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John Martin of Maryland Lottery discusses magic of Orioles grand slams and some new summer promotions and chance to double your winnings with Multi-Match.


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

I hope we are W and S T A and 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re in the crabcakes season rent and where my pap Usher because we’re going to be Papist on the 25th. But that’s going to be sort of the end of a little bit of a run before the Fourth of July. We’re doing it on behalf of our friends at the Maryland lottery I PacMan at a $20 winner at the next table at Cooper’s north. On Tuesday afternoon. We were promoting Fleet Week which is happening next week. We’ll be at Cooper South I think they just call it Fells Point or the place next this launch off the square big doings next week with sleep week. all weekend long. We we had the director Fleet Week on also had our friend longtime friend Patrick Russell on we’ll be giving these out next friday and next Wednesday. We’re going to be Coco’s pub. This week New York State Fair for brunch. We were Cooper’s last week we had families and and talking about all things summer. John Martin is here He is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming, some gaming in the summer at baseball and I’ve been kidding a lot of people John this week that every time there’s another to home run game every time there’s another for home run game for the team. Every time there’s a salami, I almost throw you a text or and happy hour last Friday to saying I hope you’re busy finding that five grand that Qatar Henderson has you run it around fun now. mountcastle is getting crazy. We bring this kid Norby up. This has been I got to start it with home run rich, then we got winners, we get all this other stuff going on. But the real winners are anybody that’s an Orioles fan right now.


John Martin  01:35

Absolutely. And I would say it’s a great place to start. We have lots of winners talk about but let’s start with homegrown riches. And I don’t even have last night. I mean, they’re hitting them so fast and furious. Our accounting team can’t even keep up with the with the with the pace. So it’s like

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:50

McMahon it was Labor Day weekend, we have to get a new tymphany. Right.

John Martin  01:55

So So these numbers are a little outdated already. But but as we speak, a five home runs for the season. But that was about three yesterday, early June. It’s true. Yeah. Yeah. So three more yesterday will be 88. Three salamis, as you correctly mentioned, so the prize total would be? Well, well, almost $90,000. But that gets dwarfed a little bit by the actual homeowners bases loaded, fast play progressive game, which is the trigger for all of this, that progressive jackpot is up and down north of $136,000. Just go to any of your lottery retailers and ask for the homerun riches Bases Loaded fast play game, it’s a $5 spend, you could be the next lucky winner of a progressive jackpot right now building at $136,000 plus. So that’s pretty exciting stuff.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:48


Since you’re the face of the Maryland lottery these days. I always say, you know, where are you finding all this dough and doing all that meanwhile, you’re like spinning the wheel. You know, we have the ads running here about the big spin and trying to get our arms around this wheel that I’ve now seen and felt through all of this. This is sort of the newest concoction the newest. It’s almost like I would think it’s a carnival game, right? Like, this started the carnival where you know, Hey,

John Martin  03:15

hang on. No, don’t cross the line on into carny worlds here. But no,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:21

no, no, I’m thinking about where the wheel. It didn’t start on that television show from the morning with spay and neuter your pet. I’m thinking that they took it from somewhere else. So it’s like an old it’s not a new shame. Oh, absolutely.

John Martin  03:33

I’m sure I’m sure OG and then thought OG in the, in the, in the BC days, once they invented the wheel. They said, What do we do with it? I don’t know. Let’s put enough hours on it and spin it and see what happens. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:50

I have this conversation. Listen, I grew up in Dundalk. We know this. And everybody remembers the Eastern center right across midpoint Mall. It became like a smorgasbord way later on. But before that, it was a hall where you know, but primarily bingo six nights a week. I mean, maybe seven they probably didn’t allow it on Sunday nights back in the days is back in the 70s and then you would have your bowl roast your oyster roast occasional wedding occasional, you know gathering, you know, whatever. But so this at the bingo hall there they had to stay present. They had this machine that blew money around like in the wind. And like these were the things that they would put on TV. You know, we’re like, like socket to me with Captain. Captain Chesapeake or professor cool. You’re locally. So these are fun games. But this spinning the wheel where we’re winning. This is a big money wheel right? Like if I have to come see you and Seth and Doug and come in there and do this. You’ve already won a lot of money and you’re really excited when you get there.

John Martin  04:48

The minimum you can win if you are lucky enough to have a good luck. Let me back it up a little bit here. The $5 scratch off the big spin has a number of cash prizes. Has any other scratch off wood. But if you scratch the ticket and it says spin, you then go to any retailer and you’ll actually see on the little monitors there, it will spin for you. Or if you scan your ticket in any of our self service vending machines, you’ll see a little spin and it will give you a cash prize up to $250. Or it may say, the big spin. And if you get a digital big spin, you then are invited to come to intergalactic Maryland lottery and gaming headquarters here and see my smiling face. And I will escort you into the big spin game room, where if you go to MD, you’ll see Mike from our communications team explaining what that’s all about. And you’ll see some lucky winners like Lantus and Tammy, who came in here a week or so ago, and spun the big wheel. And we ended up going home with $90,000.90

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

launch. So if I win this, because I’m, I’m always thinking about maximum fun, you know, this when I’m, whenever I come in building, I’m seeing all the bows in the site, all the fun stuff, the checks, all that stuff that you guys do there. For winners, I get to like little batch, they don’t get to win it. But I get to at least see it a little bit. And I want to see this wheel. You even have the old antique vintage sort of things rolling around there. So if I when I get big spin, I’m excited. I’m in thunder. I’m at Papist in Parkville, where I’m going to be on the 25th. Right? And I’m a winner, and I gotta come to you and I call Mike and Doug, I come over how many people am I allowed to bring to be a part of this? Because part of the whole thing with Drew Carey about Barger is that like, if you’re up in the contestant zone, you got friends to high five and like, whatever. How many am I allowed to bring post COVID to route me on in the studio audience?

John Martin  06:50


You know what, that is an excellent question. And I you stumped me. You have stumped me. I don’t know that we necessarily have a limit. Although somewhere I’m sure my boys and legal are going to say,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:01

Wait a minute. Well, you gave me two names of people. You said there were two. You said somebody and somebody. And I’m thinking if I were that somebody and I were coming to do this fun thing. Like last year, we did the thing at the State Fair for the 50th anniversary. I’m thinking like, you bring a rooting audience on you know, you bring somebody that sort of cheer for you. I

John Martin  07:19

know what I’m all about that. I’ll tell you what, if if you have or anyone within the sound of my voice is our next big spin winner. Tell them that John Martin said it’s okay to bring the whole family. Okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:32

good. All right. Well, and I want to point this out because you always you downplay, and by the way your building is over my, I guess my right shoulder, so it’s over here, you see little white building there with the rail. That’s awesome. That’s your only wave.


John Martin  07:46

Can you see me?

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:47

Can you see? I see you right on the second floor. Right about the atrium. So I’ve been in this building many times it because I get a lot of Baltimore vintage things and because I collect it, so I get all this cool stuff on my timeline. But I get retro pictures. I got served a picture of your building. And I correct me if I’m wrong, but it may have been like in the early part of last century, like 100 years ago. And this is beautiful black and white picture of your eye so I want to call your building a historic building. Am I allowed to do that? Please do please. I was gonna say this a very historic building should not just get to come to a place you’re going to come to a place you don’t I mean, yep,

John Martin  08:28

old people are here to like me. So you’ll see historic people.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:31


Santa Claus there at Christmas time every year to back when I was a kid and McCombie Where’s John Martin is here he is executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. I’m handing out the PAC man’s I had someone do the five times four and they won 20 bucks at Cooper’s on Tuesday they were jumping up and down. I didn’t get a picture with him I feel bad and do that for Ross but but um, so this is about to go out for us and we have sevens now going on. Give me the seven promotion because I can’t hold it up right now. But I will be holding it up next week. Your new month new scratch off summer game right? Exactly

John Martin  09:05

We have every once in a while we’d like to do this a couple of times during the year we call a family of games. So we bring multiple price points together and we market them as a family. And this This month we are featuring the Gold Rush sevens family. So at a $1 price point Gold Rush sevens, the top prize and that scratch up ticket is $1,000 at the $2 price point Gold Rush sevens doubler where the top price is $10,000. These are all scratch offs available at any of our 4400 Lottery retailers at the $5 price point Gold Rush sevens trippler top prize being $50,000 $10 price point Gold Rush sevens multiplier, where the top price is $100,000. And at the top of the ladder at the $20 price point Gold Rush 777 The top price $1 million. Now you’re not obligated to buy all of them at one time, please play responsibly. But it offers you a variety of price point options, and still proceed to purchase at still participate. still participate in the, in the fun of having a family of games to select from so we, we wish you well in your and of course there are dozens of other lottery scratch off games along the way. Alright,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:26

so I want to talk about we do sports a lot here. I sort of passed over homerun riches and how many home runs we’re hitting, because Luke and I’ve talked a lot of baseball this week. And we’ll be talking baseball here all summer long based on how they’re playing. We’re gonna get to a Ravens game, but you got like a NASCAR thing going on. Right? And this is more like a big, big thing with winning a whole lot of money. And by the way, my wife elbowed me the other day and she said, Powerball is at $185 million. Did you know that you better bring that up with John here this week. And I know Powerball has like a whole thing going on with NASCAR here. And I know it’s this month in my no room room happens because I have plenty of people that go and visit on the weekends. We

John Martin  11:05

have a fun promotion called Life in the cash lane, where for any Powerball ticket you can enter it into a drawing we had our first drawing just this past week. And the idea is throughout the month of June and into July, we will have five drawings in each of those five drawings now for to go. You are we will select seven winners, these each winner will win $1,000 plus a place in the big virtual drum that all states around the country are participating in. Those entries will go in at the end of the run here at the end of the summer. And we will select nationwide including the 35 Maryland entrance 16 finalists for a series of events through the NASCAR season in the fall culminating in November where one lucky winner left standing will win in Phoenix Arizona. A million dollar top prize let me tell you who those seven lucky people are so far here in the winners.


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:12

Alright, let’s go let’s we already have winners. I want to talk some racing with you and we you know we got I don’t get a lot of NASCAR in here. But Today’s my day with you, John. There you go.

John Martin  12:20

Conrad Briggs from Waldorf Maryland. Come on down away. That’s a different game. You are one of the now 35 finalists. Jason Ely from Lexington Park, Maryland. Sandra gal dem is from gaithersburg, Christopher Goggins from Greenbelt. Jorge Herrera, like what I did there for hay Herrera, from Brookfield, Maryland, Leticia Perez from Riverdale and Rodney sprites Speights rather from New Freedom, Pennsylvania, we had a border crosser.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:52

They all want to be here, you know that I do.

John Martin  12:54


The opportunity to talk to you guys like you and me. Why wouldn’t they? I’ve been getting

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:58

recommended this crabcake it’s in Delaware. And it’s only four blocks in the Delaware. But I keep saying it’s the Maryland crab cake tool. Yeah, I can give these out in Delaware. And I told them, and I can’t give them out new freedom. But they can come here and buy them if they want to. Right.

John Martin  13:13

Very nice. Very nice. So each each week that we draw the the entries are not cumulative. So if you entered the first drawing, thank you for playing and you’re not one of the Lucky seven, you have to re enter for the next drawing and check MD For the timing of these drawings and get more information about life in the cash lane and potentially winning a million dollars at NASCAR. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:39

I get to do this. I bring this up as my Facebook page. People follow me on Facebook or whatnot. See people think I’ve never been racing. As me with Dale Jarrett back in 1998. I had a I had a sales. A friend of mine, Bruce Stover still very much in my life who love NASCAR. And we did a thing at Dover Downs and I went down we had a Budweiser sponsorship at time. So I have a picture of me with the bug car, and very 1998 hairdo and style for me. I didn’t notice the hairdo. Have you ever been to NASCAR? Have you been to a race to be honest? No, I


John Martin  14:12

will acknowledge I’ve never been to a NASCAR race. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:15

really loud. It’s really fast. It’s really beautiful. Like the cars are really shiny. They look like shiny m&ms traveling faster than a marble man like just like in and it’s astonishing how close those cars are going to speed and when your eye television. No, no, no. Like I would tell anybody but it is loud. And you’re not going to understand who’s even in the lead if you walk out to pee and come back in unless you have like a headset on and understanding the sport. And when I was nationally syndicated as when Dale Earnhardt. We lost him like I was on the air. I didn’t know enough about to talk about it. But it was certainly it’s spectacular for anybody that’s never been I tell anybody that one time I went, I didn’t go back because I didn’t understand and it was kind of loud. But I thought man, I understand why people love it and why people would want to get in Powerball win a lot of money but also, you know, can’t win a lot of money have a cool promotion like this. Yeah, we’re excited about it.

John Martin  15:14

We obviously, Powerball has been doing this with with NASCAR for I think this might be the second or third year this is our first year in it. But actually, I think this is a second year. So we’ve watched the the the, the hoopla around it last year with other states. And we said this kind of looks like fun. And we think our Maryland players may may enjoy that. And so far they are enjoying it. And again, MD For more details. Before

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:40


we get to winners multi match. I need to cash for life ticket, I need to understand this a little bit. This is why we do this because I go up here I click on things and I read and you’re trying and sometimes I need someone like John Martin explained it to me.

John Martin  15:55

Well, Matthew match let’s let’s let’s start there. If your your folks are not familiar with multi match, it is a a draw game on Mondays and Thursdays, players can select six numbers, and then the computer the terminal will generate two other rows of six numbers. So you can either pick your own six numbers, or have the computer generate the terminal generate the six, but either way, you’re gonna get another six and another six, you have 18 numbers on a ticket. And so there’s a variety of ways you can win. If you get all six numbers that are selected on any one of the three lines, you win.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:34

So we’re familiar with your six digit six numbers and jackpots and whatnot. This is a little bit of a smaller pool of numbers correct.

John Martin  16:41

It’s a smaller pool of numbers. But the fun part is when you and that’s where the multi match comes in, you then get to play all 18 numbers. So if you have multiple numbers, like you have the number seven, pop up on each of the three lines, and number seven is drawn, then you already have three matches. So if you get multiple matches on the total of 18 That’s another way to win. So we have four ways to win either on line A, B, or C we’re on the combined 18 numbers and again more details at MD But the promotion this month is on a random basis you could win a free cash for life ticket


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:20

All right. Cash for life to me sounds like I’m moving to Walla and I’m not doing Baltimore positive anymore next week. What is what is cash for Life stands for to you? What’s that? Well, it

John Martin  17:31

might mean that you’re moving to our Butis so this is nice. Jim Schwartz loves it. You may you may want to downsize a little bit. I seriously cash for life right now. The top prize is $1,000 a day for life. So a young man such as yourself, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:49

could get a grass skirt for that I could find something while I’ve seen you in a grass skirt from what I would need to be near the beach. I could be on me not just get me somewhere. Yeah. I mean, yeah. wouldn’t need to be in Ocean City, maybe just like ocean pines.

John Martin  18:03


Yep, yeah. And that that’s the top price and the secondary price is $1,000 a week for life. So again, 52k a week or year for life. That’s not bad. That’s not bad. So that’s what the cash for life proposition is. Let me go back to MultiMax because we had winners in March in April and May. And in June, we had four consecutive months of winners at multi match. So again, get more details about how to play how to win at MD But Multimap might be a fun game. If you’re not familiar with it. Try it for a couple bucks and see if it see how it fits. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:42

my ad on the front of the website right now at MD And I look up and I see here, the little, you know, tickets that you use to show people that aren’t the real tickets and have QR codes that aren’t the real QR codes for winners. But it says congratulations, this is your free cash for life ticket and I’m thinking man that dreams I can dream on a grand a week the rest of my life. I mean, it won’t be worth as much 10 years from now as it is now because we know how you know how how money goes. But I think I could do okay with that. It’s a three three or 65 Yeah, I think I could do okay with it. John Martin is here. He’s the Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. They were doing events, right? Like it’s springtime, you guys are out doing all spinning wheels. Having fun. I’m looking forward to all this. And I don’t know if I told this the part. This is the part of the game show. We go walk walk. My wife broke her ankle last week. So all of these events where we would see my wife would come up and we’d be like, maybe there’s a beer maybe there’s wine maybe there’s ice tea. Maybe there’s kids maybe there’s animals at the zoo wherever we are out doing the things music. Some Zeppelin cover band is all this awesomeness. Mariela lottery is going to be doing it but my wife’s gonna be watching virtually via satellite because getting around on the crutches and the little wheelie really, really thing? Probably not. So much so she has the wheelie wheelie thing. Well, let her Raskin has a really, really thing that we have to give her. And she was like, Yeah, I’ll just get my knee on the wheel thing. We’ll go see the Rolling Stones. And I’m like, No, we’re not stop, you know, so she’s just in a lot of pain. It’s she broke her ankle

John Martin  20:18

and my wife had the wheelie wheelie thing. And let me just warn you one thing about that, since since our wives are not listening, it’s just you and me here. We went to giant one day while she had the Willie Willie thing and getting groceries. And there I am pushing the cart. And in my peripheral vision, I see her flying through the produce section on this wheelie thing, and going through the aisles and next thing though, she’s flying through the bakery section. So once they get to the knack of this Willy Willy thing, it’s hard to rein them in, like when the

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:50

kids start to crawl. You know, we all know what’s next. I listen. I would just say I’m trying to just keep her upright. It’s week one. Tell me tell me to tell her all of the fun that she shouldn’t miss that. Oh,


John Martin  21:05

I’ll tell you what, she’s gonna miss it. Yeah, she’s, she’s gonna miss it Merriweather annual big, big event for us, as well as for the fans of the Capitol Jazz Fest. Actually, I understand the 31st annual capital Jazz Fest that’s Merriweather this weekend. So a lot of fun there. We’re going to be at the o’s and the Braves on June 12. Middle of the Week game. Interesting there, but we were there. cheering on the o’s and hoping that if they pound the Braves, you know from Cleveland. I got a score to settle with the Braves that goes way back.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:38

I was there for that I witnessed. Yeah, that wasn’t good. That left

John Martin  21:42

a mark. Yeah. The Westminster beer and barbecue stroll. So that’s coming up in the middle of June in downtown Westminster. We’ve done that a couple of times. So that’s, that’s a lot of fun. And then coming up hopefully she’s at least a little bit mobile by the time that the 23rd annual paws in the park dog walk and fast paws as in PA W

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:07


S. Now you know I said the other day I took her to Costas right when she got sick and I told her that Maryland crab soup is like penicillin for anything. It fixes things. Right. So I took her over for that right. And we’ll be at Costas on the 28th. We’re going to be a Pappas on the 25th and Parkville. So some plugs that will be a Coco’s next Wednesday Max Weiss is coming by resyncs coming by Damien Doherty. All my buddies are coming by for Coco’s. So you know, like, I’ll tell you this for her on the crutches thing, if I could take her somewhere where there are dogs, that would be like penicillin, like, I’m saying, like, you’re giving me an idea now, like I could sit her in the middle, and the dogs would come over and say hello to her. That’s a winner. When is this? What is pause for what I want to get right down? Yeah,

John Martin  22:52

now it’s a little bit of a little bit of a jaunt. It’ll be the Montgomery Montgomery County Humane Society featuring at the montgomery county fairgrounds, which is in gaithersburg. But on June 15, the 23rd annual paws in the park, dog walk and fest. All right, I understand there might be some music there, maybe some food, maybe some pet lovers. Yeah, I suppose you could kind of just bring her there and I

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:22

do an anti DC joke here. Where’s that? So like, I would say, it’s montgomery county. I haven’t had a lot of crabcakes there, you know, and I haven’t had I have one good one and one that I’m not going to talk about on the on because I’m just not gonna be mean. But I’ve never had a crabcake in gaithersburg. So I could say I have not and maybe the drumline is that’s because it’s in DC, but a bunch, you know, but I’m not going to do that to the DC people. Because I hear that they’ve upped their crabcake game down there, but I Oh, gaithersburg or crabcake because I know they probably have a really decent one there somewhere. All kidding aside, so maybe I did the dog thing. Putting my wife where animals are is going to be medicine for her this summer, because she’s not going to be able to do much. So that’s a great idea. So thank you for that. And thank you for the Humane Society down there doing good work, because that’s important.

John Martin  24:09

Absolutely. We support those causes wherever we can’t, so we’re, we’re excited to be down there. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:15

we got our beautiful kitty Nala from Baltimore Humane Society. So a little shout out to everybody on Nicodemus row to brought some love into our lives. John Martin brings the Maryland lottery and a chance cash for life amongst other things into your life. We remind everybody play these games responsibly. Have a good time with all of this. The lottery is out there. It’s out there for you everyday to have a good time with. And there’s also the new cash pop, which we’ve tried to explain that was last week’s episode. We’ll explain it again next week. We’re also gonna have some winners around here from the homerun riches because every time the Orioles play, there’s a chance that John Martin’s got to go figure out how to get five grand, maybe 10 grand one night mountcastle muscles up to grand Salamis in a night, but it has been an exciting baseball season. John, I will see you next Last week and I hope you have to figure out how to get more money away when they hit more home runs down to Tampa this weekend. How about that?

John Martin  25:05

We got a lot of work to do. Don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:06

we know? John Martin, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming, we’re gonna be out on the road. This week. We’re at state fair on Thursday morning. We are at cocoas. Next Wednesday, we are at Costas on the 20th. Before the Orioles beat the Yankees, then the 25th at Pappas in Parkville. I can’t wait to get back there. I’m going to see all these places that have great crabcakes any Yes, get one everywhere. I try to find these little niche things on this on the menu of little places. So I’m where my Pappa shirt I would say, the chicken franchise there, huh? I can’t wait to get back to the 25th will be there with a genie in the crew doing it there. They want me to sing some Engelbert Humperdinck like like the karaoke on Monday night. That’s something so my wife gets crushed into that maybe we’re working on that so Summer Fun ahead. It’s almost like summer nights and the Greece song I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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