The new Lexington Market and CFG Bank Arena promise hope for downtown

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The best part of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour is bringing good folks together. It’s no surprise as neighbors, Damye Hahn of Faidley’s Seafood and Ron Legler of The Hippodrome know each other. Hear how they’re working together to make your next downtown theater, sports or music experience safer and more memorable.


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Nestor Aparicio, Ron Legler, Damye Hahn

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W en st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. This is this is going to be a Baltimore positive segment. We’re down here in families. The old Lexington market not to be confused with the new Lexington market, which is about 10 feet that way. My car’s right out here. The wall famous Lexington market since 1782. I’m reading read outside. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery getaway instant lottery scratch offs. We were doing that a captain Larry’s on Thursday. We’re here at fake news. Today we’ll be at MC falls oyster in real in Middle River on next Thursday. Got some great guests. Rod Legler was with us for the Hippodrome for the first segment. And of course, Danny Hahn are defending champion has been watching the show. I feel terrible when you don’t have a headset because you kind of want to jump in all the time. And you have yet plenty to say, how are you?

Damye Hahn  00:46

I’m doing great.

Nestor Aparicio  00:47

Let me get your headset right here and get your levels where we need to be.

Damye Hahn  00:49

Can you hear me? Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  00:51

you answered the door. Yes, we do these early in the morning because there people here all day, right? So there’s, it’s not always empty here. When I’m here. We do it on purpose this way. But you answered the door and you let Ron in. And you look like you knew each other but I wasn’t sure. And I’m like, I hold my head. No, I hope you know each other. I’m thinking this is really screwed up if you don’t know each other. But you do. And give me the story of this because you guys are kind of warm and fuzzy and you’re off air doing what I used to always tell me to never do talk to me off the air. Because you’ve given these two amazing stories making me cry, but an 85 year old man and a crappy so now I’m gonna make you repeat the stories but how do you know each other?

Ron Legler  01:28

Honestly, it really is because we’re to lead to legendary places. The Hippodrome and failures are two legendary places. And anytime we ever have a guest that comes to visit the Hippodrome, we walk them down for lunch. And we have crab cakes at Bally’s because that’s what they wanted out of the experience about being here. So you know, coming in getting to know everyone I was saying, you know, we talked about the crab cake and how delicious it is. But it’s really the people in here that are that spent their lives like, and their livelihoods. The whole family’s always here. People that worked here 30 years, people that found their significant others in the building and now, you know, created a life because of failures. Like it’s we have the same thing of Hippodrome, we had people that, that were I’m from the mechanic. I’ve been here since the mechanic days. So it’s really we’re institutions and we are we love each other. We think we’re we’re here for the neighborhood. We can’t succeed or fail alone. We have to do that together. Absolutely. I think everyone in this neighborhood has come together. Like when I tell University of Maryland, the Lexington market, SpringHill Suites Everyman Theatre Center, centers, point condominiums we meet every month, the police department we meet every month to say what’s happening. When we tell them we have a show, we have more audience we have people, they bring more people down, they give us support Downtown Partnership has been on we had more people

Nestor Aparicio  02:47

dance, and we talked about this in the first segment, we call it experience with Chicago and shows in the Orioles. And


on opening day you had had Bruce Springsteen opening day, every day, there’s 10s of 1000s of people in a three block radius

Nestor Aparicio  03:00

well and supporting that as business, David, this is where you come in this facility when it was the full market did that for many, many years. And then you were here for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly and shut down to five o’clock and all that the new market. And you’re not a part of it, although you are though part of it being a half a block away, but you’ve walked through there and you seen it, I walked through there on opening day, it was


it’s lovely, you really gonna be there. Look, they’re coming,

Damye Hahn  03:28

we’re coming. We’re just where we had the advantage here in the old market of having our own door, and being able to be our own little, you know, section. So it was easy for us to stay open while they concentrated on the other merchants. So they’ve got maybe two or three other merchants going in, and then our space will be the last to be built out. But because we can still stay open. That’s one of the reasons that were the last to go in. Because they didn’t have to shut us down saving the best


for last Yeah. Her dad actually gave this its own address because it had its own door, which I thought was one of the best stories ever. He’s like, I kept getting deliveries all over the place. So he just made up an address. And I think you’re using the new address that’s

Damye Hahn  04:12

over there. Yes, we are taking our address. Your man


just made it up and said this is our new address. And then he started getting stuff delivered right here.

Damye Hahn  04:19

Well, and it’s because Okay, so So the city gave the market one address and it was a city block long city block wide. So if it gets delivered a block away, it doesn’t do any good. So we hung a number over the door and started to put it in the phone book. And this was you know, 60 years ago, two or three North PACA Street and no one ever investigated it. No. So were two or three in our packet. I mean, and we’ve always been two or three in our packet. Don’t you know, so we’re we’re making sure that we have a pack of street address because it is confusing for people. People will come into the garage and think that especially tourists First, who are here from out of town. They get an address on their Google saying it’s Utah street. They get out of the garage on pakka walk down to Utah go into Utah door and then have to walk back up to Baca. Well, now, they just walk three blocks, you know, which was, is ridiculous. So we need to get people to pack I think we’re going to change the address for the entire market to pack a street because the Lexington market garage is on PACA. And the only you can enter from packet or green. So why would you send people three blocks away to a parking lot? That’s not ours. Our parking lot is across the street. It’s right here on Pakistan. I wasn’t even

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

sure how to get to the Utah street side because I’m so used to coming in on this side, that the the new market on opening day I purposefully walked through and down what used to be the arcade kind of area below. And then I walked to the CFG Bank Arena. I was, you know, when I left, you know, literally on opening day I was walking through the arena and then I was tailgate. I walked through all of that on opening day and I thought this is a little bit like when Camden Yards opened. I know you weren’t here but you were in 1992 that the city felt different. It felt different on that day, the spread that opening day was a very watershed thing for Earth, Wind and Fire Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles and Lexington market and the Orioles being relevant again. And they proven a month into that they’re walking back. And this is a great place to grab a crab cake three blocks away before a game, right. That was a big part of your business in the 90s. I know it was

Damye Hahn  06:26

Oh, absolutely it was I mean you could we just had. So while you were here at opening day, you get a sea of orange in here and

Nestor Aparicio  06:33

we got to do the show in here. I was supposed to do the show on that Friday, and you were coming, ready to go then they move the game and I hit Damian was


a better day before that was it was a better day on the day before

Nestor Aparicio  06:46

doing the show with fade Lee’s on opening days too many people here, right? And I’m gonna be in the way, right? She’s like, No, come on down. And I got here and about quarter to 12. I grabbed her and see a madness. And I said come down here three weeks later, and we can talk calmly about this, because she’s got a story that I didn’t know about. So she knows she knows more than me though. They’ll tell her I said that. But the catfish thing. I’m trying to educate people while they do this crab cake tour about how crab prices went to $50 a pound two summers ago right? We’ve talked so much on Eastern Shore about who picks these crabs that you can go out to YouTube I’ve done the work I’ve done the research as they would say I’ve been there and seeing the Mexican ladies that come up that’s a skill that’s almost like acting and you know I want to say it’s amazing YouTube


it Yeah, YouTube, watch them do that. Then I

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

learned that the first year with you and then the second year what you got been coming here since before to play. Second year, I learned that the oysters and the oxygenation and the grasses behind I learned that what makes a crab sweeter is the brackish water. That’s what makes a Maryland crab. When you get that sort of dirty or muddy or crab that’s what’s gonna taste good. Now the catfish thing I’m confused with rock fish when they’ll do that. Catfish invasive species I grew up in Dundalk down on back river we kept fish down there people fishing off the pier all the time. I thought catfish short came in the Chesapeake Bay with God. They they’re

Damye Hahn  08:10

not they’re not an indigenous species. And they’re an invasive species that were put into the bay. You know, 5060 years ago, I still don’t know why they put them into the bag but it was some some you know, buy in orders maybe in our project or something. But what has happened is that we weren’t really fishing them so they have gotten out of hand and there are so many cat fish in the bay that are their bottom feeders so they’re eating all the baby crabs and it’s a huge issue nobody’s really my crab it’s rotting rocking the ecosystem in the in the Chesapeake and so there there are there are movements to try to get all these channel cats out of the sea or have been five years

Nestor Aparicio  08:57

recipes the way to change like the the perception of like my wife, like catfish. I’ve always liked cat fish to eat cat well you know the I

Damye Hahn  09:05

the hotel, one of the finest of five star restaurant here, you know they’re going going for the Michelin star. They’re trying to promote the cat fish and trying to get it out of the bath fish

Nestor Aparicio  09:19

keepers. I’m all about that. Yes. And

Damye Hahn  09:21

I mean boy, we’re using it for everything. I have a friend down on the shore that is is pushing the cat fish he’s he’s got sales for schools and prisons and make a tasty good, that’s all you need. All kinds of stuff that he’s he’s trying to process the catfish and the more we get out of the bay, the faster you’re a lot better. Okay

Nestor Aparicio  09:40

because that was famous and it came from the Asian and they’re famous fighters. I went to the crappy tour last year. My buddy Sammy Tudor shout out to you Sammy law, I still have to go he wants to take me snakehead fishing, and he wants me to meet him over by Cambridge and go out and apparently they battle. Do you sell this snakeheads? Something that goes on No easier. No,

Damye Hahn  10:01

no, there’s no there’s no there’s no market for it. I can I can market the cat fish. Catfish is and we do have cat fish and people tell

Nestor Aparicio  10:08

me steak steak. It tastes great. I mean like the people like eating it. No, I don’t like it.

Damye Hahn  10:12

Well, I haven’t had to be perfectly honest. It’s been years since I tried it. And it’s not something that anybody asks for. So, but the candidate

Nestor Aparicio  10:23

we’re trying to get them out of the bay to Yes, just an innovation. Yes. Heard about them for 15 years ever since it started happening, right? Yeah, so so the driver wanted to attribute era years

Damye Hahn  10:32

ago right came in through the river through the freshwater

Nestor Aparicio  10:36

fish thing is something that same thing with catfish. I think this the cat fishing baby craft.


I didn’t know. I used to catch catfish all the time. And Lake Erie.

Damye Hahn  10:44

Catfish is typically as a freshwater fish. So they didn’t think that it was going to survive. Yes, they didn’t think it was going to do what it is done. Being able to adapt to the saltwater. Excuse me, and now they’re just trying to get it out. So the key is, they taste good because they’re eatin crab. And they’re a phenomenal taste in our channel cats here. But we’re trying to push it we’re trying to push a lot of people to to one chat fish use it. I mean, it’s a it’s a lesser expensive fish. And And do us a favor, because we’re not going to have any crabs if we don’t get rid of some of this cat fish. I think Westmore even declared it an emergency in for the Chesapeake Bay.

Nestor Aparicio  11:30

Well, I’ll talk to us about it. Because I this it’s new to me. I mean, you start you talk about this 234 years ago. This is the last couple of months. So I feel like this is an important initiative. I’m going to eat oysters. This summer I did beer I did. Breweries landed 30 crab cakes and 30 breweries in August. This is my 25th anniversary on August 3 as a station. So we’re going to do 25 oysters 25 days beginning September because as in our and in people like I said oysters and all oh okay, we’ll do in

Damye Hahn  11:58

September do farm. I know you could farm you’re fine. I know. But we’re gonna do but just don’t take them out of the public beds.

Nestor Aparicio  12:06

I want to do them 25 different ways and you inspired this. She inspired the whole crab cake tour. I’ve told her that you brought me fried oyster the other day and then maybe six months ago and since then, I when I go on a menu now I’m looking at it. Most places if they got a crab and an oyster and fish my wife doesn’t love seafood. She doesn’t like shrimp at all. I’ll get a steak or I’ll get a pork or I’ll get a chicken or you know, maybe I’ll get rockfish like that. I’ve never ordered fried oysters ever. I’ve ordered Oysters Rockefeller because I’ve ordered raw oysters and slurp them and we have the festival going on and Fells Point shout out to you Ron Furman. But the fried oysters and the way oysters are prepared and how oysters and crabs are related in the bay. You’ve taught me that right? So

Damye Hahn  12:51

wasters are a filter. So the oysters are so important. The more oysters we have the cleaner the water, it’s just that that’s what they are. They’re a filter. So the more beds we’ve got, the better option eat

Nestor Aparicio  13:02

the oyster, so they’re still safe, I guess, right? Maybe oyster babies? I don’t know. Right. But But oysters and and that part of this. I’m gonna explore that this year, because I want to do oyster stew. I want to find people with creative oyster recipes because there’s a million ways to do an oyster. Right?

Damye Hahn  13:16

So that’s another thing. Eat more wasters. Eat more catfish, we’ll have more crab.

Nestor Aparicio  13:20

Well, you know, this is seafood place where seafood state I see food, I want to eat it. I had that problem. And I had the most delicious fish that I’ve ever had in my life. I did a video, people have asked me all this crap. It was best crab cake and all that. Nobody ever says what’s the best meal you’ve ever had? And that’s a pretty sad maybe it’s a cheeseburger you have one day or a steak ahead or whatever. I ate this mahi mahi in Maui and not in 2019. I Googled a little place in a fish mark is a little strip area of all fresh. I went in and I ordered the Mac not mahi mahi and they brought it to me with little yum yum sauce and fresh pineapple salsa, scooper rice scoop of Mac and it’s Hawaii. It’s what they do, right? So the sides or whatever they are. I took one bite of this fish. And this is four years ago. I went back three times and ordered it that week. And when I left you had a guy to dream of eating crappy green. I want you to tell that story. For four years when I booked this trip to Maui and like I don’t you know I’m really going to do when we get the first thing I did when I landed my wife’s like you’re going to drive to the fish mark. And I went back and we had with first sunset we’re eating the fish. The last night was my last supper. And I finally shot a video I went in front of the place and said look, you all are asking me what the best meal I’ve ever had in my life is and it’s what it was. It’s in a box he served in a box. I opened the box and you could see the salsa and the fresh ma he could see food’s delicious what

Damye Hahn  14:45

it is is we serve ours in a box and people love them. Your credits not gonna play no right and

Nestor Aparicio  14:51

it’s not feeling you to have a Michelin star and all that speech join Maui to just have has this thing. That’s the best thing I have ever eaten in my life and it happens to be fish. I thought you’d be


morning probably too. So

Nestor Aparicio  15:04

well, you need to get some mac knots in here because I know you’ve had some monkey around here. We’re gonna fry that up. You do so many things here with the market. Give me a little status report of getting you in there. I mean, what one is, is really going to wait and so I won’t get into.

Damye Hahn  15:17

Okay, well, we’re hoping to be in here by September I’ve had I’m hitting on the developer to get us in there by September

Nestor Aparicio  15:25

to hear this because it gives me a chance. I thought,


now the results, I get them excited. They they’re gonna go to the new field. The last

Nestor Aparicio  15:30

time I’m here, it’s only April. This is not the last time I’ll be okay. But asking

Damye Hahn  15:34

and receiving are two different things. You know how that happens with with development. So we’re hoping to get in there sometime this fall. You know, and, and before the holiday season, and then Catonsville we’re hoping to be open June of next year. Okay, that’s our that’s our track. Well, you know, I

Nestor Aparicio  15:54

do business with State Fair and oak, WaPo. And Beaumont, we’re having the Beaumont this weekend. I see it over there. And I see the signs and people know of my relationship with you. They’re all asking me and I’m like, well, I’ll be failures. Later on. I’ll be failures on opening day, and then I get here now. I’m glad we’re getting close.

Damye Hahn  16:09

I take huge, renovate, all I ask


is don’t close until you can open right? Like just because I can’t go. Like someone said it’s the last day this place was packed like the whole entire hippodrome team came over. Like we gotta go see, we got to take pictures every day. It’s just that’s what you guys do. Like you make this feeling of like, I don’t want to lose this. You have your story. We we won’t clog.

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

This up here a bunch. Ron Legler by the way from the Hippodrome. Jamie Hahn, if you just joined us on the radio side, you told the story about an 85 year old man.


So we had some visitors coming from New York, some producers that want to see the theater, and we was like, let’s go to have lunch. Of course, we’re taking them to like world famous luxury market Bally’s. We’re sitting in here and this guy gets wheeled in. And he is so excited, older, older gentleman. And he’s like, starts to cry a little bit. And we were talking and he’s like I said, I’ll take your picture, you know, because we love to get the picture of signs. And he goes, You know, I my 85th birthday today. And I just, I just got done with cancer treatment. And he said the whole time I was trying to push myself to be like, I want to have a failed crabcake. And that was his day. Like he he literally was hoping that he could have another failed crabcake. And it just goes to show you like how people feel about this place like and how people feel about our neighborhood and Baltimore, and what this city has to offer people. You know, we had another guy in the Navy. He was an older gentleman has two sons. He walked through the Utah doors knocked on the door literally, I’m me happen to be walking by and I’m like, Can I help you in the box? I was down there. He’s like, Oh, no, open the door. And he goes, Can I just see the Hippodrome? So I of course I can, you know, like the, the kids are looking at me, like, Please let him in. Walk him in, sit him down. He starts crying said, I can tell you every movie that I saw. Every day he goes, my life was so hard run. But when I came in here, I got to escape. I got to feel important. I got to feel like the most beaut I was in the most beautiful castle and, you know, palace that you could ever live in. And I came in here for a nickel. What do you say like Rhino like and he’s like, and it looks exactly like it did like, he’s like it doesn’t it hasn’t changed at all. And said, well, there should have probably been some changes along the way. But I was so thankful. You know, like those stories you can’t. I know that’s life. It’s as a human being who we are those memories we carry the experiences we have. That’s That’s who we are as people and I. I just think that if we could just tell Baltimore to keep coming together, right forget about the rest of the world means forget about federal forget about it. Live in your city, enjoy your city make the most of every day we have an amazing governor who is involved in every single thing when I tell you the arts sports, the Chesapeake Bay, he wants he his whole feeling is to leave no one behind and he’s not doing it. Like I’m telling you he is easy to access. We’ve talked to him so many times. He came to Chris Rock is coming to frozen. He wants to be there for us. So he understands. He understands we’re still struggling from the pandemic. I mean, Everyman Theatre is one of the country’s finest regional theaters, center stage one of the country’s finest regional theaters in Baltimore, seven blocks away from each other. It’s important you know, if you want to support theater, buy a ticket.

Nestor Aparicio  19:19

Chris rock a little bit and showing off your theater. Because you mentioned that people maybe he hadn’t been in the theater to see it or and the history of what the Hippodrome represents for the city and for culture in the city. And for him to take the stage. We watched it maybe a week later. And you know, and we didn’t come down to the show that night. But what a spotlight for your theater and our city on that night and I know it was very targeted and his whole thing with Jaden.


So he had filmed a movie in Baltimore years before so he knows the city pretty well. But he was up between Atlanta the Fox Theater beautiful 5500 seat gorgeous. I’ve been to the fun knights pit the in old lobby like this beautiful, beautiful And then he came to hippodrome and they were down Netflix came. And, you know, it’s the first time we ever had Netflix in the building. And they’re taking their iPads and flying around looking and, and literally, I tell you how fast it was, he walked out on the stage, looked around and said, This is it. And the Netflix guy goes Overland. He’s like, this is way more authentic. This is more me and more authentic than Atlanta. So it was done. And then literally, I was like, I think he just picked us. I think he just picked us. And that was Netflix first international livestream that they ever did. It went to 90 countries. 250 million viewers, it became number one on Netflix. And right now it’s in the top 10 best things they ever produced in their history as a station. So it was so amazing to see the Baltimore see the blades and outside have the stars that were there. And the governor being there and we were on like, it was just this beautiful. People were outside the show had sold out so fast, like it’s sold out in like eight minutes. But the community came to the front steps, took pictures with all the things outside like they were, they were interacting. It was a Hollywood night and I gotta tell you, we’re still on a high from it. We’ve had so many comedians con say, I’d like to be the next comedian. On stage I’m like well keep going call Netflix and maybe they can get you in like, but honestly there’s so many wonderful things to look forward to. So many great things are calling on

Nestor Aparicio  21:22

here. I got the email because this was the whole thing here is the Moulin Rouge winner 10 Tony Award


winner for two weeks for two weeks funny girls. So funny girl. The best part about Funny Girl is it’s wonderful and everyone loves Barbra Streisand. Let me tell you so in the show, she jumps on the train the Amtrak and she heads the Baltimore she stays in the Baltimore hotel, and they just keep talking about Baltimore. And my heart melts like it really it’s this crazy like, and I think oh my gosh, Baltimore, audiences are gonna love that. The history of vaudeville and the shows that used to come through and tour through the Hippodrome, an amazing history. Amazing absolute amazing history

Nestor Aparicio  22:00

Mrs. Doubtfire and new musicals. Now I should say this about Mrs. Doubtfire because it has a Ravens connection. Mike Flynn’s center for the Ravens in 2001, my dear friend, his son is a Broadway actor Jake Ryan Flynn. He was the lead and Charlie in the chocolate factory in New York. And started it made money. Dan got offered the lead and Mrs. Doubtfire took the lead did the whole rehearsal. Opening night I believe was March 13 2020. And they did literally one show and showdown. And then I got every time from a real Broadway guy that knows this. So that show the fact that it survived is now touring show. Kind of cool. Little Robin Williams can go another clue new comedy Peter Pan, the new Broadway musical, and Beetlejuice, the musical The musical the musical. That is your season ticket comes


our season. And honestly we’re calling it The season of love and connection. Because that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to bring our community together, you know, move on rouge is one of the most spectacular productions you’ll ever see anywhere. They updated the songs the music, it’s, it’s like I’m gonna

Nestor Aparicio  23:05

come eat a French meal, but it’s just crazy.


Damye Hahn  23:09

French fries so


with this new tax credit, we’re really going to be able to get to see stuff before sometimes even before Broadway, but definitely some of the first shows that will go out on the road. So we’re just excited. We we have six the musical coming up next month. On the night starting the ninth of May. It’s completely sold. It’s probably the most sold out things since I’ve been here. It’s all women strong women power. Every producer was a woman everyone on stage is a woman and musicians are women. So it’s super exciting that Baltimore wants to see that so badly. And then we have two weeks of frozen starting in June. And when I tell you guys this production of frozen, there are like a million dollars was horsey crystals in this in this session. It is mind blowing. If you think you’re gonna go see a cartoon or see something that isn’t Broadway quality. This epitomizes what Broadway can do. And it has all the technology you know today’s led and you know lighting and everything. It has everything you ever do. It is spectacular. It’s not what you think it’s going to be with you know the animated film. It is nothing like that. It’s serious. It’s well done.

Nestor Aparicio  24:14

You see Lion King in New York you don’t think Sheena cartoon? I know. Exactly. Like Lucy or Jamie ha where it fails doing the Marilyn crabcakes we’re all presented by the Maryland lottery get some instant lottery scratches we’re about to open the doors here in a little bit of a rainy day. Down here at the old market window nation with us of course 866 90 nation and of course letter Raskin I bring the that’s the gavel the truth. I’m keeping that for Bill Henry when he comes around here for talking about money in the semester.


I want to talk about the bromo seltzer Artwalk the district artwork so if people have some of the last time they had like 400 people, you know that the Baltimore Fringe Festivals now in our neighborhood, we’ve got so many art galleries, the bromo seltzer is back open. There’s three galleries on every floor, all 15 floors, it’s absolutely stunning. But they do this artwork every year, twice a year. It’s every venue He’s open. You can walk around, have a glass of wine, listen to music. What is this? It’s this fall. So I’ll get you the more information on

Nestor Aparicio  25:06

it. But we’ll come back to the new families with the new mark.


I think it’s an August

Damye Hahn  25:12

1 Walk is in Emily? Yeah. Because we’re gonna be open a little bit later for people to come in and get oysters. They’re all bar and crab cakes.

Nestor Aparicio  25:23

She said oysters. That’s key word.

Damye Hahn  25:25

I think everybody was trying to do a special so we got the dollar 50 oyster.

Nestor Aparicio  25:29

You know what I’m gonna throw Legler onto the bus, your friends. Now he turned down a crab cake for this segment. He says too early in the morning, you have to solve an


18 May thought it was here. I thought it would be rude for me to like say can I pack it up and have it for lunch? Because I don’t eat crab at night? Well, if I crack an egg on it, I would have

Nestor Aparicio  25:46

met her mother and her mother came on the show she was


here I would have definitely taken a crab.

Nestor Aparicio  25:52

Early in the relationship, her mom and I had a little debate on the air and a crab. She brought me crab cake and sat here for a whole segment out and eat and I brought it over. And I’m like, Ah, it’s cold. And she’s like, No, no, no, no, no, no, that you want to eat that at room temperature. Because you may be a little warm. But you don’t want a hot crab cake because it masks the flavor. Right? So you’ll get more flavor. I swear to God, I looked it up this crazy old lady, you know, no offense your mom. And then a couple weeks later, I had I had a crab cake. And I reheated it. And I get to doing things and tasks. And it got cold, right or room temperature. And it tasted better. It tasted better than it did when it was hot. And I had the tail between my legs go to her mom and say you wrote Nancy, you’re so cold crabcake doll. It doesn’t you could take it back an hour from now it would still be delicious. And

Damye Hahn  26:45

room temperature is good or just a little warmer than

Nestor Aparicio  26:47

your time is 11am 1130. What time can you have a beer not on Preakness day because you can do whatever you want. Oh, that was open. I would have had it. All right. So 9am is okay. All right. So it’s a little Roadhouse blues, Ron Legler from the Hippodrome and Jamie, you guys, in bringing the city together. I hope people gather this when they listen, we got good

Damye Hahn  27:06

people here we had really good, we have great people, we have great neighbors, and there’s

Nestor Aparicio  27:11

work going on that maybe there was five years ago, when I came down and started doing these shows,


and Baltimore loves what it loves. And it’s not gonna let anyone do anything like you come for one of us, you come for all of us. And that’s what I love about this city. Honestly, I just think it’s just a spectacular place to be, it really is. And we in 10 years, you won’t be able to get near Baltimore. And we’re, we’re sitting there talking badly about it. It’s like, it’s just,

Damye Hahn  27:35

it’s amazing to me, here’s something that’s amazing to me is that every day, we have so many tourists that come through here that rave about our city, that say oh my god, this is this is the best crabcake I’ve ever had. This is I love this experience. They they love the theaters, they love the art, they love the museums, and they’re walking in this area, they’re walking from the hotels, they’re walking to the games, they’re walking here, and we can’t get somebody from Baltimore County to come down to the same thing. And that’s frustrating to me, because, oh, Jewel love this. And we can’t get our neighbors in the county to come in and enjoy. And part of it, I think is that on TV, you hear the bad, stop


watching the news and live your life. Just come down, see for yourself. Let us prove it to you. When the

Damye Hahn  28:25

news be nice if we had some of the good things on there. So let’s let’s promote the fact that we have all these wonderful things going

Nestor Aparicio  28:32

on at night all the time. I’m coming down to hippodrome and I’m taking Calvin state in my middle school teacher and taking pictures and showing what kind of night it was the first thing when we left that night, I made him promise he would come back and we do it again. So I gotta find one of these shows to bring one up because once you do once you will come


back we talked about, we talked about accessibility, you know, like, we have a garage that’s attached to the Hippodrome, it’s very easy. If you have someone in a wheelchair, someone that needs extra assistance, you literally drop them off underneath the historic canopy, our security team brings them in, gets them seated, you can go park, come back, and they’re waiting for you right there. So we want to make sure that everyone who feels like, Oh, I’m maybe too old to come down or I’m not gonna be it’s gonna be difficult for me. There’s elevators, there’s ways that we can get you around the theater that you won’t need to worry about any families and

Nestor Aparicio  29:17


rule taking Calvin stadium on my arm around your place and we use the elevator because he had some some mobility.

Damye Hahn  29:24

And it’s easy. It’s so easy off a 95 We are five blocks six blocks off and 95 It’s it’s it’s a 295 you come straight in. We are on this package, raise 295 It’s and say you don’t even make a turn. You come up and you pull right into their garage or pull right into our garage. It is so easy and accessible. It takes me five minutes to get out of the city. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  29:49

Bill Henry here, he’s gonna be going to City Hall. He came over here from another meeting on a rainy day and he’s not going to turn down your crabcake I will tell you right now, turn down to crabcake I’m gonna tell him All righty. Well yeah, that’s all right. We’re down here at the Hippodrome, we’re down here at faint these were close to the Hippodrome will be at the Hippodrome soon. Really appreciate you for Oh by and Jamie, love you appreciate it. Jamie’s gonna get out of here and we’re gonna be telling some more stories release a little later on as well. No Henry’s here. We’re also gonna be joined by Peter Jensen from the Baltimore Sun of the editorial staff. It’s the Maryland crabcake tour. It’s a failed these are home away from home. We’re down arena delicious mustard I’m gonna have I’m not gonna say no to the crap I know. But I’m gonna demand the fried oyster. I’ll

Damye Hahn  30:32

give you one to take. Okay, yeah, listen. Oysters.


I have not had that. I’ve had the raw oysters you repeat? Yes.

Nestor Aparicio  30:41

I’m gonna make you eat a fried oyster was less I made a fried oyster.


Too long. No, I had never really never have one going Rock North Carolina. All right. Well, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  30:53

you’re back to have one in Baltimore, Maryland a world famous likes in the market since 1782. I’m still doing the math. So I’m brought to you by the Maryland lottery I’m giving these away have one for you. By the way, you’re eligible as well. And Jamie’s got to get one as well as our friends and Windows. Six 690 nation is the way to find that we have big winners yesterday ever capillaries as well. I am Nestor back from the Maryland crab cake tour theater crab cakes, catfish and maybe some fried oysters. Stay with us.

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