Big stakes, short week and tall assignment against Burrow and Bengals

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In the aftermath of an awful meltdown and loss to the Browns, here come the Cincinnati Bengals who had their own home defeat on Sunday. Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor put the Ravens loss to Cleveland into perspective in the suddenly crowded AFC North division race.

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor put Ravens loss to Browns into perspective in AFC North


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W n s t, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively taking the Maryland crabcake tour out on the road. We’re going to be accosted this week. We are going to be we were at fade these last week had a great great conversation with Bill Cole. Talking about the future the city had Matt Campbell who runs the Baltimore Convention Center who was just a phenomenal guest. We argued deviled eggs Believe it or not, we also had a Jeff Retno down talking about all things development in the Inner Harbor and what developers really go through financially and, and he runs the Community Association in Federal Hill. So it was just a great, great conversation. Please go check it out. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation. This guy will be here on Thursday. pregame show, I wouldn’t get too many of those because I don’t love these Thursday night games. I like anybody. The only one that likes this is Roger Goodell and Roger Goodell spent the day in the same place that this guy was Dennis Glarus, will be here on Thursday. getting you ready for the game also beer on Sunday. Hopefully not licking our wounds going into a little mini buy in LA and all that. He was on the sunny side of the stadium on Sunday and game was going okay for a little while, right? I mean, ravens only been behind 28 minutes all year, Dennis Kalonzo. I had the misfortune of going and getting some carry out food. My wife’s in Paris and my wife was at the game and Frankfurt she was she saw a colts victory. I told her I said you got war colts victories in Germany yesterday than I had and all in 1982. You know, that’s true, right? I listen to sports radio, and God bless Brent Harris, whoever the young lady is over WPA l after the game. I listened to 30 minutes of that. And I thought to myself, I love you. I love coons forward, I love all my sponsors. But if all you ganged up on me and said, You’re gonna start taking phone calls again. I’d say you got the wrong guy. Yeah, I’m gonna go sell cars for dentists or something. You know, learn transmissions or something. I don’t know. How are you? I mean, if this, well seen a lot of things. Or

Dennis Koulatsos  02:01

if they happen I stay even keeled. And that’s true. The, the one wild thing is and I’ve got to really watch the temperature, the sunny side of the stadium got to be 30 degrees warmer than it always has been, always had to take clothes off. I didn’t put my hoodie on until about, with about eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. But that aside, I tend to stay off with social media for at least 24 hours after a loss because the sky is falling. My goodness gracious. We went from being a Super Bowl contender to now, again, the same old, same old, horrible can’t coach, the IOC is terrible. The defense isn’t what the what they thought they were yada, yada, yada. And the vocal minority is out in bunches right now. And as

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:43

their seven, three. Come on, they I mean, they had had a problem closing close games. And that’s more than a trend now. And that does speak to coaching and the kinds of players they have and how many times we’re going to see Marlon Humphrey and Mark Andrews and Lamar Jackson and Ronnie Stanley, who were all lumped together Now Patrick Queens gonna get out of here soon enough, but like that that group has been a part of all of this going back to yonder going back to Joe Flacco like literally those those guys I’ll play with Flacco right like so. i This arrow in winning games, closing games and beating the snot out of teams on certain weeks. I mean, 37 to three there’s nothing you know, that that’s that’s all part of the body of work as well. But you’re not singing a different song than we were last week if Marlon Humphrey and Ronnie Stanley and Morgan Moses aren’t gonna play and specifically Moses and Stanley, that if this is their tackle situation, and it took me two hours with Luke and two cups, Royal farms coffee the good stuff, Jamaican it for me to say to Luke, they can’t win the Super Bowl with Jordan fillet and or Daniel fillet and, and and Patrick mCherry playing tackle like I just I’m gonna have a hard time believe they’re gonna win the Super Bowl like that.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:11

Oh, they may not win but they can possibly get to Patrick mahomes got there with that his two starting tackles a few years back but then the Tampa Bay defense took it to him. But But Nestor I don’t think is a problem a specific and unique to the Ravens. It’s just the league it’s set up it’s set up that way was 60 minutes is a very long time. I tweeted that out after the Ravens went up like folks, we got 55 minutes ago. It’s a long long wait love the start but your buddy Scott Hanson on the NFL red zone. He called it the witching hour right the the fourth quarter the last few minutes. When he said win wins become losses and losses become wins. I just think it’s today’s modern NFL. I think the team that gets the ball last winter Nestor the team that’s winning with two minutes left ends up losing an almost every single contest

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:00

Well I mean this one had it all right and we call Hamilton with this incredible play Lamar with the pick that one up in the air that just is, you know, good fortune for the Browns block and a field goal and, and then the kid misses the extra point but it’s the game winner. And the injuries for the Ravens certainly a story, but the bigger story might be this and Luke awakened me I spit my coffee up because I went to bed Sunday night not realizing this. I wrote my column this I’m planning my week. I’m going to be cost this Tuesday. My wife’s in Paris, we got a game Thursday, so it’s a little weird. Next weekend. There’s no game which is kind of good and fun and weird. I don’t have any lawn to mow or anything but Luke said to me, Hey, you know NAS, if they lose on Thursday night, you’ll be watching the Steelers and the browns on Sunday play first Blake’s. And I’m like, I’m kind of quick. I thought we were the best team. I thought we were the runaway I thought we were getting the buy I saw I saw Tony Tony Romo said you know, like, and all of a sudden, that’s how far away you are. And all of this lip service, we paid the best division in football, but like all that lip service, and that’s fine. But that’s where we are now that 11 wins might win this division at this point, the way these teams are beating each other up. This week two are going to beat two others up. I mean, two of these teams are gonna get losses in Cincinnati, they’re gonna be in the cellar, which is kind of crazy. You know, where if they lose here on Thursday, which isn’t crazy, or we’re all going to be bunched up, sitting around huddling around watching the lousy Steelers try to you know, strip the ball from Deshaun Watson to win 16 to 13 or something like that on Sunday. And it mean it is a Bermuda quadrangle at this point, because the Ravens aren’t that much better than all the rest of them because the record says so.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:52

Well now, we were all talking about the Ravens possibly being nine and two. In fact, I did caution listeners and fans and friends that we’ve been we were talking about the browns and the Bengals like it was one game or one series is the conversation should have just been about the Browns period. And I think the Bengals also experienced it on their end. Having lost to the Houston Texans, right. I mean, perhaps the bangles and the Ravens were fast forward to Thursday not paying enough attention to a brown team with a depleted offensive line or a Texas team with the rookie quarterback.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:28

Thursday night row Quan Smith, Patrick Queen Kyle Hamilton, those guys played 78 snaps. On Sunday they played 78 snaps you know I said to Luke what how’s this going to look when they’re on SNAP 148 on Thursday night, and that goes for the Bengals too. And I didn’t look at their, at their their sheets and their offense played a lot because burrow was out there a lot. And they were you know, getting picked at the end. I mean, they snatched the feed. I mean, they were home game two, right? Like both of these can each other and say, Oh my God, right. And hey, I took Cleveland with the points in my Hollywood casino pics. And I was like, beaten Oh my I had a bad week last week. I’m having an awful week this week. I was 7361 and four against the spread. We’re gonna be up in Hollywood casino December 1. And my man Christian Wharton’s coming out next week to Pappas in Parkville. To do the Maryland crab cake tour on Tuesday, but I took Cleveland. And what six points, and I said, I think the Ravens win, I just think they’re gonna win 2321 or 24 to 20 your way, but I don’t think they’re gonna win 37 to three, I don’t think this is one game. I didn’t think this was an easy game. I thought the Browns were least playing better. They pitched a shutout last week, right. And we knew that defense would be good. I just didn’t know we’d be doing it without Stanley without Morgan Moses. And also, the fact that that the offense couldn’t stay on the field really tilted the field toward the defense being burned up and burned out. And Luke brought up that game. One of my final appearances at the podium, where I asked Lamar and John about running the ball 21 times against Minnesota and overtime, what that does to Thursday for both of these teams it sits in he’s got to get on a plane and come here Wednesday, but I’m worried about the defense on Thursday night and how much they’re going to be on the field. Because the offense doesn’t feel like it’s going to be able to like sustain drives to do the kinds of things that they want to do with a full unit. Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  09:34

you make great points Nestor top two defenses in the NFL, who would have thought we would have would have seen 64 points. None of us right? We thought it’d be a defensive struggle. Low low scoring type of a game. Who would have thought that 2020 Deshaun. Watson would have shown up versus a 2022 John Watson. So obviously, all these things factored in. It’s a 60 minute game. Okay, it was wild being at the stadium and the Ravens are definitely right back down to Earth now, the same old questions that were lingering. When Greg Robin was here they’re back up again and the beat the Bengals Thursday night. Guess what? We’re back up to being front runners lose to the Bengals. Oh, Nestor look out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:17

Well, you said same oak. What are the questions you have for Todd Monken? Or for Lamar Jackson at this point? I mean, I don’t think it’s as easy saying, well, the offensive line is different. But I know what that does. And I know how I felt when Ronnie Stanley went down four years ago. And I know in the early part of the game, Dennis, the Ravens were zigging and zagging and keep Mitchell right. Go back and watch those plays again. And I know you love to do this. Go back and watch the first 10 offensive plays that they had. And just watch Ronnie Stanley, and see if he’s winning or losing his battles, everybody. I had Aaron shots on last week, all the TVO away guys will and he’s not and I’m not beaten on him. He’s injured now. Right? I mean, what but he maschere it was moving five times faster than him on every single one of those plays. And Garrett was getting up the field and they were going behind they were going underneath Keith Mitchell and taking in Dunkin because they were having a lot of success early on, right? And but miles Garrett was just handily beating Ronnie Stanley. And, you know, you don’t get by on reputation in December or January. You have to go out there and play and TJ Watts coming to San Francisco 49 was with all that they do defensively is coming they’re you know, they’re gonna have some challenges here. They really are on the road to Ronnie

Dennis Koulatsos  11:32

Stanley had been injured Nestor nevermind that the three ankle surgeries. He’d been having knee problems this year as well. The last two or three games I’ve watched Ronnie Stanley, so I know he can’t anchor he just can’t set his feet. He’s been playing in pain. We saw them shift tight into his side we saw Patrick Ricard playing significant snaps and trying to double team and slow down miles Garrett but but Ronnie Stanley is a shadow of what it used to be to shame. He’d been beat up his legs are compromised. And there was even some talk earlier in the week. I know that can save $8 million next year in cap space if they move away from him, but there was even talk it’s been talked about in the past weeks about his availability and hard to see and finishing out the year as a starting left tackle.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:21

He put number 34 Ron would help him

Dennis Koulatsos  12:24

you know what, I don’t know if his hamstring got tweaked again, I don’t know who he was if he missed some blocking assignment but that’s where the coaching staff to answer as to why number 34 was Mia in the second half? They could have certainly have used to speed around the edge like they did in the first quarter.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:40

I want to see some old pictures you and EBT Jersey weren’t 34 Come on.

Dennis Koulatsos  12:45

I gotta send them to you man I got I want I definitely

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:47

man we gotta shake. They should be out on Twitter on Sunday Sports force now I

Dennis Koulatsos  12:51

have picture used to be one of my profile pics. I know I have. It’s all I’ll send it to you. But I had the neck roll to had the network roll. I was just like, oh so many. I was a mini Earl Campbell. I had no moves. I would just run. I would just like Earl Campbell just straight ahead. My

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:07

buddy Herman Cold War that on my team back into you know, Johnny rollos. And all my pictures we play I play football. John Rolla was on my team. That’s he’s the big guy. He’s the one in the backs and he looks like a coach. He was kind of like the the guy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The guy that played the role that he was just so much bigger and better just blow everybody up. That’s how we were in 1978 1979. That is a lot. So he’s over Coons, Baltimore Ford, he’s having some good touch what’s going on over there yet Veterans Day, right. And I get a big segment on MC vet MC vet and giving to them, they help folks here and doing good things. But I know you had a big sale going on. I’ve been doing all sorts of fun segments the last week or two it’s doing a lot with the Maryland stadium authority. But you’re selling cars that’s what you’ve been watching football apparently, but had

Dennis Koulatsos  13:53

rented out Bunbury veteran of course, love love him. And yeah, one of my guys norm that he’s been with me for 35 years. He’s a veteran Vietnam veteran. So we just had a ball honoring our vets and saving them and a lot of our customers money. We have some zero for 36 0% for 36 months here for 48 month of offerings for a lot of models. So a lot of inventory Nestor, it’s a great time to come out and see us and save some money. Businesses. Very good. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:19

right. Well, he’s he’s talking about the hybrids and about saving money and it’s good going past farms and getting less gas. I know they don’t want to hear that. But that’s the hybrid world out there. More fried chicken is what, by the way, can I free plug for royal farms? My birthday was October 14. Okay, so my birthday comes in. I don’t wanna say I don’t like my birthday, Dennis. But it’s like social media. And I get a lot. I mean, 1000s and I’m not I mean, I’m blessed. But 1000s of people reached to me, and I feel compelled to reach back to everyone on because some of my notes when we’re fans, but some of them I mean are people I’ve touched in my life and I touch a lot of people. So I’m a little overwhelmed, but real farm sends you Fried chicken on your birthday they give you to beef up chicken and Western fries right so it’s like a $9 value right $6 When it’s on sale but that’s fine so it’s on my app I got an email last week they’re like Dude you got seven days like your birthday was three weeks ago get in here and it got so I got chicken for the game so that’s what I did I had to piece with Western fry some ketchup was

Dennis Koulatsos  15:22

perfect. So I’m gonna time off or you got to take advantage of it Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:25

I mean I gotta take care of my but let’s gas because we’re going to coons ball

Dennis Koulatsos  15:29

I’m sure we’ll have I don’t know if they have charging stations they are EB charging stations so that’s another way to attract and keep a

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:35

do at the big the bigger will like go forward to the new ones went up in Aberdeen because I’ve seen them well I mean my kid hasn’t hybrid you know I mean my kid has that thing going on I’ll get

Dennis Koulatsos  15:46

your fast charge get some ROFO chicken some fries you get to go in gas and go or talking though. Well charging go

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:53

never lose your man around here. It’s Baltimore writing it listen, here’s what even when we lose the way we did we get to go to Costas enough. crabcakes this week. That makes things a little better. I

Dennis Koulatsos  16:04

was entertained call me crazy. I 3033 31 Last second game. I’d rather see that in 37 Nothing blowout.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:11

Well, here’s something a little behind the scenes for Dennis Colossus real world the real world according to when when the Ravens lose Dennis goes to wn St. Sponsors and Baltimore positive to places like the BOMA once you get to Beaumont, what did you get?

Dennis Koulatsos  16:23

I had I had fried chicken they do a great job fried chicken with mashed potatoes. broccolini a couple of carrots. My better half she had a steak she had a New York Strip. Had a fried lobster tail for for an appetizer. Unbelievable. And again, eggs and love deviled eggs. Are you kidding me? Am I my Baltimorean hon I love double deviled eggs. I grabbed it and it put crabbing on top of them. So they jack them up and I’ll tell you what, we got great seats facing Frederick road and great waitstaff great people there. It was fantastic.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:00

I liked their house salad. They have really delicious bacon like million dollar bacon they put on but that fried lobsters ridiculously delicious and I can’t believe like you mentioned one of my favorite things in the world. They’re fried lobster with a thing that I just won’t eat and if anybody watches the segment with me and Bill Cole and with Matt Campbell from Baldwin medcenter docos got like a deviled eggs thing. Like he came to fade Lee’s about six months ago. He’d never been to Bailey’s he’s like to buy or million times, like get in here. He came into this place is great. I can’t believe I’ve never been here. And the thing that he thought was great. It wasn’t the crabcakes it wasn’t it’s been there for 200 years. It wasn’t the muskrat or the raccoon or the oysters or the beer or the fresh fish or the grabs the deviled eggs he could not keep damy kept bringing them he kept eating them and it grossed me out because I just don’t eat deviled eggs. So I started making fun of it. And then this time around, he showed up Friday morning and they had a big deviled egg love in and I got like heat skeeved and Eve you know, and it’s we had a really big debate about and everybody my wife loves them. Is there anybody else out there that feels this way about macaroni salad potato salad the way I do any of that

Dennis Koulatsos  18:16

you stand alone. Another one of your sponsors State Fair, they have great deviled eggs. They put candied bacon on top of them, man. Really, really good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:23

That’s the candy bacon they put across the street.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:26

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:27

You know what? Hold on a minute. You got to see

Dennis Koulatsos  18:31

I’m a Frederick road road type of a guy at lunch dinner. That’s when you’ll find me at Frederick road. So those restaurants

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:37

I’m doing the show there on the fifth of December. Okay. I’d say fair. I don’t like deviled eggs. But if you were to say to me, eggs and bacon, right, like I mean, if you put it to me, okay, like it’s a creative take on eggs and bacon. We’ll get some. We’ll get some 40 I’m not gonna promise you that. I mean, I can’t. I can’t promise you that. I’m getting

Dennis Koulatsos  19:00

a half it happened. One. Go have a lot of fun with it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:04

It’s Listen, it’s not like I’ve never had a deviled egg. I just don’t. I told the story already this week in the air. But I’ll tell it to you real briefly because you’re from an old world family. Did you have any nasty old Greek aunt that made you eat stuff you didn’t want to eat? And like when you’re right, so that you know what I learned.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:22

But over the years, I learned to love that kind of stuff. There’s nothing I dislike. There isn’t anything I dislike.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:29

I told you. I went to Houston to see Springsteen last year and I had breakfast with my aunt who was in her 80s Who’s from Venezuela and lives in Houston with my cousin. And I, you know, went out to lunch with her to try to get stuff out to her and all I could get like by the end is I’m like, I’m sitting there eating breakfast and I’m like, you know tea Angela hated you when I was a kid. Why did you not like me was you know, like me. I said you make me eat stuff that like I hated it and nobody else. You will need to toughen up. I feed this to you make you strong. I’m like, okay, you know, but so even all these years later she’s still unrepentant about torturing me. You know, with my father was to plantain black and black and black. So I hear all of that I love love. Love I hated him then oh my god he was a French Fry from McDonald’s or white coffee by JR You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  20:20

my thing was rice pudding. I used to hate rice pudding but now there’s nothing like fresh made white rice pudding with or without raisins.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:27

What did you not like about rice pudding?

Dennis Koulatsos  20:29

I even love I used to hate it as a kid I hated it. But now I love it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:32

I always say to my wife because we’ll get it because we get it you know I have a lot of great sponsors you know and they have delicious rice pudding. But I always think like it needs right i like it with raisins in it.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:41

My mother makes she’s gotta make some rice pudding for you see the maid of honor You got me hungry I might write that I might run down after our segment to the state fair give myself my go to their deviled eggs and a breakfast burrito. And have a great burrito.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:56

I’m not having any deviled eggs but you I mean now they do I I don’t want to promise this but the bacon will have it moves me it moves well,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:04

you’ll have bacon we’ll just throw some eggs in it before it’s the same thing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:07

You guys have talked about a chicken and waffles. Your Baltimorean brother you gotta add tripping Come on now. That is go on social selling cars. And he’s doing sports radio. He’ll be here for three to five doing the Sunday Sports voice so we now air that on Thursday can three into five. I hope to be a part of that as well. The Cincinnati Bengals are coming to town this week. And we are looking for purple wounds. So I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking deviled eggs. Baltimore positive stay with us.

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