Friday, March 5, 2021



How will we really know the pandemic is over?

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss how we'll really know and believe the COVID-19 pandemic is over – and when we're safe to finally move freely about the planet.

If we could only watch Trey Mancini on television this week…

Luke Jones joins Nestor to discuss the Miracle of Mancini and the senseless MASN decision of the Angelos family to still not show Orioles games for fans all month from Sarasota.

Catching the fishing bug this spring?

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor look at a year of pandemic life and changes to outdoor habits and adventure. Including grabbing a rod and reel and hitting a spot with just you and nature.

Golf with us on April 19 to help the kids at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Leonard Raskin and Paula Bragg discuss significance of Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital and golf tourney

Why aren’t Orioles spring training games on my TV? The Recon on MASN and another lost spring from Sarasota

Their new weekly Catonsville meets Dundalk segment will cover all sorts of ground – local, political and gastrointestinal – but it started where it all began for Nestor and Don. Another ripe Grapefruit baseball season bearing no spring fruit.

Local experts discuss mental health challenges of COVID and getting real help

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Avizu of Kennedy Krieger and Dr. Deepak Prabhakar of Sheppard Pratt discuss how COVID has impacted mental health in America and how local citizens in need can get immediate care.

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How did Ravens wide receivers stack up to rest of NFL in 2020?

Marquise Brown finished 2020 with a bang, catching six touchdowns over the last six games of the regular season.