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They met 40 years ago when Nestor Aparicio was the hockey beat writer for The Evening Sun. Now, one-time Camden Yards reporter Howard Scher runs Duct Doctor locally and joins Nestor to rekindle and recap four decades of Baltimore sports friendship, hockey love and what it all means.


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Howard Scher, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


We are W and S t test Baltimore Baltimore positive we are positively at State Fair. We’re in the heart of Catonsville de Ville. Little bit of a gloomy stormy day here. We got all sorts of storm damages here. I put this thing together the Maryland crab cake tour. Before Orioles games, we’re going to be costless two weeks from now when the Orioles playing the Yankees. We’re here courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery had Pac Man scratch offs to give away we had a lucky $20 winner over Cooper’s north the other day, we’re going to be Cooper’s south and Fells Point next Friday. We’re going to be Coco’s next Wednesday. Cooper’s in Fells Point on Friday for Fleet Week. We’re going to be Costas on the 20th before the Yankees Orioles game, and then the 25th. We’re going to be at Pappas in Parkville. Today, we’re at State Fair. This is Howard shear. He’s a lifer, buddy of mine. I met Howard in section, it was then middle concourse section, it was middle 12 at the time wasn’t even to share what they think wasn’t right that they were just called middle concourses. So Howard the last time he came on down to fame, these gave me the duck doctors. I just wanted you to know that I drank coffee out of this today. I’ve drank so much of it that I’ve actually busted the tab on it. So I need to I need a new top on that can work on that. But you call Howard if you need your ducks sucked. But Howard has been in a lot. He sold pet food for a long time he had a bar down in Canton. But Howard has been one of my oldest friends and we were partners in a Critics Choice DJ business back in the 1990s. We teach it a lot of weddings. Never never divorce right? few bar mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, few special bull rows that we’re not going to talk about here today, bars, restaurants. It’s been 30 years we can’t go to jail for that. Howard’s here where it’s a fair and I invited Howard over. And this is a testament to all who whistle about my love of Oriole baseball. And today I literally invited you over as a friend to watch the oral game. And I thought this would be like a great experience to come to State Fair do the show notes. And one had the great Thomas Dolby come by to promote his totally tubular tour and his new hair and prevailing wind and all the good stuff we did. And I thought I’m gonna get how you over because I invite you out all the time whenever I lose a guest, but like this stock business is killing you. This isn’t like a real thing. You’re, you’re sucking a lot of ducks right now.

Howard Scher  02:17

You’re sucking a lot of ducks. We run on any given day, around eight trucks a day. Between the Mid Atlantic pretty much and we’re doing anything from a residential home to a government building to an apartment community, doing air duct cleaning and dryer vent radio stations and Towson radio stations and Towson.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:39

What did you find in my Docs? You never thought you were supposed to like through to show me you know what I mean? Yeah, like when you can’t get there in the morning, and you’re gonna Adam, how are you going to get a beer all day? Like, okay, dude, do whatever you need to do. We got a lot of ducks here. They haven’t been sucked in 25 years. Let’s do it. And by the way, we escorted a snake out of the radius. It’s a long story, but it happens. It happens. So what did you find in there? And like you told me mine were particularly like dirty, weren’t they?

Howard Scher  03:06

Yeah, I mean, I’d have to go back and look exactly to see what we found. But we do send before and after pictures to every customer at the end. I thought the snake was going to go into the dog could have we have not removed the snake yet. We’ve removed the lots of y’all met a lot of steak. Okay. But yeah, I mean, we found everything we found pieces of bread, that have not decayed that have been sitting in people’s ducts for years. We found feces and ducks. I mean, all sorts of food toys, you know, kids will lift up the vent on the ground that just throws a boy in there and all sorts of we found the house. We went to worked on a house that was built in the 50s and the ductwork was stuffed with two by four pieces, two by fours, Bob plaster from the walls or drywall, whatever they used back then. I think the builders just the guy got lazy and they put it into the ductwork. So these people had been paying for their air to be interrupted for years paying BGD.


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:06

Okay, so let’s get to the start of this. Howard and I met at a hockey game. We were Skipjacks fans back in the 80s. Yes. Talk to Jean over Jaco a couple of weeks ago. And Trotsky, I Trotsky and I early in the year we were up and we were gonna get together Philly and we didn’t. I had Eddie Frank avec on a couple of weeks ago. Where are you with hockey? I mean, you’re you’re like, you were the coach at Towson. Are you NBC, NBC, okay, so, hockey was like always a huge part of your life. And as you know, when I walked out of Vegas that night, and I was spoken to like trash by Zach Leone’s is Ted leonsis, his son you know, after running buses down there for a decade after being told that Baltimore was an important part of the Baltimore’s an important part of the capitals footprint. Right. And, and, and the Mega opolis We have from Richmond to Boston, and We’re gonna have and Baltimore is a television market and we’re gonna play wizards games there and we’re gonna Ted’s a liar asked Virginia asked to do whatever I just I was the first nipple I got off of what you know from sports to say like We’re never getting a team in this city again it’s and there’s never gonna be a Baltimore Skipjacks or clippers. And by the way, dude, oh my I go to the Clippers out on eBay when I buy my old belt buckle stuff. I’m looking for like a clippers banner. That’s not 150 bucks. Right? I get a bobble head for 200 bucks with the old clipper guy. I love all of that nostalgia. But like the notion that we don’t have an arena for hockey team now right? So that’s over there all there’s ever going to be either them or Hershey, which congratulations to the bears, or the flyers. I just have decided, like, I got enough with baseball and football and dealing with what I deal with them that I’m not going to be spoken to, like garbage and lied to for a decade on the radio by the owner of the team that I’m promoting his team under the guise that Baltimore is in there. Then they win the Stanley Cup. And they haven’t shown up in Baltimore since they want they haven’t done anything. They haven’t spent 10 seconds in Baltimore, since they won the cup. i If I ran into Ted leonsis, here today, he would not want to hear from me. Fairness would and so like and I love hockey, but I don’t say I’m on hiatus. Maybe one day I’ll move to Salt Lake City and fall in love with the coyotes or you know, whatever. And I didn’t watch one minute of the predators this year, although I want them to win, right? I just, I’ve been watching I’ve been going to concerts I’ve been doing I’ve been building a company. I did a documentary. I’m out. Eating food. Jason looking at birds out my window. Hey, love it. Not my cat. You know what I mean? missing my mother. I’m doing important things right. Hockey has. I mean, am I missing anything missing an Edmonton Florida Panthers. Still? I mean, I don’t know. You know, I’ll

Howard Scher  06:58

tell you. I’ve watched more of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year than I have in years. You’re McDavid guy. I want to be David guy. I love big David. I’d like to see for my old buddy Joe Edmonton to win another cup. But I think Florida is probably who I’m leading towards winning the Cup this year. They’re just a very well rounded team. But I’m still in a hockey I did. I went to zero caps games this year, though. I’ll qualify with that I didn’t go to a Hershey game. So they’re not getting my money. And that doesn’t mean anything I would have time would have permitted and things like that. But it’s not the most convenient. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:33

you haven’t given the National Hockey League. Give me your attention. Right. But I buy a package or No, no, that no. So how do you experience your hockey? I mean, you’re free in life, or you’re a hockey guy

Howard Scher  07:44


we met at a hockey game, just watch it on my TV.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:47

The amazing part of me at this point, and you’ve known me forever long before at the radio station, we’ll talk about the documentary and duck doctors and all that stuff. But the amazing part is did you ever know anybody who loves sports more than me?

Howard Scher  08:00

I mean, probably not. I mean, comparable people. But yes, yes. But you were you knew more about other teams, and people with other teams than most of my friends did. Most of my friends were just big sports fans, they they might have kept up back in the day was called rotisserie baseball. So they knew everybody in baseball. And then you know, fantasy football came around and they knew

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:21

the scoreboard page for the for the paper for eighth graders. So every single night I saw every stat every single and I cared about it. I just didn’t put it together. Yeah, I said oh, you know Alomar got three hits tonight or whatever, right back in the day. Yeah. I loved sports. It consumed my life. But I love concerts to music and girls and thing traveling, I mean, food drink, and I did it all. But the sports thing for me is I’ve gotten older to be treated like trash by these people I’ve worshipped right that, you know, I spent all my money all my time. built a life a business around it. I’m just sick of it if 55 You know, like this new oriental group. I’ve already been treated like trash by the new by Rubinstein’s people. I mean, like Rubinstein’s, people have treated me worse than Angelo’s these people did. Like just to a degree of respect how you talk to somebody how you meet somebody new how you offer somebody coffee. That’s the baseball side. Then there’s Chad’s deal and 30 years of football, but the hockey thing for me. Hockey was probably my first love, right? Because my dad didn’t like hockey. And my dad took me to a clippers game in 73 Okay, and I went down there and I saw the ice Yeah, and it was so different and I didn’t it was easier to understand because the puck went in the back of the net right we just quick you didn’t have to understand balls and strikes and right you didn’t have to understand football. Oh my god downs. It was here when you’re five trying to shoot ball was impossible. It was easy, right? It was at the arena. I liked the arena, you know, sexy when I’m five years old there. It had some shine to it to me. And it was so fast and my dad never liked it. It was minor league and it was in this City after the riots in the 70s. You know, I later learned my dad had been had been attacked at one point had some problems with being alone and, you know, he had been vulnerable at various points in his life. So he didn’t really like going down there but he took me because he loved me. Right so I always want to hockey games and I’m talking like, mid 70s. After the blades when the ECA HL clippers were playing green and gold with Warren young for a new year. So I’ve loved hockey so much and it was when I was at the paper. The reason I met you nobody wanted to cover the Skipjacks right there were a joke at the news American amongst the reporters. Well, we’ll give the 16 year old kid we’ll let him go cover hockey, right, me and Tom Robinson, somebody last week asked me if I knew George Taylor. I’m like, he was George’s nephew. Like I loved your name for the pen loved your I love George. You know, so I met in Vegas two weeks ago. So like hockey for me was we wanted to play it in the in the alley on roller skates. I never I skated I wrote I mean, I skated when I was way. I was. I was a 21 year old. Yeah, I was a grown up. And I’m not a great ice skater. I’m a very good roller skater. But we played roller hockey and East Baltimore and the Baltimore stars and, and that background but hockey for me is was my first thing that nobody else liked hockey, but me until I met you and Joe DiFonzo. Right. I mean, nobody here like yeah,


Howard Scher  11:23

it was the same way for me growing up in randalstown Like nobody was a hockey fan. And it’s funny all these years later, like I beat people and they say, oh, yeah, I used to watch hockey all the time. Or I used to go to all the skip deck games. But I guess you know, when you’re 1213 1415 years old, you know your worlds only so big. So you don’t know all these team

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:41

sports did bring it to you. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like the capitals weren’t very relevant thing in the late 80s When the Orioles were teetering when Phil Jackman and I were going down there Brian prop Tim Kerr. When you when I knew each other? Yeah. When I was covering the Capitals in the late 80s. Scott Stevens, you know, Mike Gardner those teams, that they were relevant enough in my friendship circle that some of my friends like talking Yes, by then by then.

Howard Scher  12:06

Right? Because we were older. You were almost 20 years old at

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:09


that. But I have friends in my life. I can you know, Brandon, you, Kenny Albert. My wife met my wife at a hockey game. I should say that as well. My wife at a hockey game. She was a season ticket holder for hockey. So I love hockey. But I guess my point with you is our whole relationship began as hockey and it became girls beer music DJ friendship travel you and I’ve been around the world together like all of that. But hockey comes back to me when through friendships through Barry trots, or through you. I was in New York last weekend before my wife broke her ankle. And we were seeing the stones. So I’d never done. I’d never taken public transportation to MetLife Stadium from Manhattan. I did it for the Ravens game. It was the easiest thing in the world was $8 at Port Authority. We walked over there in 12 minutes. They gave us our own title. Like we had our own Lincoln Tunnel to get it was insane. Getting out it’s not as easy. Oh, I satisfaction. I can’t get no get on the bus. We were first boss out. I was walking. I had chose pizza in my hand. 1130 over in seconds. Pretty good. Right? Yeah. So like I had a great experience. But before we went over, my wife wanted to take a nap to she went back to the hotel 28th Street to Knapp and I went to a hockey bar bar called stout. Okay, block from the garden. Okay, and I walked in there at five o’clock on Saturday, Sunday afternoon when the stones are playing. And I walked in and the third period of a four three game was game 62322122 Whatever was no two two. Either way. Rangers fans everywhere. Yeah, I walked in to Easter conference finals. And road game row game was it was in Florida, but I went into Rangers bar, and I watched the Rangers give up the tying goal. And he won and overtime they didn’t win. I believe they won that game and okay, but I walked in there and the hockey thing. It just like the hair stood up. I think I’ve been in that bar. It was like I was in the guard. Right? And I just struggled and I knew early on the dam like the Rangers were playing and I thought there’d be some people there. I walked into the garden like a week and a half ago. So I did get it was only hockey I’ve watched all year.

Howard Scher  14:23

That’s funny. Literally the

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:25

only 18 minutes a hockey that I’ve sat and watched the puck and was with fans, right and I I love hockey, you know buy your dog hockey. I’m here to say I’m not giving the Washington Capitals anything ever again, because they screwed me my fan base my city, they lied to me. So I’m just done with wires whether their names are Angelo’s or Rubenstein Rubinstein whether it’s Beshara your ngModel or se or E bright who never lie. I mean, like I’m 55 I’m just dark with a shenanigan And, and you know Charlotteans that’s all that’s right.

Howard Scher  15:03

I understand that at any cost, you know? Yeah, I get it. I mean listen, I watch as a fan. My affiliation to the caps is just as a fan. And you know I would go to a Hershey Bears game if they were a CAPS affiliate or not. You know what I mean? Like i i enjoy hockey, but I was in Hershey Wednesday.


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:22

See and Joe Jackson at the Hershey theater, every sign in downtown night right next to the chocolate drops. Yeah. Is when it again or whatever was because I said to my wife, I said, I think they won the Calder cup. I’m pretty sure they did. And then it said, repeat it was a rigid or do it again, or whatever the wording was, and I’m like, See, I told you they won. Yeah, it’s funny through the streets. Yeah. And then I saw that they’re like kicking ass again, right? Like there’s so they’re up three,

Howard Scher  15:45

nothing in the Eastern Conference Finals in Cleveland. So they’re playing actually at the arena where the Cavs

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:51

were gonna play some team from like California, right, that’s waiting on them. Probably.

Howard Scher  15:55


I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t even know who won the Western. I took a

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:59

picture in the bar that I was in. There’s me sitting in the middle of stout, Muslim arrangers, fans all around. I sent that over to Jen. I’m like, I feel like I walked right into like, a hockey game. Right. I had two beers in one period. That’s a Rangers letter. That was written for Kenny. Yeah. And I mean, you know, and Kenny was supposed to come on when the documentary came out. Background drafting, but documentary came in late April. And I reached the Kenny because he was in it. Everybody was in and I throw him a link and said, Hey, dude, I don’t want urine on the street. You’re in it. And he got back to me and I, I always hear that his voice you know? Yeah. So he’s next week, and I haven’t heard from him. And he’s been running around the rage. Starting to get them on now. I’ll give him next week. And

Howard Scher  16:42

he’s doing book promotions because he had a book that came out that

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:44

I’m in that he right he I mean his books. He he is the first thing you pointed at your nest or your made my book.


Howard Scher  16:52

You made my documentary. You made my documentary,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:54

Kenny. But he didn’t get a ring this year. So I wanted you know, I wanted to call one. Of

Howard Scher  16:59

course. Of course I Yeah. I don’t know if for some reason I definitely watched more of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Rangers do. I do not hate the Rangers, the fires, I guess. Yeah. I just thought the Rangers weren’t quite to the level of the Panthers that showed up. And that showed up and Edmonton is a great offensive team. Their defense is not so good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:20


So I’m Stanley Cup Finals. They don’t sound right. They are doing something right.

Howard Scher  17:24

And they play defense well enough, but they can score a lot of goals. And they’ve gotten some good goaltending where they’ve needed it. So if you’re Yeah, Grandfield. Right. Right. Just checking. Yes, yes. Jeff Skinner? So I say you know, I can foresee a series going five or six. But I think Florida prevails.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:45

I got a hockey story for you that I told the other day. I don’t think I told it on the air. Sometimes they get confused. No, I did tell it off the air. I told him because I was in Las Vegas last week. I was with Joe Enoch. He doesn’t remember it because it was late at night. But I told him my hockey story. So I was with your friend and my mutual friend, your classmate, my ex girlfriend Robin, slighter Seffner, then Robin and I dated for years, so shout out to Robin and her family and her kids and, and her sister, Robin and I were dating and traveling the world whenever the stars played, the Sabres is that 99 Or is that 2000 whatever year that was, there’s turn of the century. Okay. So Robin and I were on a bender traveling, having fun doing what young people did 25 years ago when they were single and engaged to be engaged. So we were in Vegas, and it was Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. And we were in New York, New York. So if you’re familiar with where New York, New York is, it’s literally adjacent to the arena that’s now there. But this is 1999. Today, I want to look up what year that was Dominic Kaushik. It was the year Madonna was the year that that the puck went in behind them, but it wasn’t really a goal. It was that game, right. It was a triple overtime. Crazy game that night. Okay. The cup God raised Dallas, Buffalo still trying to win anything at this point. 25 years later, right. So that night, Robin and I were at a restaurant in the New York, New York watching every we watched all six periods. We sat in this casino for five and a half hours. You couldn’t leave? Yes. You know, like, you can raise the cup. Right? Right. So we sat there watched the whole thing and I remember it in between periods. I was betting I was playing craps between periods and stuff like that. And that moment happens. The puck goes in. It’s an illicit Championship. The puck was over the it was a bad goat was footing to crease I think right? Was it? Yeah. Some hokey about it, that it should not have been a goal, but it just decided the cop was pre replay. Right. So I leave that alone. I think nothing of it. And 20 years later, we’re in the middle of podcasts. We don’t Sorry. Yeah. 20 years later. I’m out in Vegas with My wife on the ice with Tony Robbins and Ovechkin holding the Stanley Cup lifting the Stanley Cup doing all those things on the ice there that night. We walked out upstairs and trot says meet us at the Mandarin Oriental. We had to go and get to change. We were going to meet them at the party where we ate dinner with the coffin. Ovechkin stood the sandals over to Tiesto and Ovechkin grabbed the cup from Me. The cup was sitting where you are. Eventually he took it walked out the door. And he was on my twitter eight minutes later across the street at the MGM. Right. So this all happened that night. But my wife and I walked out of the arena. And we walked right by the side door. That was the door that I stood at with Robin 20 years later, watching the Stanley Cup and we had just won the Stanley Cup. That’s pretty in Las Vegas, where there was no team no thought that there would ever be a team and I thought if there’s a theology of a space, right where I watched the Stanley Cup get raised on this television. Yeah, and he’ll fornaio in New York, New York. I said to her, we gotta go in here. She’s like, why I’m like, well, because we’re like riding high. You want to come to the party. I’m like, I just want to pay respect to a place. I walked in. I said see that see Robert and I sat over there and watch the Stanley Cup and watched it get raised it was the the games in Dallas or Buffalo out over was and I thought the odds of us lifting the Stanley Cup here once in my life that that so once that happened, we went to the party that night I sat at Trotsky’s table for four hours. No one spoke to him.

Howard Scher  21:34

Really not even the players, the players but like it


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:37

was frozen. What was going on in that room at that celebration was

Howard Scher  21:41

really interesting. Because they knew he they were gonna part ways at that point. You think? Yeah, okay, Mitch

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:46

corn and his daughter trots and his family and me and everybody else.

Howard Scher  21:52


Wow. Okay. When we

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:53

left that night, I got in the elevator with McClellan and trots, trot said to me, I’m going gambling de Blasio. You come in with me. And my wife looked at me, she’s like, You should go. And I’m like, I got nothing, man. It was like five in the morning. Right was three in the morning there. Yeah. And I’m like, I got nothing. And when I left the elevator closed, Trotsky was standing here McClellan was standing here in the same elevator and they went down. And that was the I was at the parade three days later. Trump’s told me at the parade, he’s like, it was over. And I said, You know what? I think I’m over with the Washington Capitals, and then they didn’t bring the cup to town. I got sacked by the kid. Exactly. Yeah. spoke to me. Like, I was just lucky to have experienced a Stanley Cup Championship. Oh, I was just lucky. He’s a lucky fan for 35 years driving down there with Phil Jackman in the snow in the 80s. Just, I was just lucky to be along for the ride. I should feel grateful to be there. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,

Howard Scher  23:04

I think the shoe belongs on the other. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:05

at this point in time, I’m just good with not watching hockey anymore. But I love you. And I love hockey. And at some point, maybe, I mean, I will go to predators. I mean, if I put that in Nashville, I will put my predators jersey on sports. I’m just not gonna watch 140 Nights a hockey in the winter any more than like what the Orioles are doing right now? Like I watched the Orioles. But I don’t sit up all night watching the Cubs.


Howard Scher  23:28

Correct? Because they just go right because I hear the same thing. Right? Nobody’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:32

watching Maryland. Right? Right, right. Like I mean, college sports is just so we’re at a real crossroads. We’re 50 something year old people like you and me. You’re not giving a capital’s money. And you’re as big a hockey fan as I know. Correct? I mean, that’s just weird. It is you give the Ravens money? I do. How often you go.

Howard Scher  23:50

I pretty much go to every game.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:52


Okay. Orioles, you give them money? Yes. I think this is where I’m gonna start focusing my attention in regard to where you give your money. Because they need your money. Right. I mean, if the Orioles are gonna give Adley rutschman What you want him to give them. And if they’re gonna sign Gunnar Henderson, the price of beer tickets, your app, all of that is going to have to go up in Baltimore without Mr. Rubenstein is going to have to be very altruistic, which is also another method. Another method is he’s 74 years old, what’s throwing in 50 million a year into payroll the next six years for him when the thing’s going to be worth 4 billion when he sells it anyway, correct? Nothing. So if he sees it that way, the way the Padres guy did, but if he’s trying to run it bone on bone, and they need to generate the kind of revenue to have $165 million your payroll. They’re gonna be a whole lot more, Howard’s for sure.

Howard Scher  24:42

I mean, without a doubt, but the attendance is up because they’re winning. But I found it interesting last week that I read, you know, the NBA is on the verge of signing a new media deal. And I’m not a big NBA guy, but they’re going to double their media revenue. And they said that that’s going to create the first 100 million dollar a year players in professional sports. Oh, of course. Yeah. Because so much money is coming from TV radio, you know, podcast. It’s really

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:11

gonna get rich off the NBA. Is it Michael Jordan? It’s whoever’s nine years old guess who’s the next Michael Jordan? Correct. Because there’s going to be so much money in the same way that Lamar Lamar has already doubled what Joe Flacco was getting, it’s been 10 years, right. So in 10 years, the bar goes from 20 million to 50 million. Yes, right away. By the time Lamar ages out, it’ll be 85 million a year.

Howard Scher  25:33

Right, right. So it’s just


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

Where’s that coming from? Your beer has gone from $6 to $8 to $12 to $15? I don’t I don’t know where that ends, I end up getting sticker shock by beer prices at concerts. I mean, I go to concerts now. And I look and say I was at Joe Jackson Hershey. A beer was $14 at a theater while and I looked at it and thought, where else in the world would I pay? 40? And am I that thirsty? I’ll take the water for 350. Right. And I’m not cheap broke poor Dundalk. Whatever. I’m just sort of like, there’s got to be a limit. Right? I mean, say fair couldn’t get away with that. Nobody? No, of course not. Would they be willing to accept that? That’s I think they think the sky’s the limit, right. I mean, that’s the general sense, especially for the NFL. The NFL feels like this is an unbelievable bubble.

Howard Scher  26:26

I think that leads you down the path of like the media deals because it goes back to those because I think you end up at a situation where you know, the Orioles and we all know your opinion on that club. You know, their whole deal with like, FUBU. And that’s what it’s called. Right. But yeah, the fubo with the streaming rights, you know what I mean? Do you get your games? I have DirecTV, so I get them on DirecTV. Okay, and what you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:54

paying $1,800 a year for your cable?

Howard Scher  26:57


A little less, but yes, close. Yeah. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:00

the auras are bundled into that. When you’re not bundled anymore or the Orioles a $300 a year summer thing for you $600 A year are they 1200 a year because you’re getting four tickets to the Yankees game and a and a Machado jersey or whatever, like the new bundling of what they’re doing is this club and this come to the ballpark anytime you want. Because we want you to buy $15 beers, and we want you in here. And we want we need we need studio audience Caronia p right there.

Howard Scher  27:30

So I’ll tell you like, I have a season ticket plan with your okay. And it’s not a full season ticket plan. A lot of people have never even heard of it. And they weren’t the ones to invent it. But it’s called a Birdland membership, and you hear about them when they advertise. And please tell me about because I don’t know about you put money into a debit account is how I would explain it. So I gave them 1200 Last year, this year, I’ve only given them 600. And you get a discount on tickets. I could go on my Birdland membership app, I can buy tickets at a discount any game I want anywhere in the stadium, I get discounted concessions and everything else. So if you’re going to spend $600 a year, and you know, you’re going to spend it, then you’re better off buying this because you get discounted tickets and you get

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:09

so that is the incentive of if you’re only going to call the six games a year, you know, you’re gonna spend 600 bucks, just hand those the 600 bucks at Christmas, right? And we’ll put you in a club. And now you get you come when you want. It’s different than the old days. Correct. And you know, they’d be nice if they had one of the representative sit down. Mr. Rubenstein sat here, Greg Bader sat here and answer the I’d love to know this stuff, because I only know what Jeff Arnold’s willing to tell me in the broadcast last night. And I know from having hired broadcasters they read what’s in front of them but there’s no longer form understanding and they don’t speak to me so I probably know they probably


Howard Scher  28:48

don’t even know about this because it doesn’t probably affect their daily lives but I mean, they still have the 1329 and full season plan but

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:55

I’m wondering what happens when I dumped my cable and I want games and I’m they’re gonna sell it directly to me. And you know, Luke talks about being in southern Pennsylvania not being able to stream games not games out of market all of that gets Phillies games instead. The fact that if you want their game on Friday night they put this apple thing up that like basically says to me I watched him

Howard Scher  29:20

on Friday night Friday night I give up whether you gave up I pretty much gave I gave up too.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:24


So Can that be possibly be in their best interest? So I paid for I gave up on right

Howard Scher  29:30

I paid for Apple TV, not Apple TV plus which you need. So you know, I just don’t see the Friday night games.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:37

Yeah, I liked for the life of me that one of their pencil next needs to sit in this in a meeting with me and explain to me how restricting your product grossly restricting your product or frustrating or pissing people off. You know, you get pissed off it’s a fair because there’s a line out the door sometimes and you have to wait for a table. You don’t mind that you come in, you get food there’s a there’s a butt In regard to your sports, this isn’t waiting in line. This is making you go across the street, learn a new system, whip your credit card out for Apple, right? Give them give them carte blanche to run your credit card. I don’t know, dude, that’s not a good model. You know why it’s not a good model to baseball fans don’t want to buy it. And I hear about it all day long. Right?

Howard Scher  30:19

Well, listen to it. They don’t care what we think. Because if it’s not Apple paying that money, prime Amazon’s gonna pay that money, or Netflix. They


Nestor J. Aparicio  30:27

care about the customer. That’s probably right. That’s what doctors can’t do that correct.

Howard Scher  30:32

No, that’s why I’m positive can’t do I’m stressed beyond belief every day. But I will say this. I think that one of the biggest issues facing cord cutting as a sports fan, is that I can’t get the Orioles. I can’t get the Ravens. And I can’t get the caps or the NHL

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:47

on so by keeping that $1,500 A year whatever you pay 1000 I get to see all my games, you get everything you want. Okay, so that’s the bundle. Kids aren’t doing that. 22 So how are they getting the game? How are you introducing your daughter, your stepdaughters any of these people to it, when it’s not theirs. And in order to be theirs, they’re gonna have to buy it the way you have to buy a Taylor Swift ticket. You know what I mean? Like for sure. And that’s not good for them, but they need to introduce themselves to more but if you start to think about it, it’s it’s you know, the games also on on on Fridays and bars.

Howard Scher  31:23


Right, you’re paying for them? You

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:27

can’t the game’s not even available and unless

Howard Scher  31:29

they illegally streaming got it. Okay. But your kids how it pretty much from getting a gameday experience and listen, that’s why you’re seeing like the ravens are redoing, you know, they’re making all these changes to the stadium that it’s going to make it a more fan friendly experience. The Orioles you know, they just sent out a survey recently with ideas. I got that cert did you take it or not? I

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:50

don’t call in i for Call Roofing. We were gonna do it yesterday. He couldn’t do the show yesterday. So we we punted on it, but it’s gonna be a mix stick Nick Adam, with next week, I’m gonna do a radio segment. Yeah, I’m getting a Rosenfeld to do this to my chief digital officer. I haven’t filled it out, I went to questions in, like, I hit the first one, just to get into the survey, and I saw where the survey is coming from. And then I’m like, no, no, no, I’m gonna do this on the radio. I don’t know. I said it. Right. So I don’t did you do take it?


Howard Scher  32:19

I did not. Delete. I mean, because I have this school of thought that they would look at my answers and just be like, whatever. You know, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:27

don’t listen to the show. Right. But you know what I mean, when they hear every word I say, I

Howard Scher  32:32

think unless they saw like compelling numbers, voting for certain things, they’re going to ignore most of the topics. So your

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:39


whole premise is they sent out a survey that they’re not going to listen to. That’s your confidence level. And then that’s terrible. I mean, that’s true. That’s why you feel about it. And

Howard Scher  32:49

I’m not picking on corporations in general. I mean, the Ravens just are in the process of doing focus groups. And they’re inviting season ticket holders do focus groups. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:59

used to be a season ticket holder to their vice president recruitment on my tickets, right, right. Like literally, there’s my answer. So

Howard Scher  33:05

they’re taking people out to the castle and they’re in there putting them in a room. And basically, they have closed circuit TVs, and they have supposedly the brass watching from a room with the questions they asked the people so they sit them around a conference table and they fire up questions.


Nestor J. Aparicio  33:21

Where do you learn this? Sashi Brown had me banned from an event last week that I couldn’t ask question. I know somebody

Howard Scher  33:26

that attended one of them. Okay. And he said they were very interested the answers, so it seemed they, you know, they treated everybody they brought very well. But, you know, until we see what happens I mean, it could arrays

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:39

are an interesting marketing play for me, because last week, I was watching the Oreo game, and they’ve produced a new commercial. Have you seen it? The Ravens buy season tickets?

Howard Scher  33:47


Yes, I did see that. We

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:48

have the number one fan. We have the most exciting we’ve won. One why your tickets available? Right? That that should be the question for Sashi Brown and for Chad Steele. The team can’t be any better than they are the Ravens they could not be any better or perceived as being any better. They could not have any more longevity to coach the general mental like all have they got all that going for them. Why are there tickets $12 on StubHub, the day of the game, why, why is that? Why could I not give tickets away for years after the name and then they took my tickets away? Like, if it’s that great. Why are tickets were single game tickets still available? Well, you’re doing something wrong. You are and this $600 million that we’ve given the shoddy to build the stadium out. Did you see the video for that? Two and a half minute video? Yes. It’s all about an area that $400,000 sky boxes they’re cleaning out the press box from the reason they got rid of because they didn’t have room right Chad? So they got rid of the press box now like in Washington, the press box give me the corner. They afford 1000 What does that mean to anybody? Like when they had the press conference about all this stuff? They were doing a month ago, they talked about the hotdogs be tasting better and the cold beer being colder inside the perimeter. I mean, that’s the way they speak to their fan base, right. And then I see this video that’s all about Club Gold plated the claw club, the gold club. Like, who’s going there? It’s not these people coming in on the focus groups that are paying 80 bucks to sit in Section 523 row three, correct, right. Like they’re just trying to get rich people to give them more money. They’re not really widening the scope of the brand. Of course, I

Howard Scher  35:35

mean, it’s simply in the Orioles are gonna do with Camden Yards. pressbox is gonna go they’re gonna put a you know, a restaurant or more sweets, there

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:42

are these people that are spending $150 to go to a baseball game. Who are they? I don’t know.


Howard Scher  35:47

I don’t know. I don’t know, the people

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:49

I know. They’re all looking for the deal after mountcastle get seven RBIs and tickets are $7 for an hour we’re looking for and these flash sales are doing they’re doing a good job with that.

Howard Scher  35:59

Great. Yes, I agree. I mean, so I’ll tell you something. I went to the Ravens game in London this past season. Oh, okay. And Tottenham Stadium was in the middle of nowhere, basically. I mean, it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn’t, you know, downtown London, right. But it was really cool. It had like, first of all, restrooms were abundant, which is something the Ravens claim that they’re working on. They had bleachers, basically inside the concourse. So when you got food pregame, or whatever, you could sit on the bleacher and eat with your family or eat your food. They had some tables, high top tables, but you know, British break, but the bleachers are loaded with people just eating and having drinks before the game before they go to their seat. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:43


almost boot getting. Yeah,

Howard Scher  36:45

I mean, it’s the, again, it’s the fan experience. And I think that’s what they’re gonna go for here and make it different. And I don’t know, have you gone to the user experience?

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:53

25 years ago was tailgating. Right? Right. They don’t want you tailgating. They don’t make enough money off of that. Correct. They want you in the stadium. I

Howard Scher  37:01

mean, I listen, I’ve preached for a long time that those bars across the street from the stadium, they should have something every Friday home game or every Sunday home game. I mean, I know. I know what they do opening day Lowe’s bars are packed and everything else that a couple times during the season. They get good crowds or maybe more than a couple times now. But why wouldn’t you advertise every Friday come to the tailgate at such and such place? Starting at four o’clock to dollar beers, whatever it is because they don’t have the lats for the Orioles to accommodate that it’s a little different than the Ravens. People are parking on the north side and parking garages. It’s not a lot parking like the Ravens have


Nestor J. Aparicio  37:37

was the Orioles are becoming something people are getting more accustomed to going back downtown. And you know, this goes to Trump and we’re not going downtown and we hate the city and like all of that. People will come downtown when Garth Brooks is playing CFG Bank Arena. They’ll come downtown with Billy Joel is playing or whatever. The Orioles being good. And the crowd being 98% White and probably 65% Maybe 75% suburban, meaning people have to drive 1012 miles or more to get the ballpark. Right. I mean, you know whether you’re in Whitemarsh Catonsville, Owings Mills, wherever you are, you are making a 20 to 30 minute drive to the ballpark in a way that it’s a decision. And it might not be a decision, you make the choice to go to dinner downtown. So it’s your destination to get downtown, the 630 games. I don’t know what the 630 games mean, like. It’s a little weird for me if I had a kid and I lived in Abington and was trying to get to the game. I mean, that would be a little awkward for me. But they’ve done a lot of research on this. Allegedly, Greg bait has been working hard on this. So 630 must be the thing that they’re doing now. And there’s some perception that like whether dumping 28,000 people downtown at 908 at night, maybe some of them will go do something. I don’t know, maybe they will maybe but the city has to offer that too. And that goes to public safety and all these other things. But people coming back downtown, this is really happening. Like they really are coming. I’m seeing it kids days, mustard, relish, ketchup, whatever. That’s a good thing for the city. And that’s a good thing for Rubinstein but to your point the vibrancy of everything else around it. It can’t be I go and park my car in the lot walk in, walk out and go home. And never I went to eight Oreos games this year. But I didn’t go to this to the city. I just went to the parking lot. Correct. You know, that’s for the city to figure out but that’s going to be the special sauce that you and I would go to Hooters or Baja beach club or people go to Morton for the game or go to Phillips before the game or you can’t get dinner before the game when the game’s at 630. No. So that’s a non starter for local business. It really shows.

Howard Scher  39:36

I’m fortunate enough to have my own business. So I go down if I’m going to a 630 game I’m down there for 430 I get parked I think the stadium lots open at 430. So with my plan, you get this added I make an event event get down there I go have a bite. I go have a drink whatever it might be then I go in the stadium, but typically I’m going right home afterwards,

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:54

but you’re also you’re in your seat at 615 before first pitch you even get to hear the whistling national anthem And then, like people start showing up, like, people don’t get to their seats till 655. Right. I mean, like this early start, I see people filling into the bowl. You’re an anomaly to some degree because some people can’t just get their fourth or course.

Howard Scher  40:14


Last game I went to one of my friends came who works in DC and took him. I think he left the sea at like 330 And he didn’t get obviously down here to almost six o’clock. I mean, that’s crazy. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:27

and that’s, it’s like you and I thinking about seeing Sammy Hagar down at that dump in Manassas. Right? Anytime I think some annacis You know, it’d be Eddie Vetter. Flee Dave Grohl. I am annacis.

Howard Scher  40:38

I’m going two weeks from today to Jiffy Lube. And I stayed a week is it a Thursday problem? And no problem. I told Julie, we’re leaving if you want to fly, so we’ll leave it at two o’clock to get home from work or one. Right? Well, we can’t leave it one. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:51

to put you in a DC beltway three, you’re screwed. Right? Well, you leave it to and you’re gonna get there at six. And even one you’ll get there. 230.


Howard Scher  40:57

I know. But I mean, listen, we’re gonna get out the door. As soon as she gets home. We’re gonna get down there. And she’s like, well, what are we going to do? I said, we’re going to find a restaurant. We’re going to eat close to the Jiffy Lube, live and then make our way over there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:08

I love having you on the show because you’re going to oldest friends, our chairs here. He owns doc doctors. He’s been my friend for 40 years. He’s humping how we DJ partner in the 80s He was our you’re a first oral ballpark. Reporter You and Tom Cat. I was Yep. 9090 234. And there it was? Yeah, right there.

Howard Scher  41:24

Right around there. Right around 9293. Yep.

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:27


What would you tell people about your experience talking to ballplayers? I mean, you became friends with Mike Mussina his brother and I mean, like, there were good times. There was it was

Howard Scher  41:35

great times it was totally different time there. Were there were very McDonough.

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:39

Was there a better guy than Ben macdon? Absolutely not. I love that. He does the games. Yeah,

Howard Scher  41:43

to Ben’s great. I remember the late Johnny Oates sitting down next to me one day in the dugout and like, just asking me how he could help me like there were some really good people that political Johnny was a beautiful guy. Yeah, there were some quality quality people that were very few people that came through there that were what people stereotypically think of professional athletes today. Now, I do think that this Oriole team today is probably did


Nestor J. Aparicio  42:08

you have a player too big league do to this day when you see their baseball card you’re like, like Reggie Jackson was a jerk to me. Like I when I think of old Orioles. I had a run in with Rafeal Palmera that he later apologized to me for so that’s good. PJ sir. Off was always like BJ, but I saw PJ three weeks ago, we’re fine. He just was a gamer. He just was like, he wasn’t really dealing didn’t like dealing with a clown with long hair. And I get that and I’m but I’m trying to think of like all the baseball players back in the Albert Bell, obviously. Yes. I remember going into Manny Ramirez and asked him if he would come on the show. And he said to me, I don’t speak English. That’s funny. That’s a jerk. Right? Yeah, he was a famous jerk. Right. But But I think about baseball players in that era. I don’t have when we think of Kirby Puckett and I think Palmolive I just go through the all the visiting players. I Barry Bonds wasn’t even a jerk to me. Ken Griffey was phenomenal. Like, I just think of everybody. I’m George Brett. Jeff Montgomery still comes on 30 years later. Like, I think of the baseball people I met. And I thought, you know, I all these years later, I don’t have the, that guy was a jerk or, you know, maybe avabel. But he’s probably medicated. I mean, you know, like, I just couldn’t help himself. So there was one player

Howard Scher  43:26

you already mentioned, who was kind of a jerk to be, and it was more outside the locker room that it was or outside the clubhouse than it was in the clubhouse. And he would come out sometimes with the messiness that I after the game him amongst other players, and I just don’t think he trusted me, I wasn’t in the inner circle, I was sort of afraid.

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:47

You got a different conversation? Right?

Howard Scher  43:49


So well, you know, I sort of could get that, you know, he doesn’t know me. So why should you trust me? Why should you be friendly to me and open up and talk with the

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:58

journalism part was trying to create relationships with folks. So there was some trust. And I can’t say this enough from a guy who’s been banned, like and you scoff at that, because you’ve known me 40, you met me with a notebook in my head as a reporter. The interesting part is back then the whole idea was to sell tickets, and to put the good face forward. Now the whole idea is to lock the players up and never have them ever get asked any questions by anybody in our there is a complete total mistrust for all of it right in a way that there’s so much money that it doesn’t matter where you and I go back to we were still fighting to get the ravens, right. We didn’t have a football team here. The baseball team was still trying to sell tickets because they thought of themselves as the Orioles The Little Engine That Could Yeah, the local team that had to be local that operated differently, and the oral way and all of that Oh, my God, Angela was murdered that over 30 years, you know, and then there’s the sport unto itself where it takes care of itself. I mean, Angeles did everything possible to destroy ROI the franchise in every measurable way in every single measurable way, except that he died and his kids are getting $1.8 billion from something they spent $29 million in cash on and wrecked it. That’s how Bob Leffler once said to me, you can’t fight with the Orioles, their brand is too big. It’s too long. It’s here forever, it will always be here. One way looking at horse racing thought that too, so to boxing, right, but so did the Bay City Rollers. Right. But yeah, the notion that this is going to take care of itself and just go on forever. Maybe it will at 55. You know what I mean? Maybe it’s too big to fail. Maybe to that degree, you know,

Howard Scher  45:44

maybe I mean, you know that you had five players this week or four players get suspended for gambling, baseball players. So, you know, there’s things right. I mean, there’s things that could destroy nobody’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  45:55

using any steroids anymore. Right? Of course, of course, Howard shares documentary. We’re 45 minutes into this. I haven’t asked you about it. I made you watch it. I made all my friends watch it. I would encourage everyone to watch it. Courtesy of a friend security, a wellness and foreign daughter. Their products also make the documentary better. You got any feedback on it?


Howard Scher  46:15

I mean, I just want to know, I’m one of your oldest friends. I’ve been to all the events over the years. All the events you don’t make it. I did not make it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  46:23

How many pictures do we have together?

Howard Scher  46:25

Not many. That’s probably it. I guess people weren’t taking pictures of us. But I was like, what kind of hold

Nestor J. Aparicio  46:30


on? I’m trying to think if I had any picture of you and I anywhere where you’re doing the show next to me, or we’re on or you’ve not been on my road trips. You haven’t done the show next to me. There you you are in a picture but it wasn’t appropriate to the to the movie. I have pictures of you at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Stan Charles is in those pictures. Drew foresters in those pictures. Vince fiduciary in those pictures Mark Messina. We had a party for maybe my first or second anniversary on radio. Like literally it was very, very early on. I’m wearing an oiler Jersey Susan Monday was producing the show Linda work injure. Erica was there as well. So there’s pictures in the studio, but they’re nothing I would

Howard Scher  47:17

put in right. I know like so. I’m gonna give you a little rap about it. Dude, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  47:20

went through six months for the pictures and I pictures you and I in Cancun you went tell people about how great that trip was? for

Howard Scher  47:26

me. I had fun. We won’t get into that. That’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  47:30

next week show you. I don’t have any. Well, this speaks to i. If my father if he were alive today, he would say you don’t need pictures are you and me at Memorial Stadium. I’ll say Dad you to bring a camera. I don’t have a picture of my father and I any more than I have a picture you me and Arnie and Joe. Right? And and Deseret at Skipjacks games, because I didn’t bring a camera to Section 212 every week. Right?

Howard Scher  47:58

And listen, there were times that I would come to your events. And I would say what do you need? And you’d say, Hey, can you do this? Can you do that? So I would miss photo opportunities because it was doing stuff behind the scenes, or whatever it may be. But those were pictures that were in it? Yeah. Yeah. I might have done that. But it was just funny, right? You’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:14

fixing it because he was sitting next to trots in me when we were doing shows together. You’re not in it because I don’t have any pictures with you.

Howard Scher  48:20


Now you have live video. For documentary part two.

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:24

I’m trying to think of any anywhere. You didn’t go to the Super Bowl with me either time. You were not in New England. You weren’t? Like I’m trying to think like we’re ubiquitous friends. But we’re not the kind of friends who take a selfie together. You know, like, so I don’t want any pictures for you. Okay, well, what do you want me to do?

Howard Scher  48:42

It’s fine. Do not feel good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:44

36 minutes of a documentary and all you read all you point away?


Howard Scher  48:48

No, I there was plenty I took away. It was very well done. It brought back a lot of memories for majors or professional. I thought that the you know the memories of the New Kids on the Block story.

Nestor J. Aparicio  49:02

That was the last last last last thing that was made into the film. It was so last I only had one edit in the thing that Landry said on the show from Blue Rock productions and tasks and transfers. He’s like, I have never ever worked with a more insane MF er than me and putting it all together. He’s like, but the fact that you wrote the script one time, I gave Greg the script and I said, Look, dude, you’re going to edit it. And I’m not going to touch it because you’re the executive producer. So whatever the script is, I’m not even gonna look at it. I’m just gonna send it to Mickey and Gina and John and Mike. And he put a few edits in and I’m pissed that he edited something out about it, that he didn’t like, because he thinks corporately, and I don’t. The fact that I was the zero rated radio station was brought up with Joe Heffron from 1.7 year a little while ago, like the Arbitron called me a zero, which is the whole reason I called the film No one listens. Yes. Because I was told for 20 years. I remember how many times Jerry Coleman has told me I have no listeners, when the truth is he has no sense. You know what I mean? So no one listens. So he edited that part out. So he gave me the script, I sent it out to everybody. They all really labored on it. Like, I thought it was gonna be easy. John Allen said it took him six hours to do the script. Like literally, they all really took it serious. That’s nice, Mickey, everybody Mike bro hard. Gina shot, everybody took it seriously. And so he came back. And they all did it. And at the end of the end of the end, the end looking through every picture looking really hard for pictures you our face. At the end all I thought he, Greg loved the music part. Like he’s like, I love the music part. Nobody knows this about you. Like, this is awesome. This is gold, right? This is special sauce. And I thought the New Kids on the Block thing kept hitting me. And I thought and my wife’s like, Dude, you got to put that in a special, like they picketed the building. And there’s a whole sheet. And I’m like, Well, how do I make that three seconds long with any impact. And I wrote a bro heart like three days before the video was done. And I’m like, Mike, I just want you to put one line together. And he put that one line in. And then there was the New Kids on the Block. It wasn’t enough. And it was just one line. And it was the last last last thing I put in the whole thing.

Howard Scher  51:27

I just wish there was more about the New Kids on the Block because that was a great time. I mean, I remember you walking into the arena to like hockey games and wondering who was do who recognized you. Like what was going to remind me about the new kids.

Nestor J. Aparicio  51:39


It was traumatic. It was it was a big deal. I can think about it all those girls names, they signed their names to all the hate letters that I got. I’m thinking they’re all like 4850 years old now. And I’m thinking they’re alive. I put it up on Facebook. And I’m like, if anybody knows these girls that appear, like at the very least, right, these girls that came down and picketed me in 1991 when I was 22

Howard Scher  52:03

years old, simply because you spoke what you felt to be true.

Nestor J. Aparicio  52:08

Yeah, the show wasn’t very good. All right. No, I mean, so

Howard Scher  52:11

one of the other parts I liked is the music part of the documentary. And it’s just stupid. But it’s just funny. Like when John Denver called you next door.


Nestor J. Aparicio  52:18

He left you a voicemail next door. I just thought it was great. The piece we didn’t put in, and I think Greg didn’t think it would have made sense was we were doing all the rockstars calling in Hey, this is Jon Bon Jovi this whoever the call that came with David Bowie, because I would always hit the record button before when the phone would ring I’d hit the record button. So when I pick it up, you’d hear me say hello, right? So I picked it up. And I say hello ello I have a collect call from Mr. David Bowie, will you accept? And I’m like, Yes, please. And hello, just Nestor love, you know, like so. Right. So David Bowie, actually, but he didn’t introduce himself and say Hi, this is David Bowie. Yes.

Howard Scher  53:02

So he didn’t do that. But it’s hilarious. You got to collect call from David Bowie. I gotta collect call from David Bell. Yeah. Most people get in from a jail cell or something like that. You’re not interviewed anybody

Nestor J. Aparicio  53:10

on the walls in here. David Bowie is on the wall. Yes, I’ve interviewed him. Freddie Mercury is on the world. Joan jets on the wall. So I’ve interviewed Joan Jett, David Bowie. I have not interviewed I did it if your fleet fleet got on the phone when I interviewed Anthony hyenas took the phone from him and yelled some stuff at me because they were talking about John Waters. Okay. The whole conversation I had with Anthony Kiedis and flee in 1989. They were playing painters mill was about John Waters.

Howard Scher  53:38


So there, you never interviewed Stevie Wonder.

Nestor J. Aparicio  53:41

I met Stevie Wonder at the Baltimore Civic Center with Ed Brown. On the n square circle tour. He was doing the round tour at the arena I met Stevie shook his hand. Remember

Howard Scher  53:53

when he played the Ravens lot before the stadium that was unbelievable. I mean, it was there was nobody there. Right? Wasn’t there like 100

Nestor J. Aparicio  54:00

Nobody knew was going on. And it was underneath the stadium. There were 5000 people there but it wasn’t many. But it was. I mean, I remember playing higher ground and be freaking out. Yes. Awesome. I saw Steve at MGM three years ago play Gish. He was doing a jukebox tour. I had a front row seat. It was unbelievable. I saw him he didn’t see me. There’s my joke. But


Howard Scher  54:23

you should watch if you have you watched the USA for Africa. Netflix special No, but

Nestor J. Aparicio  54:28

I’m saving that when you need to save in Bon Jovi tunes that can be good Punjabi documentary.

Howard Scher  54:33

But the USA for Africa is cool. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  54:36


there’s pictures of Ted Springsteen and Billy Joel. Michael Jackson sitting around bored,

Howard Scher  54:41

right. You know, it was so long ago. I didn’t remember the story. It’s I watched her recently and it was like a 18 hour experience. I mean, not literally but they left the Grammys that night. I think they were they would have worked all night and they worked all night till the morning. So these people when I say 18 hours, they had been up since the morning like a normal day. And it was broken. Some of them were drinking. Some of them were broken,

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:05

broken, just broken. I mean, I’m broken to three in the morning. I only be drinking, you need to watch

Howard Scher  55:09

it. Because you’ve talked to a lot of these people in your life.


Nestor J. Aparicio  55:12

Oh, and I love all those artists right? Equally. It’s cool.

Howard Scher  55:16

And now I hear the song on the radio for some reasons been getting played on the radio lately. And I hear the word right I hear it and I’m like, oh, yeah, I remember how they shot that and why did you we Lewis jump in there and stuff like that. So you should watch

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:28

you know what, we started watching it. My wife and I watched the first five or 10 minutes we thought was gonna be so good that we needed to like, have a couple hours for it. So we’re I’m gonna watch it. Yeah, we’re gonna watch the Bon Jovi Doc. I’m trying to think if I’ve seen any good rock Doc’s lately, man. Like, I mean, you’ve seen all the classic Petty’s and the Eagles and all that they’re all great. Yeah. The Triumph rock doc was phenomenal. I had Rick Emmett on the show. Oh, Triumph rock doc was really good. So check it out. Our chairs here he checked out my doc we’re gonna go check out the Orioles in the Blue Jays work state fair. We’re giving away Pac Man scratch offs. I had some winners $20 winners, a Cooper’s the other day. We’re gonna be at Coco’s on Wednesday. Next week. We’re six gonna be there. Max Weiss is going to be there. Friday. We’re going to be at Cooper’s Fells Point for Fleet Week. They’ll be flying over top. It’d be a lot of fun down there. 20th. We’re Costas in Dundalk and the 25th We are at Pappas in Parkville. Am I saying that right. 25th. I can’t give. I’ve given wrong dates. I’m all confused here in the month of June 20. Is a Thursday it is the 25th it is a Tuesday. So there Okay, good. You get to Pac Man. Every gave your Pac Man get a ton of stuff. I only have one but Sharon done jumping about doc doctor and what you do because you’ve been my life a friend and you suck ducks for a living.

Howard Scher  56:42


So we do air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning throughout the Mid Atlantic helps you breathe better tell Phelps just breathe better. It’s all about indoor air quality, potentially helping to reduce your utility bills. Especially if you have wood in your vents. There’s a correct there’s a lot of people out there that claim they do a good job and do what we do. All you have to do is pull up on YouTube some stories about on Dateline inside edition. We have a truck mounted system. It’s all right in front of your face. We said before and after pictures. I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  57:09

blown away when you get you haven’t brought a truck up. very

Howard Scher  57:12

elaborate process. So can I tell you about what who we partnered with lately? Let’s do it. Okay, so we partnered with a company called air seal. And what air seal does they were formed back in 1997. Aero seal. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  57:25

trying to think what see okay, good. I totally get what it does. Right. So. Seals airplanes. No, I’m trying I’m so they


Howard Scher  57:35

developed this product. In conjunction, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  57:37

sure you’re worried about your hair. And I’m not worried about my

Howard Scher  57:40

hair. They just keep sliding off my ear, put it up over your head. Okay, there. And then lift that up. All right. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  57:46


It’s called a headset, you put it on your hand. All right, sorry. Nice to hear that. Well, not really not right now you have really nice hair. So thank

Howard Scher  57:54

you. So it was developed in conjunction with Department of Energy. And it was done at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs in Berkeley, California, which is a government funded research lab. And the basic concept behind it is that all metal duck work has gaps in it. So there is a ton of air escaping every time you turn on your H factor because

Nestor J. Aparicio  58:16

they were made in pieces, and then again and could not welded, right? So air, and most homes, you’re saying correct. So

Howard Scher  58:25

air. So what we do is we come in or they come in and they pressurize the system. And air always looks for low pressure. So they’re able with their computer program to get a reading to see where the gaps are in the duck work, which then they put in this organic compounds, which seals those gaps. And it’s amazing the amount of money that people can save it the things it does to the environment. Every seal is equal to planting 50 trees. And I mean, I’m not a tree hugger, but that’s pretty impressive that every seal is equal to planting 50 trees because of what if the lawsuit reduces in a house. So I had my house done a couple of weeks ago. Oh, so it’s research. Hold on here. The numbers are the numbers. So one CFM cubic foot per minute of air is equal to like basically a size of a basketball fully blown basketball. My house was seeping 382 cfm a minute, a minute emitted 383 and 82 basketballs were going out of my house.


Nestor J. Aparicio  59:32

It’s like 382 slow leaks in your tire. But it’s in your venting. And this is when your air conditioners pushing in. It’s just kind of like going into the walls, right? Correct. Okay, yes.

Howard Scher  59:45

After the ceiling, I’m down to 11. So I went from 380 to 211. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  59:51

they shoot this stuff into the cracks. I’m trying to picture this inside the walls, and that holds it in and all of a sudden, you’re air conditioned and have to work Nearly nearly as hard. That’s pretty obvious, right? Like, you know, that will

Howard Scher  1:00:05


tell you and maybe I’m imagining it, but I feel like my air conditioning is colder right now because I’m getting more air. And we discovered things in my house that have nothing to do with Arizona when they started working. They’ve My house is 30 some years old, I haven’t lived there the whole time, they found that a plumber came in while my house was being built, disconnected one of the vents. So I had air just flowing into my basement utility room. So we closed it up. I mean, so there’s a lot of things that go into this process. And the way we found that out, we were unable to establish high pressure. So we use a fog machine. We pump fog and we see where the fall goes. And when you see fall coming out then you know you’ve got to

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:00:43

like when you take that die when you have to get the special work done. Correct body correct.

Howard Scher  1:00:47

It’s all non toxic. EPA approved organic, as I said arrow

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:00:51

seal duck, h e r o s e a l aerostats. Correct. Good enough. So


Howard Scher  1:00:56

95% of residential homes have leakage.

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:01:01

And this doesn’t even cut into your core business because the ducts are still gonna get dirty, right? I mean, you’re doing people a favor here and say not only your ducts dirty, there’s holes all through it, and you’re losing very, very, very expensive to aircon especially bigger spaces, corporate buildings, industrial buildings. There’s a lot of Lawson’s,

Howard Scher  1:01:19

right. So we come in, we clean, we recommend that before we have air seal come through there. So part of it, that it’s been your ducts have been cleaned within the last like two years, maybe three years, because it’s important that they’re clean. And then we we go ahead and do it, it comes with a 10 year guarantee, there is a direct bottom line federal government rebate of up to 30% of the cost. So if you’re paying your right to check in April for 1000 bucks, you know, you could potentially take that down to a couple 100 By doing this program, so it sort of pays for itself.

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:01:52


Nice. Alright, we’ll talk about how to find these folks and you and what’s the best way to get the duck Doctor locally revolver because your your national or international Brand Duck doctor,

Howard Scher  1:02:00

they are national, but there is one in UAE,

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:02:06

Canada or whatever, but there is

Howard Scher  1:02:09

it is a big brand. The best way to get a hold of Doc doctor is 800-955-1275. info at duck Doctor Or you can call me on my cell phone especially if you’re interested the arrows do stuff that’s 443-641-3519 or


Nestor J. Aparicio  1:02:29

you get to me I get you to Howard has been one of my life for pals. We met at a hockey game 40 years ago at the van it was the Baltimore Civic Center, then the rural farms and first Mariner now the CFG Bank Arena. You’ve been you’ve been to the new arena concert. And I like it. It’s amazing, isn’t it? It is I mean, I think in our heart of hearts, we always thought it’s gonna get torn down at some point and kind of be gone. And that’ll be you know, they’ll do something else with all the trombone Ium arenas and all the ideas we’ve had here all these years to think that it could be fixed up, dressed up, sexy doll and useful for the next 20 years. I am 55 I am really good. It for the next 20 years. They’re going to bring Janet Jackson, Pearl Jam, if they’re gonna bring those bands to that arena. That’s the greatest thing they could have done with that arena because we weren’t getting a football or basketball team. We weren’t getting hockey. There’s no indoor lacrosse, like all that sports stuff that that arena was thought about in the 60s and 70s and 80s. That’s over with it’s a big fear. You know, I went out to sea Pearl Jam at the LA Forum. Okay, had you ever been to the LA Forum? I know you’ve seen a million Showtime and the Lakers and all that. It is the exact same concept as this building where when you walk into it, you would never know the Lakers played there. You would never know the Kings played there. Everything’s been painted black. Everything’s black curtains and it looks like a giant round theater and the outside of it’s beautiful because it’s the forum. You know, it’s got that it’s got that those forum columns, right. But I went there for Lakers games. I went there for Kings game. You know what they did? And this is where they really screwed it up. And I don’t know, they spent a lot of money fixing this place. They took the troughs out at the forum. Yeah, the forum had legitimate old school. Women you don’t know about this, but men know. troughs. I mean, they had like legitimate troughs, you know, where they still have troughs. And I learned that recently. The Carrier Dome in Syracuse troughs, troughs to

Howard Scher  1:04:34

MetLife have troughs. I feel like it was somewhere in the last couple years that had troughs.

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:04:38

I peed at MetLife the other day now they didn’t have they got troughs at Hershey Park Stadium because it’s built 1918 You know what I mean? Baby so the forum in LA they have made it this is the new thing. They take these old hockey rinks right. And it doesn’t look like a hockey rink anymore. Right? Do you see what they do in Toronto? To the Skydome? Yeah, they’ve like done all sorts of and barely recognize it. So Maybe Camden Yards we’ll see though you know 600 million or buy something right? new

Howard Scher  1:05:03


scoreboard new sound system to start.

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:05:05

Is that what your beef is?

Howard Scher  1:05:07

I mean, I think the restroom situation can be better there too. I love the centerfield bar. Not where I take the kids but it’s a great spot. Go watch the game if you’re done sitting in your seat, walk out there for a ticket

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:05:18

they made me first off they made me in charge of Camden Yards and fix it. I call Jana Marie and to be done. Right. Cuz I know girl. I gotta say I gotta God, you did a pretty good job. I got a person for that Jana Murray, figure out whatever she thinks it’s good idea. That’s where I am. But I don’t know what what. I just want a good baseball team that treats the community right, that treats me right. That speaks to everyone not just the Venezuelan in the media. Poorly, you know, like, and they’ve had a history of treating people poorly. I had been treated poorly by the new people. I hope that changes. Yeah, for me, forever, forever. I mean, you know, and I always say that to them to these new people that have been mean to me. Like, I want the same things you want. I’m not cutting my hair for you. I’m not kissing your ass for press pass. I’m not gonna lie for you. I’m certainly not going to do that. But I’m also not going to go down there to be treated like garbage because I won’t allow that.


Howard Scher  1:06:09

And the new people should get to know you before jumping to a conclusion. One would

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:06:13

think Howard shares here he has PacMan scratch offs in the Maryland lottery our friends at Liberty pure solutions. Doug worked with keeping our water clean as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube. Multi care for sending us out on the road. We got a bowl game in progress here where state fair in Catonsville, I’m giving these things away. We’re going to be doing it all week long. Talking sports talk music talk and fun. Fleet Week is next week I had Patrick Russell all the Fleet Week folks on I had Thomas Dolby on today talking about his tour. totally tubular. They’re gonna be down at the anthem. So that show there do you know about totally tubular that I had it up on my so you hear the bands? And this is like totally right up your alley, dude. So the bands are Thomas Dolby Thompson twins, modern English men without hats. The Romantics bow Tommy to tone and the plimsolls so most

Howard Scher  1:07:01

of those bands are British. Tommy tutto does not he’s like upper midwest guy. Romantics

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:07:06


work are American too. Oh are they I thought they were good bad you I think they’re You’re gonna make me Google things and make me not wrong. But I’m gonna look the Romantics up and we’re gonna find out. He did from Detroit American rock band for I thought they were from Milwaukee but that was Milwaukee was good girls down. Good girls don’t but I do my Sharona the neck, the neck. He’s dead duck Fidler I believe his name was but no the Romantics 1977 And

Howard Scher  1:07:36

I think Tommy two tones from Minnesota baby.

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:07:41

You plug that all wrong. Two Tone Tommy two tone pop band. Tommy two tone Tommy two tones a pop band. It’s not a person Tommy two timber two people. How about that? California origin origin. By the way, I was for some reason

Howard Scher  1:07:56

I thought it was a school teacher up in the upper Midwest, but I was that was George Steele.


Nestor J. Aparicio  1:07:59

The animal well was so

Howard Scher  1:08:03

I did not confuse Tommy to toad and George the animal Steele but yes, one at a green tongue one did not. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  1:08:11

don’t know what I was gonna say. I’m gonna go Sorry. All right. Watch the game. Let’s go. Stay fair. I’m getting the salmon. What are you getting? I don’t know. Take a look. Sam is good. All right, our chair my buddy called doc, Doctor. Find us next week. At Coco’s on Wednesday. Find us on Friday downtown and Cooper’s come on down for Fleet Week. It’s gonna be good time. Bring the family down there. Come on back to the city. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive even when our segments are too long.

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