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The hot summer nights of a pennant race and new splash of celebrity ownership


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Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the increasing summer sports mojo and the Orioles’ heartbeat of All Star week, a first-place battle with the Yankees and new ownership’s splash with the fans.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio


Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W and S T, Towson Baltimore. Baltimore positive we’re positively into the best time of the year right? I mean, God snowballs I got crabs. We got the beach and beer and fun and the Fourth of July. You’ve made it through the heritage Fair last week. Next week we will have the best of times the may be first place New York Yankees they may be second place New York Yankees coming to maybe the first place of Baltimore Orioles next week. We’re gonna be down at Camden Yards we will be up at a family’s and Lexington market on Friday the 12th Luke’s gonna come down we’re gonna have some delicious crab cakes and shrimp salad. All of it brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery, the Gold Rush sevens doublers. We’ll have these to give away. Had some lucky ones a Coco’s last week it took a little respite for the Fourth of July our friends at Liberty pure solutions making the water crystal clear as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care. This guy was a little AWOL last week but we got him back on this week. I thought he was coming to Pat but I it’s not much for me to think let her ask and turn it down a Papist crabcake in Parkville I know you had summer doings and you’re doing all sorts of things but summer is your favorite time of the year to and it’s even better when we get late night Oriole baseball on the Fourth of July Right. Absolutely.

Leonard Raskin  01:13

And what’s even better is when we have late night Oriole baseball and no work the next morning

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:23

that’s big too. Yeah, yeah,

Leonard Raskin  01:25


do it little do a little beach vacation thing hanging out in the lower slower Bethany beach Delaware area for a few days. Nothing find

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:36

the one that has a really cute little downtown like three blocks square that looks like something out of a movie set like out of a beach movie. Absolutely. I’ve never been I’ve driven through there once in my life. And I’m like I didn’t know this was here I’ve never I said to my wife I want to go back but I’ve never stopped I have never parked my car in downtown Bethany I’ve driven through what’s crazy on the highway it’s not as it is you have to go

Leonard Raskin  02:05

okay so so you’re down you’re coming south on route one or if you’re coming from Ocean City coming north on route one either

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:12

headed toward Ocean City you’re headed toward Julia row with I never stopped in the middle.


Leonard Raskin  02:16

You just just make one turn one right turn it at the totem pole. And there you are. That’s it 26 replaced

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:25

plug a place in downtown did I need to get a beer or get breakfast?

Leonard Raskin  02:31

Oh no no no no favorite favorite places Fisher’s popcorn right right right exactly. You got it wouldn’t make it home in my car. We go to Fisher’s hot caramel corn cuz

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:50


I always get the box on the boardwalk and yeah, like summer sad or wherever it was down there and right up.

Leonard Raskin  02:58

But the best is just a fresh the fresh tub right there. You can’t reach it out on the beach. You know, sit out on the beach. Pull up a chair. I saw a great meme. It said you know you’re old when you just want to go to the beach sit and do nothing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:19

But get an adventure doing this weekend. Get to finish watching the Orioles

Leonard Raskin  03:21

but stay up late watch to the Orioles. Get up late. Have a nice breakfast. Get to the beach, grab the chairs. Grab the umbrella, grab the popcorn. But the feet in the sand put the earbuds in turn on some Sirius XM first wave. Pandora 80s and just rock out watch the waves get and when it gets hot. It’s a beautiful day with the family at the beach. We got


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

an iPod guy myself, but everybody that knows me knows that I need to control my own music. You know, you

Leonard Raskin  03:54

gotta have your your playlist. Time if it’s on Yeah, the boys the same way the boy has like a dozen. I don’t know these kids, right? They got a million playlists. He’s got his beach playlist. He’s got his study playlist. He’s got his driving playlist. And so he knows exactly what do you want to go to playlist? I hear you go Yeah, there you go. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:15

let her ask you this. Here he is Raskin global money, the American dream, all of that. I know. It’s been a little while since we got together here on the baseball front. I wanted to your kids back from the main kick comes back from school and you spent your Delaware you’re not going to Oriole games, but I almost went to the west coast this weekend. Because I felt like this Oakland thing first off. Vegas is falling apart. Sacramento is trying to talk about it. I mean, the whole thing’s a mess. And I love the Bay Area like going out there and friends out there. I love that old hellhole in Oakland that we’re gonna watch baseball with nobody in this weekend. Right. Been there. Have you been out to Oakland for baseball game? I

Leonard Raskin  04:53


have not been to a game in Oakland. I have not, I must say stadium I haven’t been to one We’ll be according to the locals and the team not sorely missed the game he wanted

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:05

to be there was one cu sack and in and you know the championship game the black hole. That was one of those but you know, I know

Leonard Raskin  05:13

I didn’t go you know it’s funny you say that I think we may have had this conversation. That’s the one playoff game in all the runs I didn’t go to because I figured to myself self you’re gonna get killed if you go.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:27

You famously whiskey.


Leonard Raskin  05:31

Right absolutely went to every playoff game both runs. Denver, New

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:36

England. You were at your party with John Ogden and Tennessee. Were you at that party? Or is that Cory? Miss

Leonard Raskin  05:44

I think I missed ours own that. I missed that one. I missed that party. But we were in Tennessee. Georgia game right. Snatch, snatch and run. Absolutely couldn’t couldn’t miss that

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:58


was my best friend growing up Kevin and I were arm in arm jumping up and down and the upper deck as Ray was going to the right to left. I’ll never forget it and he was afraid and he was afraid it was a moment where I turned to Kevin and said we might win a Super Bowl. Dude. I

Leonard Raskin  06:14

was easy. That was nuts. That was nuts. That was that was good stuff. Just one right? Like, right there you go. Haven’t been to the whole haven’t been to the baseball out there. But I’ll be watching. I’ll be up late. And it’s absolutely fantastic.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:31

I saw the best baseball game I ever saw in person and I’ve I’ve been to lots of games, lots of games. Alright. And I would call it the most memorable in a lot of ways because of whom I was with and where I was. Yeah, I saw a game five of the American League Division Series between the Red Sox and the A’s there in 2004. It was the last game in the three. The last game of Miguel to Hadas career as an A he became an Oriole five minutes later, it Barry Zito pitched against Pedro in a knockout game. It was the crotch chop game with John Johnny Damon got carted out on a stretcher. It was in Twilight. And here’s the craziest thing. I mean, like you could boxscore it up. I think the game was three to one, two, it was just it had an all and was all Red Sox fans. Yeah. And there were it felt like 20,000 people in a stadium that seated 60,000 My wife and I went up and bought tickets, five rows from third base above the dugout for about $18 right at the box office. We went with Julio and his whole family is late great father. But I remember that game as though it were like I mean, it was a great, great baseball game. Popcorn. Absolutely. Akela probably that day because Right? Like I showed you this weekend, where the bottom for baseball is and we want to top is, and I really feel like with the Orioles and what’s happened and look, I’ll get the Mr. Rubinstein and all of that. But there’s been a revitalization of what’s going on here. That’s really been a beautiful thing. And on the other side of that you’re going to witness these games this weekend. Where that catfish owner they have Reggie Jackson, they had Billy ball, they have fire. They did all of that. And it just doesn’t mean anything. It means nothing there.

Leonard Raskin  08:31

Yeah, my understanding again, I’m I’m not into it as much as you are obviously. But my my thing, as I understand is the owner. And obviously we have owners that have issues but the town is it that what it is, is new ownership recently in the town hates this guy. What’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:48

the Well, I mean, the guy’s been trying to move the team right and the guy’s been shining the team. Once you start chopping the team defense say forget Oh, you know what the amazing thing is in Oakland and I taught and if you’re listening to radio this weekend, I’ll make sure I bring you back because I did a lot on Oakland about two months ago. Because I have a lot of people out there and real journalists Gunny Brad volution, who’s just phenomenal, great, get a great piece on wrestling in a book on Wrestling but he did this baseball card book that was phenomenal. And he lives in that area. And I’ve talked about they had two areas there to get something done and that area lost the basketball team. When it finally got to its zenith they moved the team and it’s big money like that change over San Francisco. They lost the football team which right we’re talking about right? You know Rich Gannon in the Raiders is there they still live in Oakland and they absolutely never win again. And what Al Davis did twice to that community with the National Football League twice to that committee what I witnessed that happen out there it’s dreadful. And that being said the baseball team was still playing they’re still there this weekend. Um, it’s nobody right? You know, blame the politicians you can play right Left whatever but they they saw the need to maybe keep that team there and they saw the value of what the Giants had been on the other side and having a downtown they can revise. And this guy just wanted no part of keeping the team there because of race culture money count that like all of these things Sacramento was gonna like temporarily house them right promised the sun but not the moon in the star. Exactly. And there’s gonna be private equity involved, which Mr. Rubenstein is finding out, going out and chant you know, to find in that billion eight and being able to make that payment to Mr. Angeles, maybe not as easy as you even billionaires believe it to be right this is baseball is allowed this to be a festering star’s a

Leonard Raskin  10:43

new thing. There’s a new thing, and I’m not super familiar on the money side. But you talking about private equity in it, there’s this new opportunity to invest in these deals where they’re buying franchises. They’re putting together consortiums groups that are going to be invested. And sort of like a mutual fund. You know, you as a retail investor. Now, you might not be able to do it as as you know, the guy walk in the street, but if you’re what’s called an accredited investor, you got a certain amount of money and you qualify, you’ll be able to invest your 10,000 50,000 or 100,000, in a partnership, that’s gonna go out and buy interest in franchises. NHL, NFL, I don’t know if MLB is doing that. But this is coming. And it’s gonna be interesting, because let’s face it until now, and this is this is the age old question as an investor. Are you getting in at the top? Until now, man, you know, franchises have been gold mines. I mean, the money that pours in has been unbelievable, but hey, Virginia, right, Northern Virginia rejected our buddy Ted leonsis and his grand plan and he played DC right back in Missouri

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:09

there the citizens of Missouri gave the chiefs and the Royals a middle finger which I opened the door for. Arizona’s lost the hockey team they’re gonna go play they’re gonna go

Leonard Raskin  12:20


for Utah, right. Jacksonville just ponied up a bundle. Yep. To keep their teeth. Right when they’re not with them the bar they’re not in London. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:30

here’s where we go. Right because I wanted to ask you this. Um, you’re a money guy. Yes. You’re a guy that watches probably more Fox leaning money shows and CNBC leaning money show

Leonard Raskin  12:42

shows. I mean, I’m into money I read I read and research findings. Yeah. Okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:47

So Rubin Scott, you would say his primary thing is in this exact space where you swim 80% of your worlds about money and finance and the Fed. Absolutely. And what the government’s doing the FDA and what you can do absolutely, absolutely. cut corners and okay. And which will do the debate next week. But nonetheless,


Leonard Raskin  13:08

Reuben Yes, yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

I purposely and you and I’ve talked off the air a little bit more than my audience knows. Yeah. Me being under review. And Mr. Rubinstein really owning the team versus Mr. Angelo versus people running the team right now. And Mr. Angelo is dying and there needed to be a time to get that money across the table to the Angelo’s family to get rid of them. I don’t believe that’s happened to me. I have been shut out. So all of that being said, I’ve never heard David Rubenstein speak. I was sort of disallowed to go to hear him speak two weeks ago. And I think Dan and Fells Point. It was a full room. I have I’ve heard the sound of his voice in like the commercials with Cal Ripken. Yeah, yeah. Shark out that were very, very formative, right. I want to be really honest, David Rubenstein to me three months into this. I’ve seen him dance on the dugout twice. I’ve seen him squirt fans. I’ve seen him hand hats out. Yep. I have heard that he has had selected season ticket holders to the box. I know he’s given a speech at the engineers club. I know he’s paraded Cal Ripken around on his TV show that he actually buys it is a it’s a partnership thing that he pays. So last week, right Bloomberg last week at the on the weekend. I finally have realized after being spoken at by his people they’re probably never going to meet this guy under any legitimate said you’re just probably never gonna meet this guy right? Yes. So no, no, I not the commentary. I want to talk about Rubenstein because this is yeah, this is where I need you. Okay, yeah, go ahead. I had no ever watched his show? And he’s got hours of stuff on yes about federal and money. Some of its old. I don’t want to watch him talking about the market 2019 Because it’s applied today, right? But I’m trying to get to whom he is. He has water in Alaska that is supported Trump. He has an ex wife in Alaska that went off to run a newspaper and sort of never came back. Like literally, he got divorced. So he’s got all of this money. The people that I know in the media that have like sort of half assed interviewed him every bit, everything’s very handled, very everything you see, is staged, very staged. Very, very staged, right. Fair enough. I mean, hey, man, I can’t argue with you. This question is how does he do it an independent interview? So no, here’s where I am with Rubenstein. Yeah, go ahead. I finally last week went on to YouTube at and I’m not kidding you four o’clock in the morning and like a Saturday, and I thought to myself, I want to hear him be interviewed. Not something where he where this is being controlled. I just kind of want to get a vibe. Like if I was having a beer with him. Like, I want that sort of interview. Not these. So I found a Squawk Box piece from last. Okay. From last week. Okay. All right. It was probably May it was after Father’s Day, Memorial Day, okay. And now No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it was June not. I’ll find it and I will sure I can post it. It was eight minutes and 30 seconds, sitting with the skwawkbox. Guy. And here’s the here’s the killer letter, because I know you’ve watched my documentary. Yeah, I was on Squawk Box once. That one, George Bush and the New Yorker. Right. So this is when we got caught and we booked it on Squawk Box. So I saw I hit it. And I spent eight minutes watching Mr. Rubinstein. Right. He’s on some sort of ranch and they’re out in like, he’s sitting outside somewhere in this beautiful hillside. I don’t know what it was. But he’s talking and and in eight minutes, he got all of his talking points in right. It’s almost like he handed the script to the the right announcer Right. Right. But it started with money. But it really went to this and I want you to go get the transcript because I’m gonna paraphrase, but I’m not far off. Now. Go ahead. So Mr. Rubenstein, we know you’re really you consider President Biden a friend as well. He stayed my home. Yes. Brag one great, but you’ve interviewed Mr. Trump on your show. Well, you know, yeah, so Mr. Trump, you know, he’s very, very busy man, Mr. Trump, but he he spent time with me and we spent an hour together talking about things. And yes, I spent time with Mr. Trump. And then he has the audacity to say, five minutes. But you know, I’m not into politics. Okay. I mean, I’m not, he said that. All right, like, and I’m like, okay, then the talking points at the end got to base Oh, baseball, your normal zone, or he’s now you know, no one’s ever lost money. Buying a sports franchise. That was his first premise. And then he says, Now, of course, we consider this completely a philanthropic endeavor. Right? $20 on a Falaya. Right, they’re gonna be ours. And then remember, remember, wish a great business to be in and we would encourage, you know, he’s wincon all the rich people like you to get into this thing that you just talked about to put your money into this, this pot like Mr. Eric Getty, I’m still waiting to hear from Scylla. So but But nonetheless, he now is pimping this to people like you on this business network. This is a safe place to bring your money because I need my money right now for the Orioles. Right. But then he says, and of course we all expect to make a lot of money on this. So hold on for a second. Everybody makes money, but it’s a philanthropy, but we all expect to make a lot of money because we’re sharp investor, guys. And if you’re a sharp investor guy, sports is a great place to make money. So you got all of his talking points in and at the end, I scratch my head and I thought to myself, everything was a 42nd. Soundbite he knew all of it was rehearsed. It was very great was right. He has little Oreo oh man hat out the fishing hat he wears out on the table. And in eight minutes. He’s an expert on the Fed. He’s a billionaire. He’s friends with Biden friends with Trump has no opinion on it interviewed him both and they stay in his house and he’s close with them. And then he bought a team but like, you know, he didn’t miss a philanthropy. I mean, it’s just a $1.8 billion for land. It’s a Civic.

Leonard Raskin  19:28

Right? It’s a civic rental. You know what I remember? And I’m sure you remember. You remember what Peter Angelou said when he bought the team? I did

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:39


this for the people. Right?

Leonard Raskin  19:42

This This is to keep the Orioles in Baltimore and

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:46

in 1.8 billion out all the franchise for 30

Leonard Raskin  19:51

All I am is a steward of this team while I’m in control for the citizens of Baltimore, the community in Maryland. That’s That’s what this is. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:02

in a way we never came out of the house he was never seen again after

Leonard Raskin  20:05

right so now you got no you got Mr. Rubenstein? He say the same thing, right? Have you? I mean, that’s what he’s saying. I didn’t hear you listen, well, he’s, he’s got so

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:17

many waves and he’s a great owner like anybody he thinks

Leonard Raskin  20:21


he’s the greatest Sports

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:26

Authority like people have been our best owner in sports and I’m like,


let me tell you something hats and he says

Leonard Raskin  20:36

Listen, listen listen, I’m having some work done at the house. We had we had a bit of a water backup in a larger room sink you need Liberty pure solutions as well we have that but the the fact is that our water the pipe because we’re on a septic and all that and we I might have put some things at the disposal I shouldn’t say heck knows. Anyway, that


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:58

out loud, you get insurance going?

Leonard Raskin  21:00

We know I don’t know what happened. All I know is shit backed up who shouldn’t say that either. And we had some water do not flush right on him. Go ahead. We had some water backup. We had some damage, we had to get it fixed. They came out they fixed it. They cut some wall out to the rugs, carpeting was destroyed. Everything was bad insurance company paid a claim for some backup water stuff. And now we’ve got a company in redoing walls, floors, basement, everything. So the guys are there familiar with that?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:32

I got one word, Isabel. Dawn.

Leonard Raskin  21:34


There you go. That’s the guys are there. And this is this is right long story to our point. The guys are they’re working in their demo in the basement and getting everything ready. And, and one of the guys that is there. I know it’s a big Orioles fan. And we start talking Orioles. And he says to me, what do you think of this new owner? And I said I’m not really sure yet. You know, you got time, he said is exactly what you said. He said everything I see. Everybody that’s talking says he’s going to be or is the best owner in sports. I said, Well, that’s what’s going on right now. Because he’s having a honeymoon. He said, Yeah, he said, You know, I’m waiting to see what Elias does trade deadline this year, obviously really important. And I’m waiting to see who they’re gonna sign and who they’re going to let go. He said, and then well, if we can talk about her

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:31

Henderson, that’s not going to happen because he’s a Boris client. And moneybags. You’re, you’re the boss, you get it. Like I get that when that is what the guy does in business. Absolutely. He’s gonna do in business,

Leonard Raskin  22:42

I get it. But what I’m saying is this, this guy who’s building my rebuilding my basement said, when when he decides who he’s going to keep and who he’s going to let go. And in a year or two, if Mr. Elias is still here, then we’ll see what kind of owner this guy is. Now, point is this is a guy who for a living, you know, builds houses and read, constructs and finishes, houses. Smart guy, brilliant, great guy, Baltimore through and through and says, what the media, it doesn’t, doesn’t have the stones to say, which is, we don’t know that. All we know is this guy put up the money to take out the Angelo’s family so far, and how could that be a bad thing? And he got $600 million from the stage to help do it, which a bad either, and

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:38

it’s five years, and he’s already saying for 3.4 billion. And he’s got a philanthropy on the way Yeah, right. Well, we all pay $15 beers and $100 tickets, and he gets his 40 million and Gunnar Henderson gets his 50 million. It’s a philanthropy because they parade around and bring sick kids on the field and wave to them. And but you know, that’s right. Some unfortunate kids. So



the national anthem, nothing, whistle the national anthem, like that’s all philanthropy, dude.

Leonard Raskin  24:10

Right. Just tell the truth. It’s a civic, it’s a civic duty. No, I bought the team, because I think it’s going to be an amazing opportunity. Here’s the real

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:18

question, Mr. Rubenstein, where have you been in the last 40 years? What What have been your endeavors in Baltimore, to lift Baltimore prior to buying an asset for $1.8 billion that came with $600 million in credit in an economy and in a place where you’ve already gone out and said, No one’s ever lost on sports? What what’s the plan Mr. Rubenstein, and that’s like not he’s not going to get that from Jason Newton over at The Living classrooms foundation in a you know, multicultural, nondenominational love fest of Welcome to town you’re

Leonard Raskin  24:52


the king look, and we all want to get our show we all you know, like, like I hard journalism, dude. Everybody goes to Safeway. aces, right? Let’s, let’s face it, do not. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. I give you I give you your full credit. There’s no doubt about it. You’d ask them the right questions. Nobody will. I think a guy who could ask him some good questions. I don’t know if he’s gone yet. I just saw Mark Viviano is retiring. Dude, how come all these people that are my age are retiring? I don’t get it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:27

Too much fun working? Yeah, that’s

Leonard Raskin  25:28

exactly right. I don’t know what retirement means. So let’s, let’s jump off for a half a second here and shift to that for just a second. Retirement, to me is one of two things. You hate your job. So you gotta go. Or they force you out. And you gotta go. I don’t know what it means if I if I’m loving what I’m doing. You know how when did Vince Bagley retire, you know, they pushed him out when he was 100 or something what?

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:54

Jerry Sandusky the last thing Jerry has said to me. I haven’t spoken. Yeah, several years. The last time I remember speaking to Jerry is in the press box in Las Vegas with a mask on. Okay. And this was the night that they lost the game and hardball stood me and Jamison Hensley up. Yeah. Yeah. Didn’t speak about it out loud because Jameson, you know, then speaking, right? And there were three of us. There’s reback was in the press room with three chairs. And I remember playing all that that night in Vegas. We got out there and it was 100 degrees outside it was 20 inside the dome, and they’re showing off and all that and I’m up having the pregame meal and they had the Monday Night Football cookies up there. You know, like they got it all going on. And Sandusky said the last thing he ever said to me was this isn’t as much fun as it used to be, is it?


Leonard Raskin  26:50

Oh, geez, there you go. So so I’m getting that and just saying this is what, like, you know, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:57

last thing Viviana said to me, and I wanted to ask for his permission because it is a true story. Yeah, it was in Arlington on the roof. With me and Luke, when we were having our credentials. Question denied the orange for playing games. They’re down oh two in the series. It was half an hour before the game like literally came because we were sitting at the kids stay. We were in the upper upper corner of the press box in the back away from all the other Baltimore media. Luke and I neither one of us had a clubhouse badge, a badge that pin on to pin generally, you put on his clubhouse. And VIV saw me in fifth loves me, like vivid. I want to say that flat out. God is not allowed to love me was not allowed me on WJC a guy named Schumann, you can read about it. But this came up and said, hey, it’s good to see, you know, hey, it’s good to see you know, VIBs fourth and fifth, fifth. Right? Right, right. They’ve listens to this station. If I say something good or bad about Viv, right now. He’ll hear about it because he listens. Yeah, like there’s a listener. When I see Viv. He comes up and talks to me about things I had on the show this week. Like, yeah, this is a

Leonard Raskin  28:08

well unless he’s a real deal

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:11


at all, because I want to do something else poignantly about it. Well, he’s given his work to God now. And he’s gonna go work with charities and then I do cup of Super Bowl week that he can ask questions before he leaves. Yeah, Viv has two little children that he wants to coach limits. Awesome. That’s awesome. That’s FIPS a beautiful guy. The last thing they’ve said to me in the, as he pointed out on the field, Viv was disgusted. Fib was appalled that we were being treated this way. And I talked about drinking from the other one. I wanted him not going in the clubhouse. The Rangers PR guy was in on this major league baseball was in on this, all of that right. Viv came to me and said you had this guy on last weekend that guy never heard you talking about this guy, and you’re doing good work after those people is what VIV said to me. Those people that’s the best thing they’ve said to me in an official capacity right both had a press pass after a whole lives. So VIV dropping the mic and go and he

Leonard Raskin  29:13

could we if he’s not he could ask the questions. He could get a quick interview before he runs off. What are they gonna do to fire him?

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:19

I don’t know. I mean, I don’t and somebody’s got to ask somebody a difference Leonard and I’ll say this with all due respect to mark Viano and to Jerry Sandusky who’s yeah when I was a kid right of course they are incredibly restricted Of course what they can and cannot do course and what the corporate baby it’s corporate that’s different when you’re working for Paramount now. That’s right right. Forget the Hearst Corporation even bigger though, and then Citizen Kane bigger than spot.

Leonard Raskin  29:55

Yeah, absolutely. Almost


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:57

like Dennis Miller. I can throw those things into you even It’s right, where I’m going with William Randolph Hearst, who was my first employer. $3.33 An hour under the day, man minimum wage.

Leonard Raskin  30:07

Right. So 333 I was a lifeguard for 333 35

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:10

Because you got taxed on it. I did 33 hours of work for $100 a week. Robinson when I was 15 richest

Leonard Raskin  30:20


guy in the neighborhood.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:23

Very one of my compadres rich Pietra this week I mentioned I love his family and his family has been sending me these old pictures of all my old so but I would just say this, where somebody would say why doesn’t Vivianna report about your press pass being taken away? When is it Friday in the press box? Because they can’t they can’t they’re not allowed let’s just say we ever allowed on Channel 13 After free the birds once free the bird happened. Marty Denise all the Mary bubala came to my wife’s deathbed and didn’t run a piece. So there’s there’s just things in the media that I know about that I can report on that I’m

Leonard Raskin  31:02

doesn’t know the world doesn’t know human.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:05

As I’ve met in this business, and I’ve met some trashy people in this business. Yeah, another guy Best of the best of the best. We


Leonard Raskin  31:13

got great people, we got great people. And you’re right corporate corporate losing

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:17

him is a huge loss, because he at least knew what was going on even if you

Leonard Raskin  31:21

report it. Yeah. And you just lost that. I mean, not lost but retire Jamie Costello just retired. I know you were at his his retirement bash to to that are just Baltimore best through and through that are stuck in that world. You’re right. You’re stuck in the corporate media world. And like you said, we can talk debate next week. But it is interesting to me at least, you know, Biden will only go places where questions are, I think given out like you say given out in advance and and the reporters are selected and the answers are ready. To his credit, whether you love him or hate him, I think he tells the truth or lies through his teeth. Trump will go anywhere, anytime talk to anyone about anything. It’s just, it’s just a different persona. And you got to I gotta look and say, okay, you know, why is corporate? Why is the corporate world that way, but when you look at it, man, you know this, there’s a half a dozen companies that run the world that run the media of all of it. And they don’t just run the media, they run a lot of other things, too. There’s a half a dozen power players. I don’t know where Rubinstein was during that interview, but you’ve heard a Davos when they go to Davos and that they preach about global warming when you know, 200 of them fly in on 400 private jets and have their entourage is in the SUV trains go into a hotel to talk about how to fix the world. It’s it’s kind of ironic, but they don’t see it. They just see that this is how they live. I got nothing for

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:53


you. And Biden last week, by the way, a half an hour an American July weekend.

Leonard Raskin  32:58

Fish like fish don’t know they swim in water. So you got to get him out of the water. You got to get him out of the water. He’s better than

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:03

what I saw on my television last Thursday, which to me is a confirmed liar con man that gets full vote for based on their against the guy with dementia with dementia who clearly should not be doing this and should presenting the Democrats remembered it’s too many of that, but the lesser

Leonard Raskin  33:22

of two evils choices, the lesser of two evils choices, that both sides think the other should be got to do better.


Nestor J. Aparicio  33:30

We got I mean, that that’s that as a country, as a country when the election to run the country, they should do better. And if the Republicans want control back, they should do better. He was not a con man.

Leonard Raskin  33:39

I think both both should do better. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:42

I’ll say that to Larry Hogan soon because here’s the bottom line.

Leonard Raskin  33:44


Here’s the bottom line is it’s as old as the world is that we know. We get the politics, the politicians we deserve. Nobody voted for them. Nobody voted for them, except we the people. If somebody else had been somebody that people wanted, they would have voted for him. And when you look at was it Baltimore City, right? We had, what did we have 10% turnout. It was unbelievable. I mean, when the electorate doesn’t show up, you get who you get the the people that show up are willing to vote for and what’s left is what’s left.

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:20

Right. You’re an Eagles guy. Yeah, great song that was a beat track on Henley’s first solo second solo album. It’s called a month of Sundays a month of Sundays. It’s about America. And it’s as my grandson comes home from college, he says we get the government we deserve. And, you know, bending and the grandfather says That little punk he never had to serve. Yeah, this he wrote this in 1983 during very anti Reagan period. Yeah, sure, sure. Henley at that point. But he wrote that piece about the divide in America. between the kids going to college and coming home and telling their grandparents about global warming about this about not believing it say I’m a farmer I’ve been out here I know more than you get you know and and why are you voting for people that are voting against irrigation? Right your your crops are going to put Monsanto out in your fields and kill everybody like so. I say 40 years later what if we think the debate last week oh, my god. That by everybody around the world Listen, it’s Fourth of July. I want you to enjoy the beat I don’t want this when you’re listening on you’re

Leonard Raskin  35:36

at my age 80s 80s new wave sounds like it’s brand new little Depeche Mode little New Order little the cure. Frankie Goes to Hollywood I got my I got my mix. And we’re gonna watch fireworks and

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:50

then I give you credit. I’m like, Listen, man, he’s he’s a he’s a money nerd. And like all of that and he sometimes he likes the wrong sports teams, but like he listens to good music Raskin. Good on an iPad, you know.


Leonard Raskin  36:05

craps knows good. crabcakes are things

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:07

we agree on. We just if we just started, we never have a disagreement.

Leonard Raskin  36:11

Exactly. If we didn’t have politics, nothing, everything would be great. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:16

you’ll be doing your Delaware tax free. So who am I? Right? Rasky Fattah Rascon. We have a little bit of fun around here about politics and life and money. He can certainly help you. He’s helped our family, the American dream. Learn more as a whole education thing up a Rascon global when your spend a little time off the beach this weekend or get onto your Kindle or off your iPad or wherever it is this weekend. Hey, enjoy the game. Stay up late next week. We’ll have two really bad candidates for president and next week. Listen next week we’re doing the show at fade Lee’s and Yankees are in town so I’m at least yesterday didn’t like 70 hours and just instead of getting Republican Democrat or ravens Steelers just gonna go back and just might just put it all into Aaron judge and soda next week and how about that the first place going into the all star break and I’ll feel good about everything except being under review by Greg Gago on Nestor. We are wn sta 5070, Towson Baltimore, enjoying all that America has to offer here on the Fourth of July getting back down to fete Lee’s next Friday on the 12th with our friends at the Maryland lottery, Jiffy Lube, and liberty pure solutions big thanks to all of our sponsors wise market. We have new sponsors coming on our friends at Coppin State doing a whole bunch of cool stuff with this year. We’ve got a lot of things happening, including me breaking my co roofing mug last week, which I’ve apologized profusely profusely about with leaving my royal farms coffee all over the floor. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. Happy birthday, America. Let’s fix this thing. Stay with us.

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