COLUMNNES Ravens barely break a sweat in dispatching the woeful Browns

The Ravens are stacking up road wins in the division. Next up: a trip to Pittsburgh on the backside of an impressive victory over the overwhelmed Cleveland Browns on Sunday

Getting ready for an Orioles postseason with high expectations

Our longtime baseball insider Allen McCallum puts an Orioles postseason and October baseball realities into perspective and talks pitching strategy with five days of rest before Game 1 of the ALDS at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Buckle up, Birds fans!

Luke Jones talks Brooks, Orioles Magic and Ravens travels during busiest Baltimore sports month of the century

Been quite a week for our Luke Jones who reported on the death of Brooks Robinson, the Clinchmas night at Camden Yards and another week of infirmary reports from Owings Mills as the Ravens head to Cleveland. He also reports that the AL East Division title clubhouse celebration was a little more tame than the shower from the 2014 Orioles squad. So far...

How much of this can you really blame on Lamar Jackson?

With the Ravens offense missing key starters at every level, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the play of the $260 million quarterback and what Todd Monken – and the fans – expect from him on Sunday afternoons? Six years into the "experiment" of Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson running the football on an RPO is still the team's best chance for success on any given play.
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