Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Leonard Raskin

The incredible opportunity ahead for downtown Baltimore to grow and thrive with Orioles new ownership

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss power of downtown Baltimore to grow and thrive with Orioles new ownership

A reminder to get away, relax and celebrate when you can

Our financial captain Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss his 30th anniversary trip to Maui, the loss of football and the allure of new ownership for the Orioles as Baltimore catches sports fever.

What in the world was the offensive strategy of Todd Monken against the Chiefs?

Leonard Raskin and Nestor attempt to make sense of Ravens offensive gameplan in AFC Championship Game loss to Chiefs

Dreaming of a Purple Las Vegas

Leonard Raskin lays out the Las Vegas Super Bowl dream plan for the Baltimore Ravens with Nestor

When a Peacock, your credit card and six bucks a month sits between you and Patrick Mahomes

As Ravens rest up and we turn our winter Festivus eyes toward the Wild Card Weekend, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss power of NBC, Peacock and the National Football League to get your money to watch a playoff game. So, what's next? (Whatever they can get away with...)

Tying up the loose ends of important family business during the holidays

It's never easy and always awkward but the holidays are the only time some families gather to discuss the important stuff. Leonard Raskin tells us there's a solution and real value in planning and using together time to make sure that 2024 is the best year ever for everyone's peace of mind.

Seven hundred million reasons baseball ain’t hurting

After a weekend attending at the Rodricks' BMA "Baltimore, You Have No Idea" and the Ravens overtime win over the Rams, Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss the field of play in baseball where the Orioles are rumored to be purchased by David Rubenstein and the Orioles just spent some money on a closer.

The crooked road to college football glory

With the injustice done to Florida State in the college football $y$tem, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss bad bowl undefeated beats and the Ravens' path to January glory through five tough opponents.

When you don’t make the grade on campus

You can be almost perfect when you're a head football coach and player buyer but don't lose to your rival. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the college consequences of losing in Columbus and the good life of Ravens bye week.

Feasting on football and waiting on Sunday night

The biggest college football game of the year is sandwiched between four days of NFL action this holiday weekend. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss Michigan and Ohio State and the Harbaugh family madness as we feast and await the Ravens visit to Los Angeles at the end of it all.
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