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Damye Hahn of Faidley’s Seafood reminds Nestor at Lexington Market on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour about how and why we’re eating lots of catfish this summer here in the land of pleasant living.


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Damye Hahn, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. And Baltimore positive we’re positively here at fade Lee’s seafood is a little slow right now. It’s like sort of the after the lunch but before the ballgame. Luke was here earlier, Bill Henry our city controllers here talking about where the money goes. I have PacMan scratch. Oh speaking of money, I’ve given away a few of these. So we have some winners already today. We’ll be having the lucky sevens and next time we’re here a few weeks from now, we are doing the crab cake tour all over the place. Next week. We’re going to be Cooper’s north in Timonium, and we’re going to be back down and Fells Point for Fleet Week. We’re gonna be at State Fair in Catonsville, which this lady knows all about in the parking lot. We’re gonna be there next Thursday morning for brunch before the Orioles Blue Jays game. We will have Pac Man scratch offs in the Maryland lottery, and our friends at Liberty pure solutions, making the water this is the water from Liberty pure solutions. And this is the beer from families that does not go with a Jiffy Lube, multi care but she pulled up today’s my wife’s birthday. We started everything early. Luke and I did a whole hour on why the Oreos don’t walk a whole lot and how it doesn’t matter. And then Bill Henry Knight did how he doesn’t fill the potholes even though he’s in control of the city. And then I’m taking a break and I’m having like a beer and a crab cake and like you walk I didn’t know you were here today. So you just show up sometimes you’d like you own the place. You run the place. Why are you here today?


Damye Hahn  01:23

Well, I’m here every day. It’s just a matter of what time I had. I had to take care of some things out in Catonsville before

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:30

what is going on there? Because I’m going to be at State Fair next week. Tell me what? Because I ain’t at State Fair. When my wife list we get the chicken and waffles and looked over and looks like stuffs happening, right? I mean, this was never gonna happen. And look at how beautiful it turned out.

Damye Hahn  01:44

It turned out beautiful homes. I’m really proud of this. It’s really beautiful shipping. But in Catonsville we are. We’re in full swing now. So we got our building permanent about eight weeks ago. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:56


that’s why it looks like stuffs happening because stuff is happening. Exactly, exactly.

Damye Hahn  01:59

We had to wait for we had a demo permit but we didn’t have a building permit. So now we finally got a county building permit and so they are jonjo. They we have lifted.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:08

took long enough I saw this week. It was one of the things

Damye Hahn  02:13

we lifted the roof over there in the whole back. I don’t know if you saw this. I never went into the


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:19

original space. So you show me pictures. It was it was it was a wallpaper place. Right or what? Right? That’s what it was.

Damye Hahn  02:27

Hey, can we do this thing like a tour on this?

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:29

Yeah, sure. At you know, as it goes along? Well, we did that. There was nothing sexy about it was a bunch of plywood in your mother’s picture all over the floor. And then next thing I know you’re serving me crab cake and it’s open. Now. The magic that happens is amazing. This is

Damye Hahn  02:45


this is far more intense, far more intense. So I have all the wood from the old building. Oh, is it building? The the one that we’re renovating is 100 years old. So the one that was next to us to build 50 So no, that was only 70 years old. That was Bill 1952.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:07

Was it really? Yeah. All right. Just felt like it was a million. To me. It felt like a million years old that but this thing is couple years old. From a standpoint of this Jamie Hollins our guest by the way. She’s Nancy’s daughter. She sort of runs things around here. She’s getting the fishmongers daughter, which will be an extension of Fe these. It’s in the parking lot where state fair and Catonsville is this project here and everything that’s happened here. You’ve been open six weeks, you’ve had your grand opening yet your grand opening is next week, right? That’s

Damye Hahn  03:36

right. Yep. Yep. So somebody from the IRS What have you learned

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:39

as a lifer? fishmongers daughter, seafood person, business owner dealing with the city dealing with the county dealing with markets? That you’re here? What what is this been like the last six weeks for you being in here? No elephant baby. It was a regular baby. This was like a five year baby baby. It


Damye Hahn  04:01

was so it was it’s all these things take time. It’s not like you pop them up overnight. Patience

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:06

doesn’t work for you and me.

Damye Hahn  04:09

Thank God for both add. That’s how we get to sit down

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:12


having a beer and I think you looked at me you’re like, I’ve never seen you slow down. Never see me sit down. We’re like, I’m so happy. You’re having a beer. And I’m like, Man, I guess I do. I mean, you know, you’ve never seen me sit down and relax is not the vocabulary. It’s my wife’s birthday. And I I’m always relaxed when I’m here. I don’t ever feel any pressure. But I love the space. And I was told Alicia, like, I didn’t have space to be able to do this at two in the afternoon. I was right into the way right, you know, and like I’m not in the way here. And I see Orientals fans come in. I’ve seen the cars go to a lot of traffic. Today’s a lot of people down here. This is your first like, foray into nice weather here too. Yeah. So you had your outdoor deck open. I

Damye Hahn  04:55

just want to miss out on the patio.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

I saw two ladies having crab cakes when I walked by they were smiling. They look so Happy died. Right? But you haven’t had a lot of that yet. So this the best is still yet to come here. Right,

Damye Hahn  05:06

right. I mean, I think this summer is going to be excellent. We’re really, we’re happy with the space. It’s, it’s it’s bright, it’s cheery, but I got all the Feedly stuff here, all the old pictures and all the old articles and it’s so fun. I


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:24

had two people when Luke and I’m here doing the show, there are people here and they stand about here to take their selfies. So like they’re backing up into me because they need to get the picture of the whole thing, right? Because it’s, it’s more of a take in it

Damye Hahn  05:38

is Well, I I think it’s just as busy to take in as the other place was. So the other place you kind of had to walk around to see everything you can actually stand in one spot. Dark. It was

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:50

everything right now.

Damye Hahn  05:51


We have all this sunlight now, which is wonderful. So but it’s it’s interesting. You say that when I all of our new Google pictures, they when you look at the new pictures next to the old pictures, it still looks like the same place. Well, and

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:07

people get confused by that tourists especially right because they never been here. They come in they think it’s been your a million years, but it hasn’t been right. They only knew the pain you went through. Right? Right. So today we’re going to do catfish. And you can explain because I was going to call Marty Gary drag his ass down here for an hour again. The catfish, the invasive calf, if anybody knows anybody that fishes, I did a podcast with my buddy Sam tutor who’s a huge fisherman. He’s got a YouTube channel. He’s a wonderful guy. I’ve known him my whole life. And he was taught he Olds he’s big. And they’re these big, sloppy, they look like Jabba the Hutt fish, right and when and like they eat everything.

Damye Hahn  06:46

They grow really fast.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:49

So give everybody the story in the thumbnail about and I’m going to eat these little SUVs. So you


Damye Hahn  06:56

get full of a catfish nuggets here. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:58

when I used to go to Chili’s and live the neighborhood, and I would get up glim and pepper catfish on a menu at a chain restaurant. What am I getting there is that that’s a farm farm raise. And we’re

Damye Hahn  07:12

probably probably from the Delta. Okay, somewhere down in Mississippi, that area. Okay. And it could be anywhere. There’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:19


so historically when you save cat fish on a menu most Pleven your menu? That was the cat fish we’re familiar with. Right? Well,

Damye Hahn  07:27

it depends on the channel cat Fisher, right? Yeah, my my, my dad grew up in Kansas. And you know, they had him in every, you know, stream out there. But the here. What happened was I about 10 years ago, I think it was that the Department of Natural Resources allowed a sport fishing group to stock a couple of rivers, Northern Virginia. I think one of them, this reminds

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:59

me of the part in the movie where they don’t listen to the scientists. Right? Yeah,

Damye Hahn  08:04

literally. Yeah. And I’m not even sure if there was how much consulting there was done. But the they they did, they did because they they swore that the cat fish would never come out of the freshwater and invade the Chesapeake Bay because they couldn’t acclimate to the salt because they wouldn’t be able to acclimate to the salt. Well, lo and behold, you know, 13 years later that not only did they acclimate, they’ve taken and I’m stuck eating them right now. So we they have literally they’ve decimated a couple of species. And in particular, you know, the rock fishes is they’ll eat the baby rock fish, they’ll eat, you know, the some of the other great fish that we had. I mean, I haven’t even seen a spot there like gone. And, and then the other thing that they’re eating isn’t they’re eating all the baby crabs, because they’re, you know, down by the sand, they’re down by the bottom. They’re bottom feeders, and actually the ones that these sport fishermen put in, and it was the blue channels out of the Ohio River that they brought down. And they are they’re a great fight for fishing. But they they’ll swim. And they they just they eat so much that it’s unbelievable how fat they are.


Nestor J. Aparicio  09:20

I mean, there’s look at them and say they didn’t do that eating grass.

Damye Hahn  09:23

Well, some of them can be like half the size of this table here. They’re huge. They’re huge.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:29

And we are as we’re compensating people for catching these fish, right? Well,

Damye Hahn  09:33


yes, they’re trying to get a big part it’s it’s there it’s a little too little a little too late. But they’re trying to the now they’re trying to try to create an industry for these while

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:49

well that’s why I’m eating it right I mean, the whole idea and I talked to John shields, who I know is a friend of yours up a gertrudes about this and I talked to Martin Gary last year. Anytime I talk crap aches and come out and I’m just not having fun or talking politics or sports. We’re actually talking about oyster recovery. We’re talking about crabs, true blue things that come out of the bay, and sustainability. Anybody in the fishing space knows about these fat catfish. Everybody, I think publicly knows about snakehead, because this was the first thing in our lifetime and

Damye Hahn  10:21

already don’t worry about that invasion, but an empath fish far surpass this. Yeah, but with the worry

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:26

of the snake head has become the reality of the cat fish. Right? Exactly what’s happened. Exactly. And they’re big in their fat and honestly, they taste good. They I’m sitting here I made you make these for me. What told me what you made me here. These are like, corn bread dusted. Right? Yes,


Damye Hahn  10:45

that’s our corn meal breading. So it’s gluten free but yes, we just you know, dust Renu LOD little Remi allottee. Yes, yes. And, and that’s it little lemon. But they’re, I mean, they’re easy. They’re easy to eat. They’re, they’re, you know, relatively inexpensive for a protein source. So eat more catfish. The more cat fish we eat and can get rid of the better off our crab industry will be

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:11

a lot of it be honest. I mean, the people not a lot. Not not enough. It says we’re gonna name it the cat. I love my cat. People, you know, got fish, you know, like, another name for it. And they said little sob to tasted.

Damye Hahn  11:26

The ones that eat crab tastes better. Right? You are what you eat. Yeah, well, we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:31


fadeless and I eat here often. We are not doing the show here during June before we’re against on Fridays. Got a couple of conflicts. We’re going to be Fleet Week. Danna Cooper’s two weeks from Friday 28th I’m taking the day off because hooting the blowfish is torn in there my take it Yeah, you know like they don’t come out as often as they should. I be constantly up and my hips messed up. I walked we walked 20 miles in New York last week and when once you the Rolling Stones over at the MetLife Stadium, I saw Pearl Jam. Last week I saw Joe Jackson this week. I need to just work I’m staying home and work and so I can grab cake tours everywhere. Our friends at the Maryland lottery give me the Pac Man scratch offs we have the lucky sevens will be given away the next time that we’re down here at Faith these meet encourage you you can order online, you can ship crabcakes anywhere in the world for the July crabs, seafood. If you have not been to the new Lexington market on this. I really look forward I said to my wife, it’s not like work. Like I bring the stuff down or now the weather’s good. And I’m not freezing or getting wet. The Oreo part of this oil traffic, it’s

Damye Hahn  12:31

so easy to park up here, get something to eat and go to the game. I do it all the time. It’s so easy. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:37

I shouldn’t say like, I can’t act like I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years because I live downtown. I lived down here the first five years I did the show here. I would drive here because the equipment was too much. But like I would drive home. I walked everywhere down here. So I wouldn’t park anywhere. Really. I mean, I didn’t really park in the city at all for 20 years because I want I walked everywhere. The parking situation if that is an encumbrance for you. It’s crazy. It’s not it’s not. And especially in here, where you’re we have I can see the stadium lights move or three blocks away. You know, right? But a lot of people don’t think that way. Because it’s not freeway, but if you’re coming from the north, especially if you’re coming down at three, yeah, this is a way better way to do it, than to actually go to the stadium and fight especially when there’s 40,000 people there. I mean, seems good even if traffic even

Damye Hahn  13:26

if you’re going going going west from here, you just you just hop on route 40 and go west. Sure. You can go east or west or in reporting is one block away


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:35

any other things if you’re coming into the city of 95 just running up Green Street? Yes. And coming up this way and deciding Green Street is Russell Street for 635 games. You’d be here for 35 o’clock. Have a delicious meal cheaper on the outside and way way better as well. But I mean, I look it’s one thing I don’t think about what faith is I think about crabcakes but you have beer here.

Damye Hahn  13:58

Yes I do. And you wasters. Okay good. I’ve got local pictures. I got Raven, and I’ve got the tropic cannon over there. I got a good my wife

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:04

came in at lunchtime. 1230 had his birthday. So she had a stolen from her good. I’m missing her all day. And believe it or not. Usually I noticed when people were eating, and it feels like nine out of 10 people get a crab cake here. I don’t know what your real sales are numbers. More people get crab cakes than anything else buy a lot, right you have beautiful things on your menu I had and you

Damye Hahn  14:27


can get it cooked so you can take whatever you want. Over there to

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:31

sign see that now so I can get fish by one. We’re going to put that in the sun. Well cat fish is on the menu. It’s just not cut up everywhere. I’ve looked today people had oysters. Yes. And this

Damye Hahn  14:41

is another big thing. We as we sell a load of oysters. We probably reset cycle more oyster shells than anybody Oh, you have a whole you have a whole recycling center. Yep.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:51

And tell everybody about that part of this because I’m I’m doing this oyster tour. I’ve talked to your oyster people. The Ravens open on that Thursday night. The fifth through September, I’m going to do 25 oysters and 25 days. And I started the research is my wife and I were in New York the other day, we walk the Chelsea Market. And they had a beautiful seafood place there. I mean, like a real built into the market like you but a lot more ice and a lot more bar square bar, like, like it was a, it was a seafood bar isn’t much of anything else, sort of like this, but more was sit around like your old bar had. And so it was a legit seafood place. I’d seen it before. All fresh, New York City was expensive, but that’s okay. And I saw their sign and they were making oysters. And I said that Jen, I’m like, I’m going to take a picture of every recipe that I see on a menu that looks like that’s a little different. That’s not just an oyster in cocktail sauce and a squirt of lemon. It’s like some specialty about the way they Rockefeller or the way they char broil or whether they’re using vinegar or garlic things that I wouldn’t necessarily, I would not tell you go make me some oysters and put vinegar and garlic on it. But I want to try it because I’ve never done it. Because I know it must be good. Well,


Damye Hahn  16:05

they’re delicious. And they’re delicious. We have a we have a grill back here now. So we are doing the baked oysters. So what

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:12

I want to do is I want to go to 25 different restaurants all over the state and I want to do them 25 different ways. And you’re gonna help me with the oyster recovery people. But you saw a lot of oysters here for being a crab cake place and this oyster recovery part. So a lot of folks in summer and I didn’t know this is part of the education part of this is the oysters are what? We need to keep crabs alive. It has to do with oxygenation. Yes, and grasses, right. Yes.

Damye Hahn  16:36

And, and the health of the bay. So the oysters are our base filter. So they literally are what filter the water, millions of gallons of water. Yes, yes, yes. And so the more moisture in the oyster population in the 1920s. And 30s was high enough to filter the water the bay one time each day. And now it takes it a couple of months. It got back to it got to the top. So bad that we could our oyster population could only filter the water the Chesapeake Bay twice a year. That’s how bad we got. And we’re we’re building that back up. And what we didn’t realize long ago, especially not until probably the 1940s is that wasters need to grow on other oyster shells. So we were taking them out for a year and leaving them too thin and no, not putting them back. So we were using those oyster shells too. They were they were grinding them up and using them for chicken feed. They were putting them in the streets. The entire harbor is built on oyster shells. That was all Marsh. It’s all filled in with oyster shells. The oyster industry, we were the epicenter of the world’s oyster industry. There was canning here. If you go down to the Museum of industry, you can see I’ve seen that you see where we did all this canning, and it was from here and they were dispersed all over the world. Well, all those oyster shells didn’t go back. They weren’t taking them back. Now today, the oyster recovery partnership has ORP has done an incredible job where they have partnered with the University of Maryland. And all of the oyster shells that we that we have back into the bag, they first they get taken back down to the horn point laboratory. They’re cleaned they’re they’re power washed first left to dry for a couple of years so that they’re a great substrate for baby oysters that they’re bringing from them. They live operatory so they attach that it’s called the spat so they’ll spat those shells in these huge bats learned or what I want to thank you put them on the put them on the barges and take them out into what were we considered dead zones, which are zones that are just mud. They don’t have they don’t have grasses, they don’t have the nitrogen level and the oxygen level aren’t aren’t aren’t good, but they’ll fill them in with the oyster beds so that the oysters will grow there and start that Ecocide cycle again. And then the crabs come. Yes. Because if you don’t have the oysters and the grasses, it’s really depressed with crabs. No, they when they molt their shell, they use

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:19


these buggers in their eating them. Yes.

Damye Hahn  19:23

Right? If there’s no grasses for them to hide in the cat fish are just going to gobble them all up. Because catfish is a mud lover. Science,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:29

right? I mean, and we let these grains into this. Well, the more I could do to educate folks and that’s part of eating oysters every day. Yes, as I’m eating them, I’ll be telling that story and we are the one that really you really been a godsend to me years ago, I should thank you publicly as well as privately but just teach me about this stuff because doing this crabcake tour, it’s fun, it’s fun to eat them and pick on the tartar sauce and whatever and you know, is yours better than failing. These are mine but they’re all great. They’re all different. Yeah, but more than that they in order for them they exists the oysters are like sit at the backbone of that

Damye Hahn  20:02

they do and then we consider ourselves here at Bally’s having been here for, you know, five generations and 138 years ambassadors to the Chesapeake. So we the Chesapeake Bay without the Chesapeake Bay, was there anything? We don’t we don’t have anything so so you know, we’re into the shell recycling, we’re into the we sell. We recycle more shells here then like I said, most places, but we make sure that we do it and I know it’s a pain in the butt. You know, it’s easier to throw them away. But we do it the right way.


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:31

Well, that’s why we want to do it. Very honest here. She’s afraid Lisa she is the fishmongers daughter. All right. Don’t lie to me when we get Catonsville open.

Damye Hahn  20:40

It’s looking like 10 months maybe all right? 10 months 15 months I’ll see well, yeah, I gotta I gotta I gotta take into account what

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:51

is government a 10 months is so this is June. So you see maybe April may be thinking I’m

Damye Hahn  20:56


thinking April 1 of April next year. But I would love to do this. I would love to do this. We’ll do a little tour over there. I’m in walkthrough I’ll show you the old wood and all the things we’re doing all the fun stuff. All right. We need to get a camera torx

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

canes Well, I will be touring Catonsville on Thursday I will be at State Fair for breakfast and brunch before the Orioles play one o’clock game against the Blue Jays. We’re rescheduling the Cooper’s we’re going to do it on Tuesday. I’m going to move it next week. We’re going to be Cooper’s on the 14th then it Fells Point for Fleet Week as we fly over. We’re also going to be we’re gonna be Costas on the 20th. We’re going to be Pappas on the 25th and I know we’re somewhere else. Either way we have the Maryland lottery scratch off from our friends Pac Man scratch off to give away. We’re here at Bally’s in Lexington Mark we’re back here in about five weeks. First week of July. We’re back here before the all star break. How about these Oreos? Oh, freezing

Damye Hahn  21:47

I you know I’d be gone. I got my seats. I go every chance like

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:52

I knew you for years before I realized what a baseball Mom You were so my wife is coming in the door here and she’s she’s on the phone with her. Her fan. It’s her birthday. So I want to have her on she will not eat the catfish. She’s on offer. She doesn’t she’s not fishy like that. Don’t make her turn you down on the air. So here we had a wish you Happy birthday to did start the day on Saturday. So my wife parked the car today at the garage and she took the little coin ticket with her. So I had to wait for her to come back. So we bought time. Danny brought gave me a whole education. You’re breathing heavy, which run? Oh, I walk okay. It was like a mile. Yeah, she brought me invasive catfish. I know you’re not going to eat it. I told her I’ll take about you. She’s not gonna like it turns out it’s your birthday. You don’t have to do that. Yes, cat fish.



Yeah, but like the cat fish we had in with John and Jackie. Here flying fish. tremula

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:48

There you go. Let’s see if you like it or not. What do you think?

Damye Hahn  22:56

Just you know, it’s, it’s great. Kids love it. It’s a mild white fish. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:00


these big fat invasive Jabba the Hutt sloppy. She’s going for seconds. Oh, she got a little lemon on that. That’s fine. How’s it feel to be old? Has it feel good?


You would know the point.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:14

It’s my wife’s birthday. This is why she doesn’t do the show very often. So it’s fine. You’re you get a lottery ticket to measure of the age. Yeah. Friends, I hope I hope it’s a winner friends and relatives and as much as the moon loads will. It’s a lot. It’s you’re eligible. You’re it’s your birthday. You’re gonna do your best part of her birthday. She comes into me this morning and like all of my sponsors curio wallet. They all send these coupons for birthdays. So she’s got 25% off half the city today. Get her nails done. She’s 50


I got a pedicure


Nestor J. Aparicio  23:43

pedicure. Tell her buddy. You’re doing okay, because I get there’s two questions I get everywhere I go in life now. One. How’s your wife? That’s usually the first one but not lately. Are you where he was going to reach you back in? That’s what the is the first question they asked me so I get that one all the time. The answer that is probably not. Probably not. But we’re

Damye Hahn  24:08

still hoping.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:10

I’m under review. They’re listening. It’s kinda like the dream police song. You know, they’re wide awake, they want they don’t get paid on TV. But my wife Jennifer’s here Danny Han is here where it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have our Pac Man scratch offs. We’ll be back here in a few weeks. We’re gonna be all over the city doing the Maryland crab cake tour. None it’s fine is here at the world’s What am I call you you didn’t invent the crabcake but your mom’s sort of like put the jumbo lump crab cake on the mat.

Damye Hahn  24:37


She did. She’s the queen of she’s the queen of that crab cake. That jumbo lump style and a big ball style that was hers. I’m looking at the stories

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:47

from Alan Richmond on the wall for 35 years ago. And I saw your mom at the original opening here that night and she was over there and I was having a crab cake and BJ sir off yet people here and I dragged her over here and I said, this is my new set. This is we’re gonna do the show and I said, I’m looking at you your pictures on the wall, and she said she wanted to redo the picture. Should she be looking at me like this the whole time and pointing at me. So I got your mom Nancy’s here on Saturday, sometimes mixing it up. She’s still coming Saturday. All right, Saturday mornings, come down to families. Enjoy crabcake enjoy your beer. I got you as much beer as you left me last time. I share you I got one sip there. That’s


not my fault. It’s your

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:27

birthday. I had a whole beer on your birthday. And you had Jamie caught me. She saw me sitting on the job. She’s never seen me sit down ever in her life when she saw me having a beer. It was easy for me. Yeah, exactly. It’s like,


Damye Hahn  25:40

oh my gosh, he’s sitting down how to beat you down or

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:42

eat some catfish. Get some oysters. We’re doing the oyster tour. It’s gonna be brought to you by our friends and families. My thanks to Liberty pure solutions for keeping our water clean and safe. As well as Jiffy Lube multi care for being an annual sponsor of the Maryland crab cake tour, signing off because she’s got cake to eat regular and crab amongst others.


I already did the crab cake.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:02


She had the crab cake Thursday. Upon arrival. She was given the I told you right at the top. She loves monster. She loves mustard. She loves your crab cake.


Like embroiled so they’re fried. Yeah,

Damye Hahn  26:18

when I come here on the outside, you can get a boil. It just takes a snake head next time. I can get some set. Yes. Next time I will make sure yes, you’re gonna actually do you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna like it better than catfish.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:30

Dennis told me I’m gonna like I’ve had a couple people told me that I’m gonna like an exam to to set I’m gonna like it too. Alright, I’m Nestor. We’re family signing off. It’s Baltimore positive. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

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