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Rediscovering the art and love of collecting sports collectibles


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Local sports memorabilia expert Danny Black joined Nestor to discuss their lifelong shared love for collecting baseball cards and sports memorabilia. From the hobby’s evolution and its modern aspects, Nestor shares modern tales of his amazing Luis Aparicio collection and the thrill of finding rare items.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Danny Black

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

home we are W n s t test the Baltimore Baltimore positive or positive to get new young Marilyn crabcakes we’re back out on the road on July 12. A little respite for the holidays go get your own crabcakes I’m taking a little time down it’ll pull time watching the Orioles. But on the 12th We’ll be back down to faith and speaking of the Orioles Yankees in the orals on the 12th all the property by the Maryland lottery we’ll have the Gold Rush sevens doublers as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multicarrier and the Liberty pure solutions keeping the water crystal guy would show you the water in the step and I have I have heirlooms here because it’s gonna be cool segment especially if you’re watching out on the web which we appreciate everybody that goes out on the YouTube and our Facebook video and all that stuff. This is this is going to be Show and Tell segment. Danny black joins me. Danny I’ve known for almost quarter of a century, once built closets in my downtown condo at Harbor court where I lived for 20 years. I knew him then. And then lo and behold two years ago, I got a weird invitation from the folks at the Babe Ruth museum Mike Gibbons and those folks invited me down and Mike bordick was there to show off my Louis Aparicio collection, and as legend would have it when Willie Mays passed two weeks ago, Bob Ryan for the Boston Globe put a tweet out and John ran send it to me from a puck in Sports Business Journal. He said, Hey, this is a cool fact. And the fact was Luis Aparicio is now the oldest living Hall of Famer. And I’m like, wow, and the question was, who’s the who’s the greatest living player? And that would be probably a bonds rows argument of some of some case, I guess. Danny is in the sports collectible business. I was down at Babe Ruth museum walking around and I saw Robbie Jr. People I know that are people that were they’re fans of mine collectors, old friends. Kirpa show might even been there. And I ran into you hockey and baseball cards and on the first floor, and I said, How could you have been in my home building these beautiful closets? And how’s my Robert Graham collection? Oh, my wife’s heirlooms, and which we don’t have anymore? By the way. We sold a condo a few years ago. But and how did you and I never talk about sports memorabilia. How was that possible that I spent, I don’t know. 30 hours with you. And I never heard a peep about your baseball card collection.


Danny Black  02:18

I was doing a poor job clearly of telling you what I really loved. Because I started, gosh, probably 35 years ago in this business. And I always worked in it even when I was doing closets was working in the background. So I was showing

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:34

you some really cool stuff. If we

Danny Black  02:36

would have had it, we would have had a lot more fun than just talking clauses. We could have really had had a blast, but no, I’m glad I’m glad you reached out. It’s good to see you know you’ve been doing this a long time and it’s finally glad to break bread.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:49


Well I’m looking over your shoulder and seeing what identify looks like an uncut series of all star game tickets over your right shoulder from the 93 All Star game. It was at a printer sheet what is that?

Danny Black  02:59

They were four consecutive season tickets. And actually I don’t know if you can see the clock in the background. They they sent her the centerfield clock makes an image in the background. So it’s almost impossible for there’s tickets used. They were but they would not cut them or separate them. We made sure that they kept them together. And I kept them actually pressed that day of the game. Oh, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:22

you so you literally you went and asked for them to let you okay, I understand exactly where you’re going. I so you’re the only one with that item. By I’m the only one with that. Yeah, well, that makes it kind of fun. So let’s have a little bit of fun. I mean, first off telling me what you do and what the modern card business is because I have been. I’ve been sucked back into collecting my wife bought me a rush belt buckle and OLEDs you know, I have this crazy Pacific belt buckle collection. I don’t say one of the best in the world, but it might be one of the best in the world. Like it’s in that it’s in that I’m getting there, you know, last couple of years. And it really does. And my wife doesn’t fully understand that she she appreciates it because they’re cool. The reason I collect the belt buckles and I’ll show you I haven’t. I haven’t in my studio. The reason I collect them is they’re beautiful and they’re functional. I wear them I put them on my waist. I’m not freaked out that they’re worth 100 bucks or 50 bucks or whatever they’re worth. And I haven’t really chipped one up I do when I wash my hands in restaurants and you move forward with your waist. But baseball cards were always the apple of my eye in my childhood. I was a collector dealer in my neighborhood. I was a 12 year old with a table at the Hall at the Holiday Inn. When When Jay Fink last would put on the show in June every year. So I was in I’m talking 1979 8081 82 And then I got into journalism and it’s just like I collected a thing here again, I never sold anything. It certainly was tacky to be in the locker room asking for autographs and stuff like certainly just not something I ever did. You know what I mean? I didn’t even take a whole lot of selfies or whatever like we do in the modern era, but I love the art of it all. And the art of the Pacifica buckles got me. It sucked me in a few years ago to collecting things and what I would want. And I don’t collect anything that I used to collect ticket stubs, World Series programs, all of that. But I collect Aparicio stuff and that sucked me back in it’s probably one of the reasons I invited you on because I’m trying to understand the hobby or the business in modern terms. And

Danny Black  05:30

it’s a great perspective you have because collecting can be any item and it can be anything that you have a passion for. One of the things I’ve done is actually if I can give a quick shout out to Hobby news That’s the website I started basically to cover the collectible hobby industry because you hit the nail on the head it has become a full industry fanatics is fully invested in the hobby and we’re gonna


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

ravens are invested in them Apparently so. So

Danny Black  05:57

are the Orioles. Everybody, everybody sits at the teat of fanatics right now. And they are pushing to grow the the hobby 10 times larger than it’s been. So you know, if you think you’ve seen baseball cards everywhere, you’re going to see them 10 times more. And that’s raising you know, high tides raise all books that’s raising the collectible world everywhere. A blow smoke by Snoop Dogg’s just auctioned off by a major auction house for over $5,000 What was it again? You plucked out on me a blunt smoke by Snoop Dogg.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:36

A blunt smoke by Snoop Dogg went

Danny Black  06:38


for over $5,000 Well, look, we

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:41

could collect anything and someone’s i That’s my point. So yeah, I mean, people collect real estate, right? Like literally right?

Danny Black  06:49

Um, for the you know, anybody collecting anything, but that shows you how strong the collectible market is. I mean, people are, whether it’s sneakers, whether it’s art, whether it’s baseball cards, the demand is just flying through the roof. There’s a whole nother generation. There’s been a shift, you know, from our parents and grandparents, to now us our kids and our grandkids. Yeah, once

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:11

I heard that George Brett rookie car was sold for a lot of money because George was my guy. I started thinking that I sold a bunch of stuff a couple years ago because I was afraid it was gonna get screwed up. You know, like Paul McCartney autographed a Rolling Stone for like, just stuff that was worth money that I’m like, I’m not gonna own a sports bar. I’m not putting it on the wall. I’m not making out with it. You know, like, I just, I don’t know why I like what I like or I want the belt buckles to me are functional, they’re fun. I wear them. So that has a purpose. One of the things about the collectible space that got me out of it was and I have every ticket stuff from every concert I’ve ever gone to. I know they have value now. And like all that stuff. I keep those because they’re near and dear to my heart and they’re colorful and but you can digitally copy all that share it out after you sold it. I sold my McCartney thing. I still have a copy of it. I know what it looked like I wasn’t going to print and it’ll fund my kids further life, you know, at some point, but the Aparicio thing came back to me when I ran into you that day, down at the Babe Ruth museum. And it was right around the time I started getting into the belt buckles, right. And it just put me out on eBay and Macari and right out into the rabbit hole Nestor. Well, it is and I’ve never sold and I don’t have a store there. But I’m about to I’m about to sell all my Raven stuff and sell all my oils because I just don’t want it anymore. And I’ll need it and none of it has any intrinsic Ray Lewis did an autograph the first day. I don’t have any of that. But just getting rid of stuff. Just same way you give stuff to Goodwill, you outgrow stuff or whatever. My Aparicio card collections really interesting. And Danny blacks, our guests here, because it was gone. I own a radio station. I’ve owned it for 26 years. I had employees at one point. At one point I had a thief didn’t take long to identify this human long since gone. But stuff got stolen all the time, CDs stuff just disappeared. And along the way, I had an envelope was a manila envelope with all my Aparicio stuff in it. And at one point, it maybe sat in a cell safe or something like that, and it just disappeared. And, man, it was a couple of weeks before I saw you two years ago at Babe Ruth that I found them in an envelope. And I opened it because we my wife and I moved when we moved two and a half years ago, I found it and it was a holy shit moment. It was like I had written it off. I hadn’t seen it in 15 years. So everything I showed you that day two years ago, all of its autograph because Louis autographed at all in June of 1986. So everything I had in June of 86 was autographed. everything that came after that wasn’t and a lot of that was like a fan game you 61 high number that I had a hard I’m getting you couldn’t get a 61 high number Louis Aparicio. You couldn’t get a 71 Kellogg’s Apple really obscure weird stuff. I love unless you went to like the New Jersey show in Atlantic City and got lucky. You’d have to go to every you got to Kellogg tonight. It’s shit. I don’t know how to do that you have any Kellogg’s yet, and I could never get the 71 high number the one I had was all scratched up eBay when I got religion and I found my original box of stuff, which I’m gonna share some of the fun stuff with you allowed me to see a sort of the value of it. And but, but more than that, it allowed me to see the stuff I was missing. And, dude, I can’t begin to tell you the rabbit hole that this has sent me down with old Houston Oiler paraphernalia that I never seem to buy but I love a really effed up on a bobble head that was 70 bucks should have bought it. I effed up on a belt buckle with a blue logo from 71 for 55 bucks, and I didn’t take it. My wife’s like, what’s wrong with you, dude? And now my wife’s like, she gets pissed at me when I let one of a kinds get away. So I’m like everybody else. I got a story. There’s a story for every card to get away. Right, Dan? Yeah, you had a chance on the 52 Mantle at one time you didn’t buy it? Well, you get a once you cross a million I was out. I had a chance to buy $100 When a J fin glass in 1981. And everyone in the room was aghast that somebody came in and spent $100 on a mantle. I’m being honest with you. It was the story of the show in 1981. Yeah,


Danny Black  11:31

I mean, back back then. It was a whole different, a whole different price range. Wouldn’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:35

have been hard for me to have three of them when I was a kid. And it just happened to box

Danny Black  11:40

and I wasted my time on Todd Van Poppel. You know, that was a mistake. But to waste

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:47


my time on the crag nettles, aircard and Dawn right and FLIR in 81, right, literally. So

Danny Black  11:52

well. You know, the bill Ripken card just got re released this year with Jackson holiday,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:55

which is the original one worth the original f face card, you have to find

Danny Black  11:59

an imperfect condition to have any value, but it can be worth a couple 100 bucks easily. And then the rare versions can go for the 1000s, the white scribble and all the alternate versions that they made. Those Those are hard to find. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:12

they were they were playing games at these companies back in the 80s when Don Ross and tops came out, and baseball was happening and all the licensing and all of that. And the double prints and 78 Pete Rose 1,000,078 pizza. I mean, I’ve been I know your industry from 82. Back, I don’t know much about the modern part of it. Because I was obviously I had a press credential for 26 years until they took it away 18 years ago, and just collecting baseball cards just it felt very common to me collecting breast pins World Series pressed pins with which I had a bunch of them. I’m amazed at how inexpensive they are if I wanted to get into that market to collect all the World Series, but they’re really small and specialize but there are neat, neat things that if I had I don’t know David Rubenstein Somani or John A, I would probably collect some really weird baseball stuff. I would have more bobbleheads and things like that. But the spacing issue of taking up space became an issue for me that I like ticket stubs. Better than I like anything else because I collected baseball. I mean we had card cabinets in my home my little row house in Dundalk in 1980. I have old pictures of them. Cards were heavy, like albums and but but people still love them. Danny I was in New York just wandering around Chelsea and I walked into a card store I got a cup of coffee, and I’m looking through books of the stuff on your shoulders, just identifying like, as an example, isn’t it 50 fours you have on the on the wall behind you that I can see. That’s

Danny Black  13:41

the 54 Orioles team set first year in Baltimore. And that’s one of the things I collect personally was putting that set

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

together. That’s a Pete Rose rookie card on the top.

Danny Black  13:51


Actually I collect two sport athletes. So that’s the Dave de busher

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:56

Ah, okay, well

Danny Black  13:59

you’ll see some bows and Dion I’ve got I’ve gotten mixed up I’ve got a Danny Ainge, you know, sitting around I haven’t put away yet, Babe Didrikson Zaharias around somewhere so

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:10

it gets you moist. I mean, it’s a real collector, because I don’t I love looking at this stuff. I get I get the guides, when when the auctions happen. I liked I like just pervan out on the web and seeing stuff that reminds me of my childhood. And I guess that’s just part of getting old man.


Danny Black  14:28

You know what I think? I think collectors have a gene in them. You know, it’s that sports gene is that it’s that romantic gene. It’s that memory gene. And I like collecting stuff that connects to me so whether it’s oriels Raven specific stuff that I have memories with that, you know, I have the all star game tickets over here, but I also collect Sandy Kofax and I collect Baltimore Negro League items. I’ve got a satchel page bobblehead from Baltimore only giants a light giants if you’d want to do it directly. And you know, just stuff that means something to me, you know, for one reason or another and I’m of the generation where I still collect vintage like you said, the the older stuff, I’m putting together the 57 tops set. And I just, that’s what gets, you know, gets me going is going through those cards. I liked the hunt of it, you know you like you said the rabbit holes of the internet and how much that change is collecting. And what we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were growing up is just been fantastic. So these are the Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:32

cards that you know, it’s 57 and Eric, and you know, a lot of these were autographed back in 86. Like I said, Here is the previously mentioned 71 catalogs. So I this is the one I had forever, that’s all scratched up and scrunched up. And this is the one I bought on eBay recently for about I think I paid eight bucks for it like, like, I’m, I’m a bottom Fisher on all of these because I don’t feel like you know, I told my wife, I’m gonna start collecting aparece your stuff, but there’s going to be a real like 10 or 15 $20 limit on anything. And I picked up things that I didn’t know existed, right. So I want to show you a few really weird things. This is this is 1963 Solana coin that I never knew existed and I didn’t even know how to say Solana. I said to my wife, it’s there’s a Selena corn, she’s like, it’s Solana, that’s a lot of D that’s a lot of thing. And I’m like, Valley you talking about? And we had to go out on a YouTube and she took me down a rabbit hole about what a Solana coin was. But I bought this I think I paid eight bucks. It’s mint condition. So but this is

Danny Black  16:36

some say those are hard to find in good condition. Nestor don’t underestimate that. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:40


right, well, I, well, I had the coins from the 70s. Here. These are my beaten up ones from you know, my childhood. They’re not beaten up there. Okay, this 64 is really cool, because it’s an Aparicio and an Oriole jersey. So all of that, I mean, I have a heart one statue here that I can show you this sort of main condition. She was a little, little bit look around a little bit around the Venezuelan so but the neat part is about two months ago, and this is when you start popping up on my timeline again, you’re gonna be everywhere now, because we’re talking sports and cards and all that. I saw this really weird piece and the dude wanted like 40 bucks for it. And one of the pan like 20, maybe 18 or 20 for it. I’ve never seen it before. It’s kind of like your uncut saying, it’s something that’s not a card, but it’s interesting. I’m Venezuelan. When I go to Venezuela, the beer there is called polar. It’s a pol AR like polar like you know, like a polar bear. Right? Polar bears beer. I saw this promo. And Louie. I should pull it out of the thing. This is Louie promoting beer in Venezuela. About the OCC out there baseball venezolana. So it’s actually a rubber Coors Light did that the beer bottles that were like bats. This was a beer bottle that was like a bat in Spanish. It’s sort of a it’s a placard with his it’s like a baseball card on the back but it’s gigantic. And I’m like, I’m gonna buy that. So I just waited and made an offer and I figured it out and I bought it. But like, I love the really weird stuff. Now I’m not looking for. I am looking for 58 Aparicio with the yellow white sox at the bottom and I’ll get one eventually. And and here’s the thing about it in the modern era. You just wait on eBay, I don’t have to drive to the shows. So the collecting part for a guy my age do the world is caught up to me that I can buy it or sell it. No offense to you or your shop or come to you or sell it to you were fine collections. But it’s if I want a 56 Aparicio rookie, it’s not fine. They wanted to show and maybe getting lucky and talking Danny down on the price or whatever. My God, it’s a supermarket. That’s the thing that’s crazy to me. And it really sets the value that the Blues Brothers or UFO Pacific a belt and rainbow are like holy grails because there aren’t any of them. And you can get the Boston belts a dime a dozen. They’re 30 bucks, you get them all day. It’s really crazy supply and demand. And it’s a great thing to teach kids about supply and demand. I think, well, first

Danny Black  19:11

of all the lessons you can learn in collecting or reading, negotiating math, all those things are the things

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:17

I use every day in my life that I used when I was 12 years old.

Danny Black  19:21

So get kids involved. I’m a big believer, get kids involved, take them take them, you know, to experience to teach them history. I gotta tell you, though, that beer advertising is roughly six by nine. And that is beautiful. That’s the stuff that gets me going not started. You want to know what gets me going stuff like that. That absolutely I’m in agreement, the weird stuff, the cool stuff that stuff you don’t see every day?


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:44

Well, I so in my collection. Here’s something that I actually bought this from a local person. I bought this on eBay. And when the person mailed it to me, it was from Owings Mills, Maryland, and this person was a fan. I think is Actually, I still don’t know this person, I took a note of it and said thank you to the person. But they, this is an so coin from 1972. It’s a coin with Luis face on it. He’s with a Red Sox hat. And it has a whole thing in the back in Spanish. This was a Latin American issue. And I started seeing all of these Venezuelan cards of Louis let let alone the Opie. She’s in Canada with various things in the late 60s. My buddy Mark Miller of blonde del Miller Schuler law firm down in Essex, one of my life or friends, he is a Brooks Robinson guy. He has all the Brooks Robinson’s in 10 PSAs got one of the great Brooks Robinson collections, and he loves you know, he, he’s a collector, and he’s another one that sort of turned me on to things in your hobby that are modern. And he’s like, dude, I’ll send you a link to the website. You’ll get the entire possibility of every Aparicio thing and I’m like, Don’t put me in that rabbit hole. And then he sent the damn thing. And there’s just all sorts of really, really weird stuff that I didn’t know about, including and this is one of the show until continues for you, Danny. That I really didn’t realize that Milk Duds did did these back in the early 70s. So I picked up this it’s not the whole box it cost it but you know, again, I had a $20 limit. No, I mean, I’m just not going because I’m never going to sell the stuff. I’m putting it in a box. It’s like this this stamp I bought for I think $2.95 This is one of those SN H collectible stamps from the 60s. So I have as you can tell I come at this on a stand getting you on the program right now having some fun because I’m I’m having old guy $10 fun. I mean Rubenstein is not getting my money for shoddy is getting nothing from me except the truth. All of this money the sports teams by being complete eight holes to me. I don’t track like I’m spending 10 bucks on so coins. Maybe 20 on this was pretty good coin.

Danny Black  22:03

You’re not gonna buy the Magna Carta.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:07

Not this week. Yeah, I have the Magna Carta of the Super Bowl, that’s good enough for me. And when you told me it’s worth enough, I’ll let you know get you and rob you to get Tell me about your what your business is having fun, because I would have fun just coming over to your house and looking at your stuff. I know I would

Danny Black  22:22


slowly and there’s some fantastic card shops in the area, I highly recommend people go to them. At this point I work mainly as a broker and on the website hobby news And I’m involved in in the corporate part of the hobby in my full time you know other side of my life where I work for some in consult with some companies that are actually tech companies in the hobby space. So that’s how I make a living at or talking about baseball cards.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:53

Do I need to like get that checklist and work it because I’m looking through this box and I haven’t looked at the box in a while. And I swear to you and I’m not I’m not even kidding about this. I’m gonna hold these up for you. You’re gonna get mad at me because they’re not protected at this point. They have these these things from the 60s that I didn’t know about this thing here. I’m sure. So these were like they weren’t real baseball club exhibits are called exhibits. Right? And I didn’t know that I I’ve been looking to bid on this. It’s like a it’s like a 50 or $60 item not autographed. And as you can see, that’s that’s gonna be the autograph two more. Yeah, yeah. And I didn’t know I had it until the 32nd I’m looking through the box and I’m like, I’ve been trying to bid on this. The other thing I that I saw that I didn’t know I own yet. It’s just a tcma What is this? What is this crazy thing? Yeah, that’s what it looks like. Yeah, yeah. Like I don’t I see these things pop up online. And I when I don’t recognize them, is when I get really interested in them. Why that’s weird, right? That’s the

Danny Black  23:59

gene that I have. So if you answer your question, yes, get the list. Go down. Go down. The rabbit hole did like this is what it’s about. This is the fun part of the hobby.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09

Well, I’m having fun with it. Let look the cool thing. Those cards postcards Hall of Fame, postcards. Oh, by Louis postmarked on the date that he was autographed. It was was in the Hall of Fame. So I don’t know. I now have not just my relationship and familial and all that. I I now have the collection of the world’s oldest living Hall of Famer, just a Willie Mae stuff. Does it go up? 20% when he passes, probably


Danny Black  24:37

1010 to 20 on a quick bump. But you know, the interesting thing is, are the greatest living players also get a bump? So actually, Louis, we would have gotten a bump as the oldest living Hall of Famer Kofax yeah, I’ve

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:54

noticed. I’ll be honest, there’s way more Aparicio stuff getting listed the last week Are two then there has ever been. And that is why, yeah, so this is timely to have you. I’m actually learning stuff about your hobby. And Danny Black is our guest. I have known him a long, long time telling me where to find you and sell their craft get good advice, or just hanging out with a dude.

Danny Black  25:19

Absolutely hobby news That’s hobby News Daily on Instagram on Twitter. And that’s the best way to reach out and get in touch, or just read good contents and see some good videos if you’re interested. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:34


you know, I’m pulling out stuff now that sort of prized possession stuffs to show you but, you know, I have all of these, like, sort of inset newspapers. You know? Yeah, I mean, I just, this is a neat little treasure trove. I got to take better care of this. And again, Danny, I want to say this and I want to say this to the employee who no longer works here who stole thanks. Thanks for not stealing this. I mean, I really appreciate it. You know that I still have it because I literally damn when I’m telling you for 15 years. I just thought it was gone and on the internet and some guy like you bought it. You know what I mean? I thought it was like Presto gone.

Danny Black  26:08

When you started telling the story. I thought we were ending with a sad story. So I’m glad it ended happy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:13

Yeah, well, it’ll be happy when I get that 58 Aparicio with the White Sox in yellow underneath. I don’t need it meant. I mean, just 20 bucks just

Danny Black  26:23

I’m gonna go looking for you today. I promise Hold on a second.


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:26

Because when I find the real one, and I got to do this before I let you go, I actually own the card. And I want to show it to you. You ready? Yeah. I swear to God, I can pull this out because it has no value. Anyway, I’m gonna hold it. I’m gonna hold it. I’m gonna pull it out of its case. This this is the 58 Aparicio I have so you can see if you want to look I can. I can look at you through the whole you’d probably see you can see my eye in it that I can see through it. So I need to replace this. This is this is what you call a placeholder in your in your business. Right. Very

Danny Black  26:57

you are a terminology. Very well spoken in our hobby. I have a

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:03

boxer Louis Aparicio cards here that you know, my dad told me it’d be worth something one day so I’m holding out hope that it’s worth this was always the hardest one to get the 61 high number Aparicio. This is an autographed and it’s almost made condition. Somebody gave it to me a fan, dropped it off years ago and gave it to me said I hear you talk about needing the 61 I talked about it for years that I needed the 61 All Star Game high 61 All Star high number. And then there’s weird things too, like the stamps, the stamps that Hank Aaron’s on that strip, right? So I don’t know. You tell me Well, I

Danny Black  27:36


don’t know if you can. Last thing is I have the Oriole stamp at the top there from that is the Orioles team stamp.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:44

Really, these team cards are worth a lot to it’s crazy. There’s like a part of the Aparicio collection that I gotta go get this 1960 White Sox team card, right.

Danny Black  27:53

And a lot of those are short prints. And some of them are high numbers too. So really

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:56

hard. They’re expensive. Yeah. Yeah, really? Short prints. Nobody kept that people throw them out. Or they they check them off. Or they wrote on it. Right. Okay. You’re 100% Correct. I’m gonna have you back. Learn more. I could go into this rabbit hole. I gotta go talk to other people. Danny Black is here. Please go find him out on the interwebs I loved having you on. Thanks for coming on, man. Thanks, my friend. Good to see you. Oh, baseball cards and memories it keeps. It’s like music and sports. Being the reason I’m still alive at this point, it’s all I got left. On Nesta. We are wn SDA and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking the hobby and Baltimore positive

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