Saturday, April 1, 2023
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The Hit It Big season is here as Orioles go to bat

Seth Elkin of Maryland Lottery tells us the about 50th Anniversary partners like Costas Inn, hosting the Maryland Crab Cake Tour on April 5th to get ready for baseball season and a chance to play Home Run Riches.

March Madness and knowing your limits during Gambling Awareness Month

John Martin of Maryland Lottery joins Nestor to discuss March Madness and more mobile sports wagering news. And as always, the tips for how to play your brackets and place your bets responsibly during this hectic time of basketball and fun.

Knowing your limit in March as the madness begins

John Martin of Maryland Lottery makes his weekly visit with Nestor to discuss the 50th Anniversary celebration kicking into spring and some important words for the bracketologists and for those taking advantage of the new sports gambling activities around March Madness this month.

Taking a sentimental journey back to Holabird Junior High with King Calvin Statham

Former Pikesville and Holarbird music legend Calvin Statham tickles the ivories with Nestor and childhood friend Stephanie Pallo at The Tasting Room at Drug City in Dundalk on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery and Window Nation.

For the love of the children and the power of music

Longtime and legendary music teacher Calvin Statham schools Nestor on the love of children along with his Holabird Junior High classmate Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt, who brought out the love for their teacher. Mr. Statham invested in every one of "his children" for five decades at Holabird and Pikesville and beyond.

Giving Holabird and Pikesville love to the great Calvin Statham

It took Nestor nearly 31 years to drag his Holabird Junior High music teacher and production leader of the 1982 spring presentation of "My Fair Lady" at Dundalk Middle School onto his show. A beautiful afternoon and discussion with a man who traveled the gospel world and brought joy and the magic of music to thousands of children in Baltimore. The King of Dundalk music Calvin Statham tells Nestor how their paths crossed back in 1979 on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at The Tasting Room at Drug City.

Finding legit Almond Smash at The Fountain at Drug City in Dundalk

After a winter break, Nestor Aparicio brings the Maryland Crab Cake Tour Back to Dundalk and his childhood favorite Drug City talking whiskey, wine and the happy people going old-school soda shop at The Fountain.

Displacement, belonging and finding truth

Award-winning author Julie Otsuka discusses the themes for her upcoming "Displacement and Belonging" speech for the Loyola Humanities Symposium on March 16 along with her family's background in Internment Camps in California during World War II and how her book wound up on a school system's banned list.

When old school is really cool

Kate Airey of The Maryland Lottery talks about 50 years of games and colors and bringing those old "Wishbone" memories back to life with Nestor

Marc Roberge of O.A.R. talks Redskins, Merriweather and being a Maryland guy

The great Maryland band Of A Revolution was visiting Radio Row at the Miami Super Bowl in 2010 and local music is always better. Anyone who has ever seen O.A.R. on the lawn at Merriweather knows of the magic...
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Latest News

Sizing up 2023 Orioles’ Opening Day roster

General manager Mike Elias set the Opening Day roster hours before first pitch at Fenway Park on Thursday

Campbell closes door on Ravens return, agreeing to one-year deal with Atlanta 

Baltimore had released six-time Pro Bowl selection Calais Campbell on March 13.

Jackson comments on knee injury, absence from Ravens road games at end of last season

Lamar Jackson pushed back at notions that his absence was more about his contract than his knee.

Twelve Orioles Thoughts on cusp of 2023 season

Top pitching prospect Grayson Rodriguez didn't make the Opening Day roster, prompting disappointment and scrutiny.

Lamar Jackson reveals trade request from Ravens, but does it really change anything?

As the surprise and angst over Jackson’s Monday announcement wore off, reality returned to the forefront. 

Like the Mayflowers, could Lamar Jackson be heading to Indianapolis?

Longtime sports columnist and insider Bob Kravitz joins Nestor from Indianapolis where Jim Irsay might be one of the remaining owners to covet the Ravens former MVP quarterback. Will the Colts make a play for Lamar Jackson? As all Baltimore folks know, if it says "Irsay" it's usually unpredictable.

So, Lamar Jackson wants a trade, does he?

After hijacking the Coaches Breakfast press conference with John Harbaugh and the national media with a tweet outing his March 2 trade request, we wonder what happens next for the Ravens' disgruntled former MVP quarterback. Luke Jones and Nestor answer the Lamar Jackson mandate for the Baltimore Ravens and opine on the few possibilities for peace and prosperity in this broken relationship.

It’s time to Play Ball

As Opening Day looms, our longtime Orioles insider Luke Jones gets Nestor pumped for Opening Day and a real Orioles season of hope and questions. First up, the new rules and new schedule format and how it might help the Birds' chances of getting to October baseball.
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