Monday, January 25, 2021



The country that Joe Biden inherits

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the first three weeks of a new year with a new leadership in the United States of America during a pandemic. And some Ravens football, too...

Putting the vaccine first in Annapolis

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson says efficiency of the vaccine process is essential for the health of our state and getting business and commerce back to normal again.

What happens when your kids can’t log on for school because of a cyber attack?

In aftermath of the ransomware attack on the Baltimore County education system, we reached to Dave Hartman to discuss cybersecurity and IT issues that affect us all.

We can make your freezer look like this in time for 2021…and save cookie dough!

Let the leaders of Taharka Brothers ice cream tell you about their incredible local company and how employee-owned businesses can make a difference in creating social change in Baltimore. Oh, and order the ice cream while we're saving you money!

Capturing the magic of football during a pandemic

Todd Schuler and Nestor discuss the way that a game like Monday night brings the community together – all at once and with nothing but hope through our televisions – to see if Lamar Jackson can create a memory in Cleveland.

Keeping businesses open and working together during COVID in Catonsville

It's not easy being small, independent and local during a pandemic. Teal Cary of Catonsville Chamber discusses the many challenges for local businesses during this unique holiday season.

Latest News

Is this the right time to ink Lamar Jackson long term?

Local realtor extraordinaire Jeff Mohler joins Nestor for an old-school Section 513 debate regarding the merits of a long-term contract for Lamar Jackson this offseason. We also discuss the peculiar red hot real estate market during the pandemic.