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The real ‘Happy Eddie’ Osefo of Pikesville: Real Housewives of Potomac and the Cannabis Connection


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A real chat about the law, reality television and a local attorney who tells Nestor about how The Real Housewives of Potomac brought him to the cannabis and wellness world in Maryland with Curio Wellness.

Happy Eddie Osefo tells Nestor…to cannabis and wellness world

Fri, Jun 28, 2024 4:46AM • 26:26


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Eddie Osefo


Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W n s t, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are positively into the crabcakes season we’re going to be getting back out with the Gold Rush sevens doublers on the 12th of July that is a Friday and that that’s the Yankees coming to Baltimore so it’d be a good time we’ll be at the new Lexington market come on down have a crab cake with us Luke and I’ll be talking to baseball already got some guests booked for that thing that a lot of rock and roll here this summer so far and Luke’s just been on the ballpark thing and then it’s the all star game after that our friends at Liberty pure solutions making our water crystal clear actually has some crystal clear Liberty pure water right here right now. So all good happy summer. Stay hydrated out there. Make sure if you get well water, you have safe water our friends at Liberty peer solutions do that as well as Jiffy Lube multi care, make sure my car don’t overheat when I’m going to see Hootie and the Blowfish having a good time here this summer. And we talk a lot about cannabis here in a sort of a new way in education and but I think behind all of this and Wendy brown find as our chief cannabis officer, she has given away this week to another local who I had chance to meet a couple months ago. You may know of him, or his brand, or his wife’s brand, or the Real Housewives or all of that stuff. But the first thing I found out when I was at a dinner mixer was that happy Eddie is not happy Eddie of Potomac or DC. It’s actually like a Baltimore guy and sort of the Mount Washington Pikesville sort of I 83 West I’m Eastside I proven that all week with all my gun dog. We welcome happy Eddie on to the program. Eddie SFO is a local and I’m gonna let him tell the story because I heard it a little bit over dinners and cocktails and like, my wife will take stop time out to green room in me. I gotta have you on the show. I want to I want to get the unabridged version. So Happy Fourth of July to you Happy Eddie and we’re gonna find out why you’re so happy. But what’s going on, man? A pleasure to have you back first on the program, but back into my life and space.

Eddie Osefo  02:08

Awesome. Awesome. Thanks for having me, Nestor. I appreciate it. It was like a good time, a couple of months ago when we had the dinner mixer. So thanks for having me on the show today.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:16

We do all this is trying to learn more. Right? Like literally Yeah, that’s

Eddie Osefo  02:20


exactly, exactly. So yeah, like you mentioned, I’m a local guy. I’m a Maryland guy. I went to Pikesville group in the Pikesville area, high school middle Pikesville High. I stayed local went away to University of Maryland College Park. And that’s and then I went away for law school in Philadelphia, but then I came back because I guess

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:35

everybody leaves fill it up. Nobody’s gonna stay in Philadelphia. I mean, I was home every other weekend. So she’s taking the pressure to get the hell out of there. So I tell everybody, you know,

Eddie Osefo  02:43

there you go. There you go. So I’m back. I’m back. And so, you know, a little background on me. So like I mentioned, I went to law school, I have a little attorney background, but my wife and I were actually on The Real Housewives of Bhutan we have been for the past five years. And so a little bit of the mixer that we were at, it was a happy at times curio wellness mixer. And I was talking about the brand and the story and a little about the story of happy Eddie, the cannabis brand is, you know, attorney by trade. But then I’m on this reality TV show. And as an attorney, I’m doing more transactional corporate law, business law. But cannabis becomes legal, July 1 2023 for adult recreational use, and I’m like, hey, I need to get involved in this industry some way somehow. And so I found a partner at curio wellness and the name happy it kind of came about based on my time on the show. Like it was a moment in time when the women I smile a lot like a big teeth. So I smile and I was hitting on her because I was smiling. And so it was this running viral thing that was calling me happy Eddie. And so the women would call me happy Eddie happy and he was happy. And he then online. They were like why? So he’s smiling. So he’s happy Eddie. So is that is that mean? He’s trying to hit on you because he’s smiling. So it was just a preposterous allegation and the name kind of took off, and I applied it to this cannabis brand. And so So

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:57

you got accused online to have it smooth moves is what you’re telling me based


Eddie Osefo  04:02

on television of having smooth news, because of the smile, you see the smile.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:08

The smile that is that you know, because there is a thing called resting bitchface that’s also an internet thing to where everybody’s happy. And I smile a lot or make funny faces and there’s memes and all that they can make them right now if they want but you know part of it is I probably smile more than the average smiler and you know, I feel okay about my smile but like you a smile or in general I mean a lot of lawyers are frown or is that a you know this?

Eddie Osefo  04:34

No, I’m a smile or in general like Oh, my resting bitchface is smiling. And you don’t know what I’m thinking.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:40


Bury me with a smile on my face. Yeah,


there you go. There you go.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45

The cannabis side of this. I mean, dude, I don’t know how old you are. But you’re not 21 You know what I mean? Like you’ve been around this long enough to know, stigma illegal. You like everything that’s going on, and where we were and where we are and I Oh, He’s, it’s my first foray with you, you know, my blunt person shirt on having a good time here. And just having a frank, honest discussion about all of this is my wife had cancer twice, 10 years ago. And in the aftermath, we’d sort of seen the Sanjay Gupta, style joke. And when he usually laughs about that, but that’s sort of the first place it came in to cable television and sort of into your living room where it was in High Times magazine in the back somewhere else, or, quite frankly, street knowledge or internet knowledge and, or going to Amsterdam, or watching Pulp Fiction, or whatever it would be. You know, this is a couple of years ago, what when did it strike you as a business proposition on the backside of you and your wife doing it to a very successful television property? Right? Yes,

Eddie Osefo  05:48

it’s funny, because my previous experience with it was from a recreational perspective, like, I didn’t look at it from a medicinal lens. And so upon coming into the industry, it’s like, Wait, there’s a lot of people like you mentioned your wife, there’s a lot of people who use it for medicinal purposes, to cure or to assist with anxiety, depression, a lot of things that they don’t want to lean to narcotics are hard drugs, and cannabis, which is a plan at the end of the day, it’s a plan. And so it’s very natural. And so, in getting involved in the industry, I learned more about the medicinal aspects and the helping qualities of cannabis, and it’s no longer just recreational want to get hired on my friends. It’s like it can help you, it can help you get through your day gonna help you with a lot of ailments that you have. And so, product


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:29

right here, this is my plug where I move products. You know, I got an L three l four, you know, they’ve been telling me they’re gonna cut on me, I’m 55. Do I look like I want to hear that today? You know what I mean? Like, so I got things to do. And it definitely, you know, this is just one product. But it’s a great example. And you know, my wife uses some sleep aids from time to time to get a better night’s sleep. There are things that we never discovered that we’re discovering now. And this is being done at the speed known by people in Pikesville. And local and right here, and we’re and the curio people real serious about creating medicine, as an quality and research and efficacy, as opposed to a head shop, you know, and almost call it you know what I mean? Right?

Eddie Osefo  07:16

Exactly, exactly. And that’s the great part about curiosity, great part about, you know, partnering with them is that there’s this quality product that helps people. And so again, you know, just turning back to being on housewives, we have this platform, you know, millions of people tune in every Sunday to watch this TV show. And so like you mentioned earlier, there’s a stigma associated with cannabis. But I’m hoping that by me being an attorney, as someone who you may not normally see associated with illegal illicit drugs. Now that it’s legal, that stigma, we could change that stigma, we can normalize it, so that people can not only see it through this, oh, stone or smoke, but through a medicinal lens, and it actually helps people, and then look at companies like you know, curio wellness and how they take it very seriously. The science behind it is not just, oh, everyone wants to get high and have a good time. No, there’s science behind it. And so my brand, I’m hoping to shine a spotlight on the industry, normalize the behavior, try to eradicate some of the stigmas that are associated with it. And so people will give it a chance who haven’t, and the people who are in the shadows who, you know, indulge aren’t afraid to come to the light, so to speak, and enjoy responsibly, you know, doing the data. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:21

you know, I would also say like I had to when I picked beer here, I know you find that hard to believe that I drink beer. But I pimp beer here and we’ve talked about alcohol openly for 30, almost 33 years now on the radio every day in my life. It’s helped me feed my family and I’ve seen the good bad both my parents were alcoholics, I’m pretty upfront about that. But there was no additional quality to that there was no social benefit other than you know, maybe better looking, you know, after midnight bow acres back in the day. So I’m gonna have some fun with you now get firstly for just real housewives and your fame or infamy or whatever. I admitted this to your wife. I have people in my space. My friend Michelle, President Walsh loves your show. She saved my wife’s life with there goes my hero. You can Google that. She’s also a bone marrow transplant survivor. My wife has a 10 year anniversary was this week. So we’re celebrating that Yeah, yeah. So I’m not familiar with Real Housewives other than sort of memes and sort of the Jersey Shore quality of reality television and going back 30 years to the bachelor and everything that would come my wife likes television, she likes shows. What is the real? Give me the TV Guide synopsis. And that tells me what role you play at SFO.

Eddie Osefo  09:38


So the TV guy synopsis This is a it’s an ensemble cast of seven women seven dynamic women in and about the Potomac area Balt Maryland, DC, Virginia area. They navigate friendships and they have group outings with you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:57

Is it a forest friendship? Are they seven people brought together in casting or the people who knew each other real life,

Eddie Osefo  10:03

a mixed bag. So a little bit of both friends who were friends before, and then some friends who have been joined with the group. Well, that’s not

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:10

unlike any other social circle. Right? You know, you and I are friends now we make new friends, we bring somebody in. I’m sure if I link you in right now we have 38 mutual friends, because you’re from Whitesville. You might have more than that. But yeah, yeah. Okay, so I’m just trying to, I really don’t, I haven’t done a lot of research. And you know, I didn’t know your wife was whatever, he was making a big stink. And I’m like, Hey, nice to meet you. You know, nice to meet you. You know? So


Eddie Osefo  10:32

yeah. So I guess it’s a big deal. And so I’m married to one of the women on the show. And so I’m a house, I’m a house husband. And so as a house husband, our role is typically to stay out the way and support our wives and anything that they do. Let them know the truth about what they’re doing. Let them know, okay, you may have missed up there. But just be there a sounding board, some house husbands take their role a little bit more seriously, and actually get involved in the ensemble cast dynamics of the women. And that’s paying

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:58

you enough for that, and you got you

Eddie Osefo  11:01

and your period. So you know, we’re just there. We’re there with with arm candy, if you will.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:07


But hang on. So there is no there’s no script, though, right? There’s no direction for the show. It just happens.

Eddie Osefo  11:12

No, it just happens. And it’s funny because, you know, women, women could fight about anything. Women can fight about their hair blowing in the wind. And so it’s kind of a unique idea and concept they fight they could fight about You didn’t invite me or say thank you for coming to your party the other day. And so and having an ensemble cast of women with different personalities, you’d never know what’s going to happen any given moment. And as a husband, I’m just there watching, having a drink having a cocktail. And there’s a lot there’s, most of the wives have husbands so there’s like a group ensemble of house husbands. And when they get together, we get together and we shoot the shits and we talk about happy sad, we talk about golf, we talk about random things. And sometimes if we get a little bit intoxicated, we talk about stuff that they’ll play and embarrass us all you know on air. So it gets it gets fun times. It’s interesting. There’s a lot of people’s guilty pleasure but it’s kind of like as far pop culture at this point. There’s a lot of housewives shows a lot of reality TV that’s like mainstream TV now so you know it’s a good platform to have

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:10

once I get anything else it opens doors for other opportunities out here stuff I was here he is. Happy Eddie and happy Eddie is now a cannabis brand partnering with with with our friends over at curio and I’ve been waiting a couple months to have you on your Baltimore guy Pikesville back. Everybody back rent your Raven sky or real sky like me. You went to Maryland? I mean, where do you go to pan Tampa? What’d you do up there?

Eddie Osefo  12:33

No, I went to Rutgers. Rutgers Camden for law school. Okay, I’m a Ravens fan. I’m a Ravens fan. I’m not really into I make a shot for this. I’m into baseball calm or else fan but I’m not really an Orioles fan. I’m Orioles fan by default. But I’m more of a Ravens fan. I’m a football guy. So I’m a Ravens fan.


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

Fan is a social guy because you’re from Baltimore. There you go.

Eddie Osefo  12:53

There you go. So I go to bar catch the game. But yeah, I’m a Ravens guy. I’ll travel for ravens football.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:59

I understood I like so let’s bring it full circle with happy Eddie and I had a chance to meet you a couple months ago. And I know. And when he talks about this, you know, with other lines or people getting in and I think anybody who understands beer locally knowing it was illegal 30 years ago, and I’ve had your system on many times we’ve been we’ve had beers together. And Heavy Seas and breweries now are now ubiquitous, right? People are making beer brewing beer, and then they go to a radio golf promote my buddy Huber over 100.7 They now have a huge beer. There you go here. You know, I don’t even know Huber well, but I listened to one of your points, because they’re local like me. And I like local. Right? So taking local brands, every Eddie Murray over union, they put a beer, they have a name, they have a funny name of a strain or whatever. I kid Wendy all the time, I said, you know, nobody ever Budweiser never made an ST. Nestor blog. And I said if there’s ever a cannabis strain, it’s mine, it would have to be sativa. Because I don’t, I’m not looking to sleep. That’d be clear headed because I’m not looking to be high, you know, as they would have it or dopey in the corner. But, you know, like the happy Eddie brand, there’s a part of it, that if I just met you in the streets, like, okay, so like I would say to you beer, how did that happen over there that you got a beer named after you and they put your face on it or whatever. I know, this was not an ego play for you. It’s a business for you. I mean, it’s clearly and clearly you have social interest. I know enough about the law and Maryland that there weren’t a whole lot of minorities involved in this. And there was a lot of problem. So there was an avenue for you. So give me soup to nuts as Eddie the lawyer on a television show with his wife, and maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t, too. Hey, legal here they’re meeting because I am really fascinated by it. And I’ve just dropped a whole bunch of friends and beer and different stuff like that. But I see your relationship as the same as Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa going into or Willie Nelson, quite frankly, or Cheech and Chong was drop on my my Twitter feed ever x feed every time I say the word right. But I mean for you, you want to you aspire to something like that on a brand basis, right? No,

Eddie Osefo  15:10


I agree. I mean, I have I have a platform I have a platform with this role on housewives but it’s not it’s a responsibility as well, because I have this legal background. Well, I understand how the laws have impacted in the farsley you know, black and brown communities with the war on drugs. And so I understand that

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:24

more this month, by the way, right. That’s

Eddie Osefo  15:27

a historic signing pardoning all those cannabis convictions. And so things like that and understanding the history of it allows me not only to play the celebrity game and say, Oh, well, I’m, I have a face and I have a platform and hey, by my cannabis, but also I can impact on a social level on a social impact level with education with highlighting, you know, a West Governor Westmore deal with the pardoning of cannabis convictions, or speaking working with expungement clinics who work with people who have a cannabis offense on their record and trying to get their their records expunged. So working with those different organizations and highlighting the work that’s being done in the background, but leveraging my platform to now bring it to the forefront. So people know about these issues. I’ve taken kind of like a charge to not only take the celebrity route, but also use this platform to shine a spotlight on everyone doing the work in the background, because there’s a lot of inequities and injustices that have gone on to criminalize this behavior in the past. So now that it’s legal, it should only it’s only right that now those wrongs have been right, going forward. And so that’s a lot of the things that I’m learning and actually advocating for, you know, with happy ending the brand, not just selling cannabis, but also ag of advocacy, advocacy, education, you know, expungement, you know, expungement clinics, and just letting people know that there’s a lot of work that’s being done in the background industry, not just about weed and getting high and, you know, serving different purposes, there’s a lot of work that’s going on, and they need to educate themselves on on the history of cannabis.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:53

Oh, no. So just the efficacy of things it could do, for example, you know, GI issues and just all sorts of things right? Um, you know, if, if your wife on I wouldn’t ask how old she is, I’m not going to ask him if you feel a little younger than me, but old enough to know better, you know, through all of this, and I would just say, your thoughts as 15 years ago, 20 years ago, law school, whatever, that this would be a track or that legal would be your I’m 55 I really never thought I’d see today. And then I got on a plane to Colorado when 10 years ago because the Ravens were playing out there. This you know, Joe Flacco is running around out there with Peyton Manning Right? Like you see it little green crosses you go, you said what is this? Wonder if when if if it’ll ever one thing I’ll say I’m a Dundalk guy in little bags were served and dimes in this in that and other things. And I never really participated. Um, you know, straight up on us. Born in 1919, like all of that, um, I definitely had some friends get busted who were not drug dealers who were just, they had a joint and ashtray like crazy stuff like that. Maybe even in Ocean City a million years ago, we were kids or whatever. But I would think of a man of color of your age in this city where the wire was made. And I’ve chatted with Martin O’Malley lengthen all sorts of people from 20 years ago, in that space. Did you have friends incarcerated to do well do you know, in your social circle, this that that had basically couldn’t get a gig couldn’t get a job could get a job at a fast food place when they’re 18 years old for some stupid app? And, like, I don’t have a lot of experience with that. But I know everybody in the city does. No


Eddie Osefo  18:32

I definitely do. I definitely know people in high school as early as high school middle school that were arrested for cannabis selling drugs. Like yourself, I particularly I wasn’t into you know, selling weed or all those types of illegal activities. And I didn’t know that they will come when I would actually be involved in this industry. But I know several people who were doing it whether they weren’t they thought it was cool, or whether they you know, had to feed you know, their family or whether they just that’s just the only way like they thought they would have but I know people who are impacted by cannabis so forth now to be legal. It’s kind of like mind boggling that for one I’m involved in this industry. And to like people were actually criminalized for it back in the day. And it’s like, where’s this industry going? I think is going state to state they’re going to legalize cannabis and this is just it’s just going to be a ripple effect. Because it’s the outlook and the the good qualities of it like you mentioned beer. Alcohol compared to cannabis is like you know, you can find many good qualities in cannabis. I don’t know how many good qualities you’ll find and I’m not saying nothing’s wrong with alcohol you know, but I’m just saying I had somebody

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:36

last night I go lie and you know I mean yeah, so tell me about your wife and about her role in this and you have strange fun named strange I mean, that’s why I keep saying a man and nasty Nestor strain if you get the right thing when mate you know, but I I’m literally I can’t about it, but some degree, but I serve 100,000 people here to who and when I’m in dispensaries are on the street or anywhere. People talk to me about it because I’m willing to talk about it. And a lot of people weren’t willing to talk about it forever. And you know, the dirty little secret is in every concert lawn and everywhere I was in, in every social circle, black, white, young, old, rich, poor, male, female, east side, west side, in Maryland and Maryland, you know, not sure it wasn’t just made for Cheech and Chong movies and for 20s on mute, you know, like, it’s been a cultural taboo forever, and, you know, sort of your wife kind of comes into it as the celebrity on the front end. You have an interesting time to have done this 20 years ago with Jersey Shore, it would have been a different kind of thing. Right?

Eddie Osefo  20:41

Exactly. Exactly. And her role is actually unique because he has her hand in a lot of different pots like she’s in the political she’s a political commentator, she’s a you know, a public speaker she’s on this show. She’s a professor you know, at Hopkins like she has her hand a lot of in pots. But her role was happy Eddie she’s kind of she takes this advocacy social justice lens with happy Edie and so she we have a lot of fun named fun strange names named after like Zen when is after her for on the show, you know, she popped off on some woman and so that her her tagline or names and when we use it for strain, it’ll make us Zen and make Zen when Zen it’ll make us Zen.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:24


Right to chill out, man chill,

Eddie Osefo  21:26

relaxed, laid back. So we try to infuse it in the branches have a little fun with it. Because you know, it’s not supposed to be a stuffy thing. But I’m just using her her advocacy, social impact social justice lens, she adds that to the to the brand. And so that’s why she she never lets me lose sight of Yeah, it’s a great industry, multibillion dollar greater great, but there’s a lot of social impact and social justice, you could add to this industry, through your legal background through my social impact lens. And that’s what you should do as well. So excuse me on it. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:57

get out of that Potomac. Get back up here to Baltimore inside the beltway. I know you’ll be up here for football season, Eddie Sefo is happy Eddie. And he’s been pretty darn happy your last 20 minutes or there abouts to a FizzBuzz. I’m glad we got together and said hello. And you know, I know you have like, you’re new to this, right? Everybody’s new to this. You know, we’re talking about it all the time, which is one of the reasons I love having one do because he has like so much institutional knowledge and has answers for things and whatever. Not just objections from all of that. But just pragmatic, practical things. What have you learned, aka marking that what have we learned a year into this? And also you’re trying to do new things with your brand as well. It’s just not just here’s a couple strange. Here’s a thing, here’s a logo, like you’re pushing forward what you’re trying to do with AP Yeti, a part of the curieux products and you have professionals growing this and making this product.

Eddie Osefo  22:51

Yes, definitely. Yeah, we just introduced two new skews a 14 gram and seven gram value flower to the happy at brands. So it allows people because people go, you know, like I said, it’s one of those things that you know, stigmatize we’re trying to normalize where people go to dispensaries, often people use cannabis often and so they want to buy like a Costco, BJs type of variety. So they don’t have to go to the dispensaries every single day. And so we’ve introduced these new, these new value propositions for consumers. But I’ve learned a lot that you know, a lot of medicinal, a lot of people use cannabis for as a substitute for, you know, narcotics that are not working well with their body. And so just understanding that the science behind cannabis, the terpenes, the terpene profile, how they interact with everyone’s systems differently, is unique because then you never stop learning. It’s like one of those things where you’ll learn all the different terpenes you’ll say, Okay, this does this does that, but my reaction is going to be different from your reaction. And so


Nestor J. Aparicio  23:52

if I put an aspirin a bear and Advil, and you know, a Motrin, you know, whatever in front of you, they’re different drugs, they might all take away a headache if you try them, but they’re all gonna do different things to your body to your liver. There they are.

Eddie Osefo  24:06

Exactly, and they will react differently with each of our bodies. And so that’s, that’s the unique thing about cannabis is you may have a high from something, but it doesn’t impact me it doesn’t affect me. And it’s just weird in that science aspect of it. So you, you consistently are learning about the science of it all, which is interesting. I think it’s very interesting because I come from like, I’ve been in school for too long. And so learning just learning that Oh, shit, I gotta learn some more like a con is a bummer, but it’s never

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:31

gonna stop learning, man. I mean, that’s, that’s the that’s the magic trick I think is Hey, yo, come back on again sometime soon. Come get a grab cake with me up here. Bring your wife we’ll have a hoot. We’ll have some fun. Add on the Maryland crab pizza. Hey, I’m doing up 26 oysters and 26 days in September. might be fun to align with you guys. Find a nice little oyster dish down now where you guys are dirty. You don’t want to know about montgomery county crab cake. It just wasn’t any good. We got to find we got to do better on the oyster tour down

Eddie Osefo  24:59


here. it for sure definitely has to be all across Maryland, not just Baltimore.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:03

It’s the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery So Eddie Good luck to you but you’re you know, strange but not a stranger. I’ll see you soon we’ll we’ll we’ll get crabcakes sometime soon and hang out talk a little bit more as you continue to roll out cool stuff and as your you and your wife continue on the track trying to do good things around the community as well man.

Eddie Osefo  25:22

Appreciate appreciate that. Thanks for having me on

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:24

today. tattletale when I might not watch a TV show but I’ll have you guys on man I don’t watch a lot of TV shows. Please don’t take it all right, I won’t tell her I love dinner with you guys but you don’t have to listen to my show although you should it’s really good. But but hey man, I’ll see you down the line. Thanks for coming on brother.


Eddie Osefo  25:43

Thanks Nestor appreciate it any

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:45

stuff Oh, he is happy Eddie our friends at curio wellness and I really recommend this move bomb but you can go in when you’re in the store foreign daughter there’s a whole happy Eddie thing learn about it learn about it online as well. Happy ID dot coms out there as well as foreign daughter and curio well as we talked about educational series about your about learning stuff and sort of blending in a little bit of fun, a little bit of sports, a lot of music this week and had some great conversation and we found some old Joan Jett stuff for the splash zone this week. So big big dunes around here we get the Maryland crab cakes. We’re back out at fade Lee’s in the new Lexington market on the 12th of July. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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Our resident professor in residence at Johns Hopkins and 80s MTV icon Thomas Dolby returns with Nestor at State Fare on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour to discuss his new book, new hair and Totally Tubular 80s Tour this summer…

Smalltimore, sports and the trust of local news

As the Maryland Crab Cake Tour always seeks to introduce mutual old friends of ours and network to make new friends, this time its our favorite family chiropractor and philosopher Steve Elliott joining longtime WBAL broadcaster John Patti and Nestor…

It's your move, Mike Elias...

Luke Jones and Nestor assess the work ahead to improving the Baltimore Orioles pitching before the July 31st trading deadline. A starter? A pair of relievers? And at what cost...

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