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The state of America and our Presidency and politics


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Our disillusionment with American politics continues in the aftermath of a disastrous Presidential debate – all while celebrating what has always made this country great on the Fourth of July holiday. Bill Cole joins Nestor to debate the poor candidates, the loss of civility and the bewilderment at the continued devaluation of words, deeds and political parties in this country we love.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Bill Cole

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


Welcome home we are W and S t test the Baltimore Baltimore positive vibe. I feel like we’ve taken a break from the Maryland crabcake turbine that really just that Fourth of July you know, got some hotdogs crabcakes all that stuff happening. Friends over state fair having a hotdog eating contest. I’m out for that. I did meet that guy one time that shoves all the hotdogs I don’t know. We’re gonna be shoving crab cakes and shrimp salad and other good stuff. Before the oyster tour down at the Maryland crab cake tour brought to you by the Maryland lottery Gold Rush sevens doubler will be at fade Lee’s the new fade Lee’s if you haven’t been down to the new Lexington market, you don’t just come it’s come next Friday Yankees in town. There’ll be pin stripers there all that’ll be happening our friends at the Jiffy Lube. Multi care put this out on the road at the Maryland crabcake tour. I’m gonna have a whole list of dates into July and August. I’m going down to Mako in Ocean City with our next guest who I’m going to begin with an apology before we even begin. And also our friends at Liberty pier solutions making our water crystal clear for the holidays and Bilko was here happy fourth to you I was going to wear red, white and blue and shoot off fireworks. Although I’m hearing plenty of that in the sky. I really have to begin this whole thing with an ad a tragedy in my kitchen. About 10 o’clock at night the other night. I had the coal roofing mug that you know, it’s like my wife calls it my pinkie and I don’t know just something about the shape of it. It’s about the way that my royal farms coffee tasted in it. And I went to put it away and it was a slippery you know it has that handled before feeling and it shattered at my feet. And it landed partially in my cat food bowl. And all over the floor. And 38 minutes later with a vacuum trying to keep every piece of ceramic morsel from slicing my little kittens. Little Bean paws up. I cleaned it up and I am without a coal roofing mug. But I do have a really cool Dundalk throwback mug that was gifted to me with the roll arena and two guys on it. Bill, how are you happy for us? Yeah,

Bill Cole  02:16

I’m not giving you any more mugs. Like, I think this is the second one. The first one was the tall one. You knock that over and like fried. You’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:24

poor $49 Later,

Bill Cole  02:27

you know, I think maybe I’ll get you like a branded? What are those backpacks that the runners used that have the little tube that they drink out of while they’re running? Like


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:37

it’s really smart, the Maryland Maryland lottery gives me well, you know, Planet Fitness gives me one like this here, right? So this is for like water. The lottery gives me like these gold things with a legitimate coffee thing. And it’s got a lottery but it doesn’t have a handle. And I’m missing a finger. Can you see this? So I’ve already got a challenge on my right side and I’m right handed. So and, and I still use pens because I’m an old guy for color pens, as you can see. I need a handle dude. So one of the things that like sometimes the handles too big, and you can see I’m missing my finger made for fun on the on the playground, but I need a handle on my mug. So dude, I’m trying to get a handle on America on the Fourth of July. And I haven’t talked about it all week. And I think I made one mention about it in the beer garden at the Heritage fair the other night and haven’t done a lot of radio since the debate. You have any observation? Did you watch it or I mean you’re you’re good American, you’re like fiercely weirdly independent. You don’t trust anybody which I’m moving more to your side. But believe me, you and I are close more close to scary think

Bill Cole  03:49

it’s a scary place. I don’t encourage anyone spent any time where I where I spend but what’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:55

a sort of a purgatory of paranoia, I think is what it is sort of like John hardball but worse. I

Bill Cole  04:00


know. So I’ve got to watch it. I really had meant to try and sit down and watch it mostly for the entertainment value that I anticipated it would be if you can just separate yourself from the depression of like, the patriotism that you’re just like using and feeling like disasterous watching. If you just look at it as entertainment imagine it was a Saturday night skit Saturday Night Live skit, but it’s not it would be really funny and you would enjoy it. So I was trying to do that. I had heard somebody, a comedian do a thing like a day or two before where you know the guy is. I can’t remember who it was but clearly a liberal Democrat based comedian guy, right, but he loved Donald Trump’s speeches, just because of the ridiculousness of them and he does This whole bit when like right after we killed one of the terrorist guys, and Trump comes out of the room and he gives us like, all five

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:08

people, we’re going to a nano scheme. 250 years of peace and sovereign, not peace, but sovereignty to this maniac, again, it boggles my mind that 40% of the people who witnessed this and don’t see evil, evil, I mean, evil, like this guy’s gone away for a couple of years, except when He’s been in court lying, lying to everybody and insurrection on this stuff. And I still have people in my life, who I was altar boys with, on my Facebook threads, saying, January 6, was a big lie made up by the liberal media like it is mind blowing to me, Bill, it’s my and I can’t play K fame with Mr. Rubenstein or Bushati or the Whistler, or Chad Steele, I’m not playing K, I don’t play kayfabe for anybody, not for sponsors, not for anybody. Dude, that thing last week was really disturbing to me to see, I turned it off at 912. I said to my wife, I gotta go to bed. Like I don’t even want to talk to her. I didn’t cry and pout and yelled and screamed and go on the Internet didn’t need the post game didn’t even need to watch the rest of it. To know that now my team is like telling the world this guy’s more lucid than he is. And that everything’s gonna be okay. And the other team is coming with an arsenal of what we saw from 2016 to 20. That somehow some ways appealing or attractive to some people, even though it’s not even in their best interests.

Bill Cole  06:52

The comment about the comedian doing the bit on Trump’s speeches, is this recognition of the fact that some measurable percentage of the population doesn’t care about policy or hilarious or really anything. Not even it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16

a wrestling match. It’s forget I’d like Ric Flair, even though it gets the guys in the nuts, you know, and that’s the way we should run our society. I mean, we just had a Supreme Court this week. I just think they say that being a criminals. Okay, if you’re the if you’re the president, and the weird part is my guys in charge, right? Like my guy, he could do whatever he wants to, it’s still a bad idea. It’s a bad idea for whoever’s in charge, you know, literally,


Bill Cole  07:45

right? Except that we both know, and this is the biggest, one of the biggest problems. We know that your guy can’t do whatever he wants, because I’m not entirely convinced that he’s forming cohesive.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:59

Oh, I have no question about that. Dude, I’m not I’m not gonna be you’re the one taking the PR guy’s pitch and giving it to you. I saw what I saw. I also saw him the next day completely lucid. So I like I like all of this is wag the dog for me. And being a real journalists where I see, you know, I’ve had Steve shotty and Eric de Costa run for me on a balcony this year, like pretending they don’t know me and that I never that none of this exists and that my audience like it’s it’s Orwellian. To some degree. You know, David Rubenstein is being called the greatest owner in sports. He’s done like five things. He’s danced on the dugout twice thrown out hats. And I don’t even know what else he’s done. I mean, I watched his political pronouncements for the very first time last week. And you and I had Warren Piece on the Orioles last week. But I watched him on literally a political show, talk about his friendships with Biden and Trump, and his interviews with them. And then in the same sentence said, but I don’t have anything to do with politics. And then he said, no one ever loses money buying a sports franchise. He said this, no one ever loses money. But we did this as a philanthropy but of course, we expect to make money. So I hear this double talk with all of this and no one calls it out and no one says anything. But it’s astonishing to me that we can have this debate with this. Fraud, con man, criminal, liar, serial, awful human, grab them by the P, black jobs, inject, bleach all of that, and then have this other man who clearly is not at full capacity based on anything we’ve seen in the man’s public life, over 50 years of politics. And then the next day, we just go back to How about the Orioles? How’s that gunner doing? Who’s Who’s doing on the offset? You got all star voting and like, Dude, it was disturbing going to bed for me that Thursday night and a week out. I’m disturbed by all of it. I’m disturbed by my team strategy on it. I’m disturbed by the fact that America wouldn’t want a better debate wouldn’t want a sane Republican and a lucid Democrat to debate in some sort of theoretical way, what we’ve grown up with whether it’s Dukakis and Bush, or Bush and Clinton or Clinton and Hogan and Hogan in general, like it like normal stuff, like there’s nothing normal about that. And if I’m watching from anywhere else in the world, I would be very disturbed that these are the two choices. I’m disturbed on the Fourth of July bill. And I haven’t said it out loud. I haven’t been on so this is one of the first but you can tell. This is what I was feeling at 930 on that night where I went to bed and I woke up. And the first thing I thought at 4am Was I hope that Democrats have a better plan than this. I mean, put Gavin Newsom up and lose, put somebody up that can put Jeffery put somebody up that can speak but Nancy Pelosi on she’s got more going on and am I’m able to say like, put somebody up that can debate this con man.

Bill Cole  11:26

I think it’s important to understand that we do want better, everyone wants better. Even the people involved want better. The problem is that we have eroded all boundaries of civility. And our competitive spirit overwhelms our ability to be reasonable humans, so we destroy people that enter politics. So once we have a track record of doing that,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:01


and the journalist by the way, Tapper is getting killed this week that Danna bash, because, right. I mean, yeah, we

Bill Cole  12:07

once once we lost all civility, in that the good people are like, well screw that I’ll just go run a fortune 500 company, I don’t need to deal with that BS. So we want better, but we’re unwilling to create boundaries or or model behavior that would allow us to have civil, you know, debate discourse around these differences in quality civil servants. Well, they’re not nobody’s going, nobody of quality is going to go into civil service, when they know, the other competitors. competitive spirit, like they’re just so overwhelmingly competitive, that they’re willing to go to whatever length is required to just

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:51

like, as an example, as an example, what, what, what got me into politics, buying books from a woman that don’t exist to support her false campaign for healthy Holly? Those kinds of things, that, that that drags businesses, donors.

Bill Cole  13:14

That’s not really what I was, I understand what you’re saying, Yes, that’s a problem of the system. My description is more. The idea that when someone raises their hand, the first action of their competition, is to go dig into their background and find out that they had a DWI when they were 22 years old, and then go out on the stump, and make it all about how irresponsible that person is, even though now they’re 60. And they you know, they’ve done all these wonderful things. So, like, that’s just the the, that’s the plan. That’s the action. You know what I mean? Like


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:56

you’re responsible part of Donald Trump is on display, he told the world to inject bleach in the middle of a plague man. Like I like,

Bill Cole  14:03

I get it. These are the people that were left with, who clearly don’t care. If you look into my background and find reasons to trash me, because my moral standard is so low that it doesn’t really matter does doesn’t matter. I know, people

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:20

denying science and the people that think the earth is flat and the people that are bigots and racists and have no sense of discourse in regard to deeper issues they can’t possibly understand. I mean, the plague and, and vaccines and everybody has a platform now social media, everybody has. It has a podcast, right like but how

Bill Cole  14:47


do you? How

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:48

do we get to a point where this is what what we’re? Everybody wants to have a debate. We’re having one right now. It’s a better debate than what I saw on television last Thursday night.

Bill Cole  14:58

How do you Enable, like, people have all different life experiences, they end up with all different education levels, and relationships and positive and negative things that occur to them. And so how do you create a platform where those people are given the tools to have civil discourse, right. So like, on some level, we expect our politicians to be educated to a certain level, and, you know, be able to form cohesive thoughts, you know, to discuss, and I mean, the reason that it’s worked, and we’re still such a young country that like, there’s no proof that it’s going to always work. But, but like, the reason this works so far, is that there’s an element of check and balance that exists throughout all of it, right, like, so. That

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:06

seventh grade social studies, right? Neither Oh, you know, I wonder if Hawk to a girl knows what checks and balances are, like, seriously, like, I remember when Jay Leno would walk around and try to figure out, you know, who doesn’t know anything about anything, you know, like, who’s on the $5 bill, but you know, basic American things, like checks and balances is the very basis of the first thing I learned in Mr. sleaze. seventh grade social studies class at Holabird, middle school, literally. So


Bill Cole  16:36

that’s why, you know, you if you were potentially struggling to sleep after that debate, that’s why I don’t lose any sleep. Because I know that my number one job as a business owner, is to figure out how to have a sustainable profitable company, no matter who wins what position, right like, like,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:03

it doesn’t matter who wins the stock market is gonna be there that day after, but it wouldn’t matter who wins if just the guy who loses the election decides to stage another coup? Maybe and that the fact that four years later he do to be honest with me like that a coup attempt or was it not? Are you ready? Are you ready to say the gathering people to dispute and election being on the phone to the Georgia elector and and literally mafia shaking him down as the leader of the free world, and then bringing people with guns, knives, weapons to the Capitol, to storm the Capitol, and then walk away and say it was a cheap it was a garden party. Like we had people saying that wasn’t a coup. I wasn’t really I

Bill Cole  17:52

believe that calling it a coup. Is giving that man too much credit. I don’t think that guy is smart enough to

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:02


was it a criminal act bill? Was it a criminal act to do what he did? Could I expect to go to prison? If I told people to go down to the Capitol, let them there walked out, and I was the leader. And let’s just say, I sat on the Supreme Court, my wife was running buses down there like, Dude, there’s some really dirty stuff that’s going on. And that’s not CNN or MSN. That’s just facts. There’s facts. And there’s fiction. And these people that are into the Fox News. Like I I pray for them. They think that the that these people that that Rupert Murdoch brought on a media entity, such as the New York Post, and the National Enquirer and those great routes that he had, that would serve Americans truth,

Bill Cole  18:51

I think that we’ve we have established a law around yelling fire in a movie theater. Right? Because we realized that there was some unintended consequences, right? So the idiot kid who yells fire in the movie theater, he wasn’t trying to kill anybody. Right? But somebody might die because they stampede. So in order to create a deterrent to that we explain that you just can’t do this because there’s unintended consequences. So if you do it, we are telling you now ahead of time, that we’re going to hold you accountable to the unintended consequences. I believe that his negligence or lack of leadership, when it became obvious that things were getting out of control to him for him to not stop that and tell them people to stop and tell them people to go away prior to storming the Capitol, right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:55

Get on all day I did okay. So

Bill Cole  19:57

that to me, is where you have to have Very shouldn’t be


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:01

under a jail in any other country in the world. He would be in jail. Like the fact that he’s running against

Bill Cole  20:10

that. How can you say that? Oh, my God in the world? Why? Why would he go to jail in any other country in the world? Maybe another country in the world? He’ll be killed. Right? But

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:21

let me let me let me Yes, correct, correct. me when no longer exist, he has a look when you want

Bill Cole  20:29


to have when you want to be civil, that means that bullies get space to operate. Right? When you want to be a peaceful society, bullies have space to operate. This is the whole thing that your parents taught you as a kid, like you’re getting bullied, you’re getting bullied, you can bully, what do you do? Well, one of these times, you’re gonna have to turn around and smack them in the nose. Because you got to defend yourself. So in a free society, people are going to say things that you don’t like, they’re going to behave in ways that you don’t like, we all try and agree, meaning people who believe this side and people who believe this side, come together to create a set of rules that we’re all going to follow. And as long as you don’t cross those rules, you’re allowed to say whatever you want, you’re allowed to behave however you want. Like you just can’t cross these lines that we’ve all come together and agreed to, but the outlier

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:20

of modern society, finding this incredible ogre attractive is it’s just astonishing. It’s not that hard to the people who love God would look at their and I CCD confirmed, carried across, drank the church wine. Did all they did all Catholic or Lady Fatima. Talk about it all the time, that anything that I was ever taught from Father Baumgardner in the Archdiocese. And they have, you can Google them, they have had their own issues, about trust and honesty and integrity, and all of that. But everything that the good book told me, it, it, it, it’s the biggest disappointment of my lifetime. And I would say that to anybody, I said that to my friend, Christina online the other night, just like I cannot fathom that. This WWE Saturday Night Live skit that ran the country for four years in the middle of a plague would be attractive to people and everything and its aftermath, from January 6, to trials to grab them by the P to literal juries of Americans, convicting him of crimes like that. It blows me away that anybody thinks that he’s just a good man who’s been, you know,

Bill Cole  22:47

in the 70s 60s and 70s. People fought against the government because the government was waging a war in Vietnam. Right? Imagine how our conversation would be at that time around that concept, right? One group is saying, Well, it’s the government you do whatever they say. And the other group is saying, no, why are we fighting that war? This is BS, get to the streets.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:16

Oh, what Muhammad Ali said, there’s people never done it in the me right. Now. I


Bill Cole  23:19

mean, it’s just insanity. It is not hard for me to believe that in a society, where we speak to democracy and transparency, and like, and then and then God and kindness,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:37

no matter what your religion is, right? Be good to your neighbors, all the 10 commandment, basic rules of family and love your family and don’t do harm to others and speak just all the things we need to do to have a community that to literally to become a community. You’re from Plymouth Rock on, you know, right?

Bill Cole  23:58

We talk about all of these tenants of our country. And then the other side, we are finding evidence always it always exists evidence of people who are behaving badly, right? Not the majority, the minority, the corruption, the books, the money, what we find that and where the people come from, that are supporting someone like Donald Trump. You speak to all this, but literally, I can’t go into the Capitol building. I can’t be a participant in any of it. The politicians are lifetime politicians as opposed to civil servants who work in their community and then go and do a stint to, you know, for the betterment of us all and then come back to the community and go back to their work or their business or their job or whatever. We don’t have that anymore. We have people who have made a career of We’re leveraging political power.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:02


And a system that supports that legally, financially and money that gets laws passed to tell people, you know, soft drinks are good for them or, you know, Winston tastes good, like a cigarette shirt or whatever, whatever that marketing would be. Yes. Right.

Bill Cole  25:19

So with a country built on a foundation of revolution, that said, we don’t like the way we’re being treated, we’re going to rise up, and we’re going to cut our own path, right? That’s the, that’s the Holy Grail. That’s what you’re taught in third grade. And then four, we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:40

gonna be focused, we’re gonna be bogus, right? For the, for the demographic

Bill Cole  25:43

of people who make up the majority of Donald Trump’s support, they live through the 60s in the 70s. So there’s that undertone, when they were teenagers, of rebellious stones don’t stand for just what they tell you, we’re going to fight back the better good. So they have that in their past and their experiences. And now they get to the place where, you know, it’s the swamp, and they and they finally have this guy who isn’t a lifetime politician. And he, he makes up whatever he wants to make up to make them all feel good. And they’re like, Yeah, I’ll buy it. I don’t care if it’s fake, or false, or lies or not, doesn’t even matter.


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:25

And he sent us lots of falsehoods that they believe is fact, right.

Bill Cole  26:30

But then, as a country, I want to start cussing, but I’m gonna try not to, like we have a presidential debate where we run out these two, and it is literally a Saturday night skit. Like while you were talking, I use the AI to try and search if Golf has ever been discussed in a presidential debate in the history of our country. I think I broke the AI it keeps telling me that in 2024 with Donald Trump, it’s like literally telling me what happened last week. But I like how does that ever enter this that’s a political debates are annoying, because they try and manage them right? You only get 30 seconds to make a response, you’ll get a minute to make a response. And then you get a rebuttal and blah, blah, it’s a very managed conversation because these guys are in incapable of having, you know, civil discourse. So we get other celebrity newscaster people to like manage it. So in that place, to waste TV time, talking about golf, is such a disgrace to the, to the honorable illness, to the the prestige of being the most powerful man, we used to call it the most powerful man on the planet, right? The President United States, all those people are doing right now is devaluing that, that position is a joke. Like, we’ll pump you full of medicine, so that you live and you can walk out there. And you’re going to be a bumbling idiot and say, whatever the hell you can’t even make, you know, full sentences. But it’s okay. Because all the puppet masters behind him are the ones that are running the country. It’s fine. We’ve done it before in the past, don’t worry about it, it’s fine. And then you run the other guy out there who’s like he, he gets to people, because he is not afraid to say that over there is completely ridiculous. Right? The problem is, why does he have to then say what are the five things that are completely untrue falsehoods and then further degrade? Is that so he is right further degrade the prestige of that position? Right? Like, like, embarrass that position in the world. So I saw

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:56

a good man who’s falling apart and a bad guy that would love to capitalize on I don’t know, I wouldn’t you know, like,

Bill Cole  29:04


I wouldn’t even be able to say that Joe Biden is a good man. Because all people have done for the last decade is try and find out reasons why they’re not good men. Right and fill all the air with either over bullshit that says he’s good or over bullshit that says he’s terrible. And look at his son and look at this and look at that. That’s all that gets clickbait and you know, put out there right. So so we don’t even know if he’s good man. Right? We know that he has been a civil servant for a long time. I gotta believe he entered for the right reasons. Uh, gotta believe he helped participate in programs that made people’s lives better like the definitely did good, right. But holy crap. I can you know, in its civil discord questions

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:54

whether it’s a country right now or not. So my team and I have real like, I I just have real questions about all of it. And Bill, I’ll leave it with this as we go to make Oh, in a couple of weeks, and it’s Fourth of July and I love this country. You know, like, I’m, that’s why we have these conversations that we have. But the disappointing part for me is my team’s lying, and I don’t and I know it. And I’m not going to make any excuses for that. Or say that we wouldn’t be better with pick anyone. The guy in Kentucky Westmore pick anybody you want the Democratic Party that can actually get up and anyone in Congress, any pick anyone that Ben Cardin wouldn’t be more believable, like, give me someone who’s done this, maybe even as long as Joe Biden and say, give me that guy on the podium for the next three months and let’s vote for the team instead of propping up Bernie. And, and I don’t mean, Bernie Sanders because he wouldn’t be that guy. He’s independent.

Bill Cole  30:58

He can at Bernie’s, you mean weekend?

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:00

Weekend. Although the Rubin thing you know, with the kinds of burnishing hat kind of reminds me of that a little bit too. Weekend


Bill Cole  31:07

at Bernie’s is definitely one of those movies that my kids haven’t seen that they need to say. Like, that’s a solid reference.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:14

I’m sure there’s all sorts of things in there that your kids, how old are your kids?

Bill Cole  31:18

Well, I’m thinking of my daughter’s 14 and 11. Okay, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:22


I would portray maybe I’m wrong, but we get to Bernie’s was a teenage sex comedy one. I mean, kinda sort of didn’t have some rubies in it. Maybe, but it’s also had, like, all the 1980s hairstyles, music, you know what I mean? Like, they probably have payphones, you know, it’s like, just there’s probably a situation in there where you’re talking like, why don’t they just text them? Like this doesn’t even make any sense. So why did this use the internet dad? You know, so there will be a little bit of that. I think I’ve

Bill Cole  31:49

done a good job of making them aware of that stuff. So they don’t make fools of themselves when they’re playing an older company. So they they know what payphones are they we talked about that showed one once

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:00

All right, good. No, no, Cole was here. I wish I had the cough roofing mug to hold up but I shattered it last week that do that that’s this is the original East Point water tower. You see that? The one I grew up in right there. On the GM plant there, you get Captain Harvey’s coat lanes. So I have a Dundalk mug that was gifted to me on the interwebs I want to give a shout out for that. But I don’t have the coal roofing mug. So I’m what you do in the real world. But you did something wrong. You just school last week, right? Two weeks ago, right?

Bill Cole  32:27

You probably saw pictures of it or whatever. Two weeks ago. We probably did it a year ago. But ya know, I


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:33

mean, right now it’s not the school behind you, isn’t it? Or Am I nuts? Yeah, that’s

Bill Cole  32:37

a that’s a cool little like warehouse warehouse, actually, up in Pennsylvania, where there’s all different kinds of vendors. It’s almost like a Where’s fadeless Lexington market? But you know, in New York, Pennsylvania, okay. Wonderful people, I probably should remember the name and be able to say that so people could give his next

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:00

week. For years. It’s right. You’re obviously. Yeah. No, I

Bill Cole  33:06


mean, right now, it’s just time to make hay. Right? Like it’s summertime and everybody wants to roofs done in the summer. So we’re out on schools. We it’s a very unforgiving business. We have eight weeks where the kids go away to get the old roof off, put new roof on, and then the kids come back whether we’re done or not. The kids are coming back. So we have to work very hard to make sure we get that back. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:30

you know, my Yeah, my neighbors down the alley, the Ryder family. They were family of roofers. Right. So they always had that big tar thing at the end, you know, and they did most of the rooms on our street and we were kids because they were in the neighborhood and did it.

Bill Cole  33:45

And we call those kettles kettles.

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:48

All I remember is in the summertime when the windows are open, and my dad never wanted to run the air because he was cheap, and you know, whatever. And now I hate the air just because it’s like I don’t love air conditioning. I prefer fresh air when I can. But he would always smell it. You know, you’d smell that you’re missing and he’s getting a roof on his, you know, like, but you would smell that summer. It smelled like night, it was always a 98 degree day to be vaping up on me. I’m like, Oh man, asphalt. I wasn’t allowed to say asphalt in my neighborhood. I get soaked my mouth for saying that. You know, no call. Call roofie go to we’re trying to fix the world, man. But I’m telling you that debate worried me and I’m not going to talk about it with everybody all day. But I’m glad we at least talked about it because you you want to hear your you got to be my my guidance counselor, you know, wouldn’t be


Bill Cole  34:40

shocked. I wouldn’t be shocked if if you saw a move to like Gavin Newsom that wouldn’t shock me, but wouldn’t shock me. I mean, he he’s hard because California is such a train wreck. Yeah, but but I don’t think he’s unelectable because of that like that makes it hoard because California is not state’s not

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:02

gonna like them are gonna like them anyway, you gotta win states for him, you know, right.

Bill Cole  35:06

I think they might be forced to make that move all the way larry hogan

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:11


as agreed to come on as as Angela also Brooks, I have never met her. I had somebody the other day who was on to Erlich at the Dundalk heritage fair. You know, talking about them, and I’m like, I have people on I’m not voting for all the time and I have people I’m probably voting for no matter what they say or do just because I’ve seen the other side. So I’m really looking forward to talking to Larry Hogan. I’m really looking forward to talking to Angela author Brooks Westmore has agreed to come on. So I’m gonna hold him accountable to that. I’ve been doing that for about a year and a half. So we’re gonna have a summer around here, as we debate who should be running the country. My opinion is neither one of those guys from last week. He is Bill Cole. I am Nestor. We are

Bill Cole  35:54

just just to be on the record. I don’t disagree with that statement at all.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:58

And we finally agree with where we agree. Now we go get a beer Fourth of July about that, you know, let’s whistle the Star Spangled Banner. We’ve already heard that last month. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive even when it hurts

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