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Crab Cake Row: HOFFA Foundation offering healing opportunity free from addiction in Carroll County

The HOFFA Foundation offering healing opportunity free from addiction in Carroll County as a family-based non-profit working to provide stable housing and employment services for men who are in the process of rebuilding their lives.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Tom Herb, Hunter Hawes

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:03

Welcome back to Cockeysville we’re live we are in papists we’re in the back in front of the fireplace the fire is not lit, which is good. Or your baseball around I got my orange tarp on today we’re going to go to five o’clock for the Maryland food bank. You bring the CANS you bring the goods we give you a cup of soup or boba doing it all week. Today is our final day. samsu sorry to have an end, but I’m looking forward to five o’clock today. Even though I have a whole litany of great guests here today. Mike Rosenfeld will be a little later on. I do Danny growl special Olympian extraordinaire will be here to give me a hard time Sherry fun Bailey’s gonna be here from late lose gift. A pal Robbie Robbie’s first base is going to be here talking about some things as well. And we’re also the folks from Andrews laughing gas are gonna make me cry in the four o’clock hour. So I brought to you by the Maryland lottery 10 times to cash or we did have a decent size winner yesterday, having a little bit fun. That was at State Fair. I like giving them out. It’s like Oprah. I put a Facebook status up back in like Christmas time saying, Hey, I’m doing this charity thing. And about 10 People told me that I needed to meet Tom, is it herb herb? How would you prefer to be pronounced Tom herb herb, Tom herb joining us here because it could be herb like like, like a time or a rosemary, also joined by Hunter Hawes who gets a lottery ticket just like it makes me feel like Santa Claus. Just enjoy yours. How are you guys doing? Doing good. I’ve done a lot of stuff here this week in regard to mental health and take care of people. You’re in a unique space. And I know you have a story to tell, and everybody wanted to hear it. So welcome aboard. Thanks for coming out. Appreciate you guys make it to Pappas today.


Tom Herb  01:43

Absolutely. So thanks for having us on. And, you know, it’s interesting, when you put that post out there, just the overwhelming amount of support people writing back, hey, get the half of foundation on there. And, you know, see what they have to say. And of course, learn more about their mission, the impact they’re making all throughout the state of Maryland. So our organization started August 18 2019. I’ll never forget as a Sunday driving to the airport heading to Kansas City and got that call that no one wants to receive from their mother, that the her son, my brother younger brother, was found he had passed away from an overdose that morning and at the age of 35. And, you know, my family owns a funeral home in Carroll County, called the number on funeral home. And that was home for us where we grew up. And so as you could imagine, my brother’s services were in his own house. And so when most families get to see their loved one when that moment occurs for a couple of hours, and then of course a funeral service. He was there for almost four consecutive days all day all night around the clock in his home in the casket. My final moment with him his name is Jimmy. Before I close the casket and took him to the crematory, standing over the casket saying our goodbyes in the morning had a cup of coffee in hand older brother Sam had a cup of coffee in his hand. And he placed an empty mug on Jimmy’s hands in the casket and Jimmy’s big guy was six foot four diehard Ravens fan Orioles fan everything Baltimore and the casket closes our final moment take them to the crematory a week goes by two weeks goodbye. We’re in a deep dark place as a family and I’m thinking to myself, How can I keep my brother spirit alive? What can I do to make sure that his spirit never fades away? And that we can help others out there in the community battling addiction because we all know that it is a big, you know epidemic out there and a challenge. And the only thing I come up with was coffee, believe it or not, and actually brought it back here for you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:35

Damn, you should have brewed it man. My cups like I screwed up the coffee. It’s funny you bring a coffee today because like I’m rural farm sponsor, give them some love, of course, make coffee this morning and I walked out without it. I literally walked out without it. And I went to the chiropractor as you can see I’m sitting on pillows here. Actually sitting on a pillow from this is the NFL Germany game. My wife’s the guy to say my wife slaves from Germany. They went to the game together. So all I got was this lousy. I thought it’s kind of a crappy thing to sit on because it’s kind of cheeseboards Typical Roger Goodell giveaway, but But it’s good for it’s been awesome for my back for three days here. So I got my back adjusted and my wife called me and said I couldn’t come back in each coffee. So I was heading back east down on Joppa road. I was coming back up through by Loch Raven. I’m like, Alright, how come? She reheated it and like scalded it? Like it burned my tongue? Yeah, so I don’t have any coffee right now. So I guess what I’m telling you is this is what it looks like when I don’t have enough coffee in the morning. Give me a coffee man. I’m a dark roast guy. What is this? What’s going on here? Oh, yeah, Brazil and Colombia. I’ve been to Brazil. I want to go to Colombia. Venezuelan, bold, naughty smoky blend exceptionally smooth. That’s perfect for me. Yeah, a little cream. Maybe a little bit of coconut does you should palm sugar but why coffee. I mean, you love coffee.

Tom Herb  04:54

So I do love coffee.



I love coffee.

Tom Herb  04:56

But the thing that really, you know, of course that final moment with him was was part of it a good part of it? That’s your brother there. That’s him. That’s him. Yeah, totally

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:04

put that up there. Yes. Yeah, yeah, you look at you look like a little like you and I’m like that you are your brother. That’s your brother. That is

Tom Herb  05:10

him. Alright. Yeah, this Jimmy right there. So the coffee brings people together as we all know. And you know, we took his nickname we all had nicknames growing up Jimmy’s nickname with all of his buddies. They call them Hoffa, and it converted be converted into an acronym and now stands for healing opportunity free from addiction. HOFA beans was born two months after he passed away all these. Yeah, we headed out. We grounded the beans this morning. Therefore, we get the f we roast them in Westminster. I grind


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:35

my own dog. Come on. You buy me? Do I look like the guy that wouldn’t be Gucci? Like I’m a whole being man.

Tom Herb  05:41

I almost made a decision. So when I picked it up from the store, I said, Look, I said I’ll take the whole bean.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:47

You don’t want good coffee. If you don’t have a grinder. That’s what I say.

Tom Herb  05:51


I’m with you. 100% better drink this quick, man. You’re gonna love it. You’re gonna love it. So it’s gonna jack me up.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:57

I don’t want to be jacked up, man. I gotta go half and half. Come on, man. Okay, decaf?

Tom Herb  06:01

Do we have decaf tea?

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:02

I would have done like the nasty blend. DWAI look like I can roll on full crafty. Like when I drink real coffee. And I love coffee. And I drink enough of it that if I drank it full test. Ah, I don’t like that feeling. It’s a bad drug in that way. It’s not. I mean, I don’t say I’ve done a lot of drugs. But I’ve done several. Yeah, that one’s not. That’s not where I want to be. No, no, no, then you definitely want to make this a half and a half for sure. Yeah, I mean, I can be a little more mellow ease into the day. But it does smell really good. It’s


Tom Herb  06:38

amazing. It’s one of those things where in the beginning, we had a roaster out in Seattle called Joe’s Garage coffee. But of course, all of us going local here in Maryland, landed on horns, pork and beans, which is a local store in Westminster that does all of our roasting. They bag up all of our coffee. We have stores, we sell it online. But when it first started, it was all online. And within a couple of months, over 2000 pounds of coffee was sold 25 Different states, we saw bags in the snow and Alaska bags went to Hawaii, people getting behind the mission. And we took the proceeds all nonprofit and give it to local organizations out there fighting addiction. We did that for several months when the community said look, you all could do something much bigger. Why don’t you come together and formulate your own foundation and make it you know, a bigger impact a year when the

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:22

start of the plague bro your brother past couple of months for the plague right? Yeah. Just summer

Tom Herb  07:25

19 December, August 19. This is all happening late 19. Early 20s

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:30


is not long ago, man. So this is raw, right? Yes, it is. Yeah, I mean, well, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. We I’ve told the story a couple times this week with leukemia. So we went we went hard and 15 1617 and then like, you know, city caught on fire Trump got elected. She’s trying not to think her hairs coming back. She doesn’t look sick anymore. She didn’t feel sick. Last couple of years, especially with the plague. It’s just made us more like we’ve drifted from being intense in that regard. And that’s kind of why this week’s been a little bit of an awakening for everybody that’s been through something that you know, it’s time to muscle up for us. We’re putting on muscle lumbar emceeing the thing for the last two weeks from now, I told my wife, I’m lucky enough to get up there with me because like, I’m gonna lose my issue. They’re making me the emcee. I told him what a mistake that was. But I mean, it’s been 10 years for me and I’ve cried eight and a half times this week already. These out these Andrews laughing gas people are gonna get me later in the day. But, you know, I admire your stick to itiveness to do this, because starting anything during the plague was probably at time to work on it, but also tough to get awareness. Right. But and very raw for you at that time.

Tom Herb  08:35

No doubt. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it’s interesting. I mean, you know, this kind of created the connection and the message. But what this evolved into was not too long after we had half of beans rolling around. We decided to put together we started the half a foundation, and we decided to put together a board consisting of people that see addiction through different lenses. So we have people on our board that are in recovery people on the board to have kids in recovery. People on the board, unfortunately have lost loved ones. And so all these different views around addiction and put this first meeting together. And we decided as a team very early in in the from one of the first meetings that we’re going to open up a men’s recovery residence in Carroll County. It’s been open as your funeral home

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:18

your families were scared counties big place. Where

Tom Herb  09:20

are you in? Sykesville?


Nestor J. Aparicio  09:21

Your Sykesville Okay, basically

Tom Herb  09:22

a funeral homes in Sykesville every row boom, Liberty Road. All right, let’s Yeah, hey, Liberty Road and 32 is a Chick fil A, they’re right next to it. So we opened up the recovery residence in Sykesville, as well, it’s called a half a house. It’s been open now for just over two and a half years. And, you know, we always knew that we wanted to create a place because my brother was going to get into treatment unfortunately didn’t make the journey. We understand that a recovery residence some called a sober living home is key into the continuum of care around recovery. And my mother made sure that you know when we put this together, all board members that we want this to be a place that when the residents come It feels like home. It’s not a place where there’s a bunch of people under one roof, you know, just staying safe that way. Like they have plenty of space. They have what they need, they have the resources. And so in July, it’ll be three years. This upcoming July, we opened up the house, our first resident moved in as the House leader. That house leader has now become our program coordinator. So he went through the half a house just over a year, transitioned out, has his own place, became the first full time employee for the foundation as program coordinator. Ironically, his name is Jimmy as well. And he’s become like a brother to us. This is Hunter here as well. 100. I’ve become best friends, the last couple of years, we’ve really met through everything that we’re doing. He’s one of our amazing board members, as well. And so you know, we’re going through this as as a team, focusing on the residents in the home, not knowing that we’re going to be in the middle of other services throughout the state of Maryland, when Jimmy, our program coordinator in November, this is going back over a year now not so is November 22, the state of Maryland comes out and says with it with a grant says go out there essentially and identify a gap in the continuum of care and prove to us it’s a gap and then we’ll go from there. So Jimmy said you know what, and I heard Destiny talking about this. In the last interview, you’re dealing with her transportation. You also mentioned vehicles for chain of Vehicles for Change. So transportation, Jimmy knew it’s a significant gap, because when someone’s ready to get the help, it needs to be immediate, like speed to act, you need to get them and get into into a treatment facility. There’s really no time to wait. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:29

have you spending time with Emily Keller?

Tom Herb  11:31


Yes, we have. All right, because she’s amazing. We met with Emily and crownsville friend of mine. Yeah. So Emily was in Carroll County earlier this week on Tuesday, and it was

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:38

a superstar. She’s former mayor of Hagerstown lost her best friend and addiction. Emily just a rockstar. He’s amazing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Should have her out this week. You know, I was gonna go hard on the politician, celebrity side and a couple of celebrities came to me. I mean, Femi wound up on the show Monday and Johnny rollos. My life or Powell came out yesterday on a call. He went to the wrong state fair, he went to the racetrack. But, you know, I know so many people and I think we’re getting close to the point where everybody now know somebody who’s had a try now I know you. You’re not the first person. Sat fentanyl, fentanyl. Fentanyl. Fentanyl. Um, yeah, I talked to Emily about this a couple years ago when she was still the mayor, not the drugs are she says, I had her on it. Mako, actually, for a good long time this summer, talking about, you know, her insurance work that led to her running for office that she never thought she do. And now like West taps her to be this person that I figured she was the outreach point for you. If you want to get anything done in the state, you better deal with her. And she’s serious cat when it comes to like what you do. It’s her. It’s not a mission. It’s her lifeblood. It’s your costs literally right. If the passionate people like that, that Wes puts in charge, they’ll let you know that. You know, this isn’t some bureaucrat. This is somebody who’s driven to end this and the fentanyl things crazy. I mean, the more I read about it, hear about it. You’re maybe the third or fourth person to bring it up this week. I mean, how bad was your brother’s? What did you know about your brother’s picture? Because we all say like, what what what could you be educated about now where at some point, and obviously you feel like you could save him? Because that’s a horrible feeling that you feel like he let somebody down. But what you know now to save the next person, what have you learned for this mission?

Tom Herb  13:24

Absolutely. What I mentioned earlier, it’s there’s no time to wait it speed to act when you know that someone is struggling you identify that like you first you have to understand where are the resources and in most areas, there are plenty of resources around you. It’s just that figuring out you know which one specifically you need, and reaching out for help immediately. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:40

want them to reach to you, when right now addictions have the reach to you and you you’ll put them in the right direction. Yes,


Tom Herb  13:48

we have a half a helpline and our helpline today, you know, steers people in different directions. But the primary source for our helpline today is a transportation service. So, back to the transportation grant that we received from the state. It’s a partnership with Uber health. Most of you didn’t know don’t know that Uber has a whole Uber Health Division, Uber health in partnership with us. So we exhausted the funds we received in the first grant in three months. Through these rides to where the grant we received in July of this current fiscal year has provided a pathway where we had to bring on a second full time employee and Jimmy and this other employee all day every day are coordinating rides through Uber health on a dashboard. Fiscal Year to date in the state of Maryland. We have provided over 1000 rides to 153 different treatment facilities slash recovery residences all throughout the Maryland area. Outpatient

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:42

right so counseling at least initially or 100. Shaking his head no Hunter halls is here as well. It’s off of foundation they’re based out in Carroll County. They got some coffee that smells good. Make a friend here Papist maybe somebody throw some on man, maybe get my wife to bring the coffee pot over here. We get it going Have you shook your head? No. So clarify this for me, somebody’s got a problem. You don’t want to let it back out on the street tonight, right? This isn’t, this isn’t we’re going to rub your shoulders and talk to you for an hour and send you back out that that’s not what your brother needed.

Hunter Hawes  15:12

That’s right. So go ahead, I’m sorry. Think about that for a second Esther there, there’s a very short window, when somebody says I’m ready to go to rehab, right, I’m ready to make a life change that that’s a that’s a huge opportunity. But that window is very short and can be changed based on a number of factors where they’re living, you know, the the money in their pocket, the friends, the people there with the depression, you know, any mental health issues, etc. So, what we have done is created a path for them to go to rehab. So this isn’t given someone a ride to a counseling session or a therapy session. This is about getting them in one way, right? A one way ride, because

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:53


that’s 500 to two appointments, right? Yeah.

Hunter Hawes  15:56

Way, right. 1000 people who have said, I’m ready to change my life, I just don’t have a ride to do it. And that’s the hole that we’ve been able to fulfill is just the ride. So we’re little old HOFA coming up from nowhere, grassroots, we have an 800 number. And we fielded and fulfilled over 1000 calls alone in the last six months to get people to rehab. So I think the the takeaway there is just a lot of people that need it first, a lot of people that need it, yeah, a lot of people that need it, and that gap is is a huge gap. So we’ve got we’ve sent people to over 130 different treatment facilities, and we try to in a short window of time match them up with the right place to go and oftentimes that means you know, is it a male or female? Is it getting them out of their geography? Is it Do they have insurance? Do they need insurance or any kind of status?

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:46

MediCal side Doctor side because you’re you’re speaking about this as though this isn’t something new for you.

Hunter Hawes  16:51

So I have an interesting lens that I look through. I myself have been sober since November 18 2020. So you mentioned fentanyl, but fentanyl is certainly one one piece of the puzzle. The the other puzzle pieces are different drugs, narcotics, but also alcohol. So I’ve been alcohol free since November 18 2012 gratulations. Thank you appreciate that.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:12

I had two parents that were alcoholic so I got you man, you know here Yeah, same

Hunter Hawes  17:16

same as me. And I said I’d never be like that. And then I woke up one day and thought I think I’m like that. So I also have the unique lens of having a daughter that is in recovery and she’s doing absolutely incredible. She’s she’s got an amazing story and it gives her it gives a lot of people strength but so I look through the lens as a parent you know, before before I agreed or excuse me went down the path of of getting sober I was looking at it through a distressed parent. So we all look at it through different lenses but just by my background, I also am in the insurance field and health insurance in particular. So yeah, come with, with with

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:57

you like to care first. And here I can tell that you were

Hunter Hawes  18:01


there a nonprofit like us and provide a lot of community support. And oftentimes it’s finding the right people to connect with. They want they are well intended and want to do good things in the community and we are as grassroots as it get. We have two full time employees. We have an unbelievable board but we all have lives. We all have jobs we all have careers. So the reason we’re here today is our passion. And hopefully that bleeds through through this phone call me we are trying to help people the opposite of addiction is connection. So you mentioned when people are in those dark places, they’re addicted to a right how can they help but that is the times they are isolated and feeling alone. And we understand that and we understand that and we are building a community and an ecosystem where they can sort of get help come together but realized you know they’re not alone.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:55

Well, I appreciate you guys coming out I mean so many people recommended you guys I’m glad i i checked you out the day I invited you and then like through this week I’m like oh these are the Carroll County guys and they do a lot of sports and ravens and Orioles. You guys you both ravens Orioles guys.

Hunter Hawes  19:11

A little embarrassed here. Nestor grew up in the 80s in Howard County and there was no colts had left and the Ravens weren’t here so I became a skins you

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:20

made other changes in your life at sea and I can make a big oriels bring them over dude, if you stop booze and you can you can become a raving fan. That’s it. I mean, you know, I’m about to become an Oreo fan like like It’s like born again. You know what I mean? It’s like,


Hunter Hawes  19:36

right, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Tom Herb  19:38

you’ll notice that’s what the of course you know, oh, you got the Raven on the bag. Right. So Jimmy again brother was die we get the Orioles hat on but the one thing that many don’t aren’t aware of is the Ravens have a program it used to be called tackle opioid addiction started in 2017. Now it’s just called tackle addiction. And we were fortunate to where two seasons ago We were the recipients of that campaign. So the Ravens had the chance to pick any organization, they selected us in partnership with Latos. And the support that they provided to us really propelled our mission forward, and allowed us to do a variety of things. So very proud of that. Because knowing that my brother’s a diehard fan, being recognized by the Ravens in that program was was near and dear. So part of

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:23

your healing process and doing this, I can tell that it’s coming out here and you know, you can still talk about it with a straight face, I guess you do it all day, every day. How’s your family?

Tom Herb  20:32


They’re getting better. You know, no day is ever an easy day. People always think that time heals everything. And it really does validate still convert, they

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:41

say, you know, it’s

Tom Herb  20:42

all this moment. Yeah. All those moments. And so, you know, what we found is that the organization overall, has provided some of those, you know, brighter moments for my mother, and father, and sister and brother in all of our friends, and just everyone in general, so that he didn’t die in vain as well. You’re doing something here? Yeah, one of the things that a mother shares that I’m starting to transition away, I share this instead of saying that we’re busy, we like to say that we’re occupied with a purpose now. You know, she wants to ensure that no other mother has to bury their son, you know, I want to make sure that no other person has to bury their brother, their best friend, you know. And so, we see that, of course, there’s impact we’re making. While it may be on a smaller scale, we believe over time, of course, it’ll be much larger than that. I think what we’re doing with the state as far as transportation is making a big difference there. So yeah, so we’re all learning like Hunter said, I mean, we’re small, we’re grassroots, but give them a ride, get them cleaned

Hunter Hawes  21:40

up, save their life. Give them a place to live, give them a place to live with some rules, some accountability, some love and respect. Give them a chance to to, you know, engage in maybe having a sponsor some mentors, do some work on their recovery and teach them how to be you know, help support their mission to be better citizens. And, and better loved ones healing


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:04

opportunity free from addiction. Hoffa? H O. F. F. A. Tomorrow morning, it’s gonna be you and me. It’s chocolate chip cookies. And these people here are Greek and Papist. They’re gonna send me out of here with desserts. I know they are. I know something’s coming home with me. And it’s gonna get you add to the booty goes Galactical boo, boo. Oh, you’re gonna do something here. And this coffee is going to be blended right? You know, there’s a big game this weekend. We’re gonna be up in Hollywood casino for the big game. If I drink too much of this in the morning. I may be like six o’clock worked up and come on out to Hollywood casino on on Sunday for the big game. We’ll have 10 times the cash tickets wherever ones I have leftover. I have this many here. I’ll be trying to get them way before five o’clock. We’re out here. Pappas and Cockeysville. Bring us your canned goods bring us dry goods bring us some stuff for the Maryland food bank. And we will give you a cup of Super Bowl. It is crabcake row and the crabcakes you’re pretty tasty as well as Greek salad as well. I’m gonna say something you that. As a Washington football fan. I haven’t said this to anybody. Because it’s kind of new. I’m a Dan Quinn guy. So you know what I mean? Like Barry. Yeah, yeah, I know, Dan. And, you know, I think this week, I’m like, you do know if they made one first down, he would have like, had a trophy like Brian, they’d be thinking about him differently and like, whatever in that game, but like Dan Quinn’s a hell of a man he’s gonna be a great coach and I see all these idiot. No offense, Washington football fans, you know, urinating upon that and I’m like, What’s wrong with you? Man? You gotta competent guy you’re not the Rivera wasn’t competent Jack Del Rio. I’ve known forever love Jack. But like, being a knucklehead for an owner. It’s like, thinking about Mike Elias use a genius. He worked for John Angelos. He’s whatever a genius plus is. He’s had to endure this. Right, right. So like when you know, good leadership’s everything bad leadership, get you blown up. We’ll

Hunter Hawes  23:56

think about the perspective. I have Nestor in the last year

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:01

you cleaned up and got a new owner. i Right. Both

Hunter Hawes  24:04


teams. Both teams got you know, Ozanne O’s in Washington.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:08

Bring that up when Michelle president was from there, Gozman year on Monday. Those are her teams, two and a half burgundy and gold gene.

Hunter Hawes  24:15

On behalf of the the other half of the Washington football community. We are excited about Dan Quinn. So there are those founders every

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:23

time I meet a Redskins fan. I hope you get a real owner one day and then they got one. And I saw the celebration for it. And it didn’t even occur to me that this might happen with you. I mean, I knew intellectually it was going to happen. Every really smart person’s like John Angelo’s is a Potts when he dies. There’s no way he’s keeping the team dead service. Like all of that stay tight that dad didn’t want them to have it leaves knock. I believed all that but I just thought it was going to be an even bigger dogfight than it’s been. I didn’t. It still might be I’ve been warned about that. So that’s why That’s why no offense you guys aren’t drinking but I bought a bottle of silver Tory red wine called the prisoner, and I’m going to release the prisoner when it happens, you know what I mean? But I’m not opening that wine until until I met the press conference. Hey girl. I used to be media guy. Well if you believe that or not, but it’s true. They did give me a press pass from Susan G. Komen. I’m really appreciative of that. They gave me my own press pass. I thought that was kind of nice to them. You know, Chad steel weren’t Chad steel. I wouldn’t be out here doing good things for these people. So God bless us. We’re Papist we’re doing crabcake row. It is a cup of soup or bowl. I haven’t had either one yet today. So I’m gonna work on a 5050 out here. I don’t think I’ve ever had to cream a crab here. So like we’re gonna roll that today. Thanks for coming out, fellas. Good work up in Carroll County. Hi to the folks that Sykesville if you see Dante libata to tell him I said hello. If you see any the beer makers up there, you know, Mike, and those guys tell him I’m thirsty for a good stout. Well, 1812 So I grew up in Carroll County.


Tom Herb  25:52

Yeah, happy out. Absolutely. 100% All right, man. Thank you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:57

Kelvin appreciate when I give a shout out because it stouts 1623. Here you go. Yeah, there you go. Man. I say 1612 screwed that up. 1812 12 or 1623? Yeah, I always do that to him too.

Hunter Hawes  26:08

And now 1623 is the miles in between Sykesville and Denver where I think his cousin or brother is he explained. That’s where the 1623 comes from problems.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:20

I was drinking it when he explained that you know about that. You don’t do that anymore. That’s good. That’s a good reason not to. I’ll remember. That’s it. I love that Carroll County. Appreciate it. We’re in Baltimore County Johnny who appreciates that even though he’s running for other office. We’ll get to that later on. I have great guests coming by a mark prodisc He’s gonna be here. My old friend Terry Weigel has great things to talk about today. Dude, Mike Rosenfeld is going to be here in the in the in at some point one o’clock hour at about noon. That’s okay. He’s on Central Time. Jess is here from catching left. We’re gonna have Fred Danny grab your talking Special Olympics, Paige kroner from the Red Devils Robins first base. John brothers from T Rowe Price. Sherry fun Bailey from laylaz gift. Paul, Colleen and Sarah from Andrews laughing gas and Cathy Thompson from UNM c s Food Pantry, we’re going to be given them the things that we get donated by you. Come on out to perhaps get a crab cake get a cup of Super Bowl. I’m back for more in Cockeysville my thanks to the Hoff the folks from Carroll County, please go support them.

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