Thursday, October 22, 2020

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The sacrifice of Colin Kaepernick in the fight for social justice in the modern NFL

Baltimore author Mike Freeman discusses life as a Mt. St. Joe student and lifer NFL writer. His new book "Football's Fearless Activists" chronicles The Knee, the words of Donald Trump and the machine of the National Football League.

Exposing the monsters of the Gun Trace Task Force

Of all of the crimes against the citizens of Baltimore in recent times, nothing compares to the gruesome ugliness of the Gun Trace Task Force and how police officers weaponized their badges to become deadly criminals at taxpayer expense.

Johnson discusses Obama family legacy and impact on Biden campaign

Dr. Jason Johnson of MSNBC and Morgan State was fresh off "The Morning Joe" when he joined us to discuss all things election, conventions, the myth of "undecided" voters and the day he was in Charleston when Obama broke into "Amazing Grace."

What do you remember about college?

In the quest to find every living awesome mentor he ever had during Teacher Appreciation Month, Nestor catches up with his media professor Julie Simon at UB for the first time in three decades. His obsession with Marshall McLuhan theory continues...

Going back to tell your 10th grade English teacher why To Kill A Mockingbird was so important

During Teacher Appreciation Month, Nestor reconnects with the Dundalk High literary critic and usage taskmaster of his youth, Miss Susan Monday. They both do talk radio for a living. A journey in education...

How far can Lamar Jackson take Ravens in 2021?

Former WBAL sports director Greg Sher visits Nestor to discuss the world of mortgages, career changes and how much the state of Baltimore sports has changed since the turn of the century.

Latest News

Camden Yards to serve as voting center for 2020 general election

"We look forward to continuing this tradition now and long into the future."

Ngakoue trade all about Kansas City, January for Ravens

Baltimore's blitz-heavy style may work against most opponents, but it hasn't against the Chiefs, making Yannick Ngakoue an attractive addition.

AFC honor highlights Campbell’s strong start with Ravens

The veteran defensive end was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his three-sack day in Philadelphia.

Returning to Paradise during a plague with J.Y. of Styx

After almost a half century on the road, what happens when a band has too much time on its hands? For Styx guitarist and founder James Young, it was a "mirror, mirror on the wall" chat and a time to make history answering all of the hard questions Nestor ever had since he saw them on the Cornerstone tour in February 1980.

Reliving a 4th quarter awakening in Philadelphia

Perhaps, in the long run, the Ravens will benefit from the late letdown on both sides of the ball in an escape and narrow victory over the Eagles.