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Our financial guy Leonard Raskin tells Nestor about why he wrote his new book on money and trust and the importance of taking care of your assets in a professional manner. It all starts with fiduciary responsibilities.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

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Welcome home. We are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re taking the Maryland crabcake tour on the road. We will be families next Friday in time for the the splash guy bobblehead thing. Luke and I will be there from two of the five ad families giving away the Maryland lottery Pac Man scratch off he’s been very popular and very winner centric. I’ve had a whole bunch of winners pop up as we’ve done the crab cake tour. We were Greenmount station and green mount Bowl last week talking about horse racing. It is Derby week. We have the Orioles beaten up on the Yankees. We’ve got spring springing in 80 degrees outside and all of that my 25th anniversary documentary is out and just in time for Father’s Day because your father probably need some financial advice. We welcome letter Rasca back onto the program our defending champion for all things finance and the American dream. And when I left him last week i i asked him so honest Leonard is I asked him last week. Do you really think the capitals have a chance and even though he was wearing his Ovechkin jersey, he said no. And a week later here we are and you know, I know you’ll down sports but you can bet on that. You know,


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I’m not a better You’re right. They were swept out of town with a dare I say lackluster effort all over the ice. Bad on the powerplay bad on the penalty kill bad 515 Clearly playing a superior team the Rangers won the President’s Trophy which for your non hockey fans, means they had the best record in the league. The capital snuck into the playoff with the worst record in the playoffs and got what they deserved. I hate to say it, I love the team. There you go. They got what they deserved. They were swept right out of town.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:53

The Dan Shaughnessy who I invited on a couple of weeks ago he’s recovering from a massive procedure, a health procedure. Dan’s a good man. He’s always been supportive. He spent time in Baltimore. We were We were never colleagues at the News America. But he worked here. And you know he had the Curse of the Bambino. You know that we coined that. The Curse of trots right. You know, like, Yeah, I like since they mistreat they really good humans I’ve met in my walk in life, so

Leonard Raskin  02:25

they have not won a playoff series. Since they hoisted the cup. We didn’t play game last week. 2018 It doesn’t seem like it’s possible. But now we’ve gone all these years and not even a sniff of getting back to the finals. We haven’t won a series since then. And yeah, this year, not even a game of the series. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:50


and by the way, trotz has brought their this series back to Nashville for Nashville. They’re they’re fighting it.

Leonard Raskin  02:55

They’re fighting in Nashville. overtime

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:56

game a game for that kind of suck. Letter. Raskin is here. He does the financial thing and the American dream. We’ll talk a little sports. I love baseball. I want to talk about the 25th anniversary. Yeah, you’ve actually seen it, I want to get some feedback. I’ve gotten no feedback on the air from literally anybody. Luke was so overworked over the weekend with the draft and stuff that he didn’t even watch it. So my wife hasn’t watched yet cuz she was on vacation hiking somewhere in Georgia, all last week. So I’ll get to that. But you have a book signing coming up next, sir. I do she who? And I always sort of, you know, have to begin with let’s Google if I do show what exactly is if I do sure it’s a person looks out for my money, and does it with the responsibility that you’d want? Someone who’s an expert to have right? That’s basically what a fiduciary

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means you have a responsibility to someone to act on their best interest on their behalf. So if you are a trustee of a trust, you are a fiduciary for the beneficiaries, which mean you means you must act with the money in that trust in the best interest of the beneficiaries. In the case of finance and financial advice, a fiduciary must act in the best interest of their client. And the book is about in its basic and the title is the fact that there are a lot of people out there that will tell you they are a fiduciary. Sadly, in my opinion, they are an investment, fiduciary. They don’t identify themselves exactly as what they are. What I mean by that is, if you are an investment fiduciary, that means you don’t receive commissions potentially for the sale of product. And you have to act in the best interest of your client when it comes to investing. People call themselves that because of the way they’re compensated. I disagree wholeheartedly in the definition. I believe that the compensation you receive and the way you receive it has nothing to do with you being a fool. Do Sherry, what matters is do you have the best interest of your client? At the beginning, middle and end of your interaction, the compensation does not measure your fiduciary ability, duty responsibility or the way you carry it out. The sad fact is our government, through the Department of Labor has now promulgated a rule that says it absolutely does. And that the compensation method determines effectively, your duties and your fulfillment of them. And it’s garbage. Sadly, it’s going to put, I think, hate to say it, and after it’s gonna put half the people in my business out of business. And it’s going to cause people that don’t have a significant account value, or significant ability to pay a fee to not get advice, because the Department of Labor has basically said that those that receive commissions for the implementation of financial products have a conflict of interest, and are not given. I mean, they kind of don’t, don’t, let me tell you why. If if you walk into a Toyota dealer, you don’t expect to be referred to a Mercedes dealer. So if you don’t, if you don’t get a Northwestern Mutual shop, you shouldn’t expect to be told to buy mass Mutual Life Insurance, you should be thinking, you’re going to be getting a product from a mass mutual guy. And you got to be aware of that. Now, if you walk into a Merrill Lynch office, you don’t expect to be told to go to T Rowe Price. But they’ve just said that if you work on a commission basis, you have a conflict of interest, and therefore you can’t assist a client. There are lots of great advisors that received their compensation on a commission basis and do great work. They may not have the number one best product in the world for the client, but they got a damn near good one. I’ll give you another example. Let’s say we go to I don’t know if you I don’t want to trash your dash any of your sponsors. But but let’s use this as an example. You don’t have any jewelry company sponsors, right? No, I do not. So let’s suppose you go into a jewelry store that shall not be named because we don’t want to give free advertising to any of our local jewelry stores. But let’s assume you went into a jewelers go hack me jewelers, the local Acme jewelers tighly unlikely that you’re going to be told the cost of the diamond you’re buying for your wife, you’re going to buy a diamond. How the heck does that jewelry store get compensated? They get a share of the price. It’s called markup. Well, in my business, it’s called commission, and it’s got to be directly disclosed. And if I earn it, the government says, I’m not acting in the best interest of my client. It’s a bunch of crap. It’s a load. But here’s the point of the book back to what you originally asked or what we’re talking about here. Fiduciary who says even investment advisors that are fiduciaries are not fiduciaries, because if they don’t talk to you about your taxes, if they don’t talk to you about your protection, your insurance, your estate plan, then what happens if I’ve got the best investment advisor, who is a fiduciary by law, who’s telling me what to do with my money by law, and getting paid on a fee basis to do so. And I get into a car accident and it’s my fault. And I injure an attorney making 200 grand a year litigator 40 years old, that sues me for millions of dollars. Guess what happens to my portfolio nests. They take it. Yeah. And so this fiduciary did me no good, because my money’s gone. Or what if I have a stroke at 40 years old, and I can’t work ever again. And all my hopes and dreams aren’t fulfilled because my investment fiduciary didn’t tell me I should have disability income insurance to protect me if I can’t work and earn an income ever again. Or what if I die young, and my family is left to sell the house and take the kids out of school because I didn’t have life insurance. See, fiduciary to me is an everything definition about money. You either help people do everything or you are not a fiduciary. So the book is fiduciary, who what is a real fiduciary? And what will they tell you about how to protect, grow, enjoy and transfer your wealth and that’s what the books about. It’s not about being an investment, fiduciary and it’s not about being a definition by the government fiduciary. It’s about doing the right job for the people we advise. And so next Tuesday, the seventh of May four to seven at our office in Phoenix, Maryland. You can find us on Raskind I’m doing a book signing, invite any of your listeners that want to get the book. Want to read it, want to see what a real fiduciary talks about? Come on out, have some grub, have a drink, meet me get a book signed. And let’s help people do the right thing with their money, not just the park, partial right thing or the government mandated right thing, because it’s a bunch of garbage that what’s going on out there. And sadly, as I say, consumers are going to be hurt because the government’s now mandated a method of compensation and liability, most importantly, liability against the advisor who doesn’t act this way. Well, guess what? If you’re Joe lunch bucket, you can afford to pay a 345 $1,000 fee to an advisor to work with them. You’re not going to get advice, because nobody’s gonna put their license on the line. When you sue them because they earn a commission on a product a soldier


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:02

won that seat because there’s a commission there’s a conflict of interest the government is

Leonard Raskin  11:07

the government has, I’m saying there could be? Well, they’re saying there is they’re not saying could be they’re saying there is a blatant conflict. As a matter of fact, Joe Biden called financial Commission’s junk fees, right up there with a luggage cost for your airline. He said, This is a junk fee that the consumer can afford to pay. It’s tragic. There were lobbyists in the industry that wanted this rule. And the Department of Labor passed it under Obama. Trump shut it down. Biden brought it back stronger, raging worse, and it’s going to destroy Middle America that they say they hope to help by this regulation. It’s really bad really have

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such a hard time on who to trust and you’re interested fiduciary everybody’s their own fiduciary? Yes, they’re not until they’re right. And you’re not only your own fiduciary, my mother was 98 years old when she died, right. So like, I’m trying to look after her. My mother wasn’t the most honest person. I have a stepbrother, who, you know, existed in money. And, and like, there’s a point where like somebody, and I’m proud of my son, my son’s four years old, and he’s very conscientious, but and for me, I was always as you learn from the documentary, I was always putting my money back into the business back into growing the business back, quite frankly, I hope that you caught on into people. Yeah, no, I mean, I made payrolls. And I paid people absolutely helped me grow my business that, quite frankly, in the end was foolish, like now that I measure it as to where it was and what I could have done with that money. But I was the fiduciary for partners, Brian, Billick, you go through all this? Yes, that said, I have to make decisions with money that are in the best interest of the business. And so people think when you run the business, it’s what’s investors know which it’s about it. Because without it and Steve shot, he always taught me that before he stopped talking to me and ran for me. You know, it has to sustain itself. It has to be a going concern. The business has to work, the business

Leonard Raskin  13:10


has to work. But what is the family budget, right? That’s right, the business has to work for the shareholders. So you had an obligation. As a fiduciary, you weren’t just a fair challenge, you had a duty to benefit the shareholders. And you have to do that at the same time. You had a duty to pay the bank back for the most that’s absolutely true. That’s, that’s the thing that kept me more awake at night than anything else was, banks got to get paid well, structure has to get paid to get paid a lot of stress, that’s financial stress. And in fact, what what we talked to business owners about just to put a icing on that cake, if you will, the buggy whip guy thought he had to make a better and better buggy whip. So that model T title down the road and blockbuster franchises thought they had to get those videos back by 10. rewound because it took so long to rewind the video if you didn’t rewind it, that’s a chunk fee. There you go. And they they put a lot of money back into opening a second and a third blockbuster until Netflix came along. And they’re gone. So the fact is, as a business owner, you have to keep an eye on the business, no doubt. But you must be your personal family fiduciary meaning you have the best interest of your family first. And if you don’t, when the Model T comes down or Netflix comes down, you find out quickly that your business with all its value is worthless.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:48

Oh yeah, I own an am radio station and you know, 40 years into this so you saw the documentary What did you I don’t know where you came into my life. Like you say to me, you were We’ve talked whiskey Joe’s before. Yeah, I feel like you were listening to NASA was there at the turn of the century. I was already 10 years on the radio that right like, right. So we had already gone through five years of not having a football team. And, and I mean, I just I come at this and I don’t think people even know or maybe you even knew of my that I wrote the lead story in the newspaper six different times, I was the lead story of the sports section dozens of times,

Leonard Raskin  15:26

I had no idea no idea. I wasn’t a cub reporter just, you know, I know how you all game, which I did. I know how you came to do all the concert stuff you do. And did had no idea you had had interviewed and sat with all these phenomenal rock stars. Didn’t know your family story. Look, we’ve worked together for a while and I had had no idea of the story of your family, your parents, your son. It was I’m so sorry

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:58

that I did this just talking to you about it. Because I had people write me, I had my old school teacher, Joyce buchi call me in tears, like after watching it. And she’s like, it was the most beautiful thing, Keith Brewer who narrated it and just read, basically what Greg put together with me with the script. And he sent me a text that was a beautiful story. And I’m like that that means a lot to me. But more than that, I swore other than my son, literally other than my son, and maybe a handful of people would wouldn’t there will be parts of it large parts of it that you don’t know about me, right.


Leonard Raskin  16:34

And the fact is, here’s the thing, people in your world. So in my world, I’ll tell you this, we haven’t sent it out yet. Just because we I’ve been so stupidly busy with busy. But there are people in my life that are clients that have become best great brands over the years. And these people, you know, you and I talk about it all the time. These people have been with me since before I was married. Some many of them since before my son was born. They went through the we’re going to find a college university for him to go to. And now graduation. And I can tell you when I talk to people this year, this month, everybody’s asking me, you know, how’s Matthew? Is he a junior yet, Junior? He’s graduating on Sunday from The Ohio State University. And people are shocked, like, Oh my God. And then you know this, because we’ve talked about it, he’s accepted an opportunity to go to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, for his masters starting in this in the fall. And when I’ve told clients that they’re they’re just so honored and so thrilled. And so my people are involved in my life. They don’t just, we don’t just handle their money.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:00

They are here for them. That’s

Leonard Raskin  18:01

right works. That’s right. We know who they are. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:04


they put a lot more effort into cheering for that than I do the oracles of the Ravens at this point. Absolute stone,

Leonard Raskin  18:10

what they’re really you know, how you values? That’s right. And you’re what yeah, the people that care about you care about what’s called in the in the world of marketing, and I don’t do this for marketing, they care about your origin story. They want to know, who’s the guy behind the microphone. They want to know who’s the guy handling their money? Well, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:32

gonna use that origin story that’s gonna be part of my marketing story. They have given me good stuff and people.

Leonard Raskin  18:37

People want to know what you’re about. They want to know who the human being is that they’re working with. And sadly today, a lot of people that’s not part of their thing, but you don’t go to buy a car or go to the store and think about you know, there’s a great show, a great show on 99% Jordan assets on the History Channel. It’s the brands that built America, the food that built America, the men that built America, the businesses that built how Heinz ketchup was built exactly. There’s an episode on about the guy, a guy I think he was in Boston, who decided he wanted m&ms and Reese’s Pieces and cookies in his ice cream. So he created cold stone, but he didn’t create Cold Stone. He created using a cold stone to mix stuff in the ice cream. And then these two guys from Vermont that wanted to be in business that had no idea what to be in business doing. They wanted to be bagel makers or something, drove into his place one day. And he taught them how to do this. And they became Ben and Jerry. And then there was a guy I don’t remember where he was, who owned like 30 dairy queens, and he saw it. He said, Oh my God, and he created the blizzard. And these are stories of people. It’s the Ford story. It’s the DuPont story. It’s the, you know, whatever. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:12

I created sports radio in Baltimore just asked me, right?

Leonard Raskin  20:16

The fact is, people want to know, people want to know who it is who’s behind the mic who’s behind my money. They don’t they want to know your family, they want to know your story. You know, how many people really gave a damn more about your wife and her illness than gave a damn about whether the Orioles won that year. They wanted to know how Jen was doing. They didn’t care. Who was hitting 300, who was an all star, your listeners wanted to know, they carried along with you during that time. Your wife story, your swab your your 30 and 30 baseball games. People knew about that, and cared about that. You know, that’s what people care about the human story, and then they support a business that that goes along with

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:05

why haven’t really asked the public to support me in a long time. You know what I mean? Like, in a literal sense of having had a road trip have the plague all of this stuff, the support ask is coming. Like the reason. I mean, I made that video, for a lot of reasons. I made it just so I got the record straight on what nasty Nestor is and what I’ve done and what and certainly I made it as a chef’s kiss to Chad steel, but I also made it for David Rubenstein, whose people have me under review. So I’m going to send that to them and see it. Here’s where you are you want to lock this issue you’re locking out on behalf of whom

Leonard Raskin  21:47


a dead guy for instance, for instance, you know, I’ll give you a for instance, you know, we sponsor you know this we sponsor the Mount Washington pediatric hospital golf tournament, June 3, June 3. I had no idea you did a charity golf tournament had no idea you did charity bowling. Night. Bowling nice. No idea you done. I mean, as long as I’ve known you, quote unquote, and worked with you as a sponsor and on air, and gotten to know you as a person. You’re I’d never knew the history and you haven’t done any of those in forever.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:24

I don’t have a staff to manage it. No, I get it and everybody else does it. And say this to you sponsored friend, the friend. This the charity work I’m doing now. Yep. Including cup of Super Bowl and you can do a charity. And I do stuff every week. I did sante this week for National Kidney Foundation. Yes, the effort

Leonard Raskin  22:44

is the best you do. What’s that? It’s the best feeling you get out of what you do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:50

It is and and but it’s it’s an important. It’s a fabric of who I am that you’re doing this last week I was 35 years this you just do it. It’s different. Now I’m doing it different now. And what I do now is I say to all of them, I will emcee any event. Yeah, we’ll come to your golf tournament, same as you. I will promote it in a segment. But do you think I won’t do I won’t sit on your board. I won’t come to board meetings. I cannot be involved. I get asked all the time to run for Man of the Year, LLS always want me to run for Man of the Year that’s now called visionary of the year. And I said, I said I just can’t lobby. Full time I did. There goes my hero with my wife. I did this with that block. It didn’t lead to disappointment. It just almost bankrupted me and a guy who runs my you know who runs my money. I’ve almost been broke twice too. And I didn’t put that in the video and I could have and it would be in the longer form. I did enough. 36 minutes of me was plenty. Yeah. But the Bill Murray stuff was great. But I won’t say all of them. The most important thing and this is a steep Ashati ism. The most important thing I can do is sustain the business. So next year, I’m here to promote sante again. And there’s only so much I can do. But the thing I have the most of is this I have me I have the voice I have the video I have 100,000 people to follow me despite what you might think. And and I can promote what you’re doing and that’s the strongest thing I can do. As opposed to taking four months of my life begging everyone I know to buy a forced tournament no thank you go out and do it and it might rain and because I’ve done it all I’ve done exactly. I’m gonna just all I’m saying is I went no, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna help every black tie event every blue jeans tuxedo ball, every almond fund every zagging against every every charity I can do my my goal and this is my Bano is to shine the light on it. You know what I mean? Just to bring the light in on what people are doing, and that is what I feel like Mike Kennedy right now you’re right to target John purines news to Hooters girls or whatever,


Leonard Raskin  25:09

right? So it look you, you’ve evolved. And now what you find is where’s my highest and best use. And that’s the beauty of it was only one of me. That’s that’s the beauty of it is your highest and best use is how you’ve now determined to make that happen. And it’s a great opportunity to help a great city become greater and get the message out there. And that’s what Baltimore positive is. And as I watched it, I said, Oh, you know, here’s an EPA, you know what it is? There’s an evolution of, of from and to, and I remember, I remember the short, spiky blond hair attractive, wondering that he was some guy, he was some guy. He was something

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:53

and I think the parts that I’m that I love the most about the documentary was unearthing the fact that Here’s George Bush thrown out of first pitch and Michael Jordan in New York, and I’m covering the World Series where they, you know, they, I’m under review by Greg Bader and TJ Brightman as to whether Thursday, I should be allowed in the media when my employees, my Caucasian employees sitting in the press box. There’s no Hispanic media members in this marketplace. And they’re making me drink from a different water fountain Mr. Rubenstein, so this needs to change. And,

Leonard Raskin  26:30

and so he needs to know the man. He needs to be the person. You You need to have somehow somehow there’s got to be conversation that’s not angry and not vindictive of the past. You just let it all go. As it gets Mr. Rubenstein talking about the Orioles in general and it’s just it’s time to it’s time Thursday about them. And you it’s time to have a sit down one to one or whatever you offered that letter. No, I’m saying the grown up. You don’t have to this nonsense. It’s time to sit down and bring you back in the fold.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:12


And Chad, you want to sit with them too. You want to act. I want to act as my fiduciary if I can get them present me

Leonard Raskin  27:18

to sit down if I could get him to sit down and have a conversation I do it. They don’t know me from bonds and they don’t care to know

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:25

you. They don’t care. I know me. That’s the problem, fundamentally, is the problem that Greg Boehner has never sat in a room with me. I told Rubenstein’s guy that I said, you know, these people have never communicated with me. I’ve never told him to go F themselves. I’ve never done anything other than spoke on the radio about how they treated me. Yeah. And you can ask them how they’ve treated me. I know how I’ve treated them. I’ve applied for a press credential. And I’ve been denied. Yep, without reason or cause or justification. And I have to thank go out to sponsors, friends, the community sit at the bar costs. And if people asked me why they allow my Caucasian employee access, and don’t allow me and why last Friday night, Luke had to literally leave the stadium, the Jackson holiday, they sent him down, he had to leave the stadium and go to the football facility where they won’t let me in to do the draft eat cheese balls. Apparently they were delicious. And at night, we did not have anyone covering the Orioles game because the wn S T seat sits empty. Because the Hispanic guy with the ponytail, who spoke truth about the creep that own the team before our seats sits empty. So that’s the reality I live in. So I made the film to let people know it’s great. And that’s some jackwagon bartender, this is what I’ve done my whole life. Right, right. It’s tricking me, just

Leonard Raskin  28:49

show up on the scene and say your reporter and now they should let you in. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  28:54

this is where Eric Decosta and John horrible. And Steve, they all know better. Of course, they’re doing wrong, because they have the power and the money to do wrong. And I have to go out onto the streets and have people ask me, why don’t ask me ask them. I didn’t do in this work the same way from the very, very beginning with the same integrity from the very, very beginning, which is why you want to be involved with me, which is why wise markets coal roofing Maryland lottery, Toyota, I mean, all my sponsors that have been with me all of these years, they understand what I’m about. So I felt like the film was going to shed some light on that. And I hope that they give me a press credential. And if they do, I will use it. And if they don’t, I will, you know, appropriately damn them for that. Right.

Leonard Raskin  29:39

I agree. Absolutely. That’s all I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:41

tell people about five douchey who the book available to books

Leonard Raskin  29:46


available on Amazon. It’s available on our website. It’s available on wherever better books are so don’t come on Tuesday night, May 7.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:56

Bottom line is this what kind of snacks we talk in here we’re kind of hors d’oeuvres We’ve been talking we always

Leonard Raskin  30:00

do we always do good food we do we don’t know you well enough that’s why we always do phenomenal food and drink yeah you’re not gonna you’re not gonna get Fritos come hungry you’re not gonna get Fritos and dip at Raskin global that we have good food. Give us a ring send us an email I’m sending Luke

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:20

over his bar with these cheese balls that Chad steel fed him last Thursday


Leonard Raskin  30:26

send us an email let us know you’re going to drop by the caterer likes to know how much food we need. And or just stop by four to seven Open House walk in get a signed book. Ask me questions. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:37

looking for a little Cabernet Sauvignon There you go.

Leonard Raskin  30:39

I think it’s on the I think it’s on the bar all right little lemon shallow in the freezer

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:45


we’re ready to go ah see you by you with food and sell it you know you’ll sell your soul to the fiduciary who let a Raskin looks after my dough. He looks after a lot of folks though. I’ve been to his many events have all sorts of walks of life that come to Len Raskin, Raskin global. He’s out on the front of Baltimore positive. Don’t look for him at a hockey game because he’s given up on hockey. And his kids graduating this weekend and hey, the Orioles will still be here next week. They’re in Cincinnati this weekend. So they’re going to Ohio as well. Yes. Next Friday. We are going to be down at fade Lee’s I like Cinemark you have been to the new families. They’re having a grand opening. Mr. Bill’s doing a little better yet some some health issues I Damian last week, but two times. So we’re gonna be there next Friday for the Diamondbacks. They haven’t a grand opening the night before. And that’s a private event. So some folks are coming out for that as well. And then they’re also doing the crab races on the 16th. And I am I did so my crab did so poorly. Last SPJ Seraph, they’ve relegated me now I’m now the emcee giving me a crab

Leonard Raskin  31:45

to go down to the what is it the lower level like you’re relegated and in soccer, right? You get to go to the lower league. Anybody

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:53

that confuses me with a broadcaster at this point after 40 years, I would say I would accept the role of being the master of ceremonies. Lexington market crab derby race awesome on the Preakness before the Preakness letter, good luck with the book. I will see you chat again before next Tuesday. But good luck with your event Tuesday. You can find it all Rascon There’s a whole educational series up there about what to do with your money Wait, you don’t even need to call and deal with letter right away. You could spend a day and a half on his website just learning stuff and then you can call letter to come out and get the book as well because the website’s pretty robust, as are his daily briefings on just smart little tips and funny little stories he likes to share about money and we’ll talk baseball next week. I don’t know if you heard we’re kicking the Yankees ass

Leonard Raskin  32:38

we are good it’s good stuff. Good stuff time to sweep him out of town just like the Rangers did to the caps. You


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:44

know you’ve gotten to nasty nasty stories this week. The first one in the documentary and then the second one was beating his tail on Tuesday night but I remain a nasty now. I’m embarrassed I went to New York Saturday, I had a free a walk 20 miles a dance with the Black Crowes I ate all my favorite pizza in in Asian food and all the stuff you do in New York. i The one thing I didn’t do when I told Luke this all these nasty Nesta shirts that they made right if I just want to take the train up to the Bronx and go into the some of the thrift stores, I probably would have come home with five or six really nice, modern, nasty, nasty stash that would bring we need to bring nasty Nestor back is what we need to do. You know, that’s

Leonard Raskin  33:24

it. That’s it. Surprise. You haven’t had him on the air. I agree that Nestor the Nestor I

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:31

don’t know if you know this, Leonard or not. I don’t have a media credential. I

Leonard Raskin  33:35


know but he couldn’t you couldn’t find nobody could find a way to get a hold of nasty Nester and tell them nasty Nestor wants to talk to him. He was with the Orioles for a minute. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:44

I cheered him on through his infinity era. And I railed against management that day that they got rid of him. I thought he was broke. You know he was profiled as investor. And they couldn’t have that around. I loved I put the pregame on life up at the airport. I watched half the game and I listened to the other half. I had all the broadcasters. I got to hear every single broadcaster, say my name out loud. And I’ll tell you Melanie Melanie just kept saying nasty, nasty, nasty, and every time he told the robber Brett Hollander called him Nestor, not Cortes, they could have just chosen to never use first name, right all set his first name. And every time I hear somebody say that name, as I pointed out in the 25th anniversary document as I go a little like such a weird name, you know, like Leonard is a name that like a lot of people have and maybe you really wanted to be a LAN or Eleni or maybe wanted to be your middle name or whatever. But like, I really didn’t, didn’t like my name. So I’m

Leonard Raskin  34:55

pleased that there’s served. It served the purpose for all these years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:00

And one day they’ll bring him home. That’s right. We’re in Oriole uniform and strike out the side for the Orioles and I’ll get to maybe one day I’ll get him on the air and we’ll be right. Right. Enjoy my 25th anniversary document. Please not the first nasty nester. Exactly. I


Leonard Raskin  35:16

think he should know that. I think someone should tell him I think I think should be

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:21

me when Mr. Rubenstein getting my press but whenever with after 40 years whenever they’re

Leonard Raskin  35:26

done and I should let him know. Absolutely. Hey,

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:29

man, what can I how can people not expect me to piss on that? Under Review? It’s crazy. Like, yeah, anyway, let her ask and he takes care of money. He takes care of people treats people right. He is a fiduciary who, and you can find out who at Raskin All right. Um, we’re gonna be doing the Marilyn crabcakes where I’m doing a lot of Derby stuff this week. Kentucky Derby is running this week. Take Gerard he’s on. I had David Richardson on and Alan Forman talking about the future of the Preakness and maybe somewhere down the line, let him get his wife and we’ll have a table and you know, there’ll be the new track and all that before that they’re going to Laurel for a couple years so there’s there’s a news there’s a lot of news in the racing industry that I’m getting out this week as well and add a Baltimore positive I am Nestor we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive and nasty Nestor whether we want to or not

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