Friday, December 1, 2023
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Nancy Devine

Getting ready to jockey at the renewed Preakness Crab Race at Lexington Market

For the first time since 2018, the Preakness Crab Race is on at Faidley's at Lexington Market. On Wednesday, March 17 at noon, local celebrities and crustacean lovers with jockey for position on the Lexington Market floor for Chesapeake Bay supremacy. Alicia from Faidley's invites Nestor to saddle up as a "Crab Jockey."

Damye Hahn of Faidley’s joins Ron Legler to discuss new Lexington Market and emerging downtown comeback

Damye Hahn of Faidley's joins Ron Legler to discuss new Lexington Market and emerging downtown comeback

Getting ready to jockey at the renewed Preakness Crab Race at Lexington Market

Alicia from Faidley's invites Nestor to be a jockey in the Preakness Crab Race at Lexington Market

The new Lexington Market and CFG Bank Arena promise hope for downtown

The best part of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour is bringing good folks together. It's no surprise as neighbors, Damye Hahn of Faidley's Seafood and Ron Legler of The Hippodrome know each other. Hear how they're working together to make your next downtown theater, sports or music experience safer and more memorable.

Crab Cake Tour Episode 1: The Faidley’s of Lexington Market story

Nestor Aparicio is on the road in The Free State in search of the perfect Maryland crab cake. His first stop is the originator, Nancy Devine, who began mixing up her now world famous jumbo lump crab cakes at Lexington Market in the 1980s. Let her tell you about her mustardy delicious concoction...

The best crab cake in Maryland? Who’s No. 1?

Our Baltimore Positive never-ending Crab Cake Tour appropriately commences at Faidley's Seafood Lexington Market with Congressman John Sarbanes. Follow along at #CrabCakeTour on social media...
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Latest News

Offseason magic with Home Run Riches winners during the holidays

Every Orioles fan remembers Barbara Phelps-Anderson, who hit it big in the 50th Anniversary of the Maryland Lottery celebration when Ryan Mountcastle hit the 50th home run in a memorable Baltimore baseball summer. Nestor caught up with the huge Birds fans down in Sunnyside to relive the magic moment and talk offseason Orioles baseball.

Rumbling the 80s back to the Recher on December 2nd with Tommy Conwell

Legendary Philadelphia blues rockers Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers return to the Baltimore area for the first time in two decades and Nestor asks why it's still fun to put the band back together almost four decades after the Hammerjacks magic of "I'm Not Your Man."

When will Orioles make some offseason moves and news to improve?

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss what is next step for Orioles in an offseason of unlimited possibility – and no Camden Yards lease or Black Friday ticket deals for fans.

Ravens hope bye week helps lead to better Ronnie Stanley for stretch run

Baltimore needs a better version of the former Pro Bowl left tackle to maximize its Super Bowl potential.

Dear John Harbaugh: I’ll let your words and “help” tell the story of my professional extermination as a Ravens media member

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh privately vowed to help Nestor Aparicio with his media credential bullying situation with Chad Steele in any way he could. Weeks later, Aparicio was exterminated. Harbaugh then told him he was unhappy about it but powerless because it wasn't his department in Owings Mills.

Twelve Ravens Thoughts following Week 12 win over Chargers

Baltimore won for the sixth time in seven games to go into the bye week with the best record in the AFC.

Exploring the vision of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

As the Maryland Crab Cake continues to tell the good work being done locally, Nestor gets better educated on the modern efforts, fundraising and research that The Leukemia & Lymphona Society continues to do to keep folks like his wife alive after cancer strikes. Let Katie Stegman, her beautiful 4-month old baby and Dominick Iaquinto tell you about their vision to make Nestor the "Visionary Of The Year" in 2024.

Dear Steve Bisciotti: Ask Chad Steele what he thinks I said about Sage so I can tell Ravens fans why I was really exterminated

“What did do you do wrong, Nestor?” “Why would the Ravens throw you out?” “Why are you the only one in the local media whom they’ve thrown out?” “Why have they treated you this way?” “WHAT DID YOU DO WRONG!?!” I am fed up with these questions from Baltimore sports fans so I wrote to the owner because these questions are his to answer. Letters to John Harbaugh and Eric DeCosta are also coming soon.
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