Friday, September 30, 2022


Having a discussion about guns and crime with Mayor Scott

Mayor Brandon Scott addresses crime and guns and safety on streets of Baltimore with Nestor

Why is it so easy to get an assault rifle in the United States?

Like every sane citizen in this country, Don and Nestor demand action on guns in America in The Recon

David Simon: How the war on drugs destroyed modern American cities

David Simon tells Nestor and Don exactly how the drug war has destroyed policing in modern America

How much is enough?

Don Mohler and Nestor use The Recon to wonder why an 18-year old needs an assault weapon in America

How does Maryland protect citizens from organized crime and big bad business?

Brian Frosh talks about the future of America and what protects our citizens from crime

Why is Brian Frosh stepping away from Attorney General role?

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh discusses his decision to step away next year

Why is Thiru Vignarajah running for a different office in Baltimore City?

Thiru Vignarajah is running for office again and here's why...

Thiru Vignarajah makes his case for being the Baltimore City State’s Attorney

As the Maryland Crab Cake Tour continues at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market, Don and Nestor grill oft-candidate Thiru Vignarajah on his thoughts about the role currently held by Marilyn Mosby and how crime needs to be prosecuted in Baltimore City.

Telling the story of Keith Davis Jr. and why it’s important

Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine tells us the story of the trials and acquittals of Keith Davis Jr.

Why is Keith Davis Jr. still on trial for the fifth time?

Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine continues to investigate why Keith Davis Jr. keeps being tried for the same murder.
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Pierre-Paul says he’ll “definitely be ready” to play against Buffalo

The 33-year-old says he feels good after essentially playing with one arm for most of his 2021 season with Tampa Bay.
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