Lost opportunities are stacking up on Harbaugh and Ravens

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For the third time this season, the Baltimore Ravens snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to lament a 14-point squandered late lead in an an awful loss to Browns at home.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W n s t, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively getting the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road. I’ve been wearing all sorts of fun shirts here this week costs this this Tuesday. I’ve got some great confirmed guests we were facing these last Friday with Bill Cole was also joined by Matt Campbell who is the executive director of the Baltimore convention center so I learned a ton. I’ve gotten to know Mac this last summer he’s great friend of Allah McCallum so you know, he’s a decent dude. And also was joined by Jeffrey rat Noah, who is a local developer talking about the future of harborplace. All of that was brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I had some ravens scratch offs to give away we had a couple of winners, I families not big ones but we did have a $5 winner lead that I know of. Sometimes you get $100 Winners they stuff that I would run out the back door What I learned is if it says C m D lottery that means get out of there you want a whole lot of money and you know and find some guy like Linda Raskin helping take care of our friends when donation 8669 donation also putting on the Maryland crab cake tour, as well as Jiffy Lube multicam and there’s one right around the corner from you. They did it all for me two weeks ago, my all over in America Boulevard. So we’re gonna be at Pappas next Tuesday. And Parkville, the original Pappas. We’re going to be at Coco’s on the 29th which is the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the 30th. We’re going to be at the BMA and gertrudes, with John shields, as well as Dan Rodricks are friends at the Baltimore Museum of Art. And then on Friday, the first of December, we’re going to be at Hollywood casino up in Perry Ville and Kurt Cuban’s bands playing that night Maryland’s playing Indiana and basketball. So a lot of things going on. Come on out, visit us will be a state fair December 5 letter Rascon is here. It’s a short week, right? I mean, they play Thursday night, you dust off a little bit here. We don’t have the Orioles that concern us the Terps on the basketball court, not so much the football. But this, this turn of events, you know, after like 230 on Sunday, um, you know, it’s been the angry phone call for me here, let it let it all out. Let it all go. Let it go.

Leonard Raskin  02:11

What the heck happened? I mean, the the team snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, I can’t say that I blame Lamar for the pick six. I mean, what are you going to do? The guy tips it up in the air, it’s up there like a balloon for a half an hour. They catch it and run it in. You can’t do much about that. But my goodness, we again, we couldn’t move the ball we had about, I think two and a half good offensive drives on the day, two and a half. And the rest of the time it was like walking in quicksand. They were just slugging along. Now. Granted, the Cleveland Browns defense is pretty extraordinary. The problem was their offense didn’t do anything in the first half. So it made us look like we’re the best team in the NFL. And then something happened at halftime. And something happened shortly between the third and fourth quarter. And they got their legs. And they figured out how to stop us. And we couldn’t figure out how to stop them. It looked like the edge was left alone and they could run with freewill around the edge anytime they wanted. And suddenly, we had the second coming of Deshaun Watson. He woke up and he started to play like Deshaun Watson. And they have some good receivers. They have some decent running backs. And even with their hurt line, we couldn’t bring him down. And he he evaded, alluded and beat us plain and simple. They beat us. And it was terrible. And I think we’ve got three losses on the year. And all three of those games ridiculously winnable. And all three of those games beaten by our own bad play calling bad play operations. Bad play. I think that’s the case a lot in the NFL is I watch other teams and other games. You don’t. You don’t often look we we beat the lions. And we beat the Seahawks. Right? We beat them. But you don’t see that often when you get two good teams on the field. Yeah, had Houston and Pittsburgh. No, no, no. grieves Bernie Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Houston, Cincinnati, and if you if you watch any of those highlights, because I was at the game on Sunday, I didn’t get a chance to see those games. But I did watch I like to

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:44

watch them all at home now. steal somebody, I have a whole company. You get the experience I used to have right I get the experience that I’m forced to have.

Leonard Raskin  04:54

How many interceptions did Joe burrow throw two or three in the red zone something? Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:59

mean that that The one in the fourth quarter was like it was gonna cost them the game. Then they come back and get the game level and then they wind up losing it anyway. So like your guy Stroustrup CJ Stroud

Leonard Raskin  05:11

rookie of the year he’s playing, playing big. He’s playing big. But again, the Bengals lost that game. Houston one, but the Bengals blew it. He blew it. And then the Steelers Green Bay where they do they had it on the end the chance three seconds to go. What is love do love gives him some love to Pittsburgh and throws the ball to them. And so well

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:37

obviously it was news when I love that time alone was crazy pologize for winning arrays and they shouldn’t apologize.

Leonard Raskin  05:45

is all that matters. By the way.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:46

I don’t want to like get you to stirred up here early in the week because it is a short week. Y’all gotta get some respite to the game Thursday. Looking for me and it’s kind of hit me like cold water on Monday morning. Monday morning. I’m having my first cup of ROFO I don’t even I’m at a coffee by the time you get here. Right. So like, I don’t have it. I don’t have my coal roofing mug, none of that. And Luke says to me, you do know if they lose to the Bengals on Thursday, which they could right whoever wins the Pittsburgh Cleveland game

Leonard Raskin  06:16

is first place. And I’m like placing the division that’s go

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:20

to bed even realizing that on Sunday night.

Leonard Raskin  06:24

You know nobody. Yeah, look, we we had the division and the season in our control Sunday morning. And now you’ve got to beat the bank gals to keep that. And like you said Thursday night short weeks ugly games. Let’s hope I don’t know. Ronnie Stanley gonna be okay. Marlon Humphrey gonna be okay. You know, you don’t want Jamar Chase running out there without Marlon Humphrey. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:54

mean, the injuries letter Rascon is here by the way. Rascon global I’m wearing the shirt. He helps folks with their money managing their life, making sure they can finish the finish things. Maybe if you start even if you’re in a third quarter life is maybe I am at this point and you know, trying to solve things away and you’re like he gave the ball away at the two minute warning. He still has time is still time right on 50

Leonard Raskin  07:18

time. Still time. Is there time still time. There’s still time. You know, they say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Second best time is right now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:28

I found that out because I planted trees two years ago for my mother and and they’re starting to look beautiful. So yeah, so I like trees. Well, so. So this whole notion that two games for today’s big part of the season. Other teams coming on in whatever way you think Pittsburgh is coming on, and we watch Cleveland going. We’re part of helping them come on.

Leonard Raskin  07:49

Pittsburgh’s not coming on. They’re just winning. Pittsburgh has been outgained every game they’ve played winning.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:56

That means you’re coming on then the only place that matters is

Leonard Raskin  07:59

the w w column is all that matters. Well, right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:03

So for where the ravens are injury wise, and I think it was you and me talking last week, I put a little clever headline as healthy as we could be. And as Luke said, Man at 60 minutes of in this league. Who knows? And where are we right Lamar the last couple of years. But boy, Humphrey, and Stanley and Stanley wasn’t playing great to begin with Moses is out. He’s a guy who’s never missed any time. This is a different narrative. I got flipping with Luke and it took me two hours on Monday morning before I finally said to him, hold on a minute. If they’re gonna play every week with fillet lay, and with Macquarie as tackles and I think Gary’s a tackle by natural position if you were gonna put him somewhere windy where you put him. They can’t win the Super Bowl. I mean, yeah, and I’m not being a jerk. I have nothing against Lamar or mark Andrews. I just don’t think you can win a Super Bowl with

Leonard Raskin  09:04

couldn’t turn style tactical

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:08

how good they were, then those guys get hurt on the offensive line. They cannot sit next to you. That’s it.

Leonard Raskin  09:13

You can’t move the ball and you can’t protect Lamar, you you can’t win that simple. You know, one of the things I look at, and again, I’m no coach, I’m just a fan for 59 years or probably 55 years because the first four didn’t know what the heck anything was anyway, but you I think Lamar out of the shotgun is fine. But the man needs to step back a step or three. He gets that ball. He’s ready to go. I think he needs to step back a step or three to get a little more.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:43

You’re talking about a whole different kind of cadence, right? I mean, yeah, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  09:47

But I don’t know why he didn’t step back a step or three he seems to be quick. The defense is quick to him and when you got to line today, all there you better have your protection in place. Well next was like

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00

putting a game plan in for Cincinnati, they know us we know them all of that. But not being able to run plays not being maybe walking through on Wednesday or whatever. But things they’re going to try to do that they they’re going to have to play differently without Morgan Moses and Ronnie Stanley. And Case in point would be Did you watch the game on Sunday after standing like, like watching it they everything sort of stopped. And Lamar looks different. I think and I don’t understand this notion that you’re gonna go down the field to is it’s

Leonard Raskin  10:31

fine, but he’s missed so many lawn balls. It’s just not good. He’s overthrown everybody except, except when he under threw. I think it was Bateman. And they picked it off. He’s overthrown everybody except the under throw that got intercepted. And my goodness, where’s our where’s our red zone? We took it seemed like 25 plays. I know, it was like seven or eight. But after the the James crochet, I still play for the Ravens. Thank you very much. Here’s the ball in the 11.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:08

It told me that when the ball hits him, I think of gambling. I think of gambling. Yeah, like, you know, like, if I thought to myself, somebody wanted to throw a game. That’s what it would look like, right? Like, I’m just thinking to myself, I’m like, a football player could ever throw a game right here. Gambling and people always like the body officials are fixed in this anatomy. Like, what

Leonard Raskin  11:29

was the spread? I don’t even know what it was 666

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:33

and I took the browns because you know, I got my Can I tell you the brown plus six was a good pic. By the way, you’re an investment guy, right. And I make my pics and I have my sheet of paper that I make them on everywhere. By the way, Christian Horton, who is our sports book manager in Hollywood casino payroll, who is a really struggling Bill Belichick New England Patriots, He’s a beast, one of those, he’s from that part of the world he’s coming for crabcake might be your crabcake Pappus and Parkville. Next week, if you’re not gonna be there, I’m gonna say he’s coming to the crabcake tour. And he and I do our picks every week. So I just want to give a plug to our friends in Hollywood casino and Perry Ville. And this is how it’s hard to invest in the National Football. So I was at I was at one point, I’m 7361 and four. So I was 12 games over five on I had a rough week. Last week was six and eight last week. I came in this week, on five and eight. We’re not having done Monday night yet God bless the bills and seven. And so I am now moved into this place where like one of my former employees used to be talking gambling on the air all day. And I don’t do any of that. But I’m just picking these games on Wednesdays with Christian fun, for fun. And just to say like if they gave me a mythical $100 How would I do? How would I do and next year, I think I’m gonna have more fun with this because I want to get the money involved. I want to be able to say if I had $1,000 A week or $500 a week, what like, Would I go more money on this less money? I let this really here’s

Leonard Raskin  13:02

what I know. Go ahead. Here’s you know, here’s what I know about gambling, go ahead. Unless you’re a gambler, if you are a gambler, you don’t care you bet you spend you you rip and it’s all irrelevant because the high the the endorphins, the shot of of dopamine. Right? The dopamine you get from winning is so strong that nothing stops you It’s like being on crack and you heard of losing doesn’t get to you. Correct. It doesn’t even matter.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:34

People talk about their stocks and when they win, but when they were when they were on us

Leonard Raskin  13:40

28 Yeah, they never tell you what they lost. Nobody ever tells you about their investments that lost money. Everybody wins. Everybody makes money in the market all the time. Just like Bernie Madoff all the time when but the pain for for normal, non gambler. People the pain of losing money is this is this is proven by study after study in behavioral finance and economics. The pain of losing money is 10x 10x the pomp of winning when you’re not that gambler person so people get crushed emotionally by losing money. And then they make mistakes. They do all kinds of bad things. Now when it comes to gambling, yeah, yeah. When it comes to gambling, if you’re not that guy who who is burned up by the win, you’ll lose because you bet wrong. And the other thing is that I know about betting and this is just again study after study with investments, as well as gambling, fake money gets erratic behavior that real money does not. You feel no pain about losing when you’re playing with fake money. It’s It’s amazing your brain can distinguish but you feel no Pain. So I go to one of these charity casino nights. Okay, give me a $10,000 that’s always fun. I shoot, I shoot craps. And I play like a man with his hair on fire and I usually win. And then I go to the casino with $100 and lose real $100 at the casino, because I bet in that money, like I bet fake money.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:24

I got all cocky about week six or seven I was 15 above and then I start to like I’m now at that point where I’m whittling in now. I should be getting smarter, right the seasons getting longer. No, we’ve been doing this a long time. I was waiting for God’s sakes. Well clean. What’s good thing I took Cleveland, the one of the ones that won this week. But I took Cleveland at six points. My rationale was division game time sooner than you think ravens had big blow out last week last week equals nothing for this week. They have played these kinds of games against slogging teams. This is second time around for the browns. They’re going to be better than 20 a three. Give me the six points. I thought the Ravens would win 2321 I thought it would be one of those Tucker field goal type of things. And you know and I and I did Cleveland radio as we got any run it on an SD I just kind of get tied up over the weekend. I forgot I did. I did it on Monday morning. Because it was a traditional radio thing I did for my car. And the guy said to me it was a long segments really good segment me and Kenny wrote. And he said to me, so what’s the key to the Browns winning the game and I’m like, they got to take the ball away. And they have no other point at that point for Jim Schwartz. But you strip strip strip, because this team fumbles the ball. And once you start to fumble the ball, and there’s some thought that Lamar is not as careful with the ball in the pocket as a pocket quarterback, as he may have been as a running quarterback, strip, strip, strip, strip strip, and at some point you popped you out you fall on him, which we get 10 points out of it that moves the game. And it didn’t work out exactly like that and certainly was able to play sort of wait waited out the block field goal on top was a big play. I mean, the Browns had a couple of explosives of the Ravens had the big play with back home. They had the big play with Keaton Mitchell and big play defensively. But that’s all the Ravens they didn’t pitch the drop the rest of the day in regard to a drive a real drive.

Leonard Raskin  17:20

And you know, what’s you know, it’s strange is is it seems that we’re playing really well. And then we don’t and when we don’t, man, it’s hard to turn that momentum switch back on. When they can’t drive when they got to three and out. They got to six it out or they just can’t move the ball. It’s real. It seems like it’s really hard to get going again, or they just didn’t get going again. I think

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:48

it’s a lot more difficult without your tackles against Myles Garrett and against

Leonard Raskin  17:53

hate anger. He’s He’s a monster. That dude. Now let me let me refresh my memory for a second. It was miles Garrett. I think he was the one that swung his helmet and cracked a guy in the head back on Monday Night Football was I believe that was him. Yes, that was him. Right? It is amazing to me that he’s in the league. Now I know that was a mistake, and an emotional breakdown on his part but and I get it he’s a talent and they’re gonna give him eight chances. You know, whatever. But, man when I saw that

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:26

it was a Steelers. That was the quarterback on the Steelers. Right? The back orders at Rudolph. Yeah, Mason Rudolph, right. Yeah, he

Leonard Raskin  18:32

cracked him in the head with his helmet. I thought for sure the league was taking him out forever. I didn’t think that man would step foot on a football field again. And he’s got accolades now. Like he’s the greatest one of the greatest defensive players of all time. And he, he is but man, I’ll tell you what, after that play, I couldn’t believe that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:52

Here’s something that really is gonna split your heart and I know you’ve been very disappointed behind the scenes in front and in back of how John Harbaugh has treated me and my family and I know you Jim Arbol on your Ohio State side. You love John Harbaugh on Sunday. I hate Jim Harbaugh on Saturday right like for you Ohio State guys call it goes when I got caught. And I put some thing up about the hardball family being cheaters and liars and all the purple sycophants came out. I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, Google John horrible. And she’s been breaking the rules been caught a few times. He’s been burned several times. He is a an absolute confirmed liar to me practice based on my practices, and lying to me about my personal integrity and what I do, and my ability to feed my family. So like to me, the hard balls will always fall in a different category than I ever believed they were and I had somebody write me, actually a sponsor, as your friend wrote me said, I’m halfway through preparing to I love it. I’m like, Well, I wrote it. 10 years ago. I feel a little differently about things now as I signed that book, but in the case of Google Marvin Lewis, and she You know what pops up Vontaze Burfict stupid stuff that he had nothing to do with Right? Like Marvin put players on the field that had all sorts of jurisprudence issues. But Marvin never cheated right like so I’m thinking like cheating and Google Brian Billick cheating or breaking go ahead google it. You can’t because he never did. And but Bella check, there’s a book on that. haha there’s a book on that. And you give me a psychology thing here. The short I wrote down my thread to a friend of mine who was pissed about that. I’m like, You know what, here’s what I’ve learned. The more paranoid people are, the more they probably are on the wrong side of whatever they’re paranoid about in whatever walk of life if you’re too paranoid, it tells me you probably robbed the bank at some point, you know? That’s, that’s my life experience. Clouds.

Leonard Raskin  20:48

There’s rain Bay. There

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:50

you go. See, I knew you’d have something for me like that. Hey,

Leonard Raskin  20:54

Jim. Jim’s gotten Oh, according to there’s no crying in football. Did you see the guy the offense? I think he’s the offensive coordinator who coached Michigan on Saturday. They won the game he did an interview and he was all teary. I saw him. I did this for you. Yeah, great. Stop crying. There’s no crying and football. Your team won the game against an inferior Penn State team. Okay, great. Good for you go home. We got married ladies and wife state Michigan. When does this thing Thanksgiving weekend Saturday night I’m just checking I just know something’s gonna Saturday night Thanksgiving It’s the game of the year. It will be the Game of the Year in the coaches poll there to three in the AP in the not the AP the FB Oh, did the game? I don’t know yet. Don’t know. Yeah. It’s a big house. Whereas it’s it’s a big house. Yes. Okay. Got it. Got it. The boy. The boy arrives

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:50

that intrigues me.

Leonard Raskin  21:53

Sunday, next Sunday. before Thanksgiving. He’s off for the week.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:58

When you get all your ravens and now they have three goods, right?

Leonard Raskin  22:01

That’s right. And then like

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:02

they go to California, they take a week.

Leonard Raskin  22:06

Out? Five, what is it? For primetime games out of five? Well, that’s one at home. At home. The Jets are on TV every night and they’re terrible. Terrible Thursday, Sunday, Monday. I mean, my goodness. That can’t they flex these games. Something who puts on the Jetson the Raider?

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:27

Hey, by the way, well, ravens in 40 Niners on Christmas night.

Leonard Raskin  22:31

I know I had tickets. I had tickets of dear friend offered tickets. And you know what the wife said? Have you been to Santa Clara? I have not for a game yet. Yeah. Twice the regular season

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:45

game with the Ravens with my wife having cancer. I was I’ve been there once I was there for the Super Bowl. I was there for the Peyton Manning Yeah. Oh, played at halftime, by the way. What’s your name Lady Gaga did the national anthem that day. I can’t believe that that’s not considered one of the greatest national anthems ever. Because that was maybe I’ve been to ever I’ve been the 27th Superbowl I’ve seen them all. I’ve been moved I’ve been spiritually you know, whatever. The Lady Gaga let that day was was it so that’s I remember back then I was with my friend Julio Romae. Home one of my favorite people. Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  23:19

Good friend out there who offered me though as soon as the schedule came out. And the wife said Christmas now I don’t think

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:27

so. It’s nice in Northern California.

Leonard Raskin  23:30


No, it’s not a matter it’s not a matter of we do. We do Christmas with her family in the Charlotte suburbs. And and we do that every year and tradition is not being broken for football. I said to her we have tickets. She said we are not going

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:48

to have a ticket. couch and you got Super Bowl 35

Leonard Raskin  23:52

tickets. She said you’re not going let Raskin is

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:57

here he is Rascon global they do money they tell me what you do. Give me the elevator speech for you. Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  24:01

yeah, we’re about just what you said we do money we help you do everything with your money from budgeting, to tax planning to estate planning to protecting your wealth like the line protects Lamar, insurance, investment, all of it we look at everything you’re doing with your money, make sure you’re not making mistakes. Make sure you’re doing the things that are right for you not right for the financial institutions not right for the government. Government in the end the financial institutions, I have all kinds of strategies to help you lose your money. They tell you it’s ways to make your money. We tell you how to make your money how to hold your money, how to protect your money, how to grow your money, how to enjoy your wealth, most importantly enjoy your wealth and and pass it on a fiduciary practice as a matter of fact, I have a book coming out my first ever real book

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:52

is this all your blogs put in one place all this is this is philosophy

Leonard Raskin  24:57

and and produced Share it’s called fiduciary who it’s about what a real fiduciary will tell you about protecting, growing and joining and transferring your wealth. It’s, it’s a book about what I do how I do it the 40,000 to 20,000 foot view of your accumulated knowledge. Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right. I’ve

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:19

been trying to do that too is what I try. That’s what Baltimore positive it’s my accumulate. Kicked short. I want to plug a piece I did last week that your wife might like my wife might like I’m just throwing it out there because I’m, I’m broadening my own horizons. My friend Karen Segall, who’s been a publicist in town for 25 years. Erin very well, she was my publicist back in the 90s. When we why was it WL G all that snow her forever? She said, Hey, I got this anthropologist from Baltimore. I think she made a fun guest for you. And I had her name was Linda Rabb, and she was scared to death to come on. She told me that when she came on, she did 25 minutes about stained glass. And the beauty of stained glass and how it was a rich person’s thing. Regular people then wanted a war happened after the war, austerity, nobody could afford it. And it’s still in certain places. And my wife would always see it over northeast Baltimore, specifically, you go through those neighborhoods stained glass, a big, big part. So I’m, you know, I’m expanding. I’m all about expanding knowledge here, right. I’m taking everything I learned. And you’re taking everything you learned once this book coming out. It’s

Leonard Raskin  26:23

in final edit. I would imagine by year end, we’ll have it out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:29

Today, you gotta book it. It’s already over with it. You’re just telling me. I thought you liked me. We’ll

Leonard Raskin  26:33

have it out of genuine. I’m happy to have you read the transcript and give us a little sign off because

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:38

you’re all the same. It’s like John Allen, my buddy in the rock and roll band. He’s like, you know, I’m like, you’re going on tour. Why don’t I know about like, I thought I thought we were friends. Let her ask you this here. He will be there. He’s a raspy global. He will be he’s over here for the crabcakes and that’s an I do him. So we’re going to be constants this week. Pappas next week, we’re going to be Coco’s we’re going to be gertrudes we’re going to be to Hollywood casino with Perry Ville. We’re going to be at State Fair. We’re going to be a father and daughter antimonium. I’m importing a crab cake from Leonard’s original side of town. And it’s a crab cake that I’ve only had once in my life, it was really delicious. I don’t even know the owner but I want to know her. And I’m going to feature that in December so I’m doing stuff around here. Stay with us. It’s Maryland crab cakes represented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at wind donation and Jiffy Lube, multi care you can find letter Rascon at Raskin global.com You can also find him and his wisdom at Baltimore positive.com I hope he doesn’t leave us for greener pastures once he becomes a published author. Yeah, that’s it. We are wn sta and 5070, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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