Sunday, January 24, 2021



Insurrection, Safe Streets and the future of Little Italy

We originally booked Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine to discuss the cover of this month's local dish but then he wound up on the front steps of U.S. Capitol in the middle of the insurrection on January 6th.

Putting the vaccine first in Annapolis

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson says efficiency of the vaccine process is essential for the health of our state and getting business and commerce back to normal again.

Ball says coup attempt on Capitol is reminder of division and anger in America

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball discusses the disturbing images from the coup attempt on our nation's Capitol and how his county is battling COVID and all of the unfolding issues of the pandemic.

History and a civics class with Johnny O in the aftermath of insurrection at U.S. Capitol

We were all outraged by what we saw on Wednesday. Let two Baltimore County Executives – and former high school history teachers – guide you on where we are on the arc of the American story.

Madam Speaker Jones discusses Trump mob coup attack at the United States Capitol

We have been going around the state all week discussing the events of Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Madam Speaker Adrienne Jones joined us from Annapolis to discuss the future and our General Assembly here in Maryland.

Pittman provides thoughts from Anne Arundel County on MAGA siege at U.S. Capitol

County Executive Stueart Pittman joins us from Annapolis in aftermath of the disaster at The U.S. Capitol to discuss navigating local business, safety and COVID during crisis times in our country.

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Is this the right time to ink Lamar Jackson long term?

Local realtor extraordinaire Jeff Mohler joins Nestor for an old-school Section 513 debate regarding the merits of a long-term contract for Lamar Jackson this offseason. We also discuss the peculiar red hot real estate market during the pandemic.